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Lyme Disease

Never-Ending Plasma Energy Lyme Relief

In the winter of 2019 one of our Plasma Energy Solution members from the northeastern United States asked if we had anything for Lyme disease.  She said that she had been able to treat and eliminate the Lyme disease with alternative methods and wondered if we could make a GANS as there are many people now suffering from Lyme disease. Her concern was the cost of it when we have to buy them from a normal homeopath and or herbalist.

And what if there was an interruption in rapid delivery due to economic, political, or climate issues?  How would people get what they needed for the successful management of the symptoms of Lyme disease?

As we have done with other plasma energy formulas such as Life Force, Lung Support, Thyroid Support we suggested that she send us what she wanted to have in a GANS (gas in the atomic nano solid state) and Paul would make it for her.  Our agreement was the same we had with others—once the GANS was completed we would share half of it with her and keep half to provide to other members who wanted it. 

Never-Ending Plasma Energy Lyme Relief ingredients include:

  • Homeopathics of Lyme Nosode, Lyme Plus, Lyme HP, CO – Infxn. 
  • It also includes Vitamin C, Selenium, B-complex, G1-Microbe, Eleuterero, Antimicrobials, Diatamacious Earth, Kudzu, Catsclaw, Crytolopis, Sida, Alchornea, Andrographis, Boneset, Spirobor, lap Knotweed, saloia, scuttelaria, cryptolepis, astralagus
  • plus  Propolis, essential oils and herbs of rosemary, oregano, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, Chamomile, CO2, B9 salts GANS, Amino Acids and Hemoglobin. 

These ingredients are provided in vials of GANS water in the US or on pairs of pads soaked with the GANS and thoroughly dried and then encased in plastic bags sealed with clear plastic packing tape. These are a never ending supply and do not have an expiration date. 

You set up a source jar of filtered or distilled water, or water from a good spring or uncontaminated well.  When you make vials of the Lyme Relief plasma water from your source whether it is made with a vial or a pair of pads, it will carry the same energy and can still be replicated for others from that new source. 

Distilled water is placed into your source jar with the Lyme Disease vial taped to the outside of the jar.

As always Intention is an important part of using plasma energy waters.  For more information on Intention you can go to our blog here.

Homeopath Joette Calabrese has researched Lyme disease after her daughter was exposed to a tick bite at age thirteen. 

Joette commented that she was a homeopath and interested in solving mysteries but she was in denial about her daughter’s condition. She delved into her research and learned what she could about Lyme disease.  Joette is not a physician and the relationship between Joette and her clients is not of prescriber and patient, but as educator and client. It is fully the client’s choice whether or not to take advantage of the information on homeopathy that Joette presents. Homeopathy doesn’t “treat” an illness; it addresses the entire person as a matter of wholeness that is an educational process, not a medical one. Joette believes that the advice and diagnosis of a physician is often in order.

Erin Elizabeth has posted her experience with Lyme disease and how she struggled to make a change.   She posted her experience on and excerpts from that follow:

            Erin Elizabeth,, was exposed to tick bite at 13 years old. In the Spring of 2013 Susie and Sam Cohen saw her posting of symptoms and that she had already had the ELIZA test that was negative.  They recommended the Western Blot test and it tested positive for Lyme disease. 

She continues: “Now I had a name for what was wrong and I got over the initial shock.  Then I decided to delve in and learn what I could. I decided against the long term antibiotics as I’d had them as a child for ear infections.  The natural protocol worked and healing my gut was the main thing.  Within 3 months I had put on some weight, had adrenal fatigue.  I had to get this under control and get a healthy gut.  I gave up coffee and lost about 35 lbs in 100 days.  I am 5’9”.  I was having trouble building muscle tone.  The cortisol levels gave me a healthy gut and a lot of weight around the middle.”

            She also said that she eased off the coffee and changed her diet to heal her gut.  Things changed dramatically.  She said that she has overcome lyme and had also had some severe mold exposure.  There were a few setbacks with that.  She also had a shoulder injury but that she can now deal with things like the shoulder and the mold exposure better than before she treated the lyme. 

            Erin Elizabeth continues: “I had all this for 29 years.  I had symptoms from the 8th grade with joint pain and classic lyme symptoms.  Doctors said I had growing pains.  My physical energy was sometimes better and sometimes worse.  Only 30% of people develop the telltale bull’s eye rash.  At the beginning my family didn’t understand.  Now they see more on TV about Lyme disease and now don’t think it was in my head.  I knew it was real and that I was going to get better.  People are so sympathetic with physical injuries, but you can’t see lyme and people aren’t as sympathetic.  That is the toughest thing.  It can be a difficult process but remember there is light at the end of the tunnel.” 

