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MAO’S PLAN TO TAKE OVER AMERICA-by Clif High & Obedience Controlling Platform Proven by Patent by Karen Kingston

Lynn Schmaltz and Cary Ellis with 21st Century Super Human did several videos on a range of topics. Scroll to bottom of page to view them all.


Cary and Lynn on Clif High Flux Woo…a very important timeline starting in 1957…what happened in 1955 or 1956 that made every country scramble? And what was Mao’s plan for America before his final retirement in 1968?

1008-2021- Clif High Flux Woo

1957-Geophysical international year…no internet, some information on TV but many people didn’t have TV.  Many countries made treaties over Antarctica.  Something happened in 1955 or 1956 to cause this.  In 1959 Mao was ‘retired’ out of the Chinese Communist Party.  He got backing and came back in 1962 and led the Cultural Revolution and ‘recaptured’ China from his old partners in the Chinese Communist Crime Family.  He did not do this on his own; there were a lot of outside influences.  By 1968 he did retire.

In 1963 Kennedy was assassinated by the CIA, the Mafia was the ‘hit man’.  VP Johnson, some Supreme Court and more involved. Mao did his last bit of work in 1976. 

In 1972 we had Nixon and Bush opening up China.  This was Bush Sr. and he is a key player.  They met and started doing business with the CCP. In 1973 Bush had 700 factories in China under his control in a year.  He set those deals up when he went over with Nixon and met with CCP in 1972.  CCP was operating on a plan Mao had set up before he retired. –

Mao had said, “We must conquer the west” in 1958.  For the next 10 years CCP was developing this plan they called the 3 pathways for China to conquer the planet.  It was based on Mao’s 1958 idea that China must conquer all of the planet in order for the CCP to survive.  They would destroy the west from the inside out by dependence on cheap goods from cheap labor, subverting the royals and leaders by making those people dependent on output of the cheap labor with bribes and so on. They would do a deliberate attack in the form of attack on the media and a long march through the institutions.   That was begun in the 1960s and we are living in that world now. 

In the late 70s there was a Chinese professor in the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in the war college who started writing a cohesive plan for implementation of the subversion of the culture so the West could not fight back.  He worked it out with scientists in China and that led to our conditions that we are at right now.

Mao had information that led to the International Geophysical Year.  China didn’t get along with anyone, had a lot of poverty, and yet they participated in this effort. Mao knew what had happened to make this International Geophysical Year to happen that culminated in the climate change, global warming lies spewing from the powers that be today. There was a lot of mapping of the planet, poking in the ocean and looking at the skies in the Geophysical Year.  The PR for this was BS. This history has a bearing on where we are today.

In 1968 the Chinese started through the UN to have government with our government through back channels. It was already a done deal when Nixon went to China.  They knew they would hollow out the western countries of their manufacturing.  The Chinese professor wrote the book Unrestricted Warfare in which he talked about killing of 200 million people in the US…this was in 1990s.  The book was released in China in the early 90s.  He was a chosen spokesperson for the CCP. 

This book said the Chinese would take down the west through a bioweapon and through destroying our culture ahead of time because we can’t fight the bioweapon because the Chinese would have already captured the institutions and the power elite and the media.  This allowed them to control our response to the bioweapon.

This was recognized in 90s by the CCP that they had a food issue.  The food crisis would be related to a Grand Solar Minimum and the Chinese knew in the 1990s there would not be global warming and that they would be facing an Ice Age.  They were preparing for the impact of the food crisis on their population.

Today they are facing that food crisis.

They built the 3 Gorges Dam and did all they could to meet the demands the CCP would face in the revolt of the populace with a food crisis. The CCP is NOT China; the population hates them with a “grumble.’  That is what happened to the Soviet Union…the grumble is worse than hating with a vengeance.

CCP knew we would reach the Grand Solar Minimum and we are in that now. The effects started with the CCP in 2020 with the loss of about 1/3rd of all their crops due to climate change in the form of floods.  There was another repeat of that in 2021.  In 2020 the CCP told the populace to tighten their belts, don’t eat so much and cut back to 2 meals a day.  They had to buy food on the open market and that hit their financial reserves.

