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Now More Than Ever You Will Want Plasma Energy Solution Combinations as Supply Chains Start to Unravel

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0927-2021-Stew Peters and Dr. Jane Ruby on Q and A:

Why Do Some Vaccinated People have Horrible Side Effects but Others Do Not?

Dr. Ruby: that is an important question and I get it quite often. It is important to know I have directed people before and I want people to go to and look up the number to the Pfizer trial, for example.  They comprise the bulk of the injections right now.  In that protocol they have filed with the federal government you will see a number of different ‘arms.’

All 3 phases of 1, 2, and 3 are happening right now. We told you that if you take one of these jabs you are in the trialand you are.  But you are not going to know which phase of the trial you are in because they are doing all 3 phases at once.  That is illegal according to FDA regulations and it is dangerous because Phase 1 data is supposed to feed into Phase 2.

Each subsequent phase uses the information from the previous one to build on itself.  But getting back to this protocol in you will see if you dig in to it that there are different dosages and yes there is an arm of placebo. We don’t know what percentage or proportions of the jabbed are going to fall into any one of these.  We call them arms which is like a pathway of different dosages, different numbers of people in those ‘lanes.’  We call them arms of the study.

There are different arms of the study for 5 mcg of the mRNA, 10 mcg (micro grams) of the mRNA, 20 mcg and 30 mcg.  I also want to warn people that in this booster series coming up there are 2 arms of the study that will also include 100 mcg.  And in the company’s recent release of the document that reveals all the information supposedly redacted…and we have spoken to Karen Kingston…there is also reference to 250 mcg

It’s the ‘bottom of the hill’ and the ‘top of the hill’ and because these companies are dishonest, fraudulent and not disclosing what they should be, we don’t know who is getting what, and where and when.

Stew: so obviously, different reactions for different people.  Even if you and I both get 10 mcg of something your body is going to react differently than mine is. So obviously that comes in to play as well, I would imagine.

Dr. Ruby: yes, there is that, so essentially it is a Russian roulette of dosage.  You don’t know what you are getting. It’s terrible…no informed consent.



Three States with Highest Vaccination Rates See Shocking Effects of Vaccine

With all of the know-it-all celebrities, big corporations, and even our own government pushing vaccinations on us with unrelenting force, there is still new information from gathered data and studies that show it’s not as effective against the virus as they were hoping for.

In all honesty, the data seems to point more toward the opposite direction and could actually cause more problems than it solves.

Some of the latest data shows that in the states where the highest percentage of their residents received the shot and are fully vaccinated, there were the highest increases in COVID cases.

The shot isn’t preventing the spread of the illness, but it seems to possibly be doing the opposite.

One of the states that have had the best numbers with COVID recently is Texas. It is a more conservative state with a much lower percentage of vaccinated individuals.

There have also been many people coming over the border without the vaccine, and yet the number of those sick in Texas has not been greatly increasing, as it has in Maine, Vermont, and New York.

Vermont, leading the country with the highest vaccination rate of 71% (fully vaccinated) had a 34% increase rate in COVID cases last week.

Maine is another state that has the highest vaccination rate of 68% (fully vaccinated). It also saw a record-high 100% increase rate of COVID cases last week.

New York happens to be ranked 8th with a vaccination rate of 62% fully vaccinated. The rate of increase in new cases over the past week reached 43%.

It is easy to see what is going on when someone just takes the time to look at those states with the most vaccinated individuals and those with the fewest, and the COVID stats in each of them.

My opinion is that this experiment failed and all it has done is to cause more people to get the virus. We practically had the thing under control then they pushed and pushed the vaccinations to the point that thousands have died and more have still contracted the virus.

0929-2021-Thomas Renz Gives Medicare Jabbed Death Stats

(Natural News) Critical information exposing vaccine genocide is now emerging. Attorney Thomas Renz presented this bombshell information at the Clay Clark ReAwaken America Tour event in Colorado Springs this last Saturday.

The following text is sourced from the description to his video as well as LifeSiteNews which has covered these shocking revelations:

Thanks to a Whistleblower that came forth to Attorney Thomas Renz, the public is now seeing, for the first time ever, hard data from the largest database available in the U.S. to study the COVID-19 impact including deaths & injuries; The CMS Medicare Tracking System.

During an extraordinary speech at Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour, Attorney Thomas Renz shocked the crowd of thousands in attendance and millions watching via livestream as he revealed:

That data from the Medicare Tracking System reveals that 19,400 people less than 80 years old have died within 14 days of receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine.

In addition, 28,065 people have died that are over the age of 80 within 14 days of receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

The Total number of American Citizens that died within 14 days of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is 48,465 according to hard data revealed in the Medicare Tracking System.

