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Answering another excellent query- “Why wouldn’t a way to stay human be made available?”

Transcribed From a Video by Sabrina Davis’ Odysee Channel ‘Psinergy‘: 30 min answer

Thinkin about it, why not leave a few humans in a group. You mean like a ‘remnant’ the difficult ones left for last? If they can run and survive great; otherwise, into the prima materia meat grinder you go bc they don’t care. You are lesser than an animal to them.

I concur undertheradar – parallel society – Amen. /~sSabrina D. Wallace

P.S. Thank you for your query. Psinergists: I’m revisiting the Q pages of decade planning with more details.

Human husbandry…how did they get there? Get ready to herd into the smart cities and do their pangea:

How they got to this point decade by decade:

Digital identifier has been in cyber security for a couple of years. This is fully AI, machine learning and no commander on the ground.

Why aren’t they telling people this is the biofield? The Q is the clearance to protect the bankers, the banking arm and Wikipedia.

Their job was to spin everyone around and keep them spinning in the same system they have had the whole time.

To get wireless tissue engineering you can’t tell them anything real. For genomic and morphology you fell into the a wormhole—it’s a big foot.

You think you are psychic because we radiated your biofield? You’re crazy…take drugs. That is for bioinformatics and more genomics. Oh you saw a UFO? Sure you did—it’s one of our flight craft from skunk works. Cern, Iter and Tokomak? Oh, those are ‘demon portals.’ They are big underground magnets that nowadays move with special software with uranium, Zeus and Scorpius that interface with eyes, bioconductors and a bunch of software for watching how sick you are. Why? It’s all the same air particulate for the Dept of Energy. This is has gone on for 30 years and no one from the “Q” stepped up and said this is how we do business. No—Keep Their Mouths Shut!

Why would you do that? I drew a picture of it.

If ‘there is no biofield’ that means you cannot run, defend yourself, or figure out how to block the signal anywhere, anyhow. This is perfect for the Q arm for the bankers. Monkey Werx told people they were ‘flying people to Gitmo.’ I watch flight radar a lot—he is just lying to people. Other military people came out and helped him and kept the story going.

While they do that Maui and the rest continues to burn. They have had this planned uninterrupted from what I have seen since I was a kid.

Why? Keep their mouths shut for 30 years and no one has a clue and no one can stop them. And yes, they deployed the Covid. Do the doctors agree on ‘covid’? No.

So it’s success…there’s no body part no how. Situational awareness is taught to the marines and others in the field. They stare at a deer and squeeze its heart through biofield concurrence. How do they communicate with each other when they are not laced up with the nano? Morse code through their biofield.

They hid all this with the Q movement. They have lied about market share and they are not going to let everybody run. They have a plan for themselves for where they are going to live and they are going to pull the land away from everyone else. These are the same people telling you right now to inject your children and yourselves. But you don’t know what is in those shots. The senate hearings in N. Carolina showed they have 75 years of not telling people what is going on with this industrial system. They needed a cyber physical backbone because they have been augmenting themselves since 2008 with synthetic biology.

They have lied about what they do when they go to work and these are the same nano materials and it’s transhumanism augmentation systems since the days of Egypt and once they have everybody and they have their DNA and they are ready to move into their new environment where the Georgia Guidestones described now you have to consider that this whole situation with the morphogenetic field and the morphoceuticals to communicate with the air molecules around you. These are atoms that are specifically placed in the air for the transhumans. I talked about this last Halloween with the Rydburg atom and all its fenestrations and others such as uranium that communicate.

Amazon shipping services were given the ability to communicate and run data right through you to get you packages to the door faster. This was approved in 2021.

Everyone will be connected with the biosensors. You have to get this stuff out of people and there is no way to do that because it is made out of your own DNA. For the real way to do this they would have to pull every satellite out of the sky and turn off every tower.

Then you would have to be in a secure type of building for awhile, and I do mean a few more than once in awhile in order to pull all that material out of you and give you time to grow naturally. And then you have to stop being daily traumatized. This is from DNA in the laboratory and not just something I am pulling out of my head.

This is wireless tissue engineering and morphogenesis. They radiate, accelerate, pull back, (neotany), since the 1960s. You think they know what they are doing by now? Goergetown (univ), Gerogiano, and all these people do know.

That is why NASA told people in their little spiel that they did this (see following photo). They did this 28 years ago, 18 years ago, and this photo is from 2012, 11 years ago. People are lying about this.