This year it is projected that more than ½ of their crops will have failed from flooding again. The CCP is in a world of hurt…there will be 700 million people with nothing to lose because of lack of food. In 2017 there were 70,000+ known riots in China.  Now it’s gone up to 120,000 riots. 

Now the Chinese are in an energy crunch because they cut their ties to Australian coal. Now they are rationing electricity and that is affecting the output.  The CCP is backed into a corner and are about to go to war with Australia, US and Britain. They have taken a ‘national moral stance’ against Australia relative to the coal.  The CCP needs an external enemy so they don’t become the enemy of the people.

Now the financial system is crashing.  It is created by the power elite for the power elite and it is an independent structure.  It is crashing independent of everything else going on.  We could expect to have a depression when you get into a grand solar minimum because there isn’t as much crop production. The birth rates fall and there is less activity.  Lower sun output means lower economic output.

Now we are in the end days of a fiat currency system that began when Nixon took us off gold and we have been on the petro dollar. That was 1971.  Our financial system is failing and we have been de-dollarized by the Chinese selling off all kinds of dollar assets. They are in the process of double crossing the power elite globally. They don’t want them now; they were only in with them to sucker them in.  They are reneging on all the agreements because the CCP doesn’t honor contract law and they don’t play fair. It was a sucker play and they don’t have a moral stance.

This is what is prompting the Chinese activity in this desperate race against starvation that leads to social chaos and the CCP with its enforcement arms will not be able to maintain order.  They will collapse in whole or in part.  If it collapses in part, it will in whole in short order.

But now we have a state of flux.  This is view from China.  They need the food and they need the physical land of the US. They made a deal with Russia in the 70s and Russia would get Alaska and much of Canada.  China would get New Brunswick, Newfoundland and all of the US down into the top half of Mexico.

China needs this area for food production in order to turn all of North America into a giant farm to ship food to China. The idea is the Han Chinese proposes a Chinese only planet with the exception of a few slave races. They favor slave races out of Africa.  But there seems to be souring on that.  The idea was to keep the Asian cohorts around until they decided who they wanted to get rid of.  They want to get rid of all whites and all indigenous populations. They would keep the blacks in Africa for breeding slaves for their otherwise only Chinese world.

They desperately require and they knew in the 70s when they were sucking the power elite in, that they need the US as their bread basket. They have a world of hurt if that fails.  They could look to Australia but there are some climate issues.

Something occurred in 1955 that got that Geophysical Year started.  A lot of money went into that.  Today the Chinese are at the point of starvation or going to war. They have a world of hurt and they are not through the flooding season and the 3 Gorges Dam is in a world of hurt.  All their central Yellow River valleys into the northwest are under pressure with a lot of water.

Our climate has changed because of the Grand Solar Minimum and I believe this started in 2020.  We have 4, maybe 5 years in which we will have transition effects until we get into full on observable Ice Age. These effects will be very short summers, very hot in the peak periods of the summers, and that impacts crops more with less light and growing capacity.  Additionally we have these longer periods of colder weather that will have a peak that we call winter.  It will basically be a colder day than it has been in the last few months. We will ease into the winter and come out with a brief, violent summer and then back to winter. This will go on for 4 or 5 years. 

Then we go to the period of time we see replicated in the solar minimums of the past.  We might see the Thames and Potomac freeze.  The outer edges of Chesapeake may be heaped with sea ice –the frozen froth of the ocean.  We will see a great deal of freezing to death in much wider areas. This freezing will affect the bread basket of North America.

This was in the plans of the CCP but I don’t think they recognized how bad it is going to be. The issue is that the larger landmass of Eurasian Continent from the Bay of Bisque in France all the way over to Hong Kong, that width of giant mass of land, will suffer the greatest effects of the Grand Solar Minimum.  That is because the deep core center of the land, the Ural Mountains, the Caucasus and the Himalayan Mountains that all merge in that area will hold that cold temperature and be less heated up.  There will be longer periods of fierce weather with everything from ice storms and giant rain storms.