Fact Checking: the following numbers are from this 18.1%:

18.1% of Americans are on Medicare; that is 59,400,000 Million people 

  • 19,400 under age of 80 died within 14 days of getting vaxxed
  • 28,065 over age of 80 died within 14 days of getting vaxxed
  • 14 days is important—if you die within 14 days are NOT considered vaccination. 
  • Total dead 48,465 … CDC says no one is dying from the vaccine

Raw data presented from Medicare servers; he has the screen shots, the algorithms used to analyze the raw data. 

Remdesivir: deaths recorded in CMS 2021, Remdesivir causes kidney failure.

  • 25,9% Remdesivir patients died; 46% of those died within 14 days of Remdesivir treatment.
  • 7,960 beneficiaries prescribed Remdesivir for COVID=19
  • 2,058 beneficiaries died.
  • Remdesivir Clinical Trial: “serious adverse events were reported in 131 of the 532 patients who received Remdesivir (24.6%).

Ivermectin safety profile:

  • All patients:  142,778 prescribed, 5,093 died which is 3.5%
  • COVID patients:  44,709 prescribed; 3,238 died which is 7.2%
  • Average cost per patient is $24: average Remdesivir is $2,340 to $3,120 for one 5-day treatment.

NIH is an investigatory drug for COVID.  Hospitals are lying.   This is on the NIH website.

HCQ—511,698 people treated and the cost $29 in 2021, COVID and other patients.

They say there are no side effects: FDA PLANS on using CMS data for COVID-19 vaccine RCA—reporting adverse vaccine effects.  The data just shown is CMS. They are monitoring CMS.

List of side effects—they have NO CODE for COVID vaccine injuries or deaths—at 14 minutes. The hospital gives you codes for whatever you are there for.

FDA gave a list of side effects.  These vaccines are safe and effective?  There is a list of New York side effects only.  See the list at 15.30 minutes. 

1002-2021-Dr. Carrie Madej (CM) and Stew Peters (SP)

SP: you sent these images to the show and I was creeped out.  I don’t know what I am looking at.

CM: in July a local lab in Georgia asked me to examine contents of a vial they had received.  It was fresh and had been partially used, but because it was the end of the day it was going to be discarded. (Moderna) I was there to witness that and to put some of the contents on a slide to look at under a compound microscope.  Nothing was added, nothing was diluted, no human tissue was added and only the white light from the microscope.  Over time that day the contents became warmer because it was no longer refrigerated.

First it looked translucent.  Over a 2 hour period colors appeared and there was no chemical reaction.  I had never seen anything like this. There was brilliant blue, royal purple, yellow and green.  I didn’t know what these colors were.  After investigating more I learned that super conductor material can do this when white light is emitted to it.  The super conductive material would be something like the injectable computing system. 

There were more and more fibers appearing and some had a cube structure on them. I am not sure what that was. (3.55 minutes photo).  There were metallic fragments (3.58 minutes). They were more exotic and not metallic fragments I am used to seeing. They are opaque.  We put a cover slip on the glass slide.  All these particulates started moving to the edge and they were self-assembling and things were growing (4.22 minutes).

There was one particular object or organism that had tentacles coming from it and it was able to lift itself off of the glass slide. (4.38 minutes) at the edge of the cover slip.

SP: it was alive?

CM: yes, it appeared to be self-aware and able to grow or move in space.  All I can tell you is this is not something they taught in medical school. It is like nothing in my laboratory or nothing that I have seen before.  I have shown this to others and they don’t know what it is either.  When I first saw this, I kept looking at this over and over with a colleague.  We both thought it appeared like it was self-aware and knew we were watching it.  It was an intuition or a feeling of mine. It was very upsetting. After 2 To 2.5 hours the slide was destroyed. 

CM: then I thought that maybe that was a fluke and just that one vial. Recently the lab got more vials from the same manufacturer but not the same batch, of course.  I did another slide for the microscope and another one of those tentacle-like structures (5.57 minutes) appeared. This was completely under the cover slip on the slide so there was no movement on the edge.  But, I couldn’t believe I saw another one. The same colors and fibers appeared over time (6.14 minutes).

CM: if I do this again I need to get a video from them; there was motion that you could see on the video.  This was very concerning. I was also able to look at the contents of a Johnson & Johnson vial and there was definitely a substance that looked like graphene.  They all have graphene-like structures in them (6.42 minutes) and whether or not they were, I don’t have the ability of testing them nor does this lab. That is what they appeared to be. That had fatty substances like a sticky glue-like substances that would be considered to be hydrogel in both of them.  (6.51 minutes) 

CM: that means that they are lying to us about the J&J not having the nano-lipied  particles or anything of that substance in it, and it does.  In J&J the colors also appeared and they were different.  They were like a fluorescent pastel color.  Again there were a lot of synthetic structures (7.15 and 7.18 minutes). The J&J structures were more spherical. (7.27 minutes).

