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Why Every Partnership Needs Anxiety Relief Plasma Energy Waters

How do you handle change? 

Why would you want Anxiety Relief Plasma Energy Waters? 

First I’ll give you a ‘woman reason.’  I recently got a new small purse to carry as my old one had worn out.  It’s now been 3 weeks and I’m still trying to figure out which zipper pocket has my dollars in it and where my coin purse is.  I forgot that the lipstick and lip balm now go in an outside zipper pocket and not an inside zipper pocket.  I can’t remember where I put my business cards.  And I can’t find the other things I carry all the time because they aren’t in the old familiar pockets …there are no old familiar pockets…yet. 

And I need a pocket for a little bottle of plasma water … but why?  

So when you stand behind me in line at the grocery store while I’m looking for my card or my dollars and you start getting antsy and worked up I can get my combination anxiety and peace spray out and spray you with it! 

Then when they call whatever version of security they have because a woman assaulted someone in the grocery store line with water from a spray bottle I’ll have some to spray on myself.  And remember that is all just from getting a new, small purse.

Now for the men.  We recently got 2 sets of steel shelves from a store that is closing out.  They are those great open shelves that are sturdy, have wheels on them and won’t wobble when you put too much stuff on them.

I won’t go into the scenario of hauling them out of the store, into our house, assembling and disassembling.  Just say that the whole process whipped our fannies.  But, Paul got to rearrange his work room.  It’s his workroom and his domain.  When He can’t find things he usually asks me where I put them because I am allegedly ‘always moving his stuff.’ So the smart woman walks away and lets the man arrange the work room, right?

So why would we need Anxiety Relief Plasma Energy waters? 

He can’t find his roll of tape, so He took mine out of the shipping department.  He can’t find the double sticky back tape for the shungite magnets and thinks that I  put them somewhere.  A thorough search and I found them where He put them, tucked in between the end of the book shelf and a plastic container.  I  found  the rolls of tape he put on the bottom shelf of his new shelves behind his tub of tools, pens and scissors He uses all the time.  Seriously on the bottom shelf in the corner!!  I would not have chosen that location, but hey, this is his workroom. 

So now you can see that to maintain the tranquility of 54 years together He can use the Anxiety Relief and I can use the Peace!  And I can use Anxiety Relief when I can’t find my tape in the shipping department and He can offer me some Peace when I ask him why he’s always moving my stuff! 

Did I forget to mention that I consistently cut the home made bread He makes crookedly?

Don’t forget when you order a Plasma Energy Station between now and April 15, 2019 you can choose a free Anxiety Relief or Clear Mind vial. 

What are your thoughts?

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