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Legion of Doom Meeting Latest from Dave Hodges plus Dr. Jane Ruby and Dr. Peter Glidden

11-10-2021-Sam Honnold and Dave Hodges


Pastor Sam Honnold is from the US currently living in Mexico. Dave Hodges is host of The Common Sense Show.

Dave: this has to do with Oklahoma and the potential breakup of the US. George Soros’ handiwork is here as well as AG Garland, the one who calls all parents who stand up for their kids ‘domestic terrorists’. Paul Preston and I have been on a different aspect of this story.

Sam: the governor of Oklahoma came to visit the President of Mexico and had all these State Department deep state people around him. This is a great patriot, Republican governor and in the event of a breakdown he could become one of the most important officials in what is left of the US. He got a parking ticket yesterday and the Presidential palace and his whole motorcade got thrown out from in front of the presidential palace. It was a large caravan and they got thrown out.

The governor had more than 20 ‘minders’ trying to steer him a certain direction and the Mexican governor is trying to receive his overture but at the same time pushing back against the historic bullying.

Sam: I think the republican governors need to snap out and realize the tentacles of the Chinese government and the deep state are operating right underneath of them. I wanted to speak with the governor on the reasons why it is not safe for me to be in his state. There are bureaus that are technically beneath him on the flow chart that are not under his control. Their globalism is extremely advanced.

Dave: what are the departments?

Sam: Oklahoma Highway Patrol…they tend to think they are above the law. When you couple that with a Fusion Center which is in all 50 states, this is a Minority Report Style pro-active information gathering process. This didn’t start with Garland’s fiat that anyone who supports Trump or conservatism or our traditional values is a terrorist. They have been operating for 10 or more years.

Sam: You see all the new cop shows have the satellite maps, the drones, the shot spotters, the files on every person—they are modeled after the Fusion centers to sell to Americans that this is the way that policing should be. It’s the big brother and Chinese style. The KGB, the German oppressive organizations always wished they had this kind of technology and now it is out there. I hope people wake up to that, like Oklahoma governor.

Sam: the Supreme Court agreed to take another look at the McGurk decision. The governor says that Oklahoma is being torn to pieces because municipal, county and state law enforcement has decreed they have no authority for over half of the state of Oklahoma if the accuser or defender has any Indian blood at all.

Sam: so the McGurk decision has caused federal law enforcement to flood into Oklahoma. The main point is that this is Operation Splicer. This is a sub-program of the Rex 84 program that you have done so much reporting on. This is where FEMA, the federal government comes in and takes over all those fragmented structures such as the city government, the county and state governments. Our founding fathers scattered those fragments across the land just so that they would be a bulwark against tyranny.

Sam: for 40 years or so the deep state has had a plan to integrate those under federal control. And no place is it more pronounced than in Oklahoma where this McGurk decision is tearing the state apart and federal law is taking over—it’s a ‘tournament’ as they rush into Oklahoma.

Dave: you just said a mouthful. Sam has hit on something I know about –the breakup of Oklahoma and the Legion of Doom meeting taking place in DC on Nov 8th. What is the goal with Oklahoma and why the attack? What are the globalists gaining?

Sam: the name Oklahoma means ‘the land of the red man.’ It is one of the youngest states in the lower 48 and it was Indian Territory and there are many Native American nations in Oklahoma. They have resisted communism just like black America has resisted communism for many decades. At this point we are seeing the infiltration nearly complete.

Sam: once the casino movement caught on in the 1990s a flood of money went into these first nations and their sovereignty which the US has afforded to them has been misused to undermine the US. Now it is in the open and there is no masking it. There are so many first nations and tribal lands in Oklahoma and the McGurk decision has basically said that none of those lands are the state of Oklahoma. Those are sovereign nations and they are heavily on the globalist/ government gravy train for some time.

Dave: does this ruling undermine the concept of a nation within the nation?

Sam: it undermines the concept of us having a nation. It is extremely dangerous. These first nations were granted the ability to practice their religions and to have their own lands and to govern themselves.

Dave: they were still duty bound to follow the constitution of the US. That is what I mean by a nation within a nation. It sounds like you are describing complete autonomy as if a foreign government has just now been declared as opposed to the nation within a nation approach.

Sam: I like what Reagan said when there was unrest in California in the 1960s when he was governor. He said he believed in people’s right to protest the government for a redress of grievances but when a domestic organization is the agent of a foreign power, then you are dealing with something else. He used force to put down rebellions that were backed by foreign powers.

Sam: that is what we are dealing with now—rebellion that is backed by foreign power. The deep state has found that these first nations are bases they can flood in because traditionally from 1800s law, the federal government is the one that has authority over Indian lands and all crimes in these historic Indian lands are being prosecuted by the FBI, the ATF, the Grand River Dam Authority, all doing normal police work.

Sam: normally the Army Corps of Engineers build a dam, they continue to run the dam and they have federal police that protect the dam. But now the federal police are out arresting boaters because they are the only ones that are a federal agency. You are seeing a huge rush of manpower. When you look at the dam authority they are overstepping their bounds for what they were intended for.

Sam: this is the side of the McGurk decision that people don’t understand. The federal government is rushing in manpower. They are rushing in and building bases, getting more and more power, so that the federal government can implement Operation Cable Splicer.

