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About those memory issues:

Do you wonder how you can use the Never Ending Plasma Energy Vials?  They are the four ‘majors’ of plasma energy.  There is on vial each of CO2, CuO (copper oxide), ZnO (zinc oxide), and CH3. There are many uses for the vials in the Plasma First Aid Chart created by Keshe Foundation scientists. See chart below.

never ending plasma vials-basic 4

On a recent Knowledge Seekers Workshop Mr. Keshe described how to  use the ganses for memory and other mental issues.  These include the CO2 and ZnO ganses. Put each vial inside or taped to the outside of separate mason jar, or separate clear plastic or glass ice tea dispenser so you have a good supply of plasma water.  There are even dispenser caps for Mason Jars so you don’t have to remove the lid each time you want to take water our.  Check Walmart and Amazon or your local hardware store for ice tea dispensers.

When Paul or Lynn feel something ‘coming on’ we drink 1/2 cup of the CuO water. Neither of us had any cold symptoms longer than 12 hours this winter. And that’s a real blessing as Paul is on immune suppressants and the winter cold was tough to avoid.

You, your plants, and your pets will all love the same water combination you would make for memory issues. And, if you live near a creek, river, lake or the ocean add some CO2 and ZnO to them to spread the energy of peace.  Last year and this year before the spring run off Paul and I added the same water to the creeks where we are. By now our intention of peace should be at the Gulf of Mexico! People are doing this all around the world. You have heard the pen is mightier than the sword and now we can say that the plasma energy is mightier than the weapons.  When watering your plants don’t forget to spray the leaves as that is where the plants like to receive their nutrients.

Here are suggestions given by Mr. Keshe  in the workshop regarding memory issues and more:  The brain acts like a transformer that is transferring energy to different point such as the arm or even a section that has to do with the emotion of pain or happiness.  All this energy comes through your soul.    The ‘soul’ of the cells in the body  interact with the fields that come from the soul at the point of the transformer (the brain) where there are problems as we see in Alzheimer’s, ALS, MS and even with those children labelled mentally handicapped.  There are several things Mr. Keshe states that he does when working with conditions that are an addition to the CO2 and ZnO  water.

Mr. Keshe suggests taking two to three times the minimum daily requirement (MDR) of the following vitamins and minerals that can be purchased locally or online:   magnesium, folic acid, Omega 3 with EPA, zinc, potassium and calcium.  Mr. Keshe suggested using three times the MDR  of magnesium and folic acid and two times the MDR of  Omega 3 with EPA,  zinc, potassium and calcium.  The body will take what it needs and with these you are connecting the emotion with the body.  All that is being done is the changing of the condition of the environment of the body.  Mr. Keshe suggests drinking the following water:  Morning –100ml of CO2 water followed by 200ml of ZnO water ten minutes later.  Lunch time — 100ml of CO2 water followed by 200ml of ZnO water ten minutes later.  Nighttime — 100ml of CO2 followed ten minutes later with 300-500ml ZnO.  100ml is approximately 3/4 cup.

You can add a 50/50 mixture of the CO2 and ZnO to a nebulizer and breathe it several times a day.  The energy from the lungs provide the energy for the brain.  Some people also use a ‘hookah’ that you can order online very inexpensively.  The plastic tubing that are the air intake and outtake coil through an area where you have the CO2 and ZnO water.  That energizes the air inside the plastic tubing.

You can put a 50/50 mixture of the CO2 and ZnO in a plastic container and hang that container in your bathtub when you bathe to charge the bath water with plasma energy.  Some people who have testimonials on our Testimonials page also pour some of the plasma water directly into your bath.  And don’t forget about doing the same thing in your hot tub or swimming pool!

You are using the vitamins and minerals, plus the water you are drinking, plus the breathing device, plus the bathing as a complete approach.  Every part of this approach is important for changing conditions in the body.  When  you read ‘How to Use your Never Ending Plasma Energy Station you will see more suggestions for helping to change conditions using the CO2 and ZnO plasma waters.Plasmatic first aid chart

Download this plasmatic first aid chart here

For more in depth discussion by Mr. Keshe on the emotions go to


It is important to understand that the Never Ending trademark is reference to the fact that the Plasma Energy emanating from these vials does not deplete over time. The GANS are magnetic fields given off by specific elements, herbs, chemicals, foods and other natural elements that have been condensed down to their fundamental molecular state.  It is your right to educate yourself, to seek helpful information and to make use of it for your own benefit for you and your family.  You are the one responsible for your health in using Never Ending Plasma Energy products.  The views of others and suggestions are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical assistance.  If you have any severe medical conditions you need to speak with the physician of your own choice. We are not medical doctors; we are plasma energy scientists.  We do not claim to cure diseases but simply to help you make physical and mental changes  in order to help change conditions in the environment of your body.