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Our Spring Time Shape Up Specials

Sooner or later you have to take off your winter coat and get out your summer clothes… and then yikes

What happened over the winter?  Would you like to shed a few extra pounds? 

Read what F.M. did and see our Spring Time Shape Up Specials below:

How Did F.M. Lose 70 Pounds Using Plasma Energy? 

F.M. is 47 years old and decided on his last birthday (August 2018)  that it was time to get back to his high school weight.   He drank water from his Never-Ending Plasma Energy Station and added the Detox, Clear Mind, and Clean Mouth vials to his Plasma Energy Station. He made ice cubes with the Plasma Energy Station water. (Try this and you’ll be amazed at the formations in the ice cubes!) 

F.M. just drank lots of this water and lost 70 lbs.  He is now back to his high school clothing size of 32 pants….down from size 38!  He was not cranky or dizzy.  He drank it whenever he felt thirsty.  He walked a couple of miles every day.   By Christmas he had lost 50 lbs… March it was 70 lbs. He went from 38 to 32 pants….and he is at his high school weight!   A side benefit of the weight loss was that it helped reduce snoring that used to wake him up.

We Created Two Specials to Help Get You in Shape This Spring

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Already Have a Plasma Energy Station?

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No substitutions please.  Good until May 31, 2019. 

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