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90% of the Truth is NOT 100% of the Truth

Q:  Does Clear Mind contain CH3?

A:  the Gans of Never Ending Plasma Energy Clear Mind include

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine,
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid,
  • L-Carnosine,
  • Beta-Alanine,
  • Betaine HCl, 
  • Bitartrate,
  • Blueberry fruit,
  • B12,
  • camu camu,
  • chichuhuasi,
  • circumin,
  • CQ10,
  • CBD oil,
  • DMAE,
  • fish oil with omega 3,
  • folic acid,
  • glutathione,
  • HCl,
  • L-5-Hydroxytryptophan,
  • lipofullerene C60,
  • magnesium,
  • NAC,
  • n-acetylcesteine,
  • Nicotinamide Riboside,
  • Potassium,
  • CO2 and
  • Zn gans waters. 

Never Ending Plasma Energy Clear Mind also has the plasma energy of amino acids, herbs, minerals, vitamins and plasma water that could give some relief from brain fog. 

Q:  Could you also please confirm whether the Healthy Woman has any CH3?  The reason for my asking is that according to a YouTube video, CH3 should be disposed (I think they said in the toilet).  I noticed that the Plasma Energy Station I ordered from you some time ago has CH3 in it. So, unfortunately, I guess I will have to discard those patches.

A:  90% of the truth is NOT 100% of the truth as I have said on the blog on the home page of the website and in a recent video.  These blogs and videos are done to help people keep up with information. 

Healthy Woman is a GANS combination made of Estradiol GANS plus some of the herbs, vitamins, minerals, essential oils, teas, and roots found in Healthy Genes, UTI-Vag Relief, Healthy Gut, Healthy Thyroid, Peace, Clear Mind, Kan-Sir and Parasite, and some of Paul’s other ‘special’ touches.  

If Dr. Paul were here he would NOT AGREE with information being put out about the so-called v i r u s and CH3. 

If you choose not to use things with several drops of CH3 in them, that is your choice.  I choose to use them because I know the efficacy of all the formulas.  When you read the testimonials from the last several years until now you will see how many people have been helped.  Are you going to throw out the baby with the bathwater? 

Did you question why someone who taught people how to make CH3 suddenly told everyone to throw it down the toilet?  WHY? 

Because it enhances a v i r u s?  Does it really? 

If it enhances a v i r u s, what would its effects be on the bacteria in the sewers and water treatment plants if it is flushed down the toilet? 

Is there a special connection made between the plasma energy and with all living things when a few drops of CH3 are included in a plasma energy combination? 

What would be the motivation to stop these effective combinations through creating FEAR? 

My hope is that you will go research what this ‘v i r u s’ is.  Is it a cover-up for the deadly effects of Five G?  Was W u h a n the first city  to put up 10,000 F i v e G towers?

Let’s look at something that has CH3 in it and what the effect is as told from a family with a little girl who had extreme anxiety:

March 24, 2020 from Jenn:

Hi Lynn,

Just wanted to let you know how much my family and I appreciate you along with the amazing products you offer.

Recently we received the Anxiety Relief, which we used for my granddaughter. Her parents are divorced and our daughter and grandchild moved back home a little over 3 years ago. The little one has been suffering separation anxiety from her Mom ever since she has been having overnights with her Father.

As time went on her anxiety has slowly increased. Within the last several months it has accelerated in a fast pace. Early on, her anxiety outbursts lasted maybe one or two days, but during the last several months she has displayed her anxiety behavior almost every day. She seemed angry and would lash out at us; her screaming fits would last for hours until she was completely exhausted and her voice was horse.

She didn’t want to get up in the morning, nor did she want to go to bed at night. We also had difficulties getting her to eat and drink fluids. We implemented some natural remedies, which influenced her behavior slightly, but her anxiety level was just too high. We were running out of options on what to do to alleviate her symptoms and as a last resort considered seeing a child therapist.

Then I came across Plasma Energy Solutions and after talking to you (Lynn) we decided to try the Anxiety Relief. As advised we sprayed it on her clothes, bedding, toys, her hair, added to her bath water as well as her drinking water along with the Plasma Energy Station water and also cooked with it. To our total amazement within hours we had our sweet little grand-baby back.

She is now once again cheerful, playful, laughing and even has jokes for us as well as giving us plentiful hugs & kisses, which we have not received in a while. Even though she still doesn’t want to have overnights with her Dad, she no longer displays anything of great concern. She is more accepting of her circumstance regarding being away from her Mom.

I can say with certainty that we can attribute this positive change to the Plasma Energy. All I can say is: Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!!! I am now a believer and I’m looking forward to see what the other products will do for us.


Jenn & Family


Lynn’s comments about Anxiety Relief:  What if this family had thrown it down the toilet because they were told to be afraid of the small amount of CH3 in the Anxiety Relief?