            “I had to keep up hope and never give up and it was important to have a good support system.  Now there are online groups you can talk with.  Website:  I did the zeolite for the heavy metal toxicity.  The heavy metal levels did come down.  I used a lot of herbal supplements.  I did a number of these that were specially formulated for me.  When I was in a lot of pain, I wasn’t moving enough.  I have to take breaks and spend time with friends and family and get out of the house. 

            “I was eating non-GMO and organic that was locally made.  I gave up the grains and that was really important.  I also gave up the coffee.  I ate a little bit of fruit, but I had to give up processed sugar.  I ate 100% organic diet.  I did so much better with foods that high water content.  Dried kale chips and other dried foods were less of a focus.  I was eating simpler.

            “The only drug that she used was Nystatin (30 days) to kill the fungus and the yeast. I wasn’t thrilled about that, but this was anti-fungal and anti-yeast.  This kind of was a kick-start.  Diflukin was for the yeast.  Neither of these are antibiotics.  Lyme and the spirochete can morph to a round body or cyst form in a matter of minutes when you take the antibiotics.  When you stop the antibiotics it comes back out.  I saw friends who took antibiotics relapse.” 

            Erin Elizabeth goes on to say that she did one surgery which was saline implants.  That was a mistake.  In 2012 she had them taken out before she was diagnosed with the Lyme disease.  Within months of getting those implants she got really sick.  Another big change that she made because she was gaining weight, she was doing high-intensity work outs.  Another big shift for her that was so important was the Pilates as a more relaxation, gentle flow and nothing too intense.  She did a little bit of yoga and would just go to beginner classes and didn’t do the ‘heat’ yoga.  She had to resist the temptation of deserts and pass up the cake and ice cream that would set her back.  She said, “You can have a bite and enjoy the party and not have the whole piece of cake.  To get fit we don’t have to do the high intensity when you have adrenal or Lyme disease. Intermittent fasting helped me as well.  I had a lot of cravings with the leaky gut and the adrenal fatigue.”

Erin Elizabeth said that she did get colonics at one point.  They didn’t fix everything as they will for some but they did help.  Even though she didn’t do them daily she thought they made a difference. She said it took awhile to get to intermittent fasting and suggested that if you have adrenal fatigue you probably don’t want to go long periods of time without eating. 

Erin Elizabeth also said, “Dr. Cowden (note: see information about Dr. Cowden at the end of this article) was helping me and recommended I take time away from the computer and the EMFs.  We said no to the smart meter and we elect to pay a small fee not to have it.  I have a Faraday cage over the bed made of cotton with the fibers built in that stop the EMFs.  You can’t use the computer or the phone in the bed as the wireless can’t get through.  I turned the wireless off when I wasn’t using it.  I didn’t have electronics in the bedroom…no cell phone in the bedroom.   We need to remove ourselves from the EMFs.  I still go for walks.  It’s good to get out in nature, but I am careful about the tick season.  I did have mold living inside of me with the leaky implant I had.  So detoxing for the mold was important and I used a lot of supplements.

You can’t fall back into old habits once you’ve turned things around.”

Over 150 symptoms could point to Lyme disease — it’s a present-day epidemic that’s terribly difficult to diagnose, so our BEST of the BEST experts are here to share their expert protocols!”  This is a quote from the Best of Chronic Lyme Disease Summit, April 16, 2019.  Here is a link from that summit:  Another resource is A Comprehensive Look at Lyme Disease, by William Lee Cowden, MD.

Dr. Cowden says that Peruvian Cat’s Claw can be used for inflammation with Lyme disease.  When he used it he saw improvement in 2 weeks and was well in 2 months and added that to the treatment protocol for Lyme disease. He saw 30 to 50% improvement over antibiotic treatment only with advanced Lyme disease.  In 10 weeks there was marked improvement and greater improvement by 18 weeks from combination of natural therapies used in treating Lyme disease when pharmaceuticals were not helping.  The following information is from Dr. Cowden and other experts on Lyme disease.

So exactly WHAT is Lyme disease?  Lyme borreliosis disease is the 2nd great imitator with 300 illnesses it mimics such as MS, mylopathy,  polyneuropathy, brain tumors, encephalopathy, and acute neurological illnesses like meningitis, encephalitis, neuritis, mania, manic depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, anorexia, dementia, and cardio-vascular disease, cardio-myopathy, heart failure and arythmias, heart blocks requiring a pace maker.  90% of people with chronic fatigue syndrome test to be Lyme disease positive.

