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A BIOWEAPON Developed Via a Digital SIMULATION-Dr. David Martin and Mike Adams

Dr. David Martin and Mike Adams’ notes from Covid vaccine mRNA code is a BIOWEAPON developed via a digital SIMULATION

12:59 minutes:

All comments are made by Dr. David Martin unless indicated otherwise.

Look at the conditions that give the rise to authorization of the ‘vaccine.’  A mandate for and EUA (emergency use authorization) has to live in the mandate of no clinical alternative. We know they stacked the deck and the FDA refused to consider any meaningful alternative to any vaccine.  All the work on all the other compounds….all the evidence was suppressed so the only path forward was vaccines. We know this from the public records…

We have this bizarre (situation) of was this an extension of an EUA or was it an approval?  There is something very bizarre that the law does not allow: there are no provisions that say we can have our cake and eat it too.  We either have an approved vaccine, in which case Moderna and J&J need to be shut down immediately because the EUA doesn’t support it, or it is still an EUA in which case we don’t have an approval…

In the case of the FDA and the CDC they have decided that they unilaterally preempt the 3 branches of government—the executive, legislative and judicial.   What they are doing is in clear violation of federal statutes.  If we go back to the beginning of this pandemic we clearly have antitrust laws that were the prerequisite for the pandemic to exist.  If we didn’t have anti-trust violations which are like funding the creators of the pathogen in Wuhan, funding the pathogen creators at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill which are well-documented.  We have a closed shop which is actually building the weapon.

Then we have a captured regulatory environment which have interlocking directorates which are essentially insiders both trading on and benefitting from inside information.  Fauci told the world that Moderna would be the ‘front horse in the race’ even though Moderna had never produced a single product anywhere….this was a ‘jump’ before we even knew what the pathogen was.

We have a whole bunch of these pieces of the puzzle that establish this was based on a crime.  As I have often stated the bioweapons case is open and shut. In January a foreign entity in the form of China uploaded a computer simulation of a virus—not a biologic sample or a specimen.  They uploaded a computer generated sample of a pathogen. 

Here is why that is important. Under the biological and chemical weapons laws in the United States if you provide the means of manufacturing a bioweapon, something that you know to harm humanity, you have already violated the law.  Period.  That is not my opinion; that is what the law states.  So here we have a whole bunch of laws that were broken and all along the way there has been a willful contempt for the legislative branch.  We have laws and they are clearly on the books and they have been clearly violated. There is no provision anywhere that says that those laws don’t apply during an emergency.  That is part 1.

Part 2 is equally important:  we now have these extra-judicial, extra legislative and extra executive –these bodies called the FDA and the CDC who are essentially saying we are going to willfully break the law.

Mike: The CDC now says they have power over every rental contract in America because people are involved in rent and ‘people might spread the virus.’  People are involved in everything.  Does the CDC proclaim itself to be the dictator of all human activity?

David: the answer to that is ‘yes.’  Somehow or other the CDC has found itself mysteriously inside the interstate commerce clause.  As you and your listeners probably know, the one thing that made America work from a legislative standpoint is the commerce clause. That is why almost every law that we have has written into it, because it affects interstate commerce…therefore that is where the provision of the law lives. The funny thing is that what the CDC is doing is actually taking the very fundamental legal structure that makes the federated states work, which is the commerce clause, and assuming that it lives inside that protection which says we by fiat can make any determination – we can tell you where you can go, what you can sing or not sing, how you can assemble, how you can fly, how you can drive …

They have absolutely no legal authority to do that and they have been given carte blanche permission to walk over the rights of every American…not a single case has brought up that this is predicated upon criminal acts done by that organization. This is organized crime. 

30.53 minutes

David: let’s go to the second part of your question which is a much darker question—what is really the agenda?  The fact of the matter is … you cannot manufacture a bioweapon and not say that you are not trying to kill people.  That is what a bioweapon is for. The weaponization of the corona virus which officially started in 1999, when Anthony Fauci came up with this brilliant idea that he could come up with an infectious, replication defective form of corona virus. He paid researchers at the University of NC, Chapel Hill, to invent a pathogen that did not exist. 

That is the reason that I am very careful with the language that I use.  I am not saying a ‘virus’ and I am not saying a ‘vaccine’ for a good reason.  We are not talking about a virus, we are talking about an engineered pathogen.  We are not talking about a vaccine, we are talking about the introduction of a computer simulated code in the form of mRNA; it is a computer code not to stimulate your immune system, but to turn your body into a factory producing S1 spike proteins similar to those found in corona virus. 

Listen again: you are not injecting a piece of a virus, you are not injecting a viral fragment, you are injecting a code to make your body produce a pathogen and then you are hoping that the pathogen your body produces also elicits an immune response.  This is structurally so important for people to understand.  The code that is injected in your body, between January 12 and January 20, 2020, that code was uploaded from a simulated server that was a simulation of the spike protein mRNA.

It was given to the Vaccine Research Council.  Kizzy Corbett, the doctor who made this stuff, in all the stuff submitted to the CDC and with all the stuff submitted to the FDA and Kizzy Corbett said and I am quoting from her interview with Frances Collins: it’s really cool, because you don’t even need much of a lab.  You can build one of these on your computer at home. That is an admission of biological warfare.

Mike: that is extraordinary. There is cognitive dissonance with so many mainstream doctors who will say what you just explained ‘could not be’ and all kinds of justifications for not believing that.  You ask them what the antigen target is that is described by the mRNA instructions  and they will say it’s the spike protein sub-unit. Then you ask them what are the vascular effects of the spike protein sub-unit?  If they have done any research they will say that it causes widespread vascular damage. How can you not realize that these are instructions to tell the body to build pathogenic particles that will cause harm.

David: this is willful ignorance in this case. What they know is that because of the regulatory capture and because of the most recent form of this probably cannot be…laid at Obama’s feet alone because this has gone on during the Bush administration and before that.  We cannot make this an Obama only story but we can say that Obama care and the union federation consolidation of healthcare into managed care structures certainly crescendoed with what happened with Obama.

Go back to 2001 and this lays at the foot of George Bush; go to 1986 and it lays at the foot of Ronald Reagan. We have to be honest with this—this is not one party or the other. This is actually a fundamental failure of our government system.

What has happened is that we have turned healthcare in the main in America to essentially the retail front door of the pharmaceutical industry. Go to any clinic, any doctor anywhere and try to get out the door without being told that you need something for ‘something.’

What are your thoughts?

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