Now let’s look at someone else who used the Plasma Energy Station water and Kan-Sir and didn’t throw them down the toilet because of a few drops of CH3 in the combinations:

And here is another from Steve:

March 23, 2020: Hi Lynn,

I have been experiencing the benefits of Plasma Water for over six months now and want to share my thoughts and experience with you. Rather than starting over I’m forwarding a recent exchange with Cary. It says a lot.  Evidence of Multiple Myeloma is still not showing up in my blood work. This is almost unheard of. Oncologist is quite amazed and says “Whatever you are doing keep doing it.”  The folks at Baylor contacted me last month to follow up on my schedule for stem cell transplants. While looking at the results of the blood work ups Carly said “You may have gone into remission.”

Remission does not happen with MM. there’s always a first though. Hope it’s happening here. Not planning on stem cell transplants at this time. 

Am healed from last years heart surgery. The chemotherapy for MM caused the damage to my heart. Rarely do I even feel my heart rate and my blood pressure and pulse rate are enviable even for a young man. I attribute this largely to Curcumin, French Grape Seed Extract and Plasma Water. 

Want you to know that I felt much sorrow later last December. Thought about you and remembered you and yours in my prayers. Still do. May we continue to be so very blessed. 

As always,   Steve

And from Steve to Cary:

Date: Fri, Mar 20, 2020 at 11:55 AM  Subject: Re: hola!
To: Cary

Amid the turmoil most things are going quite well. Incredibly blessed…

Have been using plasma water exclusively since the day after setting it up. Attribute it to being a large part of recovery, healing and well being. Have a well with fabulous water but since starting plasma water can’t drink water from the tap. It does not even feel right in my mouth. Use it for and in everything. Plants, washer, jacuzzi, the dog, hummingbirds, birdbath… everything. . My cranky old mean cat has become a much nicer animal as a result. Have the basic starter and Lynn was kind enough to include a KanSir vial in the order…Am doing so well and am happy with the station as it is…Thanks to you and to Mark for introducing me to plasma water. And for keeping me on your list.   As always, and Onward,

Dr. Paul made some combinations proprietary information. Are you going to forego using the above combinations because you are afraid of a few drops of CH3? What if Dr. Paul added a few drops of CH3 just as he added a few drops of B9 Korean Salt GANS?  With all this CH3 being dumped down toilets around the world, is there going to be a fabulous growth of bacteria in the sewers and sewer plants?  Does it make sense to do this? 

Or, is a small amount of CH3 a necessary connection between the GANS and the body?  What happens when you decide to cut the connection of the GANS to the body? 

Are the deaths being shown by media around the world the result of Five G in highly polluted environments interacting with people with toxic bodies constantly on their electronic devices?   

As always I suggest that you practice discernment in things you hear and do your own research. And do your research on why you are being told to socially distance yourself and stay in your homes. What would happen if you turned off the TV?

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Healthy Helpers: The Role of Plasma Energy in the Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

“Reduce inflammation to treat the root of many issues. If your gut isn’t working right it can cause so many other issues.” – Jay Woodman

Your external environment can have a profound effect on your internal health. On a routine basis, you can internalize a great many stressors carried by the food you eat, the air you breathe and the people you encounter — all of which can result in a set of unhealthy guts.

In the U.S. alone, over 1.6 million people suffer from inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.

This is caused by an autoimmune response to stimuli, wherein an overactive immune system is constantly on the attack — prompted by unhealthy food, pathogenic water, WiFi-saturated air, poisonous prescriptions, a polluted atmosphere and toxic relationships among other instigators.

Ineffective Strategies

Treatments for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) can vary. The Western medical approach, as you are probably aware, is to prescribe painkillers, immuno-modulators and corticosteroids in order to treat the symptoms of abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloody stools, weight loss and chronic fatigue. Some solutions will even go so far as to remove inflamed sections of the intestinal tract.

Whether a specific IBD diagnosis is Crohn’s Disease (any part of the GI tract) or Ulcerative Colitis (affecting the large intestine and the rectum) the fact remains that addressing symptoms rarely remedies the fundamental problem.

Alternative Discoveries

Thankfully, innovative scientists, doctors and researchers have discovered a host of nutrients, minerals, compounds and elements which can greatly enhance your intestinal condition —otherwise known as your microbiome.

Renowned health and wellness author Anthony Williams recently published a set of compelling clinical discoveries in the book Celery Juice: The Most Powerful Medicine of Our Time Healing Millions Worldwide . His reporting reveals that this super food contains pathogen-fighting sodium cluster salts, gut-soothing digestive enzymes, immunity-boosting Vitamin C, endocrine-balancing plant hormones, cofactor micro-trace minerals and more.