EEG and ultrasound have left the hospital.

This is what they are doing with EEG and Ultrasound:

It is the new energy harvesting right out of your body… radio frequencies, piezo electric, you will power your coffeepot or you yourself shut down.

That is why if you are in a smart city you will be suffused. That is what the virtual light communication and optigenetics are there for. The optigenetics is going to turn things on and off inside of you. Go back and listen to Dr. Lindsay (see link in the links following this article). When you mess with people like that you are going to make them sick with major cancers and things that they have known for 40 years. That is why they didn’t do it then what they just done now.

Why did they let them do it? Transhumanism. What are they going to do now? Give people a choice? They have left the people with God and their biofields.

Project Salus is watching the backend of Northcomm for every cell phase and phage state, logistics and anything you want. This is a big AI that has been around for a very long time. Dartmouth—1954 and Tufts University is what I’ve been able to source on Youtube.

Please do not continue letting people be blind. It is a body part and it is accessible to anyone.

Do the best that you can because nobody seems to want to tell the truth. It looks like they all want to be gods. They have been able to get away with commercial market share for so long. Why would they stop now?

Think about it. This is September 2023. The information on the biofield just went up on Maria Zee’s program. That would have been where we could have made a stand 10 to 20 years ago. That information fell out of Juan O’Savin’s mouth in reference to a different person.

All I am giving you are the technical documents out of the IEEE college text book along with the market share. This is wireless drugging and designer precision AI healthcare designer drugs, skintronics, bioelectrics, and electriceuticals.

Those little 802.15.5 relays are a big component with the meta materials of helping all that along. You think you can just turn off the AI? You can’t. Nano constellations are already loose and they absolutely change people at the level of their brain stem.

That is why I don’t believe that we are going to have that option. We are to wrench it and take it and you better hope you are around people who are like the agents of shield people like the end of that series on TV. They went and found a place where some of them had managed to get away from the agency and other things and they made a stand the best they could trying to protect children and keep them from being further experimented upon.

That is why for those of you who keep shitting on me for how pissed I am that you are doing this because that is what you did to me. Now they are doing this to everyone in the world. Book of Job—do your job. Mark 5:36 Sole fide – by faith alone.

************* 3 min DEFCON sept 1 2023 Well golly gee willakers wait til I match this up with your biolab software and the ports that match the morphoceuticals! trick or treat! /~ s Sabrina D. Wallace

DEFCON sept 1, 2023—feilid—low power and node churn and network slicing.

Nerds: what is veiled? It is an open source, peer to peer, mobile phone networks, network slicing, front haul, back haul, whatever you want. Watch this application framework, flagship messaging app, conceptually similar to IPFS plus the onion router if you are still on the DISN, but faster and designed from the groun up to provide all services over a privately routed Brain to Brain with the Low power lora.

I am not kidding, this is privately routed network and this has to do with all those WBAN routing protocols and the MESH routing protocols. The network also allows for development of distributed applications without a blockchain or a transactional layer at their face.

Veilid can be included as part of the user facing applications or run as a stand alone server for power users who wish to help build the network. It is architecturally written with strong encryption and nodes that can run on all your stuff.

Low level protocols over UDP, raw TCP, web sockets and secure web sockets. Nodes—that includes all the nodes inside of you and outside of you. These are optimized for low latency. Those are deep in the tech doc changes when you have to be making routing changes and write software to do it. Nodes are optimized for low latency.

What does that say? High node churn. What happens when we ‘churn’ something like butter? These are capable of dealing with low power LORA –6G LOPAN.

There is low level networks such as switching from cellular to Wifi mid-communication network slicing. Congratulations to those who wrote the code.

I wish to point out with all this working going on this is DEFCON. Bring it on liars. That is a lot of work with a lot of options for FKing around.


Odysee Video by Sabirna Davis: ‘Talkin truthers, young, ruby etc. with the rumble folks 15 min

Thank you thinkin folks, just tossin in my observations none of us can ‘know’ cause we are not in their homes, bank accounts or personal lives

So here are my perceptron free perceptions! /~s

Sabrina: thank you for your discussion about Dr. Ruby and Dr. Robert Young. Dr/ Ruby was shut down by Mouthboy (mike adams) when he asked her is the non wire wireless? That shut her down. Apparently Dr. Ruby said bad stuff about Dr. Robert Young—that is your controllers. Who are they all trusting? Pfizer executives. The guy who made stuff is brought out to put everyone at ease. You mentioned the GMC network and how they web out to all these people. yes, I kow. They have it all. Thanks for bringing it back up.

