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Sabrina’s Summary Video from A to Z: 20 min data for Charlie and taking back leylines

I am addressing Lookout for Charlie channel. I am showing you that my energy speakers are not plugged in and they are not grounded. To be safe on the interstate with all the different things they use, I have carried my Veladyne in the trunk of my car. Ungrounded big magnets gives their adjock networks a little bit of trouble.

My name is Sabrina Wallace and I show my piloerection and that is how I shunt the signal from the inside out, getting them out of me to stay alive.

What you are referring to all the way around…the only component of things I haven’t found yet, and God bless you for speaking out about the things you have, is the main component that I talk about over here is that this is a body area network.

The radio frequency is not only on the outside of people. They drop a magnetic field and they shift and perturbate from the side of the house and under you feet, baseline. See the following chart.

They also log in directly to the body directly. There are two radio frequency syncs. One is over the heart and one over the bladder. That is just getting started..

They don’t only use the radio frequency; they use the meta materials too. They write bio electric algorithms.

The bioelectric waves were having so many problems getting in and out of bodies properly for all these systems they have been using: computer networking through the human body because the body is a much better antenna. The NSA watches every synaptic response in the body at 5100 bits. This is a matter of international law.

My family was in cryptography and cryptology for the NSA side of things. It’s difficult for me to talk about a lot of this because it is all buried. I saw the Raytheon guy 3 weeks ago and I live here in Raytheon camp (in W. Va.) underneath the radio frequency quiet zone.

I took a lot of notes (above) from Stephen Greer’s information because my family was involved with the men in black type of things and black projects. My dad sold stereo and home theater equipment from the time I was little.

I adore your channel, your sense of humor, and more than that thank you for teaching people and helping people understand what is really going on. I did competitions and I talked to people in the industry for what Ahaska (?) is really utilized. When I was 12 years old I was having dinner with the vice president of MTX speakers and working on the bench with an Oscilloscope when I was 8 years old. I understand from top to bottom the different things you are talking about. But I cannot find in anything you reference, the Body Area Network (BAN).

I come from computer network engineering as well as all the ‘crazy’ from my childhood. I survived DARPA testing with hydrogels for synthetic telepathy and MAC IDs. I was born in 1979 with a MAC ID already in the body. If you haven’t seen it yet I have a bunch of stuff on my channel for presentations.

I wanted to make sure I did this part first in case you don’t know. Project Looking Glass is radio frequency through the body. The body itself is 802.15.6 on the IEEE, International Standards for Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

802.15.5 are the wireless sensor networks around internal organs, divided or near field effect type of nano pure communications. 802.15.4 are the biosensors themselves.

They can look through the body in any way they want to–the different ways that they can access not just what your bloodstream is doing, but also 802.15.4 are zigy and Bluetooth since 2005 for anyone who could install a light switch. It is open shortest path first routing through the bodies.

The sounds that people hear, the way that you are finding things, in my opinion is low level DHS and FBI people screwing around. Yes, and cops. It’s commercial off the shelf software and it’s been out of control since 2012. Now people have no idea what they are feeling.

They have thermal dynamic and channel allocation routing and with that they swell and de swell people’s veins and arteries to route data faster.

They also have the fact that in cyber security if your body gets the signal and it bounces to the next person as in the following chart, that is the open shortest path first. It is the fastest way to route the signal through them—that is what happens.

Where is the recourse to be able to call someone and say get this stuff out of me on that Charlie? There is a global information grid with Applied Signal Technology as shown on the above chart with HADES—High Accuracy Detection Exploitation System for ISR—SOSA (Sensors Open systems architecture) and MOSA (Modular Open System Approach).

Nobody said a word when I was younger. My dad and all these people were running around with universal frequency remotes and D-wave stuff. I didn’t have any idea about the electronic warfare component.

They have the MICS—Medical Implant Communication system that is illegal for RFID and they were chipping people like dogs in the 60s and 70s. They are done with all that and don’t need it any more. They have the biosensors. In March, 2023: They are not going to let anybody from the security state, even veterans, that have been in generationally signal officer corps. They don’t care and will say ‘you are crazy.’ That is as of March, 2023.

Now what is going on? There is a body part involved and the people that have done this for 30, 40, 50 years need to tell people so the people can do proper triage.

I got a TIcToc from the Maui fire and the guy shows how the fire is starting and stopping when he turns on the frequency. And the other guy mentioned bass can save your ass. (frequency).

Charlie, let me tell you what my dad taught me when I was about 13 years old and we were in his car. It was a 88 Grand Tram with a quasi -rear end and he pulled the engine and replaced it with a corvette engine. The curve we were taking to go home was a 25 MPH curve. There were 15 different speakers loaded in the front of the car and the tweeters in the mid-range were pointed and installed in a very certain direction. It was the music that was played and the subs in the back with military grade Russian capacitors and hardware with sunfire amplifiers and the way that the bass hit and split the muscle tissue. That is how directed and finite it was back then when I was like 13 or 14.