Altogether, Williams’ findings champion celery juice as a viable treatment for inflammatory bowel disease because it relieves digestive disorders, provides electrolytes for countering disease, balances blood pressure and adrenal function and flushes toxins from the body.

A Sustainable, Long-term Solution

Never-Ending Plasma Energy Healthy Gut by Plasma Energy Solution allows you to experience the healing properties of celery juice without having to grind down copious amounts of vegetable matter on a daily basis.

Plasma Energy Solution is the principal developer of advanced GANS (gas at atomic nano solid state) technology — and has concentrated the nano-atomic chemical energies of celery juice through a detailed ionization process originally discovered by nuclear physicists.

Never-Ending Plasma Energy Healthy Gut also contains the energies of other foods that are well-known allies of a healthy microbiome including strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, elderberry, tart cherry, cranberry, clove, black pepper, grape seed extract, marshmallow root, licorice and wormwood. Further, Never-Ending Plasma Energy Healthy Gut also contains the plasma energies of intestinally-beneficial minerals such as Zinc, Magnesium, Glucosamine and Glutamine. 

This support for IBD can counter daily stressors and begin to help reverse the pattern of disease from internalizing elements that contribute to an unhealthy microbiome.

This video discusses Never-Ending Plasma Energy Healthy Gut GANS in greater detail

Your Ordering Options for Healthy GANS Products

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Never Ending Plasma Energy Clean Mouth * See our Special Offer at the end of this article.

Clean MouthOne of the newest plasma energy combinations developed by Paul and Lynn is Never Ending Plasma Energy Clean Mouth: You attach this vial to the outside of a container filled with distilled or filtered water and you now have non-toxic Clean Mouth.

Your Clean Mouth vial contains the GANS (Gas in atomic nano solid state) water of copper oxide, and the plasma energy water combination to relieve inflammation and/or infection. The combination of plasma energies in the water in the Clean Mouth vial includes copper oxide, ancient sacred plant, plasma energy station water, calcium, zinc oxide, CO2, CH3, potassium, magnesium, Korean bamboo salt, amino acid, and hemoglobin.

You never open the vial. Place it inside or around a large clear glass or clear plastic jar of distilled or filtered water and you then have a Never Ending supply you can use as mouth wash.

For those of you who like a bit of flavor you can add essential oils such as peppermint, cinnamon and cloves to ‘flavor’ your mouthwash. 



spray-bottle-2754171_1920If you have any issues going on in your mouth take some of the plasma water from inside your large jar and put it into a spray bottle. Keep that handy in your work area and spray your mouth frequently during the day.

You can make your own completely non-toxic tooth paste

toothbrushUsing coconut oil, baking soda, salt and many more ingredients as found online in many recipes. Some people add zeolite, diatomaceous earth and charcoal (a tiny amount of charcoal goes a long ways and you may have to get used to the gray color when you add charcoal). Give your toothpaste the extra boost by adding some Never Ending Plasma Energy Clean Mouth to it.

Why would Lynn do such a thing as make her own toothpaste?

Look at the ingredients in commercial mouthwash and toothpaste….can you pronounce them and do you know what they are? One popular ingredient is used in garage floor cleaner. Read the warning on the tooth paste that if your child swallows it, it’s poisonous. And the fluoride? Do your research and YOU decide!

You can replace the harsh chemicals and alcohol in commercial mouthwash and toothpaste with your own plasma energy balancing never ending supply of mouthwash. Add your favorite essential oil(s) to it such as cloves, peppermint, cinnamon, rosemary or wintergreen for flavor. Paul and Lynn’s toothpaste includes a base of coconut oil with baking soda, zeolite, diatomaceous earth, essential oils, and Clean Mouth plasma water and Plasma Energy Station water. If you can get over the cultural aspect of needing ‘white’ toothpaste you can add a little charcoal (a little goes a long ways). Go online and look at the various recipes. When Lynn makes their toothpaste she mixes everything in her food processor and make a several months’ supply that she keeps in glass jars in the refrigerator.

zahnreinigung-1514693_1920The Holistic Oral Health series brought out that 80% of issues in the body originate in the mouth.

Many issues go all the way back to having wisdom teeth pulled and not debriding and suturing the cavity, therefore leaving the opportunity for infection.

The tubules in the teeth are said to be the size of a tennis court, so there’s plenty of room for an infection to ‘hide.’ This is why Paul recently developed Never Ending Plasma Energy Clean Mouth. Once you make the main jar of Clean Mouth plasma water with your vial, you can use some of that water in a spray bottle and put it where you will use it frequently during the day to swish and help balance the plasma energy in your mouth.


Here is a discussion from this excellent series:

Oral Holistic Health hosted by Jonathan Landman regarding mercury in amalgam fillings with Dr. David Kennedy, DDS, Comparative biochemistry, comparative physiology, Past President IAOMT, Fluoride Gate film; practiced biological dentistry for over 30 years in San Diego:

Jonathan: how did you discover the health dangers associated with mercury fillings?