CM: I am describing what I am seeing, but I have never seen these structures before (7.33 and 7.38 minutes). They are not supposed to be in these injections falsely called vaccines. What are these going to do a child?  I started crying when I saw these the second time I saw them because it was confirmation of what I saw the first time.

SP: if I were looking under a microscope at something that I was told was a vaccine to promote health and safety and some tentacled, aware, equipped creature started moving I would probably run out of the laboratory. That is just me.  I am not scared of a lot, but that is scary if that is going into the blood of global citizens. And, you are right they want to push this into our children.

CM: yes, this is 400 times magnification so we don’t have more information than that. People need to really, really, really stop and think about what is happening right now. It doesn’t make sense.  If it doesn’t make sense don’t rush to a decision that you could regret. Something is not right in the world and to me it’s spiritual warfare.  Looking under the microscope it is absolutely clear.  Doing this inspires me to make more videos if the lab can get more samples and to do them in real time so you can actually see what we are doing and have proof of what is happening. This is what we are seeing.

CM: I don’t think you need a science background when you see what is under the microscope.  You can see that this is not right for this to be injected into human beings especially children.

SP: when you first started talking about this self-aware whatever it is that lifted itself up off the glass slide, you mentioned something about an injectable computing system. What do you make of that?

CM: when colors just appeared in the solution and there was no color and then all of a sudden there was the most brilliant blue, the most brilliant purple, yellow that appeared more and more over time I have never seen anything be able to do that unless you added another substrate for a chemical reaction. It has to react with something.

CM: I didn’t know what could do that so I started talking to nanotech engineers and genetic engineers and they told me that the only thing they knew that could do that a white light.  A white light did hit that because the microscope has a white light.  A white light over time will make the reaction on super conducting materials.  And superconducting is like an injectable computing system.  So this is where the electronic components can now become visible under white light.  You know where they are. This is proof that they are putting an operating system inside of people. This happened in both the Moderna and J&J samples that we observed.

CM: we are getting pieces of evidence one by one.  But everything is pointing to the very ominous –this is the beginning of the transhumanism. This is the beginning of surveillance and spying on people.  Bill Gates said he is doing this right now in West Africa.  People need to remember the Bill Gates Foundation and GAVI…somebody is testing MC and artificial intelligence programs on the people in West Africa with the Covid injections.  They are given a digital ID and they can only get their monetary funds through the digital ID and MC. There is no other way…no cash, no nothing. All their medical records and everything are downloaded in this digital format in their body.  They said in this research experiment they are doing on these people that if this hydrogel substance is inside of them they could use it for police surveillance,

CM: it is going to start being used for surveillance.  They have been doing this on these people since July of 2020. They have said that once they have it perfected they would like to unveil it to all the developed nations. What are they calling this?  The Wellness Pass and this is also known as the Vaccine Passport.  So how are they doing that?  They have to put something inside your body to be able to monitor you and know everything that you are doing.

CM: people need to wake up; what could they put inside your body for that to happen?  How would they do it?  Gates is already admitting to us how he is doing this and how he wants to do it.  How much does it take?  I don’t know.  I just know that I am seeing these things with my own eyes and they are things that don’t make sense. They are things that look like they already have the start of something (13.00 minutes) as the start of artificial intelligence inside the human body. We know that people in charge are not trustworthy at all.

They lied to us many times.  The manufacturers have lied to us many times.  This is the time we don’t take this oppression and suppression.  We are better than that.  We are children of God if we choose to be. I, for one, will not stand for it.

SP: so you have examined things under microscopes before and you know what you are doing with the microscope.  These multiple vials that you examine – you have kept track of the chain of custody and nothing was inserted in these things before you were able to look at them?  This is genuinely the contents that are found in multiple lots of the Moderna and the J&J vials?

CM: yes, at least 3 batches.

SP: that is awful; it is horrific. I can understand why you cried. Thank you so much.  When you do have those videos we trust that you will come back here to share them. People need to know what is being pushed on them and that is not just your everyday run-of-the-mill health and wellness prevention. There is none of that going on here.

CM: thanks and I’m happy to come on and share more as I get more information. 

SP: what we have heard Carrie Madej is horrific and alarming.  And, we have to worry about being around people who have already had the injection because of transmission and shedding.  You have to stay healthy.  Dr. Zev Zalenko has saved the lives of many in upstate NY and is a genius, boasting over a 99% recovery rate of all the high-risk Covid patients that he treated. You can find his Zstack protocol at You have to stay healthy and early treatment is the key.      

1004-2021-Dr. Palevsky, Dr. Northrup and Dr. Madej

Dr. Madej: I got verifiable samples of some Moderna vials.  The vials were at room temperature and I looked at contents under the microscope.  First I noticed that there were colors that appeared…there is a translucent nature to the liquid and as time progressed I started to see brilliant colors that I had never seen before. There was no chemical reaction and no human tissue was added. 