Why is Lyme not diagnosed more often?  It isn’t taught significantly in the medical schools and is just thought to be prevalent around Lyme, Connecticut where it was discovered.  It is prevalent in every state and most countries and it’s a world wide pandemic.  CDC says there are 300,000 more cases diagnosed each year.  It is the number one leading infectious disease in the world right now.

Lyme disease is a disabling, rampant condition.  Many doctors think a patient can’t have the Lyme disease if they don’t have the typical ‘bulls eye’ rash. At least 30$ to 50% of patients with the acute Lyme disease don’t have the bulls eye rash.  There is up to 50% false negative results on blood tests.   This is the ‘western blot standard ELISA fluorescent test which is often false negative that is confirmed with the Western Blot test.  When treating for borreliosis many get over the long term symptoms they have had. 

Common co-infections with Lyme disease in the US are bartonella and babesia.  Many patients also have a bio film that forms single cell protozoa called protomyxzoa.  This is like a snot that comes out of the nose that surrounds and hides the bug from the immune system while protecting the bug from natural therapies and antibiotics.  Also hiding in the biofilm are the bartonella, babesia, and rickettsia.  These have to be broken out of the biofilm.  The rickets species that are most common in Lyme disease infections are alekia (?), coccyciella, anaplasma and occasionally Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

There are several hundred species of mycoplasma that are co-infections with bartonella.  There is also a microfilaria, a microscopic roundworm that causes a lot of diseases.  It could be the same bug identified in patients with chronic Lyme disease.  All these bugs collectively can create a massive amount of symptoms and disease conditions.  That is a challenge in Lyme disease with the diverse system.  A lot of times doctors blame it on psychiatric illness or Munchausen (faked) illness.  The doctors are uneducated.  Standard doctors look for 1 or 2 species of bartonella, but there are 32 species known to be pathological in humans.  If you have one of the other 30 species as a patient, the condition will go undiagnosed.   There are many species of all the others.  Most doctors don’t know or test for up to 8 species of protomyxzoa. There are hundreds of species of mycoplasma and typically they test for 3 or 4.  It’s a big problem.  There are so many different microbes that can coexist and affect the patient.

A big part of Lyme disease is the diversity of symptoms and the variety of co-infections. If a person has only the borrelia they can still have a diverse number of symptoms. Some patients have predominately gastro-intestinal disease.  Some patients have arthritic joint conditions and others have most neurological involvement or cardiovascular involvement.

The microbes, the borrelia will hang out in the body wherever there is an accumulation of toxins.  The bugs aren’t really severely affected by pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals.  The white blood cells are very affected by that and can’t function effectively in that environment.  The bugs thrive and the white blood cells can’t really do anything against them.  In the 90s I figured out the toxins go to places in the body of unresolved toxic emotions.  So the Chinese told us 3000 years ago that if you have unresolved anger or frustration you will have trouble in your liver.

Trouble in the liver equates to toxic accumulation in the liver. In that condition you will get more borrelia in the liver than any other organ if that is the primary emotion.   What about a man with ALS on antibiotics who recovered back in 2000?  In 95 and 96 there were studies that showed within 2 hours after exposure to borrelia to an antibiotic, the borrelia start forming granules along the cell membrane.  The borrelia is a spiral shaped bacteria 20 to 50 times longer than it is wide.  Along the side it forms the out pouching with all the DNA and genetic material to make an entire new spiral shaped bacteria. These granules are absolutely impervious to antibiotics and can persist in the body for days, weeks, months or years while antibiotics are given.  When you stop the antibiotics the borrelia granules start transforming back into spirochetes which are very invasive.

Dr. Cowden says he has watched under dark microscopy a borrelia organism invading a human cell. It is absolutely fascinating and it goes in just like a corkscrew. It touches the cell membrane and starts twisting and goes in within a second.  That is one mechanism in which the borrelia hides itself. It can also form biofilm colonies…it’s a big ‘snot producer.’ It can also persist and exist by its capability for mutating genetically.  It has 21 different plasmids that allow it to mutate. The close microbe competitor has 7 and the next closest has 3.  Those microbes with 21 and 7 plasmids were very likely genetically engineered microbes.   We have evidence that borrelia was produced in Germany as biowarfare in the WWII and it was further developed and perfected so that it is a world wide problem.

