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I AM The Storm

Why Is Lynn Practically Giving Away The Newest Combination From Plasma Energy Solution?

Lynn Shares Some Recent Notes:

Joy in the face of adversity is our act of rebellion. What you need is cognition. The truth will come out eventually and when it does, those who are stealing the very energy from our bodies and biofields (energy fields) will be on their own. They will need to answer for what they have done.

Eventually those of them who do understand what Sabrina has been saying are going to realize that she does not lie because of her telepathy. She is way too honest and is told: you shouldn’t share those things! She calls it a Midwest mind set: say one thing and do another.

Those damaging their fellow man have been lied to about Jesus, the bible and languages in general. Sabrina quotes the Dead Sea Scrolls commission saying this world was handed over to these creatures and all their stupidity.

And she says, Our job is to believe in God, by faith alone. It is our job. Just like in the book of Job, the oldest book we have for those of you addicted to the Torah, the Babylonian Talmud.

For those of you who forget, the Tuapa da Dan and the ones from Egypt that ran from the crazies when they did this before, and we are supposed to forget technology in other parts of the world that all end up looking like Ankh and the open portals.

So how do you open the portals? You sing them open with your chakras, your circulatory system, making sound out of your own body. What does it say in the Psalms? Praise! What does it say in the Dead Sea Scrolls for exorcszing a demon? Sing! Praise! And mock them.

And there is David (David and Goliath) naked with a slingshot? He used his biofield, the electrical body part that returns the signal and kicks their ass. Oh we can’t have that? It’s a ‘demon field’ according to Karen Kingston and all is controlled by SQL Hive, Curbernates, Haduploop (?), Spark, and Microsoft Open AI Azure Ingest and Subsume on the KABAN with Supernet and Nippernet. Magical technology?

Find out more by going to Free Reports found on a tab on the right side of the home page and scroll down to the end to Book 5 of Sabrina Dawn. It is a PDF explaining the technology being used against all men, women and children worldwide in pictures and charts:

Why does any of this matter? Do you know people who are in a stuck mode in their lives and can’t get out of it? Such as depression? Or such as not being able to follow through on what they say they are going to do?

Could someone else have a remote device controlling these people? Is that because bit by bit people’s energies are being siphoned off, organ by organ in their bodies? Do you know that people have been able to control family members for decades with these remote devices?

Energy workers are telling Lynn that many people are dragging around with low energy.

The intention of our newest combination, Never Ending Plasma Energy Love, Protection and Vitality, is for supporting the energies in your body’s organs, your energy field (biofield), your spirit and soul.

In Lynn’s way of thinking, forewarned is forearmed. When the gates go down and the bells ring to let you know a train is coming, that is giving you forewarning. Now you are forewarned and forearmed. When you ignore the bells and the gate, and sit on the tracks when the train is coming, that is ignoring the warning. You know the outcome.

If you truly pay attention to news and headlines, you can see that the intention of those so-called ‘elites’ who are ‘running things’ does not support you or your family’s well-being. So this might support why you might want Love, Protection and Vitality to support and protect you and your family’s bodies and biofields while adding the love. Why love?

Lynn’s insight about love is a description of Dr. Paul helping another. In the description there was a part about his smiling and giving a burst of energy with the smile. It was followed by his laughter.

I think he was not laughing at the one he was helping but laughing with joy that he could be helping someone with the healing energies of love and joy.

In Books 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of Sabrina Dawn we are being shown how to push out energy for the inside of our bodies and our biofields (energy fields). This could magnify your intention of love, protection and vitality.

Some years ago I read a theory about the early humanoids that were genetically modified to be a slave race for mining gold for another race for their world and themselves.

Allegedly this modified race were big and joyful, they sang a lot and did elaborate paintings on the walls of the caves and mines (more elaborate than the petroglyphs we see in western America).

The race that modified them couldn’t stand ‘all the racket’ of the singing and killed them off. But maybe there was more to it. Maybe their joy was a way of healing themselves naturally. What if the race that modified them couldn’t do that themselves? Would they fear them?

The Native Americans use singing, dancing and drumming in their feasts and ceremonies. It may sound strange to those with ‘city ears’, but it is their song to the earth and their Creator.

Today all men, women and children in our world are being assailed with the negativity and dark energies that can dampen their energy and steal their joy. Are the ghouls who refer to themselves as the ‘elite’ afraid of love and do they despise joy?  They cannot create; they can only cause fear through repeated acts of hatred and destruction–over and over and over throughout the history that they constantly change and distort ….ad  nauseum.  You don’t have to believe Lynn, Sabrina or anyone else. Just do your own research.

Many things to ponder, Love and joy to you!  

Please note that normally a combination such as Never Ending Plasma Energy Love, Protection and Vitality would be around $327. Because of the importance of protecting our bodies and our biofields Lynn has made this a special price (no other coupons or discounts apply):

Never Ending Plasma Energy Love, Protection and Vitality

For the rest of July, 2023, you can get this proprietary combination for $10. Whaaat? $10? In case you are not paying attention, things are falling apart around us…in banking, in food supply, in affordable housing, in rising number of people losing their jobs. It’s my way of saying on behalf of many who work tirelessly to inform people around them of what is going on:

How Do You Order Never Ending Plasma Energy Love, Protection and Vitality? Good in the United States Only.

Here’s the easy way:

  1. Write your name and address on a sheet of paper and write: I want Love, Protection and Vitality.
  2. Address an envelope to:

Lynn Schmaltz, PO Box 1827, Red Lodge, Montana, 59068 and put a stamp on it.

  1. Put the paper you wrote on and $10 in the envelope, seal it and mail it.

That’s the easy way. If you want to add it to an order, you will find it below and you can add it to other products you order.

The offer ends on July 31, 2023, midnight Pacific time. Then Love, Protection and Vitality will be priced as it should be for a combination such as this. And thanks to Pam who sent Lynn “The Storm!”

0715-2023- intention: What Does Love Have To Do With It?

Lynn discusses using Love and Joy with your intentions. And why is her new combination of Never Ending Plasma Energy Love, Protection and Vitality being offered for the most ridiculously low amount of anything she has ever offered? This will last until midnight July 31, Pacific Time so find out more.

For those of you who wanted the Cliff Notes on Plasma Energy Solution here is a link with an interview where we go through the products list and discuss many of the products

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