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It’s That Time Of Year Again Where We Live!

Remember…We say on our website and videos that we deliver the plasma energy waters in glass vials only from ‘warm door to warm door’

We know many of you live in warmer climates and might be enjoying balmy weather. 

However, we are not having balmy weather here in Montana as you can see from the image below taken October 26.

We thank you for your orders.  From now on, until the weather warms, when you purchase any of our vials we are now placing the GANS water into BPA free plastic vials instead of glass.

For our Never-Ending Plasma Energy Station aka our Basic Preparedness Kit (which normally includes 16 glass vials) you will receive the same ingredients in 4 larger plastic vials instead of the smaller glass vials. From our experience from the last 3 winters we know the glass vials will break during shipping when we have freezing weather. As our overnight temperatures recently have gotten down to 1 degree F we will now ship the same ingredients in BPA free plastic instead to protect the contents.

We know the BPA free plastic vials do not break even when they freeze. 


The other choice for people who don’t want the plastic vials is for us to send the pair of plasma energy station pads that we send overseas as seen below. The 16 glass vials, the 4 plastic vials and the pair of station pads are all the same price. 

Pads are sent outside the United States

For those of you who insist on the glass vials and whose world will be greatly shaken without glass vials, we will have a disclaimer that you know there is a possibility of the glass vials freezing and breaking and the replacement cost of each vial is $21 and that you will pay the postage for the replacement vials. 

And if those freeze and break, it’s the same story all over again.  We base this on experience from the last 3 winters

One thing that was emphasized in the Knowledge Seeker Workshops by Mr. Keshe was that the human body is largely composed of carbon and so is plastic.  So sometimes the hysterics over plastic are much ado about very little.  And, what most of you don’t realize is that using the plastic vials for the plasma waters is more labor intensive and making the pairs of pads is even more labor intensive—so you are not the only ones who wish it was year ‘round delivery of plasma waters in glass vials!

Once you set up the vials on the plasma energy station you can get small 2 dram glass vials with black lids from Amazon or Greenals.  You can then take the station water to fill each of 16 vials and label the vials 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.  This is ‘reverse engineering’ the water with intention as taught many years ago in the ‘Messages in Water’ by Masuro Emoto, the Japanese scientist. 

Now you will have vials for two plasma energy stations.  You can do the same with setting up your individual containers of water of separate vials that you order. 

Here is a photo of what used to be our ‘larger’ plasma energy station

Do you see that there is only one vial attached on the bottom right using a plastic bottle?  We could have even attached one small glass vial of the Plasma Energy Station water to change the water in this large container.  We have said in many of our videos and blogs that ‘size does not matter’ with plasma energy.  What does matter is that you are using clear (or translucent colored) glass or plastic containers.  Remember that we say not to use any crockery, stainless steel or opaque containers when you are setting up your Plasma Energy Station or some of your individual plasma water formulas.

Some of you have said you will wait until spring to order.  ‘Warm door to warm’ door means that you may not get to order something in glass vials until late April or May.

You might ask ‘who would live in such a place? 

We might ask each other around here the same question around Jan 9th! In the meantime that means you will have gone without the benefits of the plasma energy waters for months because of your insistence on glass vials. 

Here’s a video we created titled ‘Winter Vials and Q and A’s Plasma Energy Solution’ for more information

What are your thoughts?

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