Borrelia can use different plasmids, the different segments of DNA to turn on and off its own production of proteins and other things and it can actually use it to turn on and turn off human genes making it more virulent.  Dr. Cowden said that one of his colleagues in Amsterdam discovered that if a borrelia is in the body and encounters other bacteria it can share all its genetic material with that other microbe and merge the genes of both species into one species.  The outcome is a third species called a ‘double’ and it’s double the DNA that the borrelia had.  If that bug encounters a 4th species the outcome is not any of the 4 species and is a 5th species that has triple the genetic material.  The colleague also said,”The plasmids can flip the switch on and off. The bug is always sensing its environment and if it senses the particular antibiotic, it turns on the gene that will produce the protein that will switch the human gene production and then the patient becomes resistant to the antibiotic that would be used to treat the borrelia…

            “When you understand the complexity of the lyme borrelia to morph and change antibiotics and change shapes and forms, and ability to thrive, what hope is there for people recovering from lyme or multiple courses of antibiotics that failed them?  The study in 2003 and 2004 showed there is hope for people with chronic borreliosis using natural therapies.  A lot of the herbal antimicrobials don’t have only a single chemical in them but will have 2 to 6 antimicrobial agents in them. The more herbal species that have anti-microbial effects the less likely that the borrelia can outsmart or outthink it and survive the presence of all those antimicrobial agents.”

Dr. Cowden said that they saw fascinating things in the dark field microscopy.  In the study they were using Peruvian cat’s claw that has at least 3 antimicrobial agents in it.  When they did the dark field microscopy on the patients on the first day before receiving any antimicrobials, the blood stream was swarming with spirochetal bugs as well as bartonella and others microbes.  He said that eleven days into treatment with the Peruvian cat’s claw, they had drastically reduced the number of microbes in the blood stream.  Two weeks later there was less and two weeks after that they couldn’t find a single microbe in the serum. But when they crushed the red blood cells they saw the microbes coming out of the crushed red cells. Two weeks after that they didn’t see any in the serum.  When they crushed the red cells there were a lot fewer of the microbes coming out of the red blood cells. By the 10th week there were no microbes coming out of the crushed red blood cells.

Dr. Cowden said that when they use these natural antimicrobials with multiple antimicrobials in one product they are killing off the different species of microbes and taking the load off the immune system. Many of the chemicals that borrelia produces are immune suppressants. It is the same thing for bartonella.   He says, “If you are killing off the bugs that are producing the immune suppressants then the immune system comes up, helping the patient get rid of the other critters that might not have a microbial agent on board to get rid of.

In Dr. Cowden’s opinion it isn’t until the 18th or subsequent week that you finally get enough antimicrobial agents in the other cells in the body such as the brain, joint and the liver cells to get rid of the bugs that are inside those cells.  He says, “Your borrelia is mostly an intra cellular parasite infection and is more challenging to get rid of because you don’t get very high levels of antimicrobial agents inside the cells whether an antibiotic or an herb.  But the herbs penetrate the cells better than the pharmaceutical antibiotics do.”

Dr. Cowden said that after the 2003 study he continued to follow some of the patients to find the best products to use, the best dosing schedule, whether it was necessary to take breaks with the dosing schedule and if so how long the breaks.  That took place for 2 to 3 years and was trial and error.  There were different protocols for lyme with natural herbal therapies but there were certain products that were absolutely necessary.  The draining remedies are essential for supporting the kidneys, the liver, the gall bladder, the bile ducts and the lymph to clear carcasses and poop of the dead and dying microbes from the body.  Magnesium was essential even though some people say it feeds biofilm formation.  But he found that patients cannot get well without it as you have to do something to bind the metals to get the metals out of the body as metals continue to stimulate the bugs to grow.

Dr. Cowden stressed, “You absolutely have to have enough days on to kill the bugs that are in the body at that time.  You need a few days off so that the polymorphic forms, the hiding forms, can come out of hiding and transform into the basic forms and then you immediately start the antimicrobial agents to kill off the bugs that have come out of hiding.  By doing that in a pulsatal fashion you get the best of both worlds—you kill bugs and then get rid of the hiding forms.  If you just continually give antimicrobial agents whether it is herbs or pharmaceuticals I find that when you finally do stop the treatment, the polymorphic bugs like the borrelia will come out of hiding and repopulate the body just as though you had never treated.”

            He continues, “The best regimen I found was 12 to 12.5 days on therapy and 1.5 to 2 days off therapy which was necessary to allow the hiding forms to come out of hiding and transform into the more vulnerable than invasive form of borrelia.  I found that if you stayed off longer you had such a severe herxial (?) reaction that the patients couldn’t tolerate that.  Going less than 12 days wasn’t enough time to kill off the new crop of bugs that had transformed from the hiding form back into the invasive form.

