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Can people in other countries purchase any of the plasma energy products?


plasma energy station patches

Requests have come from people in countries outside the United States who are interested in purchasing some of our plasma energy products.  We are able to make the Never Ending Plasma Energy Station Pads and send those to you.  You will see them listed on the products page.  If you have a request for any other items such as the Never Ending Plasma Energy Relief, Never Ending Plasma Energy Cold Relief, or any of the other products we have listed you may send us an Email for pricing.

Do the pads last very long?  In the photo above you see that pads are made from the energy station water with paper towels. They have to dry thoroughly and then they are packaged in pairs. Package One of the pair is 1/4 of the paper towel that was soaked and dried. Package Two of the pair is 3/4 of the paper towel that was soaked and dried. Then the dried pads go into plastic baggies and are taped shut with clear tape and labeled for their use, such as plasma energy station pads, cold relief pads, or insomnia relief pads or whatever you have chosen.

With the plasma energy pads we always want a gradient so when the greater joint pain relief pad is placed on one side of a knee for example, then the thinner pad is placed on the other side of the knee. The plasma energy will seek to balance between the two pads and everything in between.


toothache relief photo

How long will the pads last?   Mr. Keshe has instructed that the pads will last longer than we will if they are properly cared for.  If the plastic bag should become worn or torn,  you can simply put the pad, worn baggie and all, in a new plastic baggie and tape it securely with clear packing tape. Should you need to replace that baggie in the future, just remove the pad in the original worn baggie and put it in a new baggie and tape it securely with clear packing tape.

Does the energy in the pads diminish over time?  Plasma energy is not like much of the matter energies we are accustomed to that have ‘expiration dates’ or become weaker over time.  In an early workshop Mr. Keshe said that the Gans and the energy from the Gans will last much longer than the human life span. As he asked at the time, would you like to pass this on to your great grandchildren?  You can find out more by going to our page on How Gas in Atomic Nano State is Made .


Do the plasma energy pads have the same amount of energy as the plasma energy water in the vials?  When Paul and Lynn make the plasma energy pads they are using the Never Ending Plasma Energy Station water that has the plasma energy fields of all sixteen vials on the energy stations.  As much water is used to soak the paper towels as is in the vials.  Is there the same amount of energy?  When Paul and Lynn dowsed the energy fields of the energy station with the vials, followed by the larger energy station pads, and then followed by the smaller set of energy station pads, the energy fields were all over thirty feet!  So, plasma energy is not like matter we are used to measuring as 1/4 cup, 1 cup, 1 pint and so forth.  In the photo below Lynn is more than 30 feet away from the pads she was dowsing.

dowsing 30 feet away

When we send the plasma pads, no matter which type, they will always be sent in pairs.  There will be a thicker pad and a thinner pad in each set.  This is so you have a gradient with the pad with greater energy giving to the pad with lesser energy.  The energy fields then balance everything between the two pads.

Be sure to check the products page to see the various types of plasma energy solutions Paul and Lynn have provided.  Be sure to send us an Email regarding what you wish to purchase.  We will create an invoice for you so you can make your payment by credit card, debit card or Paypal.


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