Dave: before we go to Cable Splicer, this is typical communist strategy of the centralization of power and the elimination of local government which is in violation of our 10th amendment for federalism. I’m aware of this…and I know what you are talking about when you say Rex 84. That is FEMA camp incarceration for perceived dissidents. That has been on the books since the 1980s. Talk about Cable Splicer—specifically what is it?

Sam: it is the integration of all the fragments of political power, especially law enforcement power. Our founding fathers took the centralized power that was invested in the kings of Europe and smashed it into shards and scattered it across the nation. That is why you could have a town of a few hundred people and that town’s civil government hires the police chief, that county elects the sheriff, that state elects the governor who is supposed to be the one in charge of the state police, taxation authority, etc. The globalists intend to put all of those shards back together and put Humpty Dumpty together again and to put it all under federal control.

Sam: in Oklahoma they are doing cross-deputization where law enforcement will be vetted to see if he is going to go along with the globalist program. If so, he gets another badge from another agency and he is being brought in to be under the control of the federal government and the globalists and everyone in Oklahoma in news articles is saying this is a great thing. It is Operation Cable Splicer. It is the assembling of all those scattered shards that have been scattered in your neighborhood so that John Q Public can have a say and is not without a voice. He is connected and actually runs the law enforcement in his community.

Sam: that is ending right now and the place it is ending is Oklahoma. I just hope the governor wakes up to this.

Dave: how much does this involve local sheriff autonomy?

Sam: it is all about that. The sheriff is the most powerful office in our land when it comes to his county. That is the office that the globalists have to undermine and they have to destroy. Governors are important too.

Sam: On my broadcast last night with Hal Turner I started with it was the best of times; it was the worst of times. This is a tale of two cities and two governors. While governor of Oklahoma is in Mexico City, Governor Cabeza de Vaca , the criminal governor Tamaulipas (Mexico) who is running all the drug trafficking and all the migrant caravans that are assaulting the Texas border, who is a wanted criminal in all the states of Mexico except his own state, in which he is protected by his state police, that he runs as the governor of that state … he is in Washington, DC. He is openly meeting and hanging out at the Wilson Institute …

Dave: you are kidding me…he is in DC and who is he meeting with?

Sam: the Wilson Institute; I re-tweeted his tweet on my gospel gunslingers. He popped into Dallas two weeks ago and met with the liberal mayor of Dallas working out some things. The Texas law enforcement was abuzz about this—the border patrol knows who has pushed all these caravans into the border and who has received Haitians by the boatload by sea and then pushed them onto the Texas border.

Sam: that governor is wanted in all the rest of Mexico with a federal warrant and Mexican immigrants has an all-points bulletin for Cabeza de Vaca being spotted at any toll booth in Mexico, he would be cuffed and brought to the capital for justice. There is a federal warrant for his arrest. How did he get into Texas? You are dealing with private aircraft and private processing into the nation.

Sam: This is the same thing that the Oklahoma governor dealt with in Mexico. He came into the State Department which is where the deep state lives. They picked him up, took him around and had this huge motorcade. That is why this is ironic and that motorcade had to move all 20 of their vehicles from in front of the Presidential Palace as the police were writing them citations and bringing out the ‘spider’ which is a boot to immobilize a vehicle.

Sam: so you see that Cabeza de Vaca was welcomed by the ‘Bush globalist cabal’ in Texas to cross the border, probably in a private aircraft that we paid for. The Oklahoma governor goes to Mexico and the deep state is trying to tell him how to run everything. He needs to be the head and not the tail. And what the heck is de Vaca doing in Washington DC? This just goes to show the ‘above the law’ attitude, the 2-tiered justice system, the ‘one hand washing another’ that is so clear in communism and globalism is at work.

Sam: I believe that de Vaca is right now still in Washington DC. Why he has not been arrested is a mystery to me.

Dave: I can tell you why …he is taking his marching orders from the extreme left that runs Washington. That is the only conclusion. As far as what you are talking about with the centralization of power, I remember when Jessie Ventura was governor of Minnesota. When he left office, on his own show, he described how people from the CIA, the FBI met with him in the basement of the governor’s office and said ‘this is what you are going to do.’ I saw the interview and for his own safety he moved to Mexico after he left office.

Dave: when we go back to Oklahoma and the cast of characters I want to make sure I get this on the record and you agree with this. The cartels are controlled mostly by China, and the casinos on Native American land are largely controlled by the cartels. Therefore you have an indirect Chinese influence and the Chinese use their proxies to get the results they want.

Sam: I agree.

Dave: how does this concept come into play in Oklahoma?

Sam: Oklahoma is being torn to pieces and that is what the governor said himself. We have both been watching the news, speaking English in this country and so have I and I have never heard a governor say his state is being torn to pieces.

Dave: Gov. Abbott (Tex) is saying that about immigration.

Sam: Gov. Abbott just moved more tactical vehicles of the Texas National Guard to the border and he finally got hammered through state trespassing law violations to arrest offenders. Gov. Abbot is taking a step in the right direction but I have to say….he just stinks of RINO—a republican in name only—he is so connected to the Bushites. Rick Perry was governor before him and the line goes back to Bush himself.

Dave: I have covered that Abbott answers to communist China too.

Sam: I am concerned about this and this is why the Oklahoma governor is so important. These republican governors have to understand that the blob is growing right underneath of them in their Fusion centers, their state police organizations, in their more restrictive gun laws, and the integration of municipal and county governments. It is growing right underneath them and they have to be more proactive against this and root it out. Oklahoma governor is a good place for this to start.

