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Introducing our new product: Never Ending Plasma Energy Headache Relief – $77! From now till September 25, 2017 you can purchase your vial for only $47.

Never Ending Plasma Energy Headache ReliefAre you tired of trying to relieve headaches by taking something with a long list of side effects?  What if you can relieve a head ache without swallowing one tablet or taking more tablets than recommended when you try to get relief?  Your Never Ending Plasma Energy Headache Relief vial contains the plasma energy from carbon dioxide, zinc, calcium, CH3 (energy booster), B9 Korean bamboo mineral salt, Amino Acids and hemoglobin.

Here is how you use it once you receive your vial.  You never open the vial you receive. You place the unopened vial in or on a large container such as a quart jar to which you add distilled or filtered water.  Once you charge the water over night you only have to add more distilled or filtered water when you have used 1/2 the water in the jar from then on.

You can drink the water, you can put some of the water in a spray bottle and spray it directly on your head, you can make patches using the water and place them in your hat or soak a scarf or bandana in the water to wear.  Just hang a clean scarf, hat or bandana on a hanger and spray it generously with your charged water.

Once the scarf, hat or bandana dries you can wear it continuously.  When it’s time to wash the scarf, hat or bandana  just wash it in  your washer and dry as you normally do.  It’s okay to spray it again but you don’t have to.  Plasma energy does not ‘wash out’ or have an ‘expiration date.’

You can wash your sheets and pillow cases and add a cup of the Never Ending Plasma Energy Headache Relief water to an extra rinse.  Let the items soak in the plasmatized water for a couple of hours and then spin and dry as you usually would.

You can make make a breathing device using the Never Ending Plasma Energy Headache Relief  water in  the bottom of the device.  You breathe air through a tube  that is coiled in the water with the intake end outside the jar and the breathing end outside the jar.  As the air passes through the tube it is ‘plasmatized’ by the water.

You can read more articles on the breathing device which supports the emotion.  Because the center for the emotion is in the brain you are breathing close to the source.  Read more on How to Use Your Never Ending Plasma Energy Station at

Because CH3 is not recommended for anyone with a brain tumor, the Never Ending Plasma Energy Headache Relief would require a different combination of plasma water that doesn’t include the CH3.  You can inquire about that at

Don’t suffer through headaches any more!  Go to the “SHOP” page and order yours today. The coupon is ready for you. insomnia

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Who Needs Cold Remedy in the Summer?

Never Ending Plasma Energy Cold Relief

Who Needs Cold Remedy in the Summer?  

Why would anyone need cold remedies in the summer?  Doesn’t every just get colds in the winter?  Paul and I just returned from the G. Edward Griffin’s Red Pill Conference in Bozeman, Montana.  One of the speakers there was coming down with a cold so we gave her some plasma water to help allay the cold.  Anyone who travels by air is almost always going to return home with cold symptoms.

Paul used to have a challenge in the winter with colds as he takes immune suppressants due to a kidney transplant and those winter colds could really hang on.  Last winter he formulated cold relief according to the information shared by Mehran Keshe, the molecular-atomic-nuclear-astro-plasmatic physicist who has developed all the plasma technology and research over the last 30+ years.  Mr. Keshe offers his technology free to any one or any country willing to sign a Treaty of Peace that includes they will not use the technology for harmful purposes.  After waiting for over two years for countries to accept his offer, he made his patented technology free to anyone around the world willing to take the time to study and learn.

Last winter whenever Paul or I felt a cold coming on we just drank the plasma energy cold relief formula.  Neither of us had cold symptoms that lasted more than a few hours.  When we came back from the Red Pill Conference our friend Tracey had a sore throat.  She was given a cold relief vial to charge her water and drank some after an hour or so.  In the morning when she woke up the sore throat she’d had for over a week was gone.

The charged water is suitable for any age group.  Drink the charged water or add it to juice, milk, chicken soup or whatever.  Put some of the water on a paper towel doubled over to the size of a lunch napkin.  Let it dry completely and then cut it so that you have 1/4 as one part one and 3/4 as the part two.  Wrap part one and part two into separate packages. Use a plastic baggie and then tape it shut with clear plastic packing tape.  Put one on the front of your chest and one in a direct line on your back.  Take some of the plasma water and add it to an extra laundry rinse to your clothes, your sheets and your towels and dry the clothes out of doors or in the dryer.  Add a bandana or scarf to the laundry load that you can wear around your neck.  The charged water is suitable for any age group.

Our Never Ending Plasma Energy Cold Relief costs $57.  The vial contains the liquid plasma from the GANS of CO2, CuO2, ZnO, CH3, hemoglobin, Amino Acid and Never Ending Plasma Energy Station water.  It is never opened but it is placed in or on a large glass or plastic container without opening the vial.  Either distilled or filtered water is added to the container.  As you use the water from the container just add distilled or filtered water and let it charge over night and never run out of your supply of Never Ending Plasma Energy Cold Relief.