Dr. Kennedy: it was a combination of many different things over the years. The thunderclap that made me stop using them was the lady with MS who came back and thanked me for helping her recover from MS. It went away after she had got rid of her mercury fillings. I never knew anyone that had MS go away, so that was shocking. I was the officer who cleaned up for the naval clinic. The EPA came out with a standard of 1 as a save level and we were at a level of 100. I realized science had moved on and dentistry had not. I took all the stuff and got it all out of my office. It was a good move. I didn’t know when I started that you have to be extremely safe. I always used rubber dams and there are other protections we use today that are even more important.  In dentistry there is what they call the ‘gag rule’ that you cannot bring up the subject of the safety of amalgam in dental care without expecting the people who have the patent on it –representing the hundred thousand dentists that use it– from criticizing you. The truth was my defense and I kept telling the truth. I never had an action against my license in the 30 years I practiced in California, the most litigious state in the union. That is because we had a cardinal rule in the office—make nobody mad.

Jonathan: I worked with a lot of dentists and I often heard there was a high suicide rate in dentistry. They said it was a stressful profession.

Dr. Kennedy: there is no evidence that stress causes people to kill themselves. There is plenty of evidence that mercury causes depression. There was a huge study in Massachusetts and they took pharmaceutical data from health insurance and calculated what various professions were using as medication. The dentists were using 16 times more psycho active drugs for schizophrenia, depression and so forth. They were compared with someone with an equal, non-mercury-using profession. If you are trying to treat schizophrenia and depression that is the kind of stuff that mercury causes … connect the dots.tooth-3414719_1920

Jonathan: most dentists are unaware of the dangers of fluoride. What woke you up?

Dr. Kennedy: I was writing my book, ‘How to Save your Teeth’, and I got to the chapter on fluoride and I wrote what I had learned in school. I sent that off to a good friend, a physician, and it came back with all these red marks on it. It looked like it was bleeding to death. He said he thought I needed to rethink my position and referred me to a book, ‘Fluoride: the Aging Factor’, by John Yamiano. When I read this, I realized he knew a lot more about fluoride than I did. We became good friends and he was the editor for my book. I used to think fluoridation was good because I was taught that. It is insane. If I wanted you to brush your teeth with arsenic I’m sure that we would get a bunch of phony studies that arsenic would help with tooth decay. There is no evidence that arsenic in the water is going to reduce tooth decay but that is what they are doing with fluoride. It is a phony baloney insane program that uses deadly poison to try to kill the germs that cause tooth decay.

Dr. Kennedy: There are nutrients that will kill those germs, you don’t have to use deadly poison. What idiot would put deadly poison in a child’s mouth? If you listen to the rhetoric about why kids get dental neurosis from dental fluoride they blame the child for drinking fluoridated water or swallowing the toothpaste. Well then don’t put poison in a kid’s mouth or in the food. Use things that are natural like essential oils, salt, and baking soda. These are things you can put in the cookies and the kids don’t die. Putting fluoride in the cookies? It’s insane and it’s there for the people who are making lots of money for the industry that sells toothpaste and it’s good for marketing. If you want toothpaste with the seal of approval from the ADA you cannot get it approved unless it has fluoride in it.

Jonathan: there are simple, scientific ways on how to reverse dental problems. There is a complete disconnect of what you describe about a tube of toothpaste with fluoride but at the back of it in the small print it warns not to swallow it and if so call poison control. How do they get away with this?

Dr. Kennedy: it’s politics and not science. The rules of FDA should have seen a skull and crossbones put on the first tube of fluoridated toothpaste in 1960. There were 10,000 calls to the poison control center year after year by children made sick by this concoction of poisonous material.  In 1997 the FDA put a warning on ‘keep it out of the reach of children.’ The sales continued to go up because people don’t read the fine print. I bought more tubes of tooth paste for the package so I could include it in my books and lectures just for the warnings on them. People don’t read the fine print.brushing-teeth-2351803_1280

Dr. Kennedy: if you put ‘keep out of reach of children under the age of 6’ on a McDonald’s burger do you think McDonald’s would make a big noise? Half their clients are under the age of six. The rule is that insane to put poison in a child’s mouth. Whatever you put in a child’s mouth goes down. Did you ever see a mother move like a shot from a gun if her toddler picks up a penny off the floor? She knows the child is going to swallow whatever goes into the mouth. You don’t put poisons in toothpaste or foreign objects in their mouths. It just isn’t logical.