The rain storms are killing China now because when the sun goes into the Grand Solar Minimums, the corona of the sun actually shrinks and it goes from 5,000 degrees Kelvin and shrink down to 3,000 degrees Kelvin.  This is both a measure of temperature and a measure of dimension in the size relative to the sun.  The corona, the massive spiky thing we see in the sky will shrink and the sun will become visibly smaller.

In doing that lots of cosmic rays go around because the sun’s magnetic influence has shrunk and that influence use to catch a lot of the rays.  The rays are going to come around the planets that are drug behind the sun.  As they do so they will do what is caused nucleation. The rays will go through the atmosphere and set off individual particles within the atmosphere because it will go so fast.  The kinetic energy will minorly transfer to some of these particles as it goes into the core of our planet where it is captured by the planet’s plasma.

These extra cosmic rays come on in and cause nucleation and cause clouds to form. So we will have a whole bunch more clouds forming. They go down to the center of the planet and smack holes all the way through. These will impact such processes as volcanoes.

The cosmic rays, if they have too much intensity, will cause the plasma in our planet to grow because they don’t go through the plasma—they get captured because of its intense magnetic capacitance.  At some point this causes the plasma to swell up and get physically larger. This larger mass causes matter to have to shift to accommodate that plasma causing all the effects in the earth which is basically an expand-earth process. This results in earthquakes and volcanoes going off at the same times.  This will dampen down over the course of 40 to 50 years as we get into the Grand Solar Minimum. It is an active time…a couple of generations possibly.

All these are coincident with the current financial system crash.  China in its unrestricted, total warfare against the west had to do everything it could to avoid damage to the physical farmland so they can’t throw nukes at it.  So we are safe from Chinese nukes…who knew?  They need the property and they need to get rid of the people.  They don’t want to damage the property and they cannot use a neutron bomb.

They can’t use an EMP because of the interconnectedness of the aquifers along the North American plate that form 3 groups.  There are nuclear plants in each of these areas and if they use an EMP or a neutron bomb, all the nuke plants will melt down and they will have Chernobyls into the aquifer and nothing will be able to live or grow here for hundreds of years.

They cannot use the EMP to shut down the grid because we need the electricity on the grid in order to run the electrical systems for the nuclear plants. We need those plants to be whole and undamaged and this is a complex problem for the Chinese. They need at least 200 million Americans gone, and preferably more. They cannot do an invasion because we are all armed.

They cannot use large people-clearing kinetic weapons like EMP devices. For instance if they were to use an EMP device and shut down everything 80% of Americans would die in the first year as there are not the parts to repair our electrical infrastructure, can’t get water out of wells, can’t flush sewage as the sewage systems cannot pump.

It would be a massive hellhole here. The Chinese don’t care; they don’t want to live here they just want to farm here. They cannot do any kind of damage that would risk damaging the nuclear plants so it’s a very precarious takeover that they have to engineer.  They have to have our society crash just enough that we are not a problem and then they can come in and take over the nuclear plants and wipe out the rest of us. They don’t want us to collapse so much that we let the nuclear plants go to shxx ahead of that and pollute the whole area.  

They have been planning and working at this.  That brings us to the attack and they released Covid.  That was not the weapon.  The spike protein is the weapon. It is complicated but our power elite handed over blackmail material to the Chinese. The Chinese took the blackmail material and got them involved in the plan and the elite, the media, the courts, Congress, the electoral processes and Biden are all captured.

All this has been captured by the Chinese because they have taken over the medium level global minions in concert with the high level global elites, the Illuminati and the deep state players.  A lot of our deep state players are captured by the Chinese. They were evil and it doesn’t matter anyway==they are still doing their evil. Now they are doing it for the Chinese on behalf of the Chinese which they weren’t doing before.