Dr. Robert Young is interesting to me: here is what I heard. This is the order about hearing about him and I am buried in research almost constantly watching and listening.

Dr. Young got out there over a year ago. He had a bunch of research in 1998 making all these things for the people to protect the biofield. Why? I came across an interview with him on a panel with people on skype. There were 14 doctors on the panels and they were arguing among themselves for 20 minutes. Then Dr. Young got on and he was pissed. Here is what I heard him say: I got an award and I was promised to have this building named after me and then they took it all and they sold it to that company and ripped it from me after they gave me the award on the stage.

Two of the doctors on the panel tried to silence him. Whoever was running the panel hit the button and another guy said, well, Robert, what we could do is have an analysis and a discussion. The admin cut him off. Robert Young said that isn’t going to happen –they already took it and sold it to that company. They have all the patents; they stole it all.

Now was he upset that got visited on everybody else? No…he was pissed because he was brought up on the stage, promised an award and within 30 days or a year they took it all away from him, gave it to somebody else and went ahead with what they are doing.

If I could tell you how many emails I got of people who barely survived all this and lost their homes and their money. For what? For being right about math. If it has anything to do with the biofield, plasmonics, cymatics, you are not going to get to do SHT. It doesn’t matter how smart you are, how wealthy you are, they don’t give a FK. This is eugenics.

They have big-ass databases and hundreds of years worth of all sorts of things locked up together. And here you come thinking you reinvented the wheel.

Robert Young’s outrage was I am a physician. Nobody cares. Now he is just a human? Why? His genetics didn’t fit the bill. Or, who they are dealing with –the 4D beings, the hybridized humans that run the show, Robert pissed them off. And he was done.

We need to stick with someone else said about parallel. On one side is ‘all of them’ and on the other side is ‘who they feed off’.

That sounds familiar and I have heard it said multiple different ways—breakaway civilization. Squatters? It’s a human body part (biofiled) under digital enslavement for the last 150 years and experimenting on your own children. Where are the quations from? Nobody wants to read 2 pages.

La Quinta Columna to date are some of my favorite researchers and they got spun by countries until those countries finally told them, DARPA said no. You are done. There are two with La Quinta Columna. Luis came out earlier this year and his attitude was that he was pissed and he said this is bad Nephilim and you know what they are doing. They were there with the German guy who developed graphene and the Marburg guy who was asking in 2021 what is this doing here? Where are these people now? There are those who are busy lying about an 18 and 28 year old technology.

Why do some get away with this? Because of who previously employed them they are totally ‘trustworthy.’ Psinergy tech PDF is made for those of you who believe all this and ‘just don’t know.’ You cannot read marketshare and you are locked in.

All of these people like Dr. Young were not mad for the right reasons. They were mad for narcissistic personal reasons.

Some people like the Generals and Trump know about the augmentation and they are trying to figure out who they can count on who might push the button or not push the button and that has been going on for 2 years.

Hybridizing DHS employees against their will was 3 years and 5 years ago. How many reports do I have like that? Eight. Who can they tell—it’s worse than being a targeted Individual.

Up to 28 years gives them enough time to trouble shoot load meshing between the relay? It’s been out there for 18 years and they didn’t admit it. Then some Ham operator comes along and says he is going to call the FCC and have them turn off something that has been running for 18 years. Go tell them to hand in their remotes. They have to pay from $30K to $45K for the remote for the FBI and the junk drive. They are playing with people.

Throughout history how did they get rid of the hybrids? Back to the Egyptian and Persian history and specifically where they tell it like it is. How do they get rid of the Jin that are going crazy? Just too many hybrids. That is that frequency and dissension.

How do they electrically decouple their asses and their spine? That is why I got angry at people like Mark Paseo who also just kept their lips sealed. You don’t have to violate an NDA if you get out there and tell people about prima materia and torsion technique (all the changes) and the biofield.

You cultist whackos don’t get it. You will die too—it’s bio-frequency weapons set up on databases. they have been doing this for 28 years. If you just found out it won’t stop or slow down anything. Welcome to the big show.


YouTube Video: Rutgers University Confirmed: Meshtastic and LoRa are dangerous

dangerous Lora network anarchy rutgers university

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