Dave: what concerns me is the concept of reservation land and local government autonomy for Native American tribes is not creating a totally independent state. You have the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Dept. of Interior that manages the affairs of the Native Americans and they are not totally autonomous. Knowing that is true—the nation within a nation concept—when we go to Oklahoma. Are you saying, Sam, that structure is still intact or are the Native American tribes being made a separate nation like they would be as Mexico, Venezuela, or whatever.

Sam: they have become the agent of a foreign power.

Dave: China…

Sam: and the globalists.

Dave: so they are now answerable under the set up to the Dept. of Interior or BIA?

Sam: I think those bureaus are probably heavily compromised.

Dave: in a legal pyramid of power are they answerable to the federal government in any form in Oklahoma?

Sam: they really are not.

Dave: so we have changed the rules of reservations.

Sam: yes, they have been taken over.

Dave: this is treason. The Native American tribes do not have the right to withdraw from the US and be completely, 100% autonomous. As much as they might like to be or deserve to be (another argument for another time), under the existing statutes of the US and the treaties that were signed, between the US government and various Native American tribes, they are still subject to US constitutional law. You are telling me that is no longer the case in Oklahoma.

Sam: well there were Indian wars where these tribes decided they were going to rebel, overthrow the US government, kidnap women and maybe it is time for that to happen again—this is clearly an act of treason. The governor of Oklahoma could declare that Oklahoma is sovereign and is not subject to be being divided—that the state of Oklahoma is indivisible and defy the McGurk decision. He could expel these agents of federal law enforcement. He could build his state, local and municipal authorities to include militia and posses to get justice.

Sam: there are a lot of rapes and child rapes that are going unprosecuted because of McGurk. The original McGurk case was a child rape the defense didn’t say he didn’t do it, or the evidence was mishandled. He said the State of Oklahoma had no authority because this was an Indian offender and it happened on Indian land. That was the argument so with this broad brush they have said okay, no more prosecution of Indian offenders for anything that happens on Indian land. It is set by the federal government which is the way the traditional pyramid always existed.

Dave: I am not the source of this report and will not take credit for it; I am the echo chamber repeating the report: I have it on good authority including Paul Preston and others that on November 8th, in Washington DC and maybe this is why de Vaca is in DC, they are having the meeting called the Legion of Doom. This is the meeting of complicit Native tribe leaders who are choosing to commit treason against the US, align with China, align with this criminal cabal called the communist government that has taken over our government and they are planning terrorist activities.

Dave: I interviewed Doug Thornton last night, a former DHS officer and his quote: with the election results that happened on Tuesday what we are now going to see is we have entered the epidemic of false flag events. Let’s go back to the Legion of Doom meeting. This is the communist Chinese control of cartels, control of the casinos on native lands and if you control the purse strings, you control the tribe. Those people are meeting in DC at the Legion of Doom. We are onto Biden. This is not a secret—I am a recipient of this information, not a discoverer of it. I did not know that de Vaca was in Washington, DC. Why else would he be there unless he is participating in the Legion of Doom?

Sam: they are making these back room deals which is what the State Department wanted Oklahoma governor to do and for him not to exercise his office. I want to throw in a solution on the table. I wrote the Oklahoma governor that the only action since January on deportation or policy was when Kamala Harris visited the president of Mexico. There are 2 dueling administrations vying in the White House.

Dave: identify them…

Sam: there is Joe Biden, the marionette, with his handlers. That is one administration. The Kamala Harris administration is another one. However this took place, we have to look at the situation that Kamala is in. There are a lot of people that don’t want her to take power or exercise the office, and some people that come from the left who are ‘visionaries’ actually think this is the better way. They think this is the Christian way and they imagine all the people living in harmony.

Sam: then when they see that it is mass murder that drives the whole system, pedophilia, they are aghast at that. This is just like when I had a 6 hour long talk with a transsexual. ‘She’ said to me that we found a point of agreement that children should be protected. She agreed with me and we found a point that we agreed on. I think that Kamala Harris is disillusioned at what the left has become, and also some time ago she was put in charge of border affairs so they could hang the failure around her neck and drown her with it.

Sam: now that she has made the border situation a little bit better, here’s a solution: Kamala, arrest governor Cabeza de Vaca and send him to Mexico City; you have the ability to do that. You are in charge of border affairs and this is the man who is pushing Haitians to the border, caravans to the border, is the drug-trafficker-in-chief, and he is the fuel thief. He is the oil stealer in chief.

Sam: he needs to be arrested and sent back to Mexico. These same kinds of deals that were made between the Bushites and de Vaca when he took the governorship is what the State Department is trying to push off on the Oklahoma governor. Look at the greasy deals we can make…we can have so much fun. You will be so rich—we will all be so rich. That is what they are telling the Oklahoma governor.

Sam: He needs to be the governor; there are a lot of Mexican citizens who live in Oklahoma. They brought that labor in, a lot of it legally with H1 and H2 visas. He needs to represent and protect those people and tell the central government of Mexico that he will respect that labor that he has brought in and that they will have rights under the law and be treated as people. He needs to step away from what the deep state is trying to push him into like the Rick Perry deals.