Now we have the media captured, they have released the bioweapons, they have digitally stolen our elections through national and regional fraud since 2004. They have captured Congress, the Courts, and the executives, all of the school systems.  They have had us appoint incompetent military leaders and they deliberately had us do foreign policy errors like the withdrawal from Afghanistan. They will have us do more and this isn’t done.

Now they are engineering a supply system failure and there is no real reason for the supply system to fail except that they have to get us out now because of what is going on in their world in 2021.  If we hit 2022 and there is not a resolution they know for sure that in 2022, which is another one of these 4 year or 5 year transitions that they will have more floods.  3 Gorges Dam will be under greater pressure and it will go.  Even if it doesn’t they will have so many floods and damage they will only harvest 1/3rd of their crops.

That means they have to take food from someone else, somewhere and they are not willing to pay for it.  Plus, they have giant electricity problems now that are affecting their whole economy.  They have to get over it and they engineered a problem with the release of the Covid.

Their release of the Covid put all of Australia on lockdown.  All the Australian version of the power elite are also captured by the Chinese.  They have captured them everywhere. The only way this works is if nobody knows that the Chinese attacked us.  Nobody knows the CCP deliberately released the bioweapon.  That is why they work so hard with Fauci and all the captured, blackmailed employees of the US government.  That is why the Chinese and the CCP worked so hard that we would not understand that this bioweapon was deliberately released.  

If we can all point to China then this plan does not work. It only works if we think it is ongoing, natural and organic and our power elites are screwing up.  It only works if we think Biden is so stupid and dementia ridden that he is doing this for our health because he believes this is for our health, and not that he is deliberately crashing our healthcare system so that many more people will die this coming year in North America. It only works if we don’t know that the Chinese have told Trudeau to stop Canadians from going over the border so they can kill them in Canada.

They have to isolate all the countries and you can’t know what is going on in all the countries.  It pisses them off that we know what is going on in some degree in Australia. It pisses them off that all the populists are forming all these inter-related bonds of common suffering under the CCP attack on the whole planet.

They attacked the whole planet. They had a deal with Russia and now Russia has reneged on it and Russia was just suckering them in. So if China says they are going to attack the US and is Russia all in?  Russia will say yes we’ll go along with you.  It’s like Yosemite Sam saying he’ll go along with you; he’s just going along with you to see what happens. So Russia says sure, go ahead and attack and we’ll be right behind you and they won’t be.  The Chinese are as much of a problem to the Russians as they are to us.  Sooner or later the Chinese have to have Russia just as they have to have the US. Once their population gets so large they have to have what is in these large land masses in spite of who occupies them.

One of the many ironies of this is the CCP uses the 1619 project and the terms decolonization and all these other racist terms when the Han Chinese are the most racist group everywhere and anywhere at any time and they want to colonize all of the planet and do away with all of the indigenous populations.

The irony is delicious from a universal level.  Continuing with our list we have civil disobedience and supply system failures ongoing right now and all of this is going to get worse as we go forward.  I am of the opinion that none of this is going to work out the way the global elite and the CCP want. That is because in 1963 in the Kennedy assassination we had this Self Organizing Collective (SOC) that formed and that group has been carrying forward in time and put Trump in place in the 2016 election by making sure the CCP could not steal it the way that had in 2008 and 2004. 

2004 was primarily about electing Secretaries of State and people in county offices.  They must have elected 30,000 in 2004 and 2008 at reasonably low levels. Then 2008 was to get Obama in.  He was supposed to do away with the 2nd amendment and take our guns. We had a bunch of massacres, the way had a massacre in Australia that allowed the government to coerce and manipulate everyone into giving up their guns and rifles. 

It didn’t work here. They went at it for 8 years and it did not work. That is because it was being derailed by the SOC. Throughout the whole time the SOC was working against the CCP and Obama on that particular item.  The SOC has been pro-second amendment because it needs to be there to protect us.  The CCP will not invade as long as the populace of this continent has weapons.  They face a huge problem of getting all their troops here with enough in their bellies to fight and enough material to fight, although we gave them 80 billion dollars of material in Afghanistan. But the Afghanis are selling a lot of it on the open market to whoever wants to buy it.