Dr. Kennedy: Fluoride that is added to the water is industrial waste. The fluoride in toothpaste is a refined product of sodium fluoride, stanis fluoride or sodium monophosphate and all are deadly poisonous. It is more toxic than lead and a little bit less toxic than arsenic. It is not an essential nutrient; it is a deadly poison. They say you can use it topically and then spit it out. Things are absorbed through the mouth into the blood stream. Many drugs are designed to go under the tongue and they get right into the blood stream up to your brain. You cannot put poisonous things in toothpaste; it gets swallowed or absorbed. The same thing is true of your drinking water. They put hazardous waste (fluoride) in your drinking water and you take a shower or a bath and you absorb that through your skin.

Dr. Kennedy: As long as we have contaminated the entire country with fluoride in the drinking water then you get a dose of it when you go to the swimming pool or you sit in a Jacuzzi. Or you have coffee, soup, or tea at the restaurant. Analyze your daily intake and there is substantial exposure. Even the health nuts like myself carry our own water around. This is a crime in our own time; when you put a medication in the public drinking water, the baby gets a dose 5 to 10 higher that will harm that baby. The National Academy of Science identified .03 milligrams as a dose that will harm the thyroid and a baby on a bottle gets 25. Divide 3 into 25 and you get 8. It is 8 times more than is known to harm that baby. That is insane. If I handed out lead wrapped candy to children I’d be arrested for child abuse. You cannot arrest the city for child abuse because they have cleverly written into the law that they are immune as they are the elected officials. It’s true that you can’t sue city hall. They have exempted themselves from the liability clauses the rest of the world has to deal with.

Jonathan: what about gum disease; this is a serious health problem. When did you learn about the biological control for gum disease?

Dr. Kennedy: I have to give Paul Kise credit. Bob Barkley talked about it in 1967. We didn’t know the role the bacteria played. Paul analyzed the bad actors which were the normal flora. They are markedly different. 66% of the adult teeth are lost in the US because of gum disease. It is a superficial infection that begins in childhood. Many years down the road your gums bleed when you floss or brush your teeth or your teeth get loose. As it gets worse you get bad breath and the tooth gets abscessed and it’s an infection. We have DNA and we know it came from your mother or your dog. Kill it—if you know you have an infected fingernail would you look at it until your finger fell off? Heck no, you would figure out what was causing the infection and put some iodine on it.

Dr. Kennedy: That is what we do in the dental office. Identify the cause of infection by looking under the microscope and apply something that kills them. It could be essential oil of oregano, baking soda and salt, iodine that are applied under the gum. There is even an herbal called ‘under the gum.’ We put it under the gum with an irrigator and a canula and we look again to make sure we got it all. That is the most humbling part of the whole thing. I thought I was doing a good job until I got my microscope. Then I realized you cannot do a good job unless you have a microscope. Some of the cases I thought I had done a wonderful job on, I had not. So, do the microscope, kill them, and do the microscope again. Look-disinfect-look.

Dr. Kennedy: Actually you will never kill the oral flora. That is something that people worry about and you cannot do that. They are different on your cheek, different on your tongue, different on the surface of your tooth. The ones we are after that cause gum disease don’t live there. They live in the bottom of the collar around the tooth. That is what we are cleaning out. Unless you come in contact with someone that has those bugs, and I have a lot of wives drag their husbands in. Wives get infected by their husbands and vice versa. Basically you disinfect the family so that all the gum disease stops and they quit carrying that over to their children.

teeth-1670434_1280The foregoing is just a tiny excerpt of the week long workshop.

If you would like a link to more notes from interviews with health professionals regarding oral holistic health plus the Eastern Medicine charts that show the link between problems with the teeth and problems in the body because of shared energy pathways send your request in an email to .

Now perhaps you understand why Paul and Lynn decided it was important to develop the Never Ending Plasma Energy Clean Mouth.

Many people cannot afford the extensive procedures to address mercury in their mouths as well as gum disease or undiagnosed infections. With plasma energy we hope to bring balance to tissues in the mouth and the body along with you practicing good oral hygiene.

If you have gum issues, take some of your Clean Mouth plasma water and put it in a small glass spice jar. Fill the jar 2/3rd full with Clean Mouth plasma water or 1/3rd Plasma Energy Station water, 1/3rd Clean Mouth plasma water and put the final 1/3rd as fractionated coconut oil (or another good quality oil such as almond oil, avocado oil, hemp oil, or olive oil). You will shake the bottle daily and let the oil and plasma water separate. Then put some of the oil on your gums. Especially do this routine if you have root canals–remember all those tubules the size of a tennis court? Is it possible to get all the infection when there is a root canal? Be proactive! Balance the energies in your mouth!

Lynn used the plasma energy water and oil method a couple of years ago when the dental X-ray showed a problem and the verdict was ‘root canal.’ She didn’t want to do that so she began the twice daily application plasma energy water and oil. When she went back to the dentist months later they could not find the trouble spot and were perplexed because she had never gone in to have it treated.

