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Many People Are Lining Up In The Scramble To Buy A Home Before It’s ‘Too Late’

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Many People Are Lining Up In The Scramble To Buy A Home Before It’s ‘too late’….

A Lesson In Home Ownership follows and why Plasma Energy Solution offers plasma energies such as Anxiety Relief and many more….

So what does Lynn with Plasma Energy Solution know about home ownership and why would she even discuss it? Many issues people have with their physical and mental health have to do with their financial decisions. Then they are looking for Anxiety Relief or Happiness Support, or maybe Clear Mind or Insomnia Relief.

A recent survey showed that some people are paying up to 80% of their monthly income for house payments! An ‘old rule of thumb’ used to be 25% of your monthly income for house payments that included taxes and insurance.

So back to home ownership. For starters many people are afraid the home ownership ‘train’ is pulling out of the station without them. Interest rates are going up. Media and others are telling them that there is scarcity of homes. This is not a discussion about whether that is true or not!

The best way to understand home ownership is to understand the process of losing a home in foreclosure. Let’s go through a Notice in the Montana Legal Classifieds. Supposed home ownership is spelled out for you. (Note: names, addresses, town and county, are changed to provide privacy to a homeowner named in the Legal Classifieds).

Notice of Trustee’s Sale:

To be sold for cash at a trustee’s sale on November 20, 2023, at 0200 PM outside on the front steps of “Noname” County Courthouse, 456 Main Street, “Hiddentown”, Montana 12345, the following described real property situated in “Noname”_ County, State of Montana:

Legal description: that part of the west 62 feet of Lot 2, Block 34, of First Addition in the city of “Hiddentown”, “Noname” County, Montana, described as Certificate of Survey Number “24689” on file in the office of clerk and recorder of said County under Document # 444, more commonly know as “123 Somewhere Street, “Noname”, Montana.

Lynn’s note: pay attention to the language in this next section. Are they talking about a house?

Daffey R Duck as Grantor, conveyed said real property to ABC Title Company. as trustee, to secure an obligation owed to Mortgage Electronic Systems as designated nominee for ABC Bank beneficiary of the security instrument it’s successors or assigns by Deed of Trust dated August 1, 2019 and filed for record in the records of County Clerk and Recorder of Noname County, Hiddentown, Montana, on August 7, 2019, as Instrument 12141618 of Official Records.

The Deed of Trust was assigned for value as follows:

Assignee; ‘Streetview’ Loan Servicing LLC

Assignment: Dated: January 10, 2022.

Assignment Recording information as instrument No. 1234789.

All in the records of County Clerk and Recorder of Noname County, Montana.

What? Daffey R Duck conveyed the said real property to the title company? As Trustee? To a 3rd party who is designated nominee for ABC Bank? Is this all mumbo jumbo? The Deed of Trust was assigned for value…not the house. Huh?

“Sam S. Shylock,” is successor trustee pursuant to Substitution of Trustee recorded in the office of the Clerk and Recorder of Noname County, State of Montana on July 7, 2023.

Lynn’s Note: Okay, wait a minute. Did Daffey R Duck qualify for a bank loan for purchasing the house? Wasn’t the house the collateral? No. A Deed of Trust was assigned for value. What’s all this talk about grantor and trustee, title company, systems and ABC bank, beneficiary and security? Doesn’t Daffey R Duck own the house, and doesn’t Daffey pay ABC Bank for the loan on the house? Why is there a Deed of Trust with assigned value?

The Beneficiary (remember, ABC Bank?) has declared default in the terms of said Deed of Trust due to Grantor’s () failure to make monthly payments beginning February 1, 2023, and each month subsequent, which monthly installments would have been applied on the principal and interest due on said obligation and other charges against the property or loan.

By reason of said default said Beneficiary has declared all sums owing on the obligation secured by said Trust Deed due and payable immediately.

Wait a minute. Did you think the house was security for the bank loan?