Sam: do you know there are illegal pipelines that bring gasoline across the border that is sold in Pemex gas stations in Texas? The money goes straight to Rick Perry’s slush fund—that is what I am told, what people on the street have told me. 1,700 fuel trucks per day were crossing into the US with stolen petroleum from Mexico. That is in print and anybody can argue where the fuel came from and where it is going. It is totally illegal and it has been stolen from the Mexican government. Who is getting rich? People like the Bushes and Rick Perry.

Sam: Rick Perry became energy secretary under Trump. This is where Trump also failed. The deep state was always putting tentacles in his government.

Dave: I have had a well-placed source in Pemex for years and what you are describing is a Chinese-led operation with our government’s complicity. I know all about this. The Chinese are hated by Pemex; they come in and they are given carte blanche for what they want to do. They meet a lot of resistance. The cartel is another factor and I reported on this just before the pandemic. They are building pipelines and massive storage facilities in the north including de Vaca’s state. I surmised this was a prelude to a Red Dawn invasion. And this was necessary oil to carry out operations.

Dave: this is ground-breaking.

Sam: I want to repeat my message to Kamala Harris to arrest de Vaca and put him on a flight straight to Mexico City and turned over to Mexican central government for prosecution. If Kamala did that she would solve 80% of the border crisis that is happening. He is the one behind the drug trafficking, the human trafficking and the caravans. If you cut the head off the snake and arrest this one wanted criminal Kamala would be back in the limelight as a problem solver and a person who works for the nation to defend the borders.

Dave: I don’t disagree with what you are saying but I think the pyramid of power goes one step higher than de Vaca who is the operational manager of what is happening. I agree but what you are describing in Oklahoma you have linked it to the border crossings with all these nefarious groups. But Oklahoma is a George Soros operation. When Soros could not rig federal elections with Bush vs. Gore, he then changed his tactics and started putting in county commissioners, city council members, and prosecutors. This was the Soros project.

Dave: we are seeing this in Yavapai County, Arizona, the most conservative county in America. We are seeing the exact same strategy. What you are describing the decentralization of government under the control of nefarious, foreign dictatorial powers. That is George Soros on behalf of China and if you go to the Arizona election Fraudit which it became instead of an audit, what you have is the governor under the control of China.

Dave: The chairman of Maricopa County Board of Supervisors still has not complied with 2 court orders and an attorney general order to surrender evidence about the election. Jack Sellers is the CC boy –the conduit into Arizona. I am not alone on this—Gateway Pundit has covered this accusation. Katie Hobbs, the Ariz. Secy of State—George Soros. The guy who unseated Sheriff Joe Arapaio, Joe Penzone, had $2 million of Soros money. I have seen the ‘Oklahoma operation movie’ before. This is a George Soros funded operation.

Sam: George Soros is a convenient front man taking away one shard here, one shard there in the municipalities and this is Operation Cable Splicer.

Dave: let’s go to the bottom line for Cable Splicer and the negative outcome for the American people.

Sam: total federal control. No more popular sovereignty.

Dave: I will tell you what my sources tell me: Rex 84, Cable Splicer and everything else connected to it is about FEMA camp incarcerations of dissident Americans.

Sam: and the Fusion Centers have been tracking those persons for years.

Dave: I believe there are at least 100 million Americans who are targeted for a lot of different reasons. I don’t have time now to go into this but folks, know that your administration in Washington DC is meeting in a Legion of Doom meeting which is an outgrowth of what Sam is talking about here. It is about the Native American tribes and particularly those that cross the border that are ‘bi-tribal nations’ are on board with Communist China.

Dave: They are going to try to subvert this populace uprising that we saw in Virginia on Tuesday in the elections and across the nation. They are going to do this by playing the violence card. This is why we have so many unmonitored immigrants crossing the border. These are people that are going to act against the people in the US. I have a former DHS officer, now retired, telling me this is what is going on. All roads are leading to insurrection against the American people. This is the price of populism. The price of not standing up is Nazi Germany. We are going to see concentration camps on our soil and I believe it will be under the guise of covid isolation.

Dave: Sam, we have more to follow up on what is going on in the Pacific, the South China Sea, and Taiwan. You have to admit this was a heck of a block buster report…thanks Sam.

11-08-2021-Dr.Jane Ruby and Stew Peters

Over the weekend kid-sized needles were injected into the arms of millions of American children after jabs were approved for 5-11 year olds, but is it even legal? Dr. Jane Ruby joins Stew to detail how all Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) are medically criminal and lack real scientific backing.

JR: over this weekend CVS Pharmacies said they jabbed over a million children ages 5 to 11. There is supposed to be 10 mcg instead of 30 mcg but they have added a very dangerous chemical to preemptively prepare to manage heart attacks in these children. Walgreens said they had one million children injections ready to go. In NYC the mayor made sure that 20,000 children got jabbed over the weekend. You can see lnes of parents and children today that are going to be jabbed.

JR: this is a dangerous time in our history and experts are clamoring for people to look at this: it is emergency use authorization for anyone including children. There is no Covid 19 emergency; I defy anyone to refute that. The data is wrong. They looked at 200 children and the study is incomplete and trial C459-1007 that you can look up online doesn’t end until 2024. There is also no pandemic. Do your own research.

JR: go to WHO website and you can see the real definition for 5 seconds of ‘pandemic’ and then it flashes to elsewhere on the site. The definition has been:

a pandemic is the world wide SPread of a new disease. An influenza pandemic occurs when a new influenza virus emerges and SPreads around the world, and most people do not have immunity. Viruses that have caused past pandemics typically originated from animal influenza viruses.