            “Misconceptions that I see about common beliefs with the general public and the physicians are that Lyme disease exists only in the northeast US.  As I mentioned earlier every US state has Lyme disease as well as most countries.  Another misconception is that patients recall a tick bite or a rash.  At least 30% of the patients remember neither of these.  Another misconception is that the ELISA is a very reliable screening test but we know that it misses at least 30% of the cases.  CDC says the two-tier testing with the ELISA testing and the Western Blot is for research purposes and was never intended to be something that you do for treating patients with Lyme disease. If you have a patient with negative ELISA and negative western blot testing you should seek alternative diagnosis if you suspect clinically that the patient has Lyme disease.  There is a fluonase chain reaction DNA test for borrelia and CDC says it is not valid as there is just residual borrelia in the body from all the dead microbes that are no longer there.  Quantitive testing for PCR can be done.

            “The other major misconception is that Lyme disease is transmitted only by a tick bite but there is good evidence that borrelia is transmitted by other biting insects. I have seen clear evidence that it is transmitted by mosquitoes, lice and mites.  Borrelia is also certainly transmitted by sexual intercourse and you can find the borrelia live organisms in the semen of men and the vaginal secretions of women.  You can also find it in the saliva which is another way of transmitting it.”

Dr. Cowden stresses that there are proven live borrelia organisms in the blood banks and they do not screen for borrelia.  They just take the blood from the patient and give it to another patient.  The Infectious Disease Society in America say that even if there are those live borrelia in the blood there is ‘no evidence’ that it transmits to the next patient and he asks, “What planet are they fromThis ought to be on the radar of someone who has needed blood transfusions.  There is no screening for microbes.  We have found that the herbal microbials are so safe even at hundreds to thousands of times per dose; if you are going to get a transfusion go on some of the herbal microbials to keep from getting infected from the blood.  Do you close the gate before or after the horse gets out?  Be proactive when it comes to Lyme disease.  Don’t wait for full blown symptoms.  The herbal microbials have an immune boosting effect and a detoxification effect as well as anti-inflammatory effect and all are beneficial to the body.”

Another thing that Dr. Cowden says is that other misconceptions are that when you are infected with the borrelia it is only one microbe.  In almost every case there are other microbes and a co-infection.  There can be a menagerie at the time of exposure no matter if it was a bite or sexual intercourse.  Another misconception is that a short session of antibiotics resolves all cases of Lyme disease. He says, “That has been promulgated by the Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) through their treatment guidelines.  That is the greatest disservice that has happened to people in this country with Lyme disease.  They say if you treat with doxycyclene for 2 to 4 weeks you get rid of all Lyme disease.  Any symptoms you see after that must be referred to a post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome.  So they are saying you don’t have the infection any more you just have the immune reaction to what used to be there.  That is hogwash.

            He continues, “There are lots of peer review articles that you can culture from people that have had borrelia and had a full course of antibiotic therapy and you can identify it by increasing levels of PCR in patients that have had a full course of antibiotics.  It is just criminal what the IDSA has done.  Several doctors that were on the article of treatment guidelines for Lyme disease were also on the payroll of insurance companies that did not want to pay for antibiotic therapy for Lyme disease.  Follow the money.  The AG of Connecticut brought suit against the IDSA and in court the judge rules the IDSA was wrong and the patients had been wronged by the hogwash that was printed.  The judge ruled the IDSA had to go back and research again and rewrite the article. To this day they still have not done this in a fair and honest way. Doctors are still believing the IDSA guidelines are the gold standard.

            “Since doctors still believe that, the insurance companies still won’t reimburse.  So, the patients are left in a bad way.  The only way I see out of this for patients is for them to recognize that they can get well using natural treatment programs at a fraction of the cost of the antibiotics and not to try to go with the conventional approach.

            “The other big problem when you treat with antibiotics is that you kill off not only the bugs you want to kill off, but the friendly bacteria in the gut which allows the fungus in the gut to overgrow and create another illness.  Sometimes the fungal illness that patients are left with after antibiotic therapy is worse than the borreliosis they had before they started antibiotic therapy.

Dr. Cowden poses the question, “What about toxicity in that white blood cells don’t do well in the toxicity part of the body, but the lyme does thrive.  This is a huge factor and you have to pay attention to the toxicity that the patient has.  Even if you get rid of the microbes the patient had to start with herbs or pharmaceuticals, the bugs that survive are going to come back, replicate and make copies of each other until you have a whole population again if there is a toxic environment present.  The toxic environment is conducive to the growth of bugs and not for the white blood cells functioning to get rid of the bugs.  So it is absolutely essential to do something about getting rid of the heavy metals, the herbicides, the pesticides and all that other stuff that we are exposed to everyday as well as the biotoxins.”

He adds that the biotoxins are the chemicals produced by the bugs and they are as toxic as or more toxic than the other manmade chemicals that we are exposed to. It is very important to get rid of those at the same time.  This is done by taking metal binders often during the course of treatment.  He adds that if you have mercury amalgams you try to get those out because everytime you chew you are releasing mercury into the body.