They are foreclosing on a Trust Deed. Then, who the heck owns the house? If Daffey R Duck doesn’t ‘own’ the house, and the bank doesn’t have a security on the house, but on a Deed of Trust, WHO OWNS THE HOUSE?

Okay, now this is going to get better.

  1. Daffey R Duck was a grantor on a Deed of Trust.
  2. On the closing papers was most likely listed as the Tenant. Tenant? Huh? Wasn’t Daffey the Buyer? Why was the Seller, Donald B Duck, not called ‘Seller’? Was Donald B Duck, the Seller just selling the interest in a Deed of Trust to Daffey R Duck?
  3. In the closing papers there is never a bill of sale so there was no document stating that Donald B Duck sold the house to Daffey R Duck for a certain amount.
  4. In the closing papers there was never a quit claim deed where Donald B Duck conveyed his interest in the property (quit his claim on the property) to Daffey R Duck.
  5. Who owns the house? Now you can do some homework. See if there are any records in the county where the title company trustee conveyed the property to State of Montana (or your state where you live with the house you think you bought).
  6. Why do you think you pay property taxes? You are paying rent to the real owner of the house…the county/state.
  7. What a sweet deal—you don’t own the house, but you pay the bank, the property taxes, the insurance, the utilities and the upkeep. You paint the fence and mow the lawn.
  8. Now you know why someone who ‘owns’ a million dollar house and falls behind on taxes is foreclosed on by the county/state that keeps the house, even if the past due taxes were $20,000 and the house is worth a million. That someone who ‘owned’ the million dollar house gets booted out of the house with nothing for his/her so-called equity.

The bank never had access to the ‘ownership’ of Daffey R Duck’s house until the foreclosure sale when they gave the trustee of the sale the check for the ‘winning bid’ on the house. Now they finally ‘own’ the house and can sell the house to someone else, who actually never buys a house, but buys interest in a Deed of Trust. The bank bought the house from the county/state who owned the house all along.

Now, if Marge and Jim Buyer ‘purchase’ the house, they will be called Tenants, or Tenants in Common on the closing documents. They will not be called Purchasers or “New Owners.” They will not ‘own’ the house; they will be granted a Deed of Trust by the seller.

Ponder all this if you are in a panic to buy an over-priced home with funds from a lending institution at a high interest rate. And remember, you won’t own the house…but you will purchase the new furnace when the old one quits.

There could be an upside to going through this process if interest rates are low, property prices are reasonable and there are fixed rate mortgages. Then buyers can purchase ‘known monthly overhead’ for the house and maybe even have a ‘nest egg’ of the so-called equity of the house when they go to sell. Notice the words ‘could be’ and ‘if.’ That ship sailed a few years ago. This is all a part of business cycles created by the bankers.

Oh, one more thing.  If the house wasn’t collateral for the bank loan where did the Deed of Trust get the value for the loan that was issued?  It’s just a document.  Daffey R Duck signed a promissory note to the bank.  But how can a signed note have value?  It’s just a piece of paper.  

Did Daffey somehow create the funds for the loan?  How?  Maybe Daffey’s mother kept a copy of a hospital birth certificate with Daffey’s little foot prints on it.  Was this the first time Daffey signed ‘loan’ papers?  Did Daffey somehow become collateral for the debt of the country Daffey was born in?  Was a birth certificate created on the Daffey and then sold into the money markets to raise funds for the treasury of the country?   

Now do you understand if birthrates are falling in the US why there are so many people flooding into the country through open borders? The treasury and the banks need more collateral for creating more ‘money’!

So, If you insist on going ahead with the so-called purchase of a home…

just remember that Plasma Energy Solution has some combinations that may be helpful for you: Anxiety Relief, Be Brave, Clear Mind, Healthy Brain, Headache Relief, Insomnia Relief, and Super Sleep Plus.

Pay attention to what is going on around you. Put down the TV remote.

Jeffrey Prather, Todd Callendar…prepare for Marburg

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