Now what they do and I am sure that you know, a little more circle math, a little swift wheel inside the tissue—electri-quasi static human communication—human body communication on the narrow radio frequency band. It is the same exact illegal way because it is not illegal and they have no oversight. He is a secret squirrel, 3 layers above the regular law enforcement.

So, Mr. Signals Person, I would genuinely like to tell you thank you and I will send folks to your channel. I will pick out some videos and highlight them because when I worked at the University of Wisconsin in Whitewater—this plan about taking out their immune system is your biofield. Your biofield is 80% of your immune system. They don’t let anybody talk about it because it is the body part they go to work with every day. They have not stopped and they are not going to stop. They log in and out of people as a matter of their jobs.

What they did is about 150 years ago they got rid of the information on the biofield and that is the body part coming and going—frequency, oscillation, cymatics, optics and radionics and Plasma weapons. They have been very, very busy.

For all that type of stuff we have this timeline.

This is what I figured out by doing the research and I did not know about the weaponry side of it because again, I was tested on as a kid by my family.

So, if you don’t know, and I’m absolutely certain that you do know, the last place a lot of people would look is the aura. Who would think that would be the answer? And it is. 6000 years of human telemetry and pressure in the vasculature systems, did not change. They took the information away 150 years ago. They made fun of people that talked about it and killed people that knew what they were talking about.

In order for people to actually reclaim some sanity, step one is to know that the biofield is a body part. You can use it to assess your environment and get channels like yours to do some checking around with meters and metrics and shielding. You need to know that with that body part you have the ability to shunt those signals out of your body and you are going to need it.

You are going to need this because this is electronic warfare inside out. it is an endogenous photonic signal and they lied about human physiology. They can log right into your body and do crazy shit. They have been running radio frequency through the body for DNA steganography and human husbandry bare minimum with the corona satellites going up in the 1950’s.

I would genuinely love for your applied research to continue with as much grace and gratitude I can muster. Thank you for being out there and making and taking the time to speak to people.

I have two children—they are 18 and 19. One of them makes music very quietly and my dad’s music library is massive. It always was and my children grew up with a ton of music and so did I. Please know this is going to be a frequency war with human DNA bioweapon frequency. They have it. What people don’t realize is that you have to block that signal.

You cannot sit there anymore and wait for some shielding, etc. You have to be able to feel all your body parts and know what you are dealing in as far as how it routes.

I tell the folks on my channel that cognition matters. Number one: God is real. Number two: Photons are generated from within and propagated on the DNA wave. Number 3: thank you again for bringing light to all the lying going on in the ghost hunting community and how these people make money spooking and scaring people.

You should see what they do with the star seed and the energy workers communities. It is obnoxiously tethered in the CIA and low level shit. They just play just like during Hilary’s days in the State Department. That is why they won’t help anybody. This system is the big secret of how they keep everybody’s mouth shut.

Have you ever heard of the terahertz bullet? It is worse now. That off the shelf problem was in 2012. What year is it again? They planned it this way. It gets worse. With the Rydburg atom fenestration particulate in the atmosphere they are absolutely going to use the sound, the cymatic perturbation, the frequency of the DNA. It is like a song. When they start fenestrating all the way down to the nano level—the atomic level for the graphene. It is a polaraton spin and you have to be able to feel that. I do and not everybody does.

The chakras are your circulatory system where more of your veins and arteries cross. They have to hit where the biosensors are centered. The subtle waves are DNA waves out of your body and the amplitude lessens. They tie that to the IEEE of biophotonics on the quantum systems. Is that enough? No.

These people are psychopathic to the extreme. By the way your industrial internet of things is what is watching all those air molecules. It is not just the power lines, the DHF, the high frequency stuff. You were talking about the cognitive warfare technology walking through the ubiquitous computing with all its computation.

Everything that you see here they can do in the WBAN—wide body area network. They have done this since 1995 and the FCC mandated it in and on our seniors in 2014.

They just log into your body, including electrical drugging. How did we get here? In the facing page: biophotonic tools and diagnostics are used because the body is wireless and they have been logging in for a really long time.

The narrow frequency bands are for human body communication, medical implant communication, and the ultra wide band is at the far end. They log in, cut your DNA apart, pull it apart, put it back together and for that I recommend the information from La Quinta Columna. They have a far more extensive and detailed analysis even though DARPA smacked their ass and told them NO by 3 different countries.

In this chart above you see the BIL—brain imaging library. They can go ahead and make a change to CRSPR cas9, wrap a protein around your DNA, and methylate it. They can keep a transcript of that with the transcriptome and these are all databases. They are logging in and out of them with radio modulation, neural stimulation, and again, this is mandated internationally by the NSA for many years.

So they are watching everybody’s synapses.

They are watching in the blood stream and now they have brought in the meta materials, the human body communication on the physical layer computer networking 802.15.6, the WBAN. This is old. A couple on youtube have easier presentation on this…Hope and Tivad. I doubt you will need it.