Dr. Cowden: “It baffles my mind when the US government tells dentists that they must handle the silver mercury amalgam material before it goes into the mouth in a nuclear reactive biohazard material container.  When it comes out of your mouth it has to go back into a biohazard container but the American Dental Association says that while it is in your mouth it is perfectly safe.  The ADA has the patent on the amalgam material so everytime amalgam goes in they get a click charge payment to the ADA for that happening.  Right now if the ADA acknowledged that mercury in the amalgam fillings was causing health problems. Then we would have the largest class action suit in the history of the US against the ADA and put them out of business. So their very existence requires that they continue to perpetuate a lie.”

Dr. Cowden did another clinical study with Dr. Horowitz in NY and he found in his first study that 70% of the patients with chronic Lyme disease would get better with a natural treatment program using herbal anti-microbials and other remedies such as metal binders. He was elated because the patients he put on that were ones that had failed the antibiotic therapy. Dr. Horowitz was excited about that and Dr. Cowden said, “But what about the other 30%?  We should evaluate them so I went there to his office and did that. One of the biggest issues that was keeping people sick was the mercury amalgams in their teeth.  Some were not drinking enough water and some were not on a decent diet.”

            “Some were drinking cokes and eating a lot of sugar and some were exposed to electro-magnetic fields (EMFs).  EMFS are a big problem because they stimulate the bugs in the body to grow faster and produce more biotoxins.  The more EMF exposure you get the harder it is to get rid of Lyme disease and other co-infections. When we addressed all those issues and got those 30% patients to the dentist to get the mercury out of their mouths, to drink more water, to do the heavy metal detoxification and got them all on a cleaner diet then the percentage of patients that improved went from 70% to 85%.  It still wasn’t perfect but there are so many factors, but if you can energetically test patients with Lyme disease and co-infections, you can increase that success rate close to 95%.  That is fine tuning and individualizing the program for patients.”

Newer research of the CCSVI with Dr. Zamboni in Italy in 1995 who tested his wife who had MS found that she had narrowing and partial blockage of her jugular veins. Dr. Zamboni evaluated 65 patients with MS and found that in all of them.  When he did balloon angioplasty a lot of them including his wife got better. Many had recurrences after some weeks or months and Dr. Zamboni couldn’t figure out why they were having recurrences.  He stopped there.  But Dr. Dietrich Klinghart notice that all his chronic neurobruleosis patients had a lot of the same ultrasound Doppler ultrasound imaging abnormalities as the patients with MS in the Zamboni study.

Dr. Cowden said that when he saw the Zamboni study he decided to work with imaging specialists in Dallas to do a study of patients with chronic neurobruleosis.  They found that a lot of them had the narrowing of the jugular veins and they show up with ultrasound evidence by Zamboni’s criteria of being at risk for MS.  Some even had the early signs and symptoms of MS and when they did the scans some of them had the little plaques on the brain scan even though they didn’t have full blown MS symptoms yet.  Dr. Cowden and the imaging specialists found they all had red or white hot streaks going up their necks where the jugular veins were which meant there was inflammation in the jugular veins.

When they did energy testing they found there were borrelia and bartonella and other lyme-related microbes in the jugular veins.  So the inflammation in the jugular veins was causing a scarring which was causing a blockage and narrowing of the jugular vein and preventing blood from flowing out of the brain into the chest which was then causing a back pressure to the brain which was then causing the risk for MS.  Dr. Cowden and the imaging specialists gave the patients with this complex of symptoms and imaging findings the natural antimicrobial agents and some drainage remedies and had them shine an infrared light over the jugular veins for about 30 minutes after each dose of the antimicrobial agents for several months.

Dr. Cowden says, “When we saw them back in follow up the red streaks and white streaks on their necks were gone and the ultrasound Doppler imaging was now normalized and no longer met Zamboni’s criteria.  The neurological symptoms were markedly improved.  We know from this pilot study that we did that you can very likely reverse MS in a lot of patients using that simple approach.”

Greg Lee, another specialist working with Lyme disease engineers to help people get over the Lyme disease.   His process includes how to define Lyme disease and the protocol used when Lyme disease is present which includes Hi Tech frequency Scan to determine if there is more detox and drainage needed or repair damage, replenish kidney, adrenals, thyroid issues, hypothalamus, pituitary…

Greg Lee discusses the Modern Gu syndrome: ancient Chinese diagnosis of severe parasitic infections, toxins, and multiple systemic manifestations in the body.  There are treatments for malaria and parasite and when toxins show up in many ways they need to be treated first with detox and cut down inflammation.  They need to junk out of the ‘trunk’ before you fill it up again with detox.