Then I was told by some genetic and nanotech engineers that would be analogous to super conducting material.  In other words it is an injectable computer system and when the white light of the microscope hits them it makes the electronic components appear.  I saw Morgellons-like fibers and grapheme-like materials.  What I saw that was most concerning the first time I was looking at Moderna under the microscope was this tentacle spider, scorpion looking creature.  It was ‘alive’ and it was at the edge of the glass cover slip.  It lifted itself up off the glass slide and one of the tentacles moved and it was pointed up to the eyepiece of the lens of the microscope.  It felt like it was self-aware.  I thought it was a fluke.

2 months later there was another batch of the Moderna and the same thing appeared under the coverslip on the glass slide on the microscope. I showed these things on Stew Peters and several people contacted both of us telling us that this tentacle creature was like ‘this creature’ or ‘this creature.’ One of them was called ‘hydra vulgaris.’  I had not heard of that. 

It is one of the 7 model organisms and therefore the key that people in genomics and trans-humanism really love. This one is ‘immortal’ and does not die. It continually creates its stem cells. It can also regenerate innumerable times.  It can regenerate so well that if it is put into a blender and ends up in tiny pieces, when it is put in a petri dish, it reassembles itself, but miniaturized. 

UC Davis is looking into this and works with the NIH with the Hydra 2.0 taking on the human 2.0 title. They thought it was wonderful to use this in the evolvement of humanity.  At the bottom of the UC Davis biology department website describing this hydra vulgaris they have a ‘hydra playing card.’ They have 131 hydra playing cards; this is not a study card. At the bottom of the playing card, it says “hail Hydra.”  Have you ever heard of Hail Hydra?   I hadn’t and someone told me it was from the Marvel characters-the evil Nazi group that was able to get hold of an organism to be injected into a person that would take over its brain and be connected to an AI program.  That is predictive programming.

This is a college program with the Dept. of Biology.  There are also a lot of studies done with this organism and nanobots and gold and metal particles. This is definitely a key.  I was stumped by this thing so viewers of the Stew Peters show sent some helpful information. 

When people described the hydra vulgaris they described it as a stalk that had adhesive glue on its base where it could stick. I did see that on the first one I say and it had the adhesive base and could put itself up and wave in the air.  I was told it does not have a brain, but it has a neural network. It can still interact.  That reminds me of what Elon Musk said.  He would like his neural-linked project to make a neural network in the brain and he said this was going to happen very quickly. So this organism has the potential of doing that as well as the potential of miniaturizing or expanding itself. When I was looking at it, the tentacles have the ability to put a stinging, paralyzing agent in their tentacles.

Dr. Palevksy: in medicine and science when you have an observation someone should be curious enough to say, is this re-producible? If a physician found this and other people have noticed things swimming around in the liquid, such as Dr. Robert Young has seen this and talked about a parasite and graphene oxide and aluminum that he has found in the shots.  Shouldn’t someone be curious and utilize the scientific method?  Shouldn’t we look at it further to see if there are things in these shots and especially because no one is overlooking the manufacturing?  And, the manufacturers have full immunity to any liability….and people are getting sick, over 15K deaths have been reported to VAERS, and over 750K adverse events have been reported to VAERS, and over 1600 fetal deaths as of Sept 10, 2021, have been reported to VAERS.  All of these may only account of only 1% of the total deaths, adverse events and fetal demises. The numbers are much greater.

Dr. Northrup: that is the whole problem from day one.  We would post things such as increasing Vit D and Vit C and don’t wear masks because that increases oxygenation. Someone in California has stated that wearing the masks cause some enzymes not to work. Now I am listening to Dr. Ryan Cole talking about how the mRNA can get into cells because they changed one base pair so that it overcomes the ‘toll receptors.’ They have hijacked that and the innate immune system in those who have gotten the shot have become compromised. 

Dr. Northrup: They are seeing many more cases of cancer, people who were in remission are having the cancer come back. They are seeing far more cases of shingles.  Remember back in the day in medical school when you saw shingles in immune-compromised people who tended to be older.  Now you are seeing shingles in 9-year-olds. That is just the immunity.  What you are talking about Carrie, is beyond creepy.  I keep thinking there has to be a way to kill those suckers.

Dr. Northrup: I have been conversing with Gene Decode who has the Morgellons’s protocols for using MMS, a mud mix of diatomaceous earth, activated charcoal and the gall bladder liver cleanse along with the salt water seaweed cleanse.  These will all be available on his website blessedforservice.orgin the next week or so. He said in his own body if you do an organic alfalfa hay bath…get a bale of it…and get in a bath with the hay. I understand it is a mess.