The CCP cannot do the logistics to invade.  The CCP doesn’t do well outside their own borders.  They can’t really invade the US with the armed populace.  The only way they can invade is under the guise of the UN troops and that will only get them so far. Sooner or later we will shoot the UN troops not caring if it’s a white helmet. If you are an oppressive, fascist CCP doing stuff in our country, they are going to get shot and they know that.  So they have to get rid of the guns.

Now the approach was for us to go war with North Korea and have North Korea nominally win the war. Then it would be sold to us by our captured media that we had actually lost. They would tell tons of lies, show boats being sunk and all kinds of stuff and we would have ‘lost’ the war.  Then we would have lost our constitution and the 2nd amendment and the Chinese would just come in and take over.  That was the pickup plan when Hilary got in because she was supposed to do all that in her 8 years.

Now they are way behind because of all this stuff happening to the Chinese. It turns out to be hunger that is moving everyone forward and propelling them this fast. It’s the hunger of the Chinese bellies and is going to cause serious problems for the CCP. The SOC is in here and causing problems of its own to the CCP.  So throughout 2016 to 2020 the Trump team with the SOC that impacted their ability to steal the election and work like hell and it was a sting.  The SOC wanted them to have to work and they put obstacles in their way, watched them work, then videotaped it and captured it so they would have proof of them working to take over the US and all of this.

We have been invaded and we have war going on. It was declared war by the Chinese and we just didn’t recognize it. So all the things going on can be isolated and shown by the SOC that it is all part of the CCP and their evil plot against us.  We are going to have to recognize that the CCP has a legitimate problem which is all the starving people in China. At some point the whole world has to participate in getting us all through this Grand Solar Minimum.   We have to get through this together.

I am of the opinion right now that we are at the Flux Woo point right now and the paradigm is going to go and then it will be all ‘Woo.’ It will be a sinking this month in October.  I have done recent videos with Sam Tripoli and he will release this on his main channel at some point. Also some others.  I have more things to do and I’ll be away from doing videos.  It might be a couple of days but it could be a couple of weeks depending on the many projects that I have going.

A couple of things about the main stream media: we saw recently an image that went viral of an interesting shape that appeared to be a steal aircraft.  It was on a trailer and was not flying.  It looked like a weird manta-ray shape. It looked like a UFO, there were no propellors, wings, or a mechanism for burning gas to propel it forward.

It appeared to be a leak and I think it was a deliberate plant. What I think is that the SOC told the CCP that they cannot afford to mess with us by revealing that shape.  We have technology 50 to 100 years ahead of you and if we go to kinetic war with you with bullets shooting, and not nukes because they don’t want to destroy the farm land and the nuclear plants, and we have something here that can wipe you off the face of the planet.

We don’t want to do it (the SOC) but we are prepared and ready to do it and we have the gear to do it.  A lot of this makes sense in a weird way. It makes sense of the Biden group giving the 85 billion in gear to China that was in Afghanistan. It is now outdated gear and it is gear we could work against with our new gear that works on principles that are beyond the current understanding of physics that these people are working on. They are still working on hypersonic missiles that can go faster than 770 MPH and hit us with something.  

Still, it is a projectile weapon and these hypersonic missiles depend on generating some form of ionic, hot or electrically produced gas and shooting it out the back to go forward.  They are still the same technology as the rockets in WWII.  It’s the same technology that is inherent in a musket or rifle.  What if there is something that is beyond that, such in a magnetic level?  You are here and decide you want to be there or in between in a milli-second. It puts the Chinese in a world of hurt.

The Chinese populace has suffered for decades under the CCP which has killed more people than Stalin.  The CCP has been engineering this and I am not trying to get sympathy for them or for the deep state but I understand what is motivating them and why we are here now at this point of flux. Flux in the meditative state is described by Somerset Maugham in his book On The Razor’s Edge. There are many things about the razor’s edge- it’s so thin it’s easy to fall either way and the value of balance is exquisite.  It cannot be passive; you have to be active when you are riding on the edge.

