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Water and Salt!!! A Free Special Report

This 39 page PDF is free: scroll to the bottom of our Special Free Reports page and enter your first name and email address and you will have instant access to this full report which you can read online and download to print it out.

From Dr. Batmanghelidj. Author, Medical Doctor and Research Scientist:

20th century medicine is based on 4 false assumptions. The entire monument of medicine including this beautiful structure of Jefferson University Hospital Medical School is based on 4 false assumptions.

  1. Dry mouth is the only true indicator of thirst. It is not. In order to be able to chew and swallow food that is a primary function for the body, we produce ample saliva even though the rest of the body may be dehydrated. Dry mouth is not an explanation and people who have just eaten a heavy meal often start getting heartburn within half an hour of eating. They were able to swallow that food even though they were thirsty.
  2. The second false assumption is that water has no direct metabolic role in the body and no direct chemical effect, and the body is regulated by the solutes—the elements that dissolve in the human body. We have taken the science of chemistry and rammed it into the human body when we discovered the human body is made up of all the similar elements that we tested in the discipline of chemistry. We assumed automatically that water had no role. That is a wrong assumption.
  3. Water intake regulatory mechanisms of the body are efficient throughout the life span of a person. We egin to lose our perception of thirst as we grow older and we allow dehydration to settle in our bodies.
  4. The 4th false assumption is that all fluids can replace the water needs of the body. This is wrong. Water is water. Others fluids do not necessarily act in the body in the same capacity as water. For example, milk is not water. It is food.

Caffeine in Beverages:

  1. Dehydrate the body; effect is on the brain and kidneys and produces a lot of urine. It flushes more water out of the body than there is in the beverage so when you drink a cup of coffee that is 200 CCs, your body will lose between 230 and 350 CCs of water depending on how dehydrated you are and how the body is trying to conserve its water content.
  2. Caffeine does something else that is detrimental to any living matter. That is that it inhibits brain enzyme PDE –phosphodiesterase. It is most essential to expand memory. Dr. Patel just know told me he was one of the original discoverers of PDE activity.
  3. It has been discovered in fruit flies that they totally forget their ability to fly off and the art of camouflage is lost and they become easy prey to whatever is about to eat them. the coffee plant uses caffeine as chemical warfare because once any predator ate the coffee bean that is supposed to create the next generation of the coffee plant in the soil, the enzymes remember when to camouflage, when to be alert, responsive, quick and agile, and that ability will go. That creature that eats the coffee bean will become prey to its own predator. That is how the coffee plant defends itself for its next generation of the species. We take the seeds, extract their caffeine, concentrate it and give it to our people in the form of coffee and strongly brewed coffee. One cup of Starbuck coffee contains 180mg of this poisonous material.

On top of caffeine diet sodas are now being produced that contains aspartame and it creates false hunger and is the cause of excess weight. There is a false assumption that anything that doesn’t have energy and is sweet is okay because the body stores energy in the form of sugar when we drink these beverages.

We are not fooling the body; we are fooling our pockets and our health and our understanding of the human body. The human brain is a magnificent computer; it calculates and computes the intensity of sweetness to the nearest energy unit. It calculates the energy that has arrived by the sweetness of the element that you have swallowed.

It has been shown that up to 90 minutes after taking artificial sweetener when the sugar or energy that was ‘promised’ is nowhere to be found, there is a physiological panic in the body by the brain and the liver and the person is compelled to go and eat and make good the promise of energy that was given to the body by the sweetness or the intensity of the sweetness….more in the free report….

As a result of 100 years of medical research based on false scientific assumptions:

  • Modern ‘voodoo’ medicine insists on the use of biohazardous chemicals as medications that kill hundreds of thousands a year and make millions sicker than before…
  • We have produced cost-intensive and cost-escalating ‘sick-care’ systems bankrupting social systems in advanced societies. The system can only prosper and survive if people are sick…more in the free report…

If we change the paradigm and understand dehydration as the origin of pain and disease, we can reduce the healthcare costs of this society by no less than 60% in a matter of 10 to 15 years and have a much healthier nation of clear-thinking and be more elevated in our thoughts and behavior.

Q: Why do water and salt act as medications in so many health problems?

A: Because they correct persistent dehydration inside all cells of the body…more in the free report…

Salt is Vital

  1. To nerve cells’ communication
  2. To absorption of food particles through the intestinal tract
  3. For clearance of the lungs from mucous plugs and sticky phlegm
  4. In asthma and cystic fibrosis

More in the free report…

Dehydration Manifests in 4 Major Ways:

  1. Perceptive feelings
  2. Water rationing programs
  3. Crisis calls for water
  4. Disease complications.

The brain becomes aware of dehydration first and produces its own markers of dehydration which we never understood. These 4 stages of dehydration in the body are now understandable and we need to be more aware of them. You will come across people with these problems and you can tell them they are not sick, they are just thirsty.

Thirst Perceptions

  1. Feeling TIRED
  2. Feeling FLUSHED
  3. Feeling IRRITABLE
  4. Feeling ANXIOUS
  5. Feeling DEJECTED
  6. Feeling DEPRESSED
  7. Feeling INADEQUATE
  8. Feeling a “HEAVY HEAD”
  10. AGORAPHOBIA …more in the free report….

Exercise Has Another Function.

When you use your muscles you burn up the amino acids that are competitors to tryptophan and tyrosine for passage across the blood/brain barrier. When you take these branch chain amino acids out of circulation by burning them in the muscle, you allow the tryptophan to go across the blood brain barrier more readily and easily to manufacture serotonin, tryptomine, melatonin, and endolamine that are the amino acids.

The tyrosine will go across the blood brain barrier and manufacture adrenaline, noradrenaline and dopamine. These are vital elements against depression and so on….more in the free report…

From Lynn: Now stop and think what happens to Hoover Dam when Lake Meade drops too far. There will be no more production of electricity.

So in our bodies when we are not drinking enough water, it is like dropping the level of Lake Meade. When we don’t have enough salt the conductivity of electricity lessens. Our bodies are a water grid and for all parts to function there has to be enough intake of water.

0905+2023—What—I Need To Drink This Much Water Every Day?

Lynn discusses how much water we need to drink every day. And, she tells why coffee, tea, juice, sodas, beer, alcoholic beverages do not count as the water you need to drink daily in order to avoid dehydration.  She also talks about savings for you in September, 2023.

What if all disease is really the lack of sufficient water in our body?  Our brain is 85% water; our bodies are 75% water.  What happens to you when you drink liquids all day that are not water?  Coffee, tea, soda pop, and juice do not do what water does in your body.  And what if you don’t have enough salt in your body?

And take advantage of the September, 2023, specials.  This is your chance to double up on specials during September 2023.

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