Dr. Northrup: Gene talks about ‘spiders’ and it sounds like what you are seeing.  The AI fibers, the Morgellons fibers, the ‘spiders’ will leave the human body and go to the alfalfa because they are looking for magnesium which is in chlorophyll.  You do that for 20 minutes and you dunk your head.  You can see them with a black light.  My trainer did this and there was one AI fiber that was looking ‘alive’ and it looked like a grapheme oxide chain.

Dr. Northrup: You take a shower with Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap, which is a universal antidote.  After that you have to put on gloves and take the hay and put it all into a big trash bag, strip the gloves off and put that in the garbage bag.  You don’t want those things getting back inside you.  Then you clean the tub with diatomaceous earth and activated charcoal.  I haven’t done this a night yet. I think at this point because of our water, chemtrails and being around people who have had the shot chances are good that we all have these things in us.  The question would be how many? 

Dr. Northrup: can you get hold of a booster and do the same thing you did?

Dr. Madej: the booster shot is the same thing. They are no different. I think over time they may have tweaked the ingredients.  I have seen the reactions change when people get the shots. There is no difference between a booster and the first shots.  And I haven’t seen any difference in the child doses and the adult doses.

Dr. Palevsky: you are going to see a 10lb. baby get the same dose as a 20lb baby.

Dr. Madej: I just want to caution everyone; these manufacturers are lying and I saw the J&J shot loaded with lipid nano-particles.   To me it was worse than the Moderna.  That proves the lipid particles are in it and they are lying by saying they didn’t have it.  Are you going to trust Regenron or Remdesevir or any of these other experimental drugs they are putting out there?  Do you trust what they are doing?  Be so careful, everyone.  Buyer beware!  There are no long-term studies and barely any short-term studies.  Know these are created from fetal cells.

Dr. Madej: they are using humanized mice called a chimera, when you mix one creature with another organism. They are transfected mice; that is putting infected and transformed together. Know they are usually genetically transfected humanized mice antibodies in you.  The ‘magic mice’ as they call them were used in breast cancer patients before.  I did not see good results in the breast cancer patients when they got these.  They looked great in the beginning.  But within one to three years they could have a very aggressive recurrence.  I am worried they are using the same kind of mice antibody cells in this concoction.  Do your due diligence.

Dr. Northrup: it is so outlandish.  I talked to a nurse today and she said she was losing her resolve; I have to pay the mortgage for my house.  I don’t know what to say to people; it is your life or your mortgage.  If you are dead your mortgage doesn’t matter. If you are in the matrix stuck in a state where they are taking your life energy, or you are in a sanctuary city like NY, Portland Oregon, or Portland, Maine, as Klaus Scwab says, you will own nothing and you will be happy.

Dr. Northrup: you will be happy because you will only hear the thoughts they put in.  Did you see anything in the shots that looked like the magnetized iron oxide particles?

Dr. Madej; I was able to get to 600x magnification. I was able to take some videos of the motion in the fluid. It was more than the natural movement you get between particles. Some of these things were actually searching things out.  We had living organisms in there, even Moderna.  I did see metallic types of objects and I don’t know what they were. They were different shapes and it wasn’t like looking at normal things you see under the microscope.  I did a lot of laboratory work in college and I am used to looking at slides and all kinds of biologic organisms.  I was not familiar. This was blowing my mind as I was looking at it.

Dr. Palevsky: what would make the color changes?

Dr. Madej: when colors appear and there is no chemical reaction and no human tissue involved, only white light, that is considered to be a super conducting material.  White light can make it be exposed and that is how you know where the electronic components are in microscopic electronic components in computing systems.  That is what they are doing. What I was doing was laborious. I took only 2 drops and it took me hours because I was scanning.

Dr. Madej: think of having a 20-story building with side-by side rooms and each room has something different. Then I would go back and the room was rearranged or more things were in the room. What? It is not uniform. I felt like it was Lincoln logs being put together … I could see a whole new world if I went an hour later.  This is tedious.  It took time to look through.  You cannot just observe it and be done and maybe that is what some people are doing.  You take your time and you look through as the light hits it and as it is warming to room temperature and as it is self-assembling. 

Dr. Madej: There are pieces in there and it is putting itself together.  In my opinion it is an injectable computer system, an operating system that is being put inside of people. With the self-assembling that was going on there were so many moving organism that I don’t know if they are synthetic or biologic or both.  They can move so fast and they were nudging and bumping things to see if they want it.  To me they were ‘shopping.’  They’d go to the next thing and if they wanted it they would grab it.  I couldn’t believe what was happening.

Dr. Madej: one thing was moving so fast I could barely follow it on the microscope and then it would stop on a dime, go up and go down. It reminded me of an anti-gravity aircraft but on a microscopic scale.