JR: Corona virus is not new. Karen Kingston brought the patents on this. CDC site statement: under the The United States is NOT currently experiencing an influenza pandemic. There is an ongoing pandemic with a new coronavirus. CDC influenza programs protect pdf icon (1.1MB, 2 pages, 508) the United States from seasonal influenza and an influenza pandemic, which occurs when a new flu virus emerges that can infect people and SPread globally.

JR; this is all you need to know. They are duping you in plain sight. Dr. David Martin educates about the illegality: Peter Dasick in 2015 basically said this was a ‘venture for investors.’

A key driver is the media, and the economics follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage.

JR: the foregoing is one of the pieces of evidence that this is a felony. Dr. David Martin covers that these shots were developed in a criminal conSPiracy. It is a felony to upload a genomic sequence for a bioweapon for anyone worldwide for developing a bioweapon. Dr. Martin shows how they loaded a protein sequence onto a server enabling the production of the bioweapon.

JR: there is the issue of indemnity of big pharma. You have evidence here of collusion among parties led by Anthony Fauci to develop this in a racketeering framework. David Martin encourages us to STOP USING THE WORD VACCINE—this is a bioweapon. Take down the shield of immunity.

JR: David Martin has compiled a list of covid treasonous acts and there are 9 or 10 violations of US Criminal code which is treason. (8.53 minutes) this is also a world-wide crime as well. There was an executive order signed by Trump on Sept 19, 2019 before any of us were aware of covid. David Martin explains that President Trump signed this and basically gave the leeway. Martin says he doesn’t believe that Trump was specifically ushering in this bioweapon, but he signed this executive order which talks about new vaccine platform technologies that allow for more rapid and flexible responses to both seasonal and pandemic flus. These platform technologies include DNA, mRNA, virus-like particles, toxic particles like the spike protein, vector technology and self-assembling nanoparticles.

JR: essentially what this executive order did was it allowed the terror on the American people, not by intention. But as you have done Stew, we need to ramp up on all congressional members, particularly the republican side because those are the only members of congress that are having hearings like Ron Johnson and Rand Paul…

SP: …it is incumbent on Trump to come out now and say these shots are dangerous…we have seen a significant increase in myocarditis and this is insane… he is walking around like a vaccine salesman and I am not giving a pass on President Trump or anybody… everybody who has been involved in this should be treated as a wartime criminal.

JR: absolutely…the dog and pony is not enough. No more money until you call a committee for (investigations and arrests). Look at these violations of US code, these treasonous acts and send them to every AG of every state and federal.

JR: on another thought: right now the WHO are dictating your child’s health care decisions and mandating mass genocide of children. How do I know? They put up the following document:


JR: this new policy mandates that children who attend school have waived for themselves and their parents that their informed consent rights as it relates to the kill shots …given that this is the WHO policies…ALL SIGNATORIES TO THE 25 INTERNATIONAL HEALTH REGULATIONS WILL HAVE TO IMPLEMENT THIS BY TREATY OBLIGATION.


SP: they can just jab them. It says it right there in the WHOL.

JR: you might as well send them to school with a note that says, jab my kid. It is the equivalent of that now…YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­11-11-2021-Chris Kitze and Dave Hodges

Chris: “signs and symbols rule the world” Confucious …W.H.O.—the symbol is a snake wrapped around a stick. Are poisonous snakes harmful to people? Note: Pharmacia is a Greek word and means sorcery.

The Greek word for sorcery is pharmacia which means sorcery, magic, enchantment, drugs, and medication. When a sorcery program as a medication ‘heals you’ it is not in a good way. It heals you with an evil spirit that is summoned to come to you that says it will take this thing away from you. The spirit then jumps on to people and possesses them. This is what is happening with Covid.

The Covid vaxx is a form of spirit possession. People who are religious understand this and those who are not do not understand this. People, who get the shots, and even those who don’t want to get the shot, become the greatest sales people for the shot after they get it. I don’t believe that person talking; it is not those person’s words – it is something else talking. A lot of people will say it sounds crazy. Go talk to Catholic and Greek Orthodox priests and they will tell you these things are very, very real. It is quite frightening; how many people have these kinds of spirit and animal possessions? The Chinese understand this very clearly.

Dave …the vaccine is supposed to be changing DNA. Is that part of this issue of spirit possession?

Chris: it is; human beings are special in this earth of ours. God made humans in a godly image. It says right in the Bible. People look at this time in history as the most special time; it is the time that people make a choice. That is because people now have to choose between good and evil. It is not easy to see what good and evil is.

Chris: The Chinese have a saying: in the mud it is hard to tell the difference between fish eyes and pearls. If you reach in the mud you can’t see anything and you have to feel around. They both feel the same size, they both feel smooth. If you squeeze one it will squeeze and the pearls will not. They are hard to distinguish. That is where we are right now with good and evil.

Chris: most people say if ‘my DNA changes, am I still a human being?’ No, you probably are not a human being—you are something else. Can a human being cultivate? Absolutely, yes. Look at the history of Catholicism and how ordinary people who cultivated into saints and became closer to God and followed the Way. They elevated themselves by getting rid of all the bad things in themselves. That is what cultivation is really about. In my understanding that is what people will not be able to do if they take these shots.