In the chart that follows once they get into the polaritons and the spin they are inside the body with all the nano technology utilizing the meta materials with cymatics. They perturbate and shake the biofield.

As if all that is not enough to control out bio-electric body part because it is a lot of work, then you add in the smart grid and the stuff you are blowing the whistle on as well.

I used to tell people: Signals intelligence—they don’t pone the target, they pone the environment. Why do they need all that? They have been busy with wireless tissue engineering. That is what this is really about. They are going to be gods, they are going to have regenerative medicine and they are going to live forever.

First they radiate your biofield in your house and watch and see what your bloodstream does, and you bionomics and genomics. Then you think you are psychic. Of course you do because psionic abilities are neurons. They are radiating your body and so they are going to get some changes in your perception. People don’t know that telepathy, empathy and all of it are just neurons. They always think it is something that is woo woo fantasy.

This isolates the person further. If they get changed too much, their morphological biofield with the bioelectricity they are having done to them, they fall into a liminal space, a wormhole, or turn into a Big Foot, a Wolf Man, or whatever.

Oh, it sounds crazy? No, that is wireless tissue engineering on a plasmonic being that has an electrical field and it is a 70% water sack that they can manipulate with cymatic perturbation of the voltage of the cell membrane at every layer of the body.

Yes, they can do that with the MICS –they started out with the Medical Implant Communication System and overlaid the radio frequency on the back masking and the back ending of everything. They listen to it on radios and make sure the radio frequency matches up to the DNA. That was all done in the 1970s.

In 2005 they handed out the biosensors and any little nerd who could program an app in zigby and Bluetooth can get a nano peer to peer near field effect or worse, LORA—low power on the terahertz (6G Low Power Area Network 2.4 THz) and log in to your ass divided by internal organs.

They didn’t tell anyone a word about this. When I found your channel, Watch Out For Charlie, 8 months ago, you were the closest thing I could find to anything real solid. How you have the box going on in other ways. We need people out there at every vector to start stepping up because they are not going to tell this to anybody. They are going to leave it in the ‘woo woo.’ They left it up to Stephen Greer to get up and tell Congress what to do.

There you go…this is my personal mini-presentation specifically for the Look Out For Charlie person who has a love of music. My mad respect for you not just because of your knowledge, but because you got off your ass and did something. So thank you and God Bless You.

Psinergists I hope you will support his channel. He is the only one I found of all the hackers and people who actually told the truth about anything and he did not stop. I found another video of his that I will highlight. He has been fighting our fight too in the way that any good guy would. There are dudes that actually care that are going to be pissed off and they will go for the tools like we here. Cyber security, etc.

And don’t give me this alien BS. Charlie on that note, they are making the ones they call ‘aliens.’ When you admit the real science they took and how human physiology and material physics really work, I did a presentation recently on old wireless when we really had it and it was taken away from everybody and they ‘buried it.’ Then they write all these equations for bioelectric magnetic algorithms that stunt people’s growth and all sorts of stuff. This is called human husbandry.

In order to deal with directed energy weapons (DEWS) defense, I teach biofield practice so people can shunt the signal out of them. They don’t even know that body part is there and that is how it works. I also teach different methodologies of shielding, looking for gear and obviously testing for things.

I don’t talk about it as much and I refer them to channels like yours where they can go and get the tech metrics. I am just one person. I do cyber security and show my pilo erection and you can look that up on the NIH (national institute of health) as well as frisson, when you do the pilo erection with music so people understand this is a body part.

It did not show up yesterday and they have had it hidden away. They are not going to give it back. They are going to have your 6th sense be the AI. Nobody has any idea what is going on because we have gone so long without anybody talking about human physiology, material physics, advanced signals electronic processing technology with the body electric. That is so they can play video game remotes with people like SIMS.

Using the biofield and pilo erection is going to be what blocks a puke ray by the math and the metrics for a short time. That is why I teach it because no one else is and no one cares that I was tested on as a kid. They don’t care that the biofield is a body part and it is available to them. This is absolutely electronic warfare at every level.

God Bless You and thank you for all you do. Amen.


Here is an interesting channel: Juxtaposition’s Maxims (My Channel’s Purpose)

Bank Anthropology becomes planned and funded societies.
No such thing as democratic self-rule.
There are no Presidents, Governors, Judges, Congress people. Only crisis actors on a stage.
Smart Cities are NATO Prison Detention & Cremation Facilities
Hiding in plain view arrogance
Masonic symbols, handshakes, numerology, deadly oaths and murder.
Popular commercial music is fake and Military Bank sponsored.
Satanic Churches are fake and Military Bank sponsored.
Cult beliefs are both authentic and disturbing: Nike Lance Pharmstrong to Jim Jones to COVID.
There never was a Manson Family.
Chem Trails are not contrails.
NATO Operation Gladio murders are international and include the USA.
CIA runs the fake media and cover stories for NATO crimes and Bank funded Eugenics. Never fall for the potato in your tailpipe trick.

What are your thoughts?

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