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Pain Relief and Much More……….

  • Are you looking for pain relief using Natural Sources?back-pain-3318065_1280
  • Are you avoiding walks because of pain?
  • Is it hard to bend down or kneel without being reminded of pain?
  • Is it easier to just stay home than go out and about because of pain?

When we started getting testimonials from people who were using the Never Ending Plasma Energy Water every day we were hearing about pain relief.  Why?  What was in the many combinations that Paul had put together?  As you know plasma energy helps balance conditions in the body so it can heal itself.

People were drinking the water from the Never-Ending Plasma Energy Station, making pain pads from it and using it as a spray on painful areas. It is 100% natural, 100% safe, and 100% side-effect-free.

Here’s an example of someone who uses the energy station water for pain management:

“I want to report: 95 year old woman with fractured hip is healed in 2 weeks! Had X-ray yesterday doctor said it is healed and can start walking. Used Homeopathy 3 days – arnica, hypericum, and Symphytum. She sprayed her hip throughout the day with your plasma water, everyday several times a day drank it, wore calcium patches front and back only one week I had made from their farm’s organic eggshells.”  

Dr. Sanjay Gupta recently talked about the “miraculous” benefits of the Hemp Plant… and he was not talking about marijuana.

hemp seeds
Hemp Seeds

Hemp is not illegal and it doesn’t make you high.  It comes from the same plant species as marijuana (cannabis) and does not contain the psychoactive chemical, THC, that’s responsible for giving you “the high.”

  • There is a study that was published in the European Journal of Pharmacology showing that certain compounds in Hemp dramatically reduce chronic pain after injury.
  • A 2016 study was published in the European Journal of Pain, in which scientists created medicated “patches” containing the same compounds found in Hemp and which were applied to swollen joints for 4 consecutive days. The scientists found that these compounds had “significantly reduced joint swelling.”
  • In another clinical study, this one published in the Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics, it was discovered that when patients with Multiple Sclerosis took a mixture of Hemp compounds they experienced major relief from painful spasms and muscle stiffness within just 30 days.
  • Fibromyalgia Today had an article in which medical researchers took over 2400 patients with fibromyalgia (muscle pain) and gave them the same compounds that are found in Hemp. 100% of the patients treated reported they had significantly less pain and discomfort  and relief from chronic pain, neuropathic pain, headaches, migraines, joint pain plus pain caused by inflammation, including arthritis, rheumatism, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

One former NFL player had shoulder injuries, a bad back, trashed knees, swollen wrists, and worn out hips that all served as a reminder of the hard use his body endured



With the use of Hemp as an alternative to addictive opiate painkillers, he has his youthful speed and agility back, goes for runs, walks, and even does mixed martial arts without any pain at all.


In 1992, a brain researcher named Raphael Mechoulam, professor of medicinal chemistry at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel and his team discovered a new compound in the brain called a “cannabinoid” that is also found in cannabis and in the Hemp Plant.

Dr. Mechoulam and his team discovered that there was an entire network of cannabinoids throughout the human body in a network called the Endocannabinoid system.

  • A 2016 study published in the journal Frontiers Cellular Neuroscience states the Endocannabinoid System’s (ECS) has emerged as neuron-306034_1280one of the key regulatory mechanisms in the brain controlling multiple events such as mood, pain perception, learning and memory and is your body’s way of restoring balance and relieving pain while decreasing inflammation in the body.
  • The University of Utah researchers concluded that the Endocannabinoid System is responsible for modulation of pain and inflammation.
  • In the journal Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care scientists concluded that the “Endocannabinoid System is intertwined with key processes involved in inflammation.”
  • Researchers published in the journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity that the “Endocannabinoid System [ECS] modulates stress, emotionality, and inflammation.”

    Station with our Never-Ending Plasma Energy Vials Attached

    Contained in one of the plasma energy vials attached to our Never-Ending Plasma Energy Station is the plasma energy of hemp oil and hemp seed.

    What else is in the Never-Ending Plasma Energy Station Vials?  There is plasma energy from supplements including turmeric and Fish Oil, plus the plasma energy from many herbs, essential oils, vitamins and minerals.  The Organic Cold Pressed Hemp oil used to make the GANS (gas in atomic nano solid state) also contains the “Potent Plant Fats” found in hemp containing Omega 3’s, 6’s and 9’s that help eliminate inflammation.

  • Omega 3’s, 6’s, and 9’s you get with Hemp are considered to be “ideal for human health!” first confirmed by a 2002 study published in the journal Biomedicine and Pharmcotherapy.
  • Another 2014 study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry explains that Omega 3’s, 6’s, and 9’s from the Hemp Plant have been shown to relieve symptoms in rheumatoid arthritis as well as to decrease high blood pressure, support bone health, help stabilize blood sugar, decrease LDL (“bad cholesterol”), and lower the risk of heart attack and stroke.