Chris: it is possible that if they take the shots, repent and have a sincere repentance, God, the Creator can do anything. The question is, ‘can you have those righteous thoughts or not?’ It is not as easy as it sounds. It is very difficult to have those kinds of thoughts. It is difficult for people to resist (the shots)—my job, I have to support my family. Well, what if you lose your life?

Chris: There is a lot coming out on the shots. My recommendation is to wait until spring—you will see what will happen with the ADE, the anti-body dependent enhancement. That is when the shot itself and this ‘vaccine’ create a feedback loop that attacks the body. This is what always happened with the animal studies. That is why they stopped the animal studies—the animals all died.

Chris: it’s going to be a very scary situation and people are saying “my children took the shots.’ I’m sorry—don’t take any more. That’s all I can say. I don’t know that there is any way that you can ‘untake’ something like this.

Dave question about the feedback loop—is it meant to be fatal, a zombification of human beings, or how do you see the end product?

Chris: I don’t know the answer to that and there are probably people that do know the answer because they tested all these things on Uygars, Fuongong and Christians in China. This is how the CCP rolls. They will just take 10,000 people and shoot them up with something. Oh, they all died? Too bad.

Chris: Let’s get the next 10,000. It is like Dr. Mengele in WWII who was infamous and notorious for testing things on human subjects who did not give their consent. That is really the issue. If people want to participate in medical testing and they have informed consent about it that is up to them… To force this on people who do not have informed consent is illegal and immoral in my opinion.

Dave no question that it is illegal or unconstitutional but since are we following the rules? I don’t know what to ask next…this is so damn depressing.

Chris: I could talk about the sorcery ritual we are dealing with Covid. If you look at how the goal for Covid is not to stop this virus. The goal is to do the great reset which is One World Order. It used to be called the New World Order. Notice they have the One World Tower in NY where the two towers were knocked down and replaced with one tower. The tower is called One World Trade Center. Look at the building itself, it looks like a needle.

Chris: look at how this thing was created. The people aligned with the group doing this are participating in a medical form of tyranny. These are fatality level medical officers. Remember how George Soros went and financed the Secretary of State elections—they are the ones that count the votes. That happened a few years ago. I believe they did the same thing with the county medical officers as well.

Chris: here in Marin County, Calif which is one of the most liberal counties in the world, one of the first to catch Covid was the chief medical officer. How convenient. My friend in Idaho and I chuckled about that. What are the chances of that happening? Zero. When you look at what is happening and at people who are focusing on how bad the disease is, but look at the actual numbers of survival:

0-19 years 99.99%

20-49 years 99.98%

50-69 years 99.5%

70+ years 94.6%

Chris: this is not like yellow fever and I am not anti-vax. I got a yellow fever shot a couple of years ago when I traveled and I had no problems.

Here is the thing: yellow fever outbreak in the US in 1793-94 in Philadelphia and 11% of the population died over the course of a couple of months. This was when Philadelphia was still the capital and Washington DC was not established with its pentagram and hexagram.

Chris: why is the math for social distancing 6 feet? 6 is a ‘magic number’ that is used in sorcery. That is why the mark in the Bible of the ‘evil one’ is 666. If you think about a hexagram it is 666 as it has 6 triangles, 6 points and a hexagon in the middle. It symbolizes the number 666.

Chris: the mask is rituals that people are being forced to participate in. What they are doing is getting the individual people to participate in the ritual and accept it. In their belief system they have to get you to accept it and use deception to get people to destroy themselves. That is how they do it.

Chris: when you see people who are strong-willed they say they would rather die than take one of these injections. In my understanding that person is very wise—they are spiritual in nature and they don’t want their bodies to undergo the DNA damage and not be human anymore. They like being human because they know that is their purpose in this lifetime—to be a human and to cultivate and improve themselves. The other aspect is they don’t want this spirit or animal possession.

Chris: when I drive down the freeway here I see the absolute insanity and craziness you never used to see. People used to be courteous and now you see people driving 90 to 100 MPH, driving around people, slamming on their brakes and almost getting into accidents. Some people are having vaccidents where people are having mini-strokes which are a side effect of the vaccine.

Chris: a physician in Canada introduced doing the D-Dimer tests which is not expensive. You should get that if you have taken the shot. This shows the small, tiny blood clots. It tests to see if you have that kind of clotting going on. It tends to form in a lot of people around the heart which is why you have the myocarditis. People think that is not that bad—these kids getting myocarditis are 20 years old. It is fatal after 5 years by about 50%. It is a serious complication and for a young person to have this happen to them…the death rate for people for Covid under 20 years old is basically 0. Why would you give those people a shot?

Chris: I was talking with a friend who is a CEO of a company and had 2 shots. He said that he then got Covid. He was upset which I would be too. It (the shots) doesn’t provide any protection. The new variants come out, just like the flu. I used to get flu shots and kept getting the flu. I quit taking the shots and I quit getting the flu.

Dave I have been in communication with Tom Renz the attorney for the front-line doctors and the FDA said the PCR tests won’t require validation—that was on April 18, 2020 when the pandemic started. I taught statistics and I taught masters’ degree students how to do their research for their thesis. I said this (test) was invalid as hell. This last summer they came out and said the test produced too many false positives so they were going to do away with it in January. They don’t have a test.

Dave Tom Renz said the frontline doctors believe it is to cover up the people who are getting sick and dying after the vaxx. They are using the variants as a cover-up for the vaxx injuries. Since there is no valid test there is no way to check on the story.

