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Has a Worst Case Scenario Arrived?

Dr. Malone Talks About Pivoting To Treatments That Have Been Blocked

0910-2021-Steve Bannon and Dr. Robert Malone

Steve Bannon: Dr. Malone we start today with Stephanie at MSNBC and Erin Burnett’s meltdown last night and we just had Fauci. The reason we wanted to is that you are such a voice of reason. Can you please tell us what the hell is going on here sir?

Dr. Malone: you are right: we have seen a progression of increasingly desperate and abrupt rollouts of information beginning with Pfizer’s alert a couple of weeks ago that they think we are going to have to have a booster after 6 months and Fauci reprimanding them and then the government flip-flopping and saying we were going to have to have boosters for Pfizer recipients after 6 months in elderly and ‘compromised.’  Then the bomb dropped last night and I am afraid that it’s precisely what I have been concerned about and what I have spoken about on two different podcasts yesterday.

It is pretty ironic that what Fauci says is that the nasal titers are the same in vaccine recipients and the unvaccinated.  That is selective disclosure.  Nasal titers are a very poor indicator as opposed to blood based titers of infectious viruses.  What NBC news dropped yesterday was the statement sourced from ‘an unnamed government official’ that the titers in the vaccinated are actually higher than in the unvaccinated.  What does this mean and why do we suddenly see this kind of frantic scramble?

This is precisely what one would see if antibody enhancement was happening.  What is antibody enhancement?  Briefly it is that the vaccine causes the virus to become more infectious than would happen in the vaccination and would cause the virus to replicate at higher levels than in the absence of infection. This is the vaccinologists’ worst nightmare and it happened with the Respiratory Sentitial Virus in the 1960s and caused more child deaths in the vaccine recipients than the unvaccinated. 

It happened with the Dengue (Fever) vaccine. And it has happened with virtually every other corona virus vaccine in development programs certainly in humans, known in history and is what the vaccinologists like myself have been warning about since the outset—the risk of antibody enhancement. 

Why would it first show up in Pfizer?  We don’t actually have the data but in the first principles, the Pfizer dose is about 1/3rd of the Moderna dose.  It is likely as an RNA vaccine to express a much less spike for a shorter period of time than you see with a recombinant adenoviral vaccine like Johnson and Johnson. 

We now know that the Pfizer protection is waning at 6 months and what the data seems to suggest is that those who received Pfizer which is probably the least immunogenic of the three in terms of durability and length of protection.  People that are now in the waning phase to the immune response of the Pfizer vaccine seem to be getting infected. Notice that I keep talking about Pfizer and not the other 2.  This is exactly what you would anticipate: the window to greatest susceptibility to antibody-dependent enhancement is in this long tapering phase as the vaccine response declines.

I think Dr. Fauci is being very disingenuous.  I don’t know what else to say—we can say he is lying or whatever. I am now accused of being an anti-vaxxer and promoting disinformation.  But to my eyes, the government is obfuscating what is happening here.  I don’t mean to sound alarmist, but what seems to be rolling out is the worst case scenario where the vaccine in the waning phase is causing virus to replicate more efficiently than it would otherwise which is what we call antibody dependent enhancement.  People have been warning about this since the outset of this rushed vaccine.

Steve Bannon: I want to go back just to make sure that this is understandable to people. I say this every time: you are not an antivaxxer; you have dedicated your entire life to safe vaccines, both as researcher, inventor and commercial opportunities and government work.  Your entire life is in support of trying to get vaccines that help mankind, correct?

Dr. Malone: I am the opposite of an anti-vaxxer—I am a true believer. But I also am committed to safety and good science.

Steve: you have warned about this and you say that we are in the worst possible situation in which (layman’s term) the way this vaccine was rolled out is that it actually exacerbates susceptibility to the virus, especially mutations.

Dr. Malone: the mutations are another set of misleading statements from Dr. Fauci. The escape mutants that are escaping vaccine selected pressure are most likely developing in the people that have been vaccinated, not in the unvaccinated.  So, that is just another convenient lie.  But antibody dependent enhancement can be influenced by escaped mutants.  But I suspect what the data are suggesting if they are validated—why do we have this NBC report from an ‘unnamed government source’?  It is easy enough to get titers in patients that have been vaccinated versus those that have not been vaccinated and that are infected with SARS COV-2 and in this case, Delta variant.

If those data verify that the titers are high in the blood with those that have been vaccinated compared to those that have not been vaccinated, that would be the smoking gun to demonstrate antibody dependent enhancement of virus replication and that would typically correlate with disease. So, that is where we are –these preliminary signals being disclosed by ‘unnamed government officials’ suggest that we are there in the worst case scenario that the vaccine community has been warning about since the beginning of the outbreak because it has been the history of all other corona virus vaccine development programs in humans and in most of the animals.

So, I don’t know what else to say—this is another one of those ‘looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, so it’s probably a duck, but we have to prove it.

Steve: if you are down in the National Security Council Room today and Fauci and these guys are having a discussion and they come around the table and you see the evidence as you think it is, what is your recommendation to the task force about what needs to be done now, both from practical actions and messaging? Let’s take actions first—what would you recommend they do right away?

Dr. Malone:  if the data are consistent with ADE (antibody dependent enhancement) we have to stop the vaccine campaign.  We have to pivot expediting as much as possible drug treatments which have been largely blocked and suppressed at the FDA level particularly with repurposed drugs.  It is not just my experience with the ____ that this is happening. I hear it again and again from other sources that they are working on ‘drugs.’ Unless they are part of the active trials sponsored by the NIH trials they are really …

Steve:…hang on, you said that and it’s so powerful but Biden is going up on stage tomorrow and saying all 4 million government employees have to get vaccinated. This is a catastrophe and you are hearing from the individual who invented mRNA (Dr. Malone) and has dedicated his life to vaccines. He is the opposite of an anti-vaxxer.  


Can Super Immune Support and

Pine Plus Support Help?

Lynn has recently introduced these new Never-Ending Plasma Energy combinations along with Super Immune With Pine Plus Support.  Here is what she heard from someone in the healing arts recently:

0909-2021- I spoke today with someone who works in energy therapy.  Following is information regarding the transmission from the vaxxed to the non-vaxxed.

Notes regarding spike proteins destroying mRNA from Lxxxxx:

Hi Lynn, I just want to give you a heads up on the covid things that I am finding.  I can ask the computer (Scio) if people have had the covid 19 flu virus, it will tell yes or no.  If yes, I ask if they have the antibodies.  If they have had the flu, it will say yes.  I am now looking to see if their RNA is bad.  Some people are showing unraveling of RNA and have not had the jab. Why?  The vaccinated are now infecting the unvaccinated.  How sad.  Soon none of us will be normal. 

I ask the computer if their body has been infected by the S1 spike protein.   I have a friend in Colorado; we’ve been trying to figure this out.  People’s RNA is unraveling.  The spike protein is eating up all their Aminos (protein)>  The computer is seeing a need for Aminos.  The computer said the spike protein was destroying the body. I asked if turpentine would cause the spike protein to self-destruct.  It said yes.  So that is in essence, pine water.  Lxxxxx

Lxxxxx asked Lynn if one drinks the Pine Plus Support water every day would it have a protective effect?

Lynn responded she is drinking both Pine Plus Support and Super Immune Support. Then Lxxxxx checked Lynn on her computer and her response was “looks like it is working.  You (Lynn) show no effects from the covid flu or spike protein.”

What are your thoughts?

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