This combination is good to use if you ever react to some foods, like certain nuts, resulting in mouth blisters.

Lynn gets mouth blisters when she eat pecans…..drat! She happens to love pecans and recently had some when she ate some dates stuffed with pecans that a friend had made. She thought she would ‘test’ the Clean Mouth since she swishes several times a day, and in fact she added several squirts from the spray bottle into her glass of plasma energy station water that she drinks throughout the day. Guess what? She did not get blisters from the pecans! Yah Hoo! You are going to want to order some Never Ending Plasma Energy Clean Mouth and add that to your arsenal of things you do for your well-being!

big-2024026_1280Don’t forget about the mouth health of your pets!

They should already be drinking Never Ending Plasma Energy Station water. You can add some of the Clean Mouth Plasma Water to your pets’ drinking bowl. And don’t forget if they have some gum issues you can spray the water in their mouth (well….some pets; my cats will break speed records to get away). But you can put the oil on an applicator and apply it to the teeth and gums.

Special Offer: buy one (1) Clean Mouth for $57 and get a second for a friend or family member for only $30.

Click here to go to our product page to purchase. Add two Clean Mouth products and enter ‘clean mouth’ as the coupon code.  Offer ENDS June 30, 2018.teeth-1652976_1920 Plasma Energy Solution is a private membership association.

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How To Make Pain Pads and Peace Pads


This question was asked about making the pain patches and peace patches.  You use paper towels and plastic baggies with plastic packing tape.  Read the following:

Q: Loved watching your workshop (on YouTube) and hope you could include information about your patches.  (for pain and peace)  What kind of material you use, and how you prepare them.

A: You asked about making pads.  Be sure to read the following pages and watch these videos for more information.

the First Aid Chart

How to Use your Never Ending Plasma Energy Vials

Using Intention

About the Never Ending Plasma Energy Station

plasma energy station patches

Lynn shows some pads made from the energy station water with paper towels.  They have to dry thoroughly and then you package them in pairs.  Package One of the pair is 1/4 of the paper towel that you soaked and dried.  Package Two of the pair is 3/4 of the paper towel that you soaked and dried.  They go into plastic baggies and are taped shut with clear tape and labeled ‘for pain’ or whatever use you made them for.  You always want a gradient so when you place the greater pad on one side of a knee for example, then you have the thinner pad on the other side of the knee.  The plasma energy will seek to balance between the two pads and everything in between.Never Ending Plasma Energy Station Pads and Pain Pads

Some people make the pads and leave them wet and put them in the baggies.  The problem with that is they may mold eventually if they are not completely air tight.  That is why I don’t use the wet pad method.

You will ‘reverse engineer’ the station water with intention.  Take out 1 cup of station water and place in a jar that says CO2 and add distilled or filtered water to the top of the jar.  Let it sit over night.  Do the same with ZnO and every ingredient you want.  Look at the ingredients on the first aid chart (you have a link in this email) and at the ingredients we show on the wrist rings, knee rings and gloves.  Be sure when you make pads or use the station water that you always do so with mindful intention of what you want to accomplish.   The peace formula will always include 50% ZnO, 50% CO2,

For more answers you can listen to the Thursday night call with Tommy Lee (miracle II soap and plasma energy). Many people’s testimonies from the call are on our ‘testimonials’ on the website.

Here is how Bonnie made a peace fan:

Making a Peace Fan from Bonnie:

I did a ping pong ball on a fan last Sept (or AUG) and it has been running 24-7.  My husband drilled a small hole in center to hold the silicon and then we centered the ball and stuck it on with silicon…the hole keeps the silicon from flying off…. it took three tries.

So drill small hole in center thing in fan and then get a wider drill bit roughly 1/2 inch to make a little seat for the ball to be centered. And then silicone to make it stick and leave it untouched for a day.  It has been on since last September I only turned it off twice to clean the fan.

From Mehran Keshe: My call to you, the human race is simple, I have shown you in the past 9 years how to satisfy all your earthly needs with simple methods, and I have written books in simple language that all can understand the principles of the creation as is and not as man has made it to be. I have shown you how to make food from the air, and I have shown you how to create energy and motion using the same systems and knowledge, that through the creation and production of these needs of the man, one does not harm any creation of mine and that he can live in peace and tranquility among the rest of this planets’ beings and in the universal community that the men are ready to enter into.  Now; my call goes today …. to all men and women and children of this planet, that to halt all these madness of the brain of the man of killing and destruction as a solution to solve and attain earthly and others possessions, and for the Man to lay down all tools of destruction and murder, irrespective of who you are, which religion leader you are the leaders of or which religion and path of belief you follow, and which sector of this planet you think you are the ruler of or you live in.