Gu: chronic parasitic infection that causes insanity, torturous pain and ‘being jumped by bad spirits.’   Greg Lee says, “We do redundant testing to figure out backups.  We assume there are variances in the underlying issues including toxins and inflammatory compounds.  We are thinking in terms of layers.  I’ve seen hundreds of Lyme patients.  Most literature was about drug therapy and a few herbs.  I looked at what was being used to treat malaria and leptospirosis in china as there was a lot of research on that. It was helpful, but didn’t go deep enough.  WE make liposomes that are micro-particles.  We can make things that are small particles that can penetrate deeper into the cells and the brain and we can target toxins, pathogens, inflammations which are all problems with Lyme.  We use sunflower lecithin which is more tolerable than soy lecithin.  It’s a Trojan horse approach that delivers the anti- payload delivered in a lipsosome.”

Greg Lee discusses the Electro dermal scanning that measures the skin response and most people have a hand interface that they put their palm on that reads electrical frequency response when a frequency is put into the hand.  He uses the ZYTO electro dermal diagnostic scanner which reads electrical frequency in the body.  The measurement system is approved for measurements.

Here is what Greg Lee says that is helpful for people who are stuck in their progress in Lyme disease:

             “1. Game changing treatment is frequency specific micro current, which gives the body a targeting frequency and a healing frequency. They can then use healing frequencies. Everyone has a customized frequency treatment.  Some people will get a micro currency unit to use at home to facilitate healing. There are 2 frequencies…targeting and healing.

            “2. Liposomal remedies:  micro-particle remedies that can deliver treatment deeper in the cells and tissue.  These can be taken internally.  Sometimes ionic silver and essential oils are combined with the liposomal remedies and this increases the anti-microbial effect.  There is also propolis, Quentins (sterile sea water extract).  This is sea plasma that is very similar to blood plasma; I do hands on testing with the remedies to see if they have a good Chinese pulse.

            “3. Cupping and blood letting are the third remedy.  Many patients are neurotoxins and have genetic issues that prevent them from getting better and dumping the toxins out.  We do the suction cups and do the added step of needling and we can pull out highly toxic blood compounds.  When you take the cup off patients with multiple toxicities the blood sits there like a jello blob and not free running blood.  One patient diagnosed with MS had a difficult time moving.  I did 25 cups on his body and they all had the sick, gloppy blood.  Afterwards his wife said he could feed himself and hadn’t done that for years.  He said he felt like concrete had been pulled out of his veins.  He had greater mobility and dexterity as a result of getting rid of this thick, gloppy, hyper-coagulated stuff out of him.  We use an air suction pump to adjust for sensitivity.  That draws the toxins to the site.  Then we needle a couple of times with a sterilized needle and then it oozes this thick, black-red blood.   For patients who have been through treatment and are still struggling and often bed ridden will seek this treatment.  This patient had neurological lyme.  We did 11 cups on one man’s head and he found he had more brain clarity for 3 weeks.  Then we combined the liposomal therapy and now instead of weekly he comes back around every 6 months.   I did see something that came out like white mucous in one patient instead of the dark red.  So we could be pulling out biofilm.  As we work with someone we start out with a couple of cups and we increase the number slowly and they can do up to six at one session.  We start with 2 to see if it really helps them.  As they get more cupping the blood will start coming out more red than the gloppy red.

            “4. Essential oils are the 4th modality, either orally, sublingually, topically or rectally.  The top three oils for Lyme are oregano, clove and cinnamon which kill the biofilm persistor forms.  They do complete eradication of these forms. Also geranium and citronella are effective. They treat any spirochetes that are left.   We use those in combination with oils that protect the liver and the kidneys.  We test with a scan and do the hands on testing with the individual oils to come up with a custom formula.  They can also use a carrier oil and either diffuse the combinations or use them topically.  If there is sinus biofilm, drug resistant infections or macrons, we may put a remedy together that they hold in their mouth for a minute so it diffuses to the sinuses.   The sinus area is a prevalent area of people who are not doing well.  50 to 60% of people with health issues have sinus issues that can produce neurotoxins that create brain fog and other symptoms.  We then target the sinuses for toxins, spirochetes fungus with frequencies.  We then use the essential oils that will inhibit those pathogens or the inflammatory cytokines.  There could be 10 different relevant oils and we will test to the 3 or 4 that are the most positive with the pulse testing.  Pulse reading is traditional acupuncture.  Liver and spleen can often be infected.  There is an essential oil nasal spray that has xylitol and silver in it to cut through the biofilm and flush out the accumulated layers of biofilm, fibrin, and infection.  There is inhalation therapy and we are looking at nebulized remedies such as glutathione for delivering antitoxin therapy.  Eucalyptus oil has a lot of anti-biofilm properties.  There are remedies like herbal remedies that are anti-fungal.  We also use light therapy with Vielight 810.  There is pulsed infrared light that is used to treat brain and sinus inflammation that people stick in their nose.  It is used with traumatic brain injury and Parkinson’s patients for reducing inflammation and increasing cellular energy.  The 810 is near infrared and is in the red range.  When patients use this you are inducing the brain to a more relaxed state, almost an alpha state to patient with emotional and negative thoughts. That helps patients who are anxious and can’t sleep and it reduces inflammation and helps them sleep better.  The essential oils are mostly liposome delivery but can also be used for topical issues such as pain and skin infections which we can use with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, jojoba, coconut, sunflower or safflower which would be the ingestible eating oils.

