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Epigenetics: How Clean Genes Enable Healthy Aging

“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you was?” Satchel Paige

By Luke Schmaltz

Over the last several decades, advanced studies in the field of genetics has revealed compelling facts about the relationship between DNA and human health. Specifically, it has been observed that the expression of certain genes can become modified by the influence of environmental factors, which in turn, can cause physical changes in organisms without changing the genetic code.  

The field of epigenetics emerged in the 1940s through the studies of Dr. Conrad Waddington in the combined areas of genetics and developmental biology. This new area of research went largely uncelebrated until fifty or so years later due to newfound evidence in the field of genetic assimilation (environmentally-induced physical characteristics). Dr. Waddington’s findings provided irrefutable support for the fact that environmental factors can affect gene expression.

Currently, naturopathic specialists such as Dr. Ben Lynch are using the term “dirty genes” to identify when poor environment has led to diminished gene expression in the form of compromised health, acute illness and chronic disease. Thankfully, in the pursuit of healthy aging, Dr. Lynch and other innovators have identified these environmental stressors as well as a host of nutrients and supplements that can reverse the effects of dirty genes.

Know Your Enemies

Epigenetics has revealed that diminished gene expression (dirty genes) can be attributed to environmental factors and individual lifestyle choices. These stressors are prevalent in toxic chemicals, polluted air, unpurified water and a litany of unhealthy foods including those containing preservatives, pesticides, bacteria, nitrites, MSG, processed sugar, sodium, gluten, refined (processed) carbohydrates and many others. 

Further, physical surroundings can also cause dirty genes through exposure to organic compounds and molds, dust mites in carpets and rugs, smoke from cooking oils containing formaldehyde, cigarette smoke (primary and secondary) and automotive exhaust. The latter is an especially important point to consider for those who like to exercise in outdoor areas near busy roads and congested thoroughfares. Additionally, there is a barrage of gene expression diminishers disguised as medicine that can bombard a person at any turn including over the counter painkillers, antihistamines, vaccines, flu shots and — as you probably know — a large percentage of all prescription drugs.

Finally, dirty genes can be inherited from parents. These include genes diminished by famine, exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation which can manifest in offspring developing any number of chronic diseases and behavioral disorders.

Fight Back with the Right Tools                   

Clearly, it is impossible to completely eliminate exposure to the many elements that can cause dirty genes. In addition to avoiding them when you can, you can choose to counter the prevalence of gene stressors by using what Dr. Lynch calls “the right tools.” These tools enable healthy aging and include beneficial things such as organic leafy greens and vegetables, fresh fruits (raw and juiced), whole carbohydrates, lean proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, folate, folic acid, unpolluted air, sunlight and many more.

Choose a Laser-focused Weapon

The above list of “tools” casts a wide net for sure, and Plasma Energy Solution has developed a product which combines the mono-atomic chemical energies of the tools above as well as those of specific vitamins, nutrients, minerals, foods and elements which are known to have beneficial effects on optimal gene health. Some of these include stinging nettle, broccoli, bromelain, ginger extract, licorice root, sweet wormwood, Riboflavin, Zinc sulfate, manganese and Vitamin B complex among many, many others. A complete list of ingredients is available here.           

Plasma Energy Solution is the premier online source for GANS (gas at atomic nano-solid state)-based plasma energy. The recently developed Healthy Genes product is an efficient, cost effective and sustainable way to counter diminished gene expression (dirty genes) so that, as you age you can experience optimal health.    


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