Chris: the PCR test invented by Nobel Prize winner Kerry Mullins and he said you cannot use a test like the PCR test for clinical testing. The problem is they change the cycles. What PCR testing does is amplifies whatever is in the sample. When you run these 25 times, it doubles every time. You will get something almost non-existent and turn it perhaps into something that exists. They were running 40 cycles and you get the results the African country president got and that was that papaya and motor oil tested positive for Covid.

Chris: you can get anything to test positive by cranking up the cycles. That is why this test is a joke. A lot of people don’t know if they have Covid and they have to be tested. What kind of serious pandemic is that?

Chris: I am starting to see reports, and this is the early days, of people who are showing up on blue tooth. When I first saw this I thought it wasn’t believable. I wasn’t sure if that was a legitimate thing. When you look at blue tooth, let’s go back to the sorcery example. Blue tooth logo is a 6-pointed star plus 2 pyramids on their side. This is inside every device. This is sorcery. That is what they are doing—using the signs and symbols and not words or laws.

Chris: people are starting to discover that the Bluetooth logo is inside the person’s body. I haven’t validated this myself. What people are doing to validate this is taking their Android or I-phone and get a BLE which is a low-energy Bluetooth detector and scanner. You go out to a place where there are no signals. Bring a vaccinated person in. I have a short video on this.

Dave I have heard of this.

Chris: this first video is a Russian hacker who uncovered the data base that is tracking the computer chips that have been implanted in your body from this Covid 19 vaccine. This is sputnik vaccine they are delivering in Russia. He has uncovered this on the dark web and read the translation on the bottom of the screen. They are tracking all your vital signs in real time being done by 5G and Wi-Fi. This vaccine technology is communicating in real time to internet servers the vital signs of the people who have received the vaccine—the mark of the beast.

Chris: this Russian is scanning from the data base and people are trying to debunk this video as a hoax. He basically finds his friend in the database and this is an MP4 file. The other one I want to show you is Vaccinated Lady, Bluetooth-detect? An Elderly lady at a shrine (Japan).

Sept 9, 2021 at 10:40 at a nearby shrine. There is a favorite shrine that I will sometimes visit. This was the stage for my being off work today. The other day when I was by myself this was performed on the train and it was on multiple unspecified people (the Bluetooth detection). So the unique situation of the display code and the people was impossible to establish. So I came up with going to this somewhat isolated shrine that would be suitable for my research.

Many visitors to the shrine are elderly women and many have been vaccinated since the spring. It was my wishful thinking that many would not have a smart phone. I sat on the veranda of the shrine and waited. You see the Bluetooth package in the picture (-10.11 on interview). Unlike the train station platform there is no signal and no display. This (shrine) is the ideal environment for my experiment. If someone comes here alone and a code appears on the Bluetooth screen, and the person doesn’t have a smartphone, then, (1) “Smartphone origin theory” will be overturned; (2) and a unique relationship between a code and a human can be established; and (3) the signal of the displayed code is transmitted from the human body. Am I wrong?

About 40 minutes I saw two signals detected. (Two screens are shown at -9:10 on interview video). At 11:03 there are no Bluetooth signals. At 11:19 there are two Bluetooth signals detected. When I looked at the entrance gate I saw an elderly woman coming according to my plan. It was a golden opportunity. She prayed and bowed and walked along the cobblestones.

I took this precious opportunity and I called out to her back, “Excuse me, madam,” She stopped and looked back and I asked if she had a smart phone. She said, “No, I am already old now, so I don’t have that kind of thing.” I said, “Oh, this is good” and she looked confused. “What?”. I asked her, “Excuse me again, but have you been vaccinated?” She answered, “Yes, I have done it twice.”

I said, “Good this is perfect. By the way, have you heard a story that you can tell if you are vaccinated or not by holding a smart phone over you?” She answered, “Well, if this is so, I have never heard of that kind of story.” I asked if she had a cell phone and she answered yes, that she did. She took it out of her handbag.

I said, “Okay, no problem, but just in case, could you turn it off?” I show her where to turn it off. The elderly lady is completely under my control and now I understand about cases targeting older people. Having confirmed that the power of her cell phone was turned off, I checked the google and the display. I opened it (this is shown at -6:57 on the interview). He shows 4 entries on the Bluetooth detection after 11:19AM.

Dave I have a comment. Could you literally turn these people into mind controlled zombies?

Chris: funny you should say that. People say this is not possible, but now materials are being put inside and there are patents out there. (see images at -6:22 on interview). There was a Dr. Lieber (?) from Harvard working with the Wuhan lab in China on exactly these kinds of things. There is circumstantial evidence that this is possible. When you see the video from Japan and we need to see another one from France where they took a group of people to a field.

Chris: I would encourage people to try this themselves. There is an application that is called RSSI Bluetooth, BLE Bluetooth Scanner. These are available. Download them to your phone and go away from your house and your signals and find a place where there are no signals and bring vaccinated friends or relatives there and scan them and see what happens. Make sure they leave their phones at home. Keep in mind people might have Bluetooth on a watch with smart capability and its possible people have beacons on key chains. Have them leave that at home and see what happens.

Dave this gets into something I know about called brain entrainment and it can be frequency related to certain kinds of emotions and behaviors and this has been scientifically established.

Chris: exactly. People have talked about this and there is a video that was given at West Point about future workers and controlling everybody’s minds. You don’t have to plan a war. As long as you can get this into everybody you can control their minds.