Dr. Palevsky: it would be interesting to take some form of magnetic field, closer to the microscope.  Maybe you could take a cellphone and move it towards and then away. You would see what would happen.

Dr. Madej:  I think my shock has gone down.  I did a lot of crying last time.  It is hard to see that.  I didn’t capture the worst part…it wasn’t able to be captured on a video or a photograph.

Dr. Palevsky: this doesn’t surprise me one bit. My system just says, Josef Mengel on steroids.

Dr. Madej: it was so personal when I saw it with my own eyes. I kept thinking of a child getting it…the adults make their choice.

Dr. Northrup: did it look like what Celeste Solum had of the hydrogel organizing itself?

Dr. Madej: there were different pieces…I will try to get a video and do the time lapse. There were so many pieces—maybe it was trying to organize itself in the vial before I put it on the slide.  I don’t know if the light or colors made things appear.  There were spherical objects; there is so much it felt like I was looking at a new little universe under the microscope.  It was so strange to me. It was almost as though you were taking pond water and looking at it because there were so many different things. This is not a medicine; they are uniform.

Dr. Palevsky: I wonder how much of what you are seeing is able to jump from person to person. Not just what it does inside the person.  Remember the whole idea of self-spreading vaccines.  We know that many people who are not getting the shot, who are called unvaccinated, are also getting sick.  The unvaccinated getting sick is being blamed on the vaccinated because we couldn’t possibly have a toxic bioweapon in people getting the shot that then transmits to others who could get very similar symptoms. It is fascinating that we are in this place.  How do we get this curiosity attitude for others to look at?

Dr. Palevsky: how do we challenge the powers-that-be that they need to look at the slides and the material we are looking at.  You know they would get someone to look and say, ‘it’s just clear liquid.’

Dr. Madej: I know that some laboratories said they would find some things.  They would go back the next day and their whole lab was gone—everything inside the lab was gone and there was nothing on the cameras.  Perhaps you can’t make it so ‘out in the open.’ I tell people this is the time we go underground until we regroup.

Dr. Palevsky: you are saying people in labs made it public…

Dr. Madej: they quietly told some groups of people. This happened more than once.  Then they went the next day to the lab and there is nothing left in the laboratory. Everything is gone. The entire lab is gone—the room is there and the cameras are there and there is nothing on the cameras.  All their equipment was gone. They didn’t want to do it again.  I questioned why some people didn’t come forward with things they found and that is what they told me.  Perhaps we need to go underground with some of these things.

Dr. Northrup: have you heard anything since you did the Stew Peters show?  Have you received lots of emails and comments? 

Dr. Madej: I haven’t had time today to look at a lot of it.  There is a lot of holy shxx…and cusswords! I have heard from some researchers in Europe and they are trying to guide me in what they thought some of these things were. They have had some of their research stolen as well.  We are hoping to work together more now and we are brainstorming together.  We think the link with the hydra vulgares and any organism associated with it, with the polypoid, is key to knowing what they are doing.

Dr. Madej: We have to know what we are dealing with before we can come up with a solution.  We are not just dealing with AI—we are dealing with something that is organic and biologic and we have to look at both of those. What do we do with someone if this becomes more invasive within them? We just need more education right now. 

Dr. Palevsky: I wasn’t so far off several months ago when I said stay away from people who have gotten the shot.  People were calling me a fear monger and a divider. 

Dr. Madej: my mother got both Moderna and I don’t get sick around her.  I have gotten some symptoms from other people.  Why?

Dr. Palevsky: first of all, not all the shots are the same; second of all there are some placebos, third of all—just because you had no reaction doesn’t mean that you had no reaction.   You know, that is why I love the saying when you give a lecture and someone stands up and says they are vaccinated and they are fine.  How do they know?

Dr. Northrup: speaking of that I just heard from a doctor friend out in LA and she said there are all these 2020 reports of babies that never had their shots because of covid.  There have been no SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) and now the babies’ mental milestones are way ahead of their brothers and sisters.   They are the pandemic super babies, but they are just normal babies who didn’t get all the crap all the other babies get.

Dr. Palevsky: we started seeing that in the fall of last year.

Dr. Northrup: were the parents who had other damaged children astounded by these babies.?

Dr. Palevsky: I will tell you that the majority of parents do not associate an unvaccinated child’s major mental milestone advances with being unvaccinated.  Seriously, I am telling you I have watched family members look at children in the family and say they are ‘just advanced’ and never be able to make the association that the child’s advanced developmental stage didn’t have anything to do with the fact that the parents didn’t put the shots into their bodies.

Dr. Northrup: it’s not an advanced developmental stage—it’s called a normal kid.  Nobody knows what they look like anymore.