In Aikido there are meditative processes that derive from the sword arts.  There was the long Samurai sword and you meditate on the sword itself. You are meditating on that edge.  We are there now and we are in the point of flux.  There is the point of maintaining the balance of the thought so that it does not go one way or the other. You maintain the vision of the edge and you are aware of the edge, but you don’t think about the edge. There is need for maintaining the balance, controlling the thought so that it doesn’t go one way or the other and the focus is maintained.

That is where the CCP finds itself now. The SOC is not riding the razor’s edge; the CCP is riding the razor’s edge. They don’t have the skill nor the moral grounds to do this and the CCP is losing. Many of them recognize they are losing and they are in a world of hurt. Between now and that world of hurt is a couple of years off. 

But they know we have technology that is 80 to 100 years ahead of them. They suspect we have had some breakthroughs because some of the things the SOC has done over the last couple of years.  The SOC is doing this to minimize the amount of damage done to the humans in the event of a physical war.  Even then the CCP is constrained and they need the physical ground.

That is why they did the bioweapon thing. Here is the problem. The bioweapon is a corona virus with all the spikes.  You need to understand that Fauci and his buddies put 17 spikes on the corona virus which is the flu.  A corona virus is the common cold and they are not deadly unless you are very weak, you are aged or immune compromised.

But the spike proteins they put on the corona virus are deadly toxins. The CCP because they are Han Chinese and the way they think, thought all the humans on the planet outside of the fact that we have variants, are basically going to be slightly different from the Han Chinese.  They don’t recognize how hugely humans vary in their bodies.  So the Han Chinese, Fauci and the others were working on this theory that this virus was going to kill us, that it was going to kill 13 out of 14 humans. The reason they had those numbers is that it would kill 13 out of 14 Chinese because they so avoid the sun as a racial sub-group. They do all they can to avoid the sun and they are extremely low in vitamin D. The CCP thought sufficient levels of Vitamin D are 14 to 15 nanograms per milliliter.  If big white guys were at the 14 level they would have rickets. It has something to do with body mass and they did not recognize that the Vitamin D has to do with body health.

All their engineering with the corona virus was that it would be extremely deadly. People who are dying of an attack of covid are dying with 20 or less nanograms per milliliter of vitamin D in their system. If you have 47 or higher nanograms per milliliter of vitamin D you are immune to the corona virus and to the spike protein. 

The spike protein even from the vaccinated that are shedding this stuff, cannot harm you if you have that much vitamin D.  It may cause irritation but it won’t kill you and you won’t get really sick.  If you are around the vaxxed a lot you may have to take some ivermectin because of it’s anti-viral properties and so on, to flush out your system.  It will bind up the spike proteins.  But if you don’t come in contact with them, you have no real problem because your system is healthy.

So you are dealing with an environmental irritant at that point and not a disease state caused by that environmental irritant. People with low vitamin D get the disease state. People with high vitamin D exposed to vaxxed people get an irritant that can be flushed out.

Now the CCP and the powers that be got to the point that they had to do something to activate the bioweapon. They realized after its release in the military games in 2019 that it wasn’t going to do any good. So they put it into the injection and then they can inject it directly into the victims. But they cannot keep injecting these strange mixtures into us and have us die on the spot.  You see people dying in these large collective injection centers. People would keel over and someone would come over and shake their legs and pretend that they were alive and haul them off.  A certain number of people died on the spot so that had to water the process down because they can’t have us all taking all the injections and dying too soon.    The rest of the people won’t take the injections.

There has to be enough of a time lag that we don’t connect that these people are dying from the injections. People like me see all the patterns going on and we see that this is a death agenda. It’s a depopulation agenda.  Now they have to really run and get all this stuff done because their whole thing is breaking down.  All their stuff is breaking down because the SOC is in play and has come out of the dryer and has been stuff relative to the CCP and countering all of its plans. The CCP and power elite plans were flaky anyway. These people don’t live in a good, solid understanding of reality. They are pressured by their own fear of death and being overtaken by the Chinese populace.