Hemp has also been found to help restore balance (and mute pain) by controlling many hormones in the body including Enkephalin, which is the hormone in our body responsible for managing pain and acts as the body’s natural painkiller.  It can provide a “morphine-like effect” but without the side effects of actual morphine.  Hemp has been shown to regulate Enkephalin in our body and naturally increase your body’s production of this pain-canceling hormone so that pain stops with knee pain, arthritis, muscle spasms, shoulder pain, joint pain, and lower back pain, hip pain, headaches and migraines.

lectern-3278115_640The Farm Bill that made Hemp Oil legal went into effect in 2014.  If lobbyists come out against hemp in a way that a prescription would be required, then it will become costly to get this natural pain relief.  We have it for you in the form of Never-Ending Plasma Energy that doesn’t have an ‘expiration date.’

A few months ago we added more for pain relief with Never- Ending Plasma EnergyANCIENT SACRED PLANT Ancient Sacred Plant Inflammation Relief.  This has the plasma energy water from the Gans (Gas in Atomic Nano Solid State) of Ancient Sacred Plant, Amino Acids, other herbs and hemoglobin.  There are no side effects from the THC found in the Cannabis plant when using just the plasma energy developed from the plant.  And with plasma energy your body uses only the plasma energy it needs when you drink it or spray it on the body.

Here is a testimonial from Sandy regarding Inflammation Relief:

“I love the ancient sacred plant inflammation relief! The day I got my ancient sacred plant inflammation relief vial I was ‘on the go’ and put it in my pocket until I had time to set up my jar of water. I had a sore hip and I realized a couple of hours that my hip wasn’t hurting. I have chronic pain from auto accident injuries especially in my lower back and my neck. This provides great relief without any side effects! Thanks!”

So now you have the choice of using plasma energy from hemp (and several hundred other energies) contained in the Never-Ending Plasma Energy Vials.  You can enhance those with the Never-Ending Plasma Energy Ancient Sacred Plant Inflammation Relief.  You’ll have a never ending supply that won’t ever have to be reordered.  And, there is no expiration date on plasma energy.


Don’t forget that the plasma energy water is also effective on your pets and plants.

Our cat Otter was sneezing the other day.  Since it persisted I decided to add to the station water she already drinks.  I sprayed some of the water on my hands and rubbed down her coat.  Then I put some of the water in an eye dropper and gave it to her.  The next day she had no more sneezing.  I’ve also used the plasma energy station water with olive oil in the same proportions that we give in the instructions for the Eye Relief Drops.  Our other cat Ren had an eye that was watering.  I put some oil drops from plasma energy station water and olive oil in her eye several times and it cleared up

This same combination of plasma energy station water and olive oil has been very effective for John who had this to say:

I have been going to the dermatologist for over forty years (for skin cancers).  I go quarterly and always have at least twenty spots frozen each visit and about ten biopsies a year.  This year I have had about fifteen surgical procedures with sutures from one to three inches.  I have been using plasma water (from the plasma energy station) on my sutures and they literally disappear in a week.  This week I went in for my quarterly appointment.  For the first time in about forty years, I was clear – no keritoses, basal cells, or squamous cells.  Of course, I avoid the sun, but also each morning I put a mixture of plasma water and olive oil on my face and head.”

One more important note about the Never-Ending Plasma Energy Water.

Our little town has an annual 4th of July parade.  People come from many places to watch it as it’s one of those great small town parades that lasts for over an hour.  It’s always at noon and it’s almost always hot.  I had a spray bottle filled with the plasma energy water to just spray on us occasionally as ‘heat relief.’  I didn’t reach over and spray Paul’s left arm as often.  He ended up with a slight sunburn on it, but neither of us had any signs of sunburn anywhere else.  That was a real eye opener!


So grab your spray bottle filled with your plasma energy station water when you go on picnics. You can also spray it around the immediate picnic area and on your ‘table’ cloth and around the food.  You should find that the insects will not come to the picnic.  We also spray it around the doors and windows of our house and have very few insects in the house!


The best visual I have seen of the effects of plasma energy are how it protected Tom’s parent’s home and garden (as seen below left)  in Dominica when Hurricane Maria hit last year.

90 percent of the island was destroyed. 

Salas garden smaller photoTom Salas destruction photo 6








Be sure to watch our videos about our Never-Ending Plasma Energy Vials and how to make your own station:

Here’s An Idea:

For those of you who live in the city and have to purchase distilled water, take a look at this idea of using the Zero Water filter for your Never-Ending Plasma Energy Station.  You won’t have to lug bottles of distilled water in place of tap water.  This will filter out heavy metals such as fluoride and mercury.

Zero Filter

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