Dr. Palevsky: I started practicing in 1983 and I can tell people these are not advanced babies, they are just normal. We have lowered the bar so much that your kid thinking 2 to 3 word complete sentences at the age of 2 is developmentally perfect.  When I was in training 50 words at 18 months, greater than 200 words at 2 years with 2 word sentences.  Now the normal is 20 words at age 2. Somehow the developmental textbooks.

Dr. Northrup: that is just like the rewritten if you get the shot and die within 14 days, you were unvaccinated. As you know they rewrote that.

Dr. Palesvky: here is something that is like right out of the Hunger Games.  Those exempt from vaccine mandates: congress, legislative branch, congressional staff, judicial branch, white house staff, CDC employees, FDA employees, US Postal Service employees, National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Disease employees, Pfizer employees, Moderna employees, and illegal aliens.   All are exempt from the shots. 

Dr. Palevsky: We are watching this elitist takeover.  The people in the higher echelons of society, those who are making more money, those who have MD, PhD, MBA, all the fancy letters next to their names.  They are the ones getting the majority of the shots.  We are going to watch the crippling of their health and their deaths.  They are lining up, and they spend more time checking the ingredients of their cellphones, their I-pads, their computers, their food, and they comb through everything if they are going to buy a house or a car. It is fascinating.  And yet, they will just line up for a shot that is making everybody around them sick or dead and they are okay with that.  There’s a dead horse on the lawn and nobody sees it, nobody smells it, and people just walk past it.  Wow!

Dr. Palevsky: here’s another one.  70,000 NY State health care workers are either being fired or leaving their jobs because they will not get the shot.  Doesn’t that strike anybody as curious as to why that many people would rather not get the shot?  Doesn’t it make anybody think that they may be on to something?  That they learned about something and there is some intelligence in there?

Dr. Northrup: here is what I learned from Karen Kingston who was on Stew Peters’ show. She told me backstage at Colorado Springs Clay Clark event: you don’t need to do a D-dimer test for micro-clotting in men.  If they have had the Pfizer, J&J, or Moderna, they will have erectile dysfunction because of the clotting.  I shared that on stage. One thing I know about some men is that they would rather die than not be able to ‘get it up.’ So therefore, if that is the issue, maybe we can save some more lives and have some ‘golden DNA’ to actually recreate humanity when this thing is all over—humanity 2.0 that is not a cyborg.

Dr. Palevsky: I will tell you that is not just affecting people who got the shot that is affecting people who are not getting the shot, but who are exposed to those who got the shot.

Dr. Northrup: that makes sense: it’s right in the Pfizer documents not to ‘touch this’; don’t get anyone pregnant within a certain amount of time of getting the shots.  I saw a Tik Tok video with a guy who got the shot and walked by an electrical device and felt current in his body.  So he took a light bulb and put it on the non-injected arm and nothing happened.  Then he put it on the injected arm and the light bulb lit up.  It didn’t look like he was a scammer?  Have you had anyone do that? 

Dr. Madej: people who have been vaccinated stay away from me. They have seen my videos. I was just at a wedding and the ones that were vaccinated were whispering and staying away from me.  They don’t come near me. 

Dr. Palevsky: I am very happy people who got the shot don’t want to talk to me or be near me. I will welcome them to walk away. 

Dr. Northrup: there was a Rumble of me at the Clay Clark event telling people what is in the shots. I used Dr. Madej’s lipid bubble information, but the next time I will have to get some of the (slides of) the spiders in there. There were about 2500 people there.  That is also where Tom Renz presented his incredibly damning data right from the CMS, the Medicare data and the number of deaths. There are at least 48,000 documented deaths in Medicare’s own literature and this is from another whistleblower. Those images are available for everyone on Tom has said to please get them out there; the court of public opinion is much faster and more powerful than the slowness of the courts. 

Dr. Northrup: in our lawsuit filed in April we asked them to provide the cycle threshold number they were using for the PCR test in Maine at the beginning of the pandemic. We have yet to get that number; they are not coming forward with the number because the minute they do, we have discovery and the game is over. That is the same in all the other lawsuits. 

Dr. Northrup: Remember that was our strategy since all the judges were saying there was a pandemic so your rights don’t count. So our strategy was ‘prove to us there was a pandemic’ given that the architecture of the pandemic was built on the back of a specious test, the PCR test, which by the way will be stopping at the end of December because the FDA has declared it is not ‘helpful’.  And, it might show there is no flu—as you know the flu has gone away.  Now they are losing money on the flu shots so they have to ramp up the numbers somehow. 

Dr. Northrup: my question is does anyone know what test they are going to use to replace the PCR test?  You know they are going to come up with something worse.