They released the bioweapon and they are talking about the next ‘Marburg virus’ or another super bioweapon.  You will hear a lot of people that will fall into this mindset.  The truism is that Marburg virus is no more deadly to a healthy immune system than the corona virus.  Weaponized smallpox is no more deadly to a healthy immune system.  All these viruses require an immune system that is degraded so a cell is both receptive and permissive. It has to receive the virus on its surface meaning the cell has to have a net positive charge relative to the virus. If it has a net negative charge to the virus a discharge happens and the virus is destroyed. 

Vitamin D controls that process and it controls whether a cell is receptive. If you have enough Vitamin D in your system none of your cells are receptive to any virus. There also has to be permission—the center of the cell has to give permission to do the work of replicating that virus. 

Again Vitamin D is in charge of transcript phase process because of all the pro-hormone processes that it does. It is basically in charge of that process that the vaccine intrudes on with the mRNA or the with the spike protein in any other form. The mRNA is involved in the transcription process.  It is under the control of your healthy immune system with vitamin D. If it is not healthy and doesn’t have enough vitamin D the overall cells breakdown and allow the virus to take over. That is how you get an infection.  No virus is stronger than any other virus against a healthy immune system. This is something they don’t want to tell you.

There is a virus that has a 70% lethality rate, even more than the weaponized smallpox. This is the nepa (?) virus and it only had that 70% fatality rate against people that were spelunkers that were smokers and had low vitamin D. It killed a bunch of people that slept all day and explored caves when they were not sleeping. It killed these students who had low vitamin D and it is no more communicable than any other virus.

No virus has the ability to be more transmissible from one person to another than any other virus. They all operate on the same two principles—receptivity and permissivity.  It doesn’t matter how communicable that particular variant may be.  If your cells are replete with vitamin D you cannot be involved with that particular process that leads to disease.  They don’t want to tell you to get your vitamin D way up there and your immune system takes over and you are 100% basically immune.

Things like stress and other factors can lower your vitamin D. It is very volatile and can be cut in half in 4 days without sunlight so you need to supplement and keep working at it.  If you have plenty of vitamin D you can walk around in whole seas of viruses.  In fact you do. Our oceans have more viruses in them than any other thing except water.

At this point what we are going to see over this next period of time is that the main key lynchpin of the powers that be and the CCP is the press and they are the ones that are keeping all this BS going.  They are dying now and they are going to have a major casualty by the 3rd week in October. When that happens, the whole dynamic changes and the SOC can get a lot more done because they are not constantly running into this battle in the information wars. They will be able to flood the place with information and change minds rapidly because they won’t have a lot of pushback to the information they are providing.  At that point things will change rapidly.  It will take a month or so and will be through November and December and by the time we get into January we will have confirmation that the SOC has indeed engineered all this stuff to the point that we have the ability to take a deep breath and relax a bit, that we are going to win this thing.  It’s going to be ugly but we will survive and we will be able to pull out of this. 

There are a lot of challenges and I am not trying to minimize the amount of work we are going through or any of the other problems that are going to hit us.  But I think we will be able to do this as soon as we get the mainstream media completely caput, we are off on our own and we are not dealing with their mind pollution. Once you get that out of the way you can get your chi adjusted and get to work and start cleaning some of this stuff up. A lot of it is entirely addressable by us and it will be fine.  We can clean stuff up and learn a lot of our history and fix everything.  Then the Ice Age happens.

We have crop failures in the US and we don’t have to.  We can seize all the land that Bill Gates bought. If they seize him and take his assets because he is in league with the CCP he is a non-military active combatant and insurrectionist. So they take all his assets and we have all this farm land restored and we can put it back to work.  We can change things fairly rapidly.

We have to realize we are adults.  We have to realize that a lot of this stuff is related to climate and started in 1955 and 1956.  Maybe it’s all really related to 1947 and we may get out of that with some weird craft and ocean craft that came to us and part of that geophysical year.  Maybe our UFO buddies and Woo-woo stuff is part of our pulling ourselves out of this. It’s part of our self-rescue.