            “5. We use laser to deliver different frequencies as remedies into a patient.  I learned this from Dr. Cowden and he will use a low mill watt laser such a 5 mw red and put homeopathic remedies and essential oils.  For highly allergic patients this is a great way to deliver the healing without provoking reaction to chemical, fragrance or herb.  The laser pushes the frequency of the essential oil into the body when you hold the bottle of oil in front of the laser next to the patient.  It’s like putting a beam in front of a lens and the lens alters the frequency of the beam. It still picks up the frequencies and carries them in.   You are just encoding data into the laser.  You can target separate areas or saturate the whole body.  This is effective with highly reactive patients.    

Greg Lee also adds that he is seeing patients who have run into road blocks and help take out the layers and blocks.  One individual had tarantula toxins and was treated with homeopathic insect remedy and she felt much better. 

Greg Lee asks, “What is mast cell activation disorder?  When mast cells inappropriately release chemicals like histamines they cause allergic reactions and chronic immunological symptoms.  This is the first line of defense in a person’s immune system in the airways and digestive system. These cells can release different compounds.  Some people can have an aggravation of symptoms and are very sensitive.  We can use micro current if people are not too EMF sensitive.  EMF: electromagnetic field, describing harmful frequencies emitted from cell phones, computers, Bluetooth, power lines and other sources.  We concentrate on the most active, inflamed areas.  The mast cells can be triggered by protozoa, fungi, pollen or whatever.  We don’t want to turn them off but help the mast cells to hold back and target the inflammation which is often infections.  The essential remedies can be triggering but you can use lavender and chamomile which have anti-inflammatory properties.  We give those to patients who are too sensitive in the oral area and we will give these rectally.  We can use the anti-inflammatory oils such as lavender and German chamomile in front of the laser for delivery.  We work on the most inflamed areas this way.  You can target specific areas with 600 to 1200 nanometers that have the deepest penetration into the tissues.  The green lasers are not as deep.  We pulse the laser and it will go in deeper.  The 810 model is designed to pulse.

 I am in a medical research facility and we are looking at phages which are viruses that can affect pathogens.  We have an expert in my facility who did research on mersa and found they were able to kill the pathogen but not infect the host and create further illness.  This is a way to super target infections.  We have biofilm researchers that are looking for different deliveries that cut through biofilm.  We are looking a nebulization and other remedies.  If Lyme is a bacteria there should be a biophage.  There is already some development that doesn’t work on every strain of Lyme disease.  The research is expensive and part of my mission is to find something that can help millions of people that are not getting the remedy in the traditional treatment. 

I surveyed 12K people and the number one issue was education.  Part of our mission is to train other practitioners with some of these remedies.   Our website for this is and select ‘training.’   We are in Maryland.  80 to 85% of the people who come to us are diagnosed with Lyme disease.”     

Dr. Lee Cowden,,

  • Integrative medicine—chairman of the scientific advisory board and professor of the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine of Panama since 2008
  • USA Board certified cardiologist and internist internationally known for his knowledge and skill in practicing and teaching integrative medicine
  • Co-authored 6 books and the first was An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer Internal; second book was Cancer Diagnosis – What to do Next; third book was Longevity –An alternative Medicine Definitive Guide; fourth book was Create a Toxin-Free Body and Home;  the fifth book is Foods that Fit a Unique You; sixth book was BioEnergetic Tools for Wellness,
  • Creator of the Cowden Support Program which is an all natural program which has been used successfully by several thousand people to support their bodies from various chronic inflammatory conditions including Lyme Borreliosis with co-infections.

Greg Lee, Lyme disease,

Acupuncture degree and former NASA engineer; runs Two Frogs Healing Center in Frederick, Maryland.

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