Dave the genesis of this was in 1961 and it was a Spanish physiologist named Jose Delgado. He was brought to Yale, later worked for SRI and then worked for the CIA for about 50 years. He is now deceased and he did a lot of things that we know about on a rudimentary level in the 60s. God knows what he did for the 50 years he was with the CIA.

Chris: technology is far in advance of what you are told about. Their goal is to turn most of the world into Amish, with 17th century technology, basically horse and buggy and they will have 23rd century technology and be flying around and having a wonderful existence, just like the movie Elysium where they are up in the clouds living in these floating cities while down in the slums people have 17th century technology.

Dave another movie they displayed this was in Hunger Games.

Chris: that’s right and that takes you down that rat hole. When you look at the sorcery and demons I want you to see another one. This is Fauci and he is holding up his index and middle finger together. How many people do this? Normally you see someone hold up one finger. Or they hold up their hand. On the left you see Baphomet who is basically Satan. This is a sign that they use. The other sign that they do is put their hand inside their shirt or coat at chest level and hide the hand. That is called ‘the hidden hand.’

Chris: Fauci and a lot of them do that. Look at the time when Trump was cheated out of office in January and they were doing all kinds of these things. They handed Mike Pence a ‘token of appreciation.’ It is all symbolic and the reason they use symbols like this is from the power they get from the use of the symbol in this way and that is the definition of sorcery.

Dave this has been fascinating and we need to do a follow-up.

Chris: I wish I could just share rainbows and sunshine but we are in the situation of being in a tribulation and test for everyone. I am not against vaccines…I am in favor of informed consent and not doing medical experiments on 300 million people. Why is there such a rush to do this and unfortunately the reasons never look good to me.

(Notetaker: could there have been crowd control with Bluetooth at the Houston concert recently?)

Photo 1—the Bluetooth detection

Photo 2 – what is being injected into people?

Photo 2-are these look-alikes?

Telegram video with Peter Glidden, BS, ND, The MD Emperor Has No Clothes Doctors are the #3 cause of death in America; it is not heart-related, cancer, diabetes …

Peter Glidden: the 3rd leading cause of death as published in the JAMA is MD directed treatment. This means you go to a medical doctor, an MD, to get a treatment, he gives it to you and you die from it. According to US Dept. of Health and Human Services, 15,000 Medicare patients a month are killed by MD treatment and nobody goes to jail.

Terrorists can fly 2 planes into the twin towers, 3500 people die and we go to war. But 15,000 people a month are killed by medical doctor treatment and we don’t bat an eyelash. This is because we have been brainwashed…that is not the correct term.

But for the last 100 years we have been led this false belief …maybe it was Marcus Welby (TV show) that started it, that the medical doctor is king and knows everything about everything. Really you just need to shut up and follow your medical doctor’s advice. Most people have no idea at all of the history of the evolution of medicine in the US.

In the early 1900s it was a relatively level playing field among the chiropractors, the osteopaths, the homeopaths and the MDs. From 1915 to 1920 there was something called the Flexnor Report. The Carnegie Foundation funded Abraham Flexnor to go all around the country on stage, horseback and trains for 5 years to inventory all the medical schools that prescribed drugs.

Flexnor brought the list back to the Carnegies who owned drug companies. Then Carnegies and Rockefellers gave millions of dollars of free money to the medical schools and hospitals in the US that were prescribing drugs. That was the beginning of the end.

After the Flexnor report there was no more level playing field in the US. The MDs started the juggernaut that has taken off. Most people in the US think the predominant MD/Pharmaceutical medicine make these guys top dog because their therapeutics are better than the homeopaths, the naturopaths, the osteopaths, and the chiropractors.

It is not; they are in the drivers’ seat because of financial and political coalitions that were built at the beginning of the last century that people have no idea of. It is a gigantic problem.

It’s crazy, right? It is the 3rd leading cause of death, but when the government makes noise about messing with people’s insurance, everybody freaks out. That is a whole other thing to talk about. What is medical insurance? When you buy medical insurance what are you doing? You are betting that you are going to get so sick you will not be able to afford it.

So you pay good money every month to gain access to a system of medicine that is the 3rd leading cause of death in the US. Quite frankly, we need our heads examined. This is why Dr. Wallach and I collectively give 400 free lectures a year. We are building a grass roots network because people don’t know this.

People come to my lectures and say that couch potatoes live longer. Medical doctors are the 3rd leading cause of death? What is going on here? We are like the people in Galileo’s time saying it was the sun at the center of the solar system and not the earth. Hey everyone, the earth is round, not flat. Hey everybody slavery is a bad thing. We have a social agenda here.

Why do we have a social agenda? Because people are suffering needlessly. You wouldn’t believe, as God is my witness, the things that I have seen people recover from in holistic medicine. The body’s ability to fix itself is remarkable. Most of the time all that the body needs to do that is the raw materials that it needs to do that.

And, we need to stop eating food that is hurting the body. If you put diesel fuel in an unleaded engine, even if it is a Ferrari, it is going to run like crap if it runs at all. There is nothing wrong with the car—it just had the wrong fuel. It is the same with the human body—you give the human body the raw materials it needs, clean up the diet—super man and super woman.

If you don’t get to super status at least your blood pressure normalizes, your arthritis goes away, your anxiety and panic attacks go away and you can sleep through the night.

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