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Something New! Never Ending Plasma Energy Headache Relief

We have added Never Ending Plasma Energy Headache Relief–$77.  You will never have to purchase another bottle of over the counter headache remedy.  So what is in Never Ending Plasma Energy Headache Relief?  This vial contains CO2, CH3, ZnO, Ca, B9, Amino Acids, and hemoglobin plasma energy waters.

Here is how you use the vial.  You never open the vial.  The vial will be placed in or on a large container like a quart jar to which you add distilled or filtered water. Once you charge it overnight you only have to add more distilled or filtered water when the jar is 1/2 full.  Drink plenty of this water when you have a headache or feel a headache coming on.

Here are some more things you can do with the water you have charged with the Never Ending Plasma Energy Headache Relief Vial:

1.  make patches using the water to place in your hat (see the blog on making patches).

2.  soak a scarf in the water to wear.

3.  Make a breathing device with water from your main container that has the vial on it for breathing charged air.  You cannot ‘overdo’ plasma energy because the body will only use what it needs to balance itself and plasma energy is non-toxic.  To make your breathing device buy between 7 and 8 feet of 3/16 – 3/8 vinyl plastic tubing at the hardware store.  Coil it up and place the coil in a clear glass or plastic 1 to 2 quart jar.  Leave both ends of the tubing outside of the jar so only your coils are inside the jar.  One end is the air intake and the other end is the end you place in your mouth for breathing.     Fill the jar with charged water from your main container that has your Never Ending Plasma Energy Headache Relief vial.  Use this breathing device at least 2 hours a day when dealing with a headache.

4.  Make a spray bottle from the water to spray on the headache area of the head.

5.  Drink a lot of this water when a headache occurs.

6. Add an extra rinse cycle when you wash sheets and pillowcases and add one cup of this water to the rinse and let it sit for a couple of hours. Then spin and dry.  You never have to add the water to a rinse cycle again.  Once the plasma energy is in the fabric it does not ‘wash out or wear out.’

7.  IMPORTANT–DO NOT USE THIS WATER IF YOU HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH A BRAIN TUMOR.  CH3 is not used with brain tumors or any tumors.  It is used to enhance the energy of the water and you don’t want to enhance the energy of the tumor.   There are separate waters that are used in that case and you may email us at to inquire about that.

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Who Needs Cold Remedy in the Summer?

Never Ending Plasma Energy Cold Relief

Who Needs Cold Remedy in the Summer?  

Why would anyone need cold remedies in the summer?  Doesn’t every just get colds in the winter?  Paul and I just returned from the G. Edward Griffin’s Red Pill Conference in Bozeman, Montana.  One of the speakers there was coming down with a cold so we gave her some plasma water to help allay the cold.  Anyone who travels by air is almost always going to return home with cold symptoms.

Paul used to have a challenge in the winter with colds as he takes immune suppressants due to a kidney transplant and those winter colds could really hang on.  Last winter he formulated cold relief according to the information shared by Mehran Keshe, the molecular-atomic-nuclear-astro-plasmatic physicist who has developed all the plasma technology and research over the last 30+ years.  Mr. Keshe offers his technology free to any one or any country willing to sign a Treaty of Peace that includes they will not use the technology for harmful purposes.  After waiting for over two years for countries to accept his offer, he made his patented technology free to anyone around the world willing to take the time to study and learn.

Last winter whenever Paul or I felt a cold coming on we just drank the plasma energy cold relief formula.  Neither of us had cold symptoms that lasted more than a few hours.  When we came back from the Red Pill Conference our friend Tracey had a sore throat.  She was given a cold relief vial to charge her water and drank some after an hour or so.  In the morning when she woke up the sore throat she’d had for over a week was gone.

The charged water is suitable for any age group.  Drink the charged water or add it to juice, milk, chicken soup or whatever.  Put some of the water on a paper towel doubled over to the size of a lunch napkin.  Let it dry completely and then cut it so that you have 1/4 as one part one and 3/4 as the part two.  Wrap part one and part two into separate packages. Use a plastic baggie and then tape it shut with clear plastic packing tape.  Put one on the front of your chest and one in a direct line on your back.  Take some of the plasma water and add it to an extra laundry rinse to your clothes, your sheets and your towels and dry the clothes out of doors or in the dryer.  Add a bandana or scarf to the laundry load that you can wear around your neck.  The charged water is suitable for any age group.

Our Never Ending Plasma Energy Cold Relief costs $57.  The vial contains the liquid plasma from the GANS of CO2, CuO2, ZnO, CH3, hemoglobin, Amino Acid and Never Ending Plasma Energy Station water.  It is never opened but it is placed in or on a large glass or plastic container without opening the vial.  Either distilled or filtered water is added to the container.  As you use the water from the container just add distilled or filtered water and let it charge over night and never run out of your supply of Never Ending Plasma Energy Cold Relief.