Dr. Palevsky: I have a very quick way to end this.  I think we as physicians should recommend that people run out and get their flu shots, pneumo-vac shots, shingles shots, and their 3rd and 4th covid booster and we will end this stuff right away. It’s our responsibility to really encourage people to not stop at the first and second covid shot and get all these adult vaccines.  We will end all this in a second.

Dr. Northrup: I heard Larry talking to the Canadian group in January and they said, ‘What do you think about this shot?’  Larry (Palevsky) said, “Do you want the long answer or the short answer?” then he said he’d start with the short answer and then they could delve into it.  It was, “this is a murder weapon.”  You were so right on the money.  You said not to chase people into burning buildings.  It’s calming to hear that it’s every bit as bad as you think it is and secondly you are NOT responsible for rescuing people. 

Dr. Northrup: You can share that this is what we have done and we have shared.  You have a healthy approach to this that saves your immunity and addresses stress levels.  If you run around and say the sky is falling, and stand out in front of the hospital with a sign.  It does not work. We know past presidents of the American Holistic Medical Association and we cannot even convince these colleagues that wearing masks is stupid and getting the shots is a bad idea.

Dr. Northrup: these are the people who have been 5% of all doctors who questioned ‘a pill for every ill,’ the pharmaceutical model. Many of them just did a lateral move to functional medicine where they were giving a supplement for every ill. It was not a paradigm shift at all. When I saw that Jeff Bland, the founder of all these holistics at Metagenics, getting the shot, and then reporting on his experience of his blood pressure rising, his face getting red, having all these things.  I watched another person on Instagram, who was well known and is in bed saying she just got her shot, and ‘it’s working…please get vaccinated.’ Have they lost their minds?  Yes!

Dr. Palevsky: Dr. Madej do you have any parting words since you have to leave early? 

Dr. Madej: buy a plot of land, live with your tribe and be happy.

Dr. Palevsky: thank you for your experience and your continued work….we pray for your safety, brilliance, intelligence and perseverance.  How do I stay so calm in the midst of this? It is because I know evil as much as I know good.  When I see evil I don’t see it as something surprising.  It is in my heart as much as good is, but I don’t choose to live with evil. But I know it and because I know it, I can see it and I can incorporate it and I can move on. I can stay positive, crack jokes, and be amongst friends, and we need to stop saying “I can’t believe this” or “how can they do this?”

Dr. Palevsky: they have done it in the past, ladies and gentlemen, and this isn’t the first time in history that our leaders who we have elected are trying to kill us.  Read history, please! Evil is here—they are doing it; wake up.  Dr. Madej, thank you.

Dr. Madej: thank you; I have righteous anger and it’s the warrior spirit now and I am fearless.  I tell them to show their faces—we are ready to end this.

Dr. Palevsky: I said at a NY City rally almost 2 weeks ago…I listed all that was going on and all that was wrong…and then my call to action is that I dare anyone to debate me in public and show me that I am wrong.  Show all the doctors, the 5 doctors, Dr. Malone, Dr. McCullough, all the doctors.  Show that we are wrong.  They are cowards and they are the ones who won’t come out in public.

Call continues for 20 more minutes between Dr. Northrup and Dr. Palvesky.

1005-2021-Part 1–Lynn Discusses Mike Adams’ Article on Prions, Spike Proteins and Shedding

Lynn Schmaltz discusses Mike Adams’ information on the shedding of vaxxed people causing issues for the unvaxxed.  Antibody dependent enhancement has facilitated this.  In Part 2 she continues the disucssion.  Lynn also had an interview with Cary Ellis of 21st Century Super Human and they discuss some cleansing solutions for the body.  You can use the coupon word, Cary, for 15% off this month.  Lynn also has a special this month of 25% if you send her a selfie of you with your indoor container gardens, sprout growing or fall garden.  Send a selfie to Lynn at and let her know you want the Cary + 10% coupon 

Here is the link to the October 5th interview with Cary:

1005-2021-Part 2—Yikes! Mike Adams, Karen Kingston, Carrie Madej on Spike Proteins, Creepy Contents of the Jab, and What Can You Do About It?

In Part 2 Lynn Schmaltz discusses Mike Adams’ information on the shedding of vaxxed people causing issues for the unvaxxed.  She also discusses Karen Kingston’s information on blood clotting that is causing erectile dysfunction.  Additionally there is information from Dr. Carrie Madej on the creepy contents she found under the microscope including something referred to as hydra vulgares.  And….much more!. 

Lynn also had an interview with Cary Ellis of 21st Century Super Human and they discuss some cleansing solutions for the body if you have symptoms caused by the spike proteins. . 

You can use the coupon word, Cary, for 15% off this month.  Lynn also has a special this month of 25% if you send her a selfie of you with your indoor container gardens, sprout growing or fall garden.  Send a selfie to Lynn at and let her know you want the Cary + 10% coupon 

Here is the link to the October 5th interview with Cary:

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