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About those memory issues:

Do you wonder how you can use the Never Ending Plasma Energy Vials?  They are the four ‘majors’ of plasma energy.  There is on vial each of CO2, CuO (copper oxide), ZnO (zinc oxide), and CH3. There are many uses for the vials in the Plasma First Aid Chart created by Keshe Foundation scientists. See chart below.

never ending plasma vials-basic 4

On a recent Knowledge Seekers Workshop Mr. Keshe described how to  use the ganses for memory and other mental issues.  These include the CO2 and ZnO ganses. Put each vial inside or taped to the outside of separate mason jar, or separate clear plastic or glass ice tea dispenser so you have a good supply of plasma water.  There are even dispenser caps for Mason Jars so you don’t have to remove the lid each time you want to take water our.  Check Walmart and Amazon or your local hardware store for ice tea dispensers.

When Paul or Lynn feel something ‘coming on’ we drink 1/2 cup of the CuO water. Neither of us had any cold symptoms longer than 12 hours this winter. And that’s a real blessing as Paul is on immune suppressants and the winter cold was tough to avoid.

You, your plants, and your pets will all love the same water combination you would make for memory issues. And, if you live near a creek, river, lake or the ocean add some CO2 and ZnO to them to spread the energy of peace.  Last year and this year before the spring run off Paul and I added the same water to the creeks where we are. By now our intention of peace should be at the Gulf of Mexico! People are doing this all around the world. You have heard the pen is mightier than the sword and now we can say that the plasma energy is mightier than the weapons.  When watering your plants don’t forget to spray the leaves as that is where the plants like to receive their nutrients.

Here are suggestions given by Mr. Keshe  in the workshop regarding memory issues and more:  The brain acts like a transformer that is transferring energy to different point such as the arm or even a section that has to do with the emotion of pain or happiness.  All this energy comes through your soul.    The ‘soul’ of the cells in the body  interact with the fields that come from the soul at the point of the transformer (the brain) where there are problems as we see in Alzheimer’s, ALS, MS and even with those children labelled mentally handicapped.  There are several things Mr. Keshe states that he does when working with conditions that are an addition to the CO2 and ZnO  water.

Mr. Keshe suggests taking two to three times the minimum daily requirement (MDR) of the following vitamins and minerals that can be purchased locally or online:   magnesium, folic acid, Omega 3 with EPA, zinc, potassium and calcium.  Mr. Keshe suggested using three times the MDR  of magnesium and folic acid and two times the MDR of  Omega 3 with EPA,  zinc, potassium and calcium.  The body will take what it needs and with these you are connecting the emotion with the body.  All that is being done is the changing of the condition of the environment of the body.  Mr. Keshe suggests drinking the following water:  Morning –100ml of CO2 water followed by 200ml of ZnO water ten minutes later.  Lunch time — 100ml of CO2 water followed by 200ml of ZnO water ten minutes later.  Nighttime — 100ml of CO2 followed ten minutes later with 300-500ml ZnO.  100ml is approximately 3/4 cup.

You can add a 50/50 mixture of the CO2 and ZnO to a nebulizer and breathe it several times a day.  The energy from the lungs provide the energy for the brain.  Some people also use a ‘hookah’ that you can order online very inexpensively.  The plastic tubing that are the air intake and outtake coil through an area where you have the CO2 and ZnO water.  That energizes the air inside the plastic tubing.

You can put a 50/50 mixture of the CO2 and ZnO in a plastic container and hang that container in your bathtub when you bathe to charge the bath water with plasma energy.  Some people who have testimonials on our Testimonials page also pour some of the plasma water directly into your bath.  And don’t forget about doing the same thing in your hot tub or swimming pool!

You are using the vitamins and minerals, plus the water you are drinking, plus the breathing device, plus the bathing as a complete approach.  Every part of this approach is important for changing conditions in the body.  When  you read ‘How to Use your Never Ending Plasma Energy Station you will see more suggestions for helping to change conditions using the CO2 and ZnO plasma waters.Plasmatic first aid chart

Download this plasmatic first aid chart here

For more in depth discussion by Mr. Keshe on the emotions go to


It is important to understand that the Never Ending trademark is reference to the fact that the Plasma Energy emanating from these vials does not deplete over time. The GANS are magnetic fields given off by specific elements, herbs, chemicals, foods and other natural elements that have been condensed down to their fundamental molecular state.  It is your right to educate yourself, to seek helpful information and to make use of it for your own benefit for you and your family.  You are the one responsible for your health in using Never Ending Plasma Energy products.  The views of others and suggestions are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical assistance.  If you have any severe medical conditions you need to speak with the physician of your own choice. We are not medical doctors; we are plasma energy scientists.  We do not claim to cure diseases but simply to help you make physical and mental changes  in order to help change conditions in the environment of your body.