One last item is there was a part of the Stokit (?) report in 2016 that I did that related to submarines and under seas ocean activities running into problems and hitting obstacles and stuff. It is happening now and we have submarines that are running into problems.  Some of it relates to the expansion of earth. Some of it significantly relates to USPs, under seas unknown crafts.  They are going to cause problems in a particular way that we are seeing some signs of. There are a lot more UFOs showing up and the military are talking about the UFOs being a genuine mystery. It is not conspiracy, a mental aberration, or a delusion. It is not a hallucination.  It is a genuine mystery at many different levels, like most of life. 

Live long and prosper—we are in the flux now. 

1013-2021-A Deadly Toxin Once Used By Terrorists in a Subway is Now in a New Vaxx for the New Fakery.

Lynn did a synopsis of a video sent to her.  It was in English with German subtitles.  The doctor/scientist shares information that the covid vaccine injuries which are hospitalizing many will soon be called Marburg virus, a rare hemorrhagic fever with symptoms that match the Covid vaccine injuries of bleeding and clots.  A new vaxx called Rivax containing a deadly toxin ricin has been developed and will be released for emergency use when the panic ensues.


Lynn and Cary discuss actual patents for the graphene oxide and other components in the “vaccines” being for the purpose of human tracking reported on by -Stew Peters and Karen Kingston…

Stew Peters and Karen Kingston

This is some sort of computing device

KK: this is some sort of obedience controlling platform

SP: Carrie Madej said there seemed to be some proof of a computing system.  Then we saw the symmetrical discs from Dr. Zandrey Batha in South Africa.  There is tyranny in Australia and it’s all connected.

KK: Americans thought the vaxx was their ticket to freedom but it is a gateway to an obedience platform and potential execution platform.

Patent 20210082583

Section 0378: 1

A plurality of electronic devices configured with instructions to generate an ID. This connects to external servers.  You may have to download a dedicated app.

In view of the pandemic the government may order the citizens to install a dedicated app on their smartphones or other smart devices…tablets, watches, glasses, etc to help the government with the logistics of the vaccination procedures.

In some embodiments the app and/ or the smart device is configured to inform on the user’s location at all times and to communicate with adjacent smart devices (via Bluetooth for example) to assess the interactions between users such as vicinity between users, movements of users, etc.

Section 0380:

In some embodiments, the app will also be used to send personalized communications to users, for example, to come and be vaccinated.  Or it may send a communication to the user to enhance his awareness of behavioral rules during pandemic, to come and be vaccinated, to avoid certain locations, which are at high risk of contagion.




Q: What if I am sleeping or showering and didn’t respond?

A:  G2G is designed to make your life easier not harder. If you miss your check-in window, you will be sent a second check-in request shortly after the first one. 

If you miss the second request, the app will prompt you to give a reason.  Police will then determine what further action, if any is required, such as follow-up calls or a physical check-in.

Q: if I miss my check-in will I get fined?

A: if you miss your check-in window, the app will prompt you to give a reason.  If this happens multiple times, or you do not provide a valid reason, Police may attend you address to check on your compliance and the quarantine direction given to you.

If you have traveled from a high risk jurisdiction and are over the age of 16, you are legally required to comply with instructions from the G2G Now app.

If you consistently fail to comply with check-in requests without a good reason, you may have committed an offence under the Emergency Management Act, which can result in fines of up to $50,000 and imprisonment.

Q: does the app track or record my location?

A: yes.

Q: what if I’m quarantining at the same address as my partner, but I’m asked to check in much more regularly than he is.  Is there something wrong with my app?

A: G2G Now sends check-ins on randomized schedules and gives authorities the ability to individualize people’s check-in requirements. It is not unusual for people to receive check-in requests at different times of the day or more than other people.

Q: will my photos only be used for this app and quarantine compliance purposes?  Or will it be kept on police records?

A: The information that is collected through the app is collected for monitoring quarantine arrangements. It is not collected for general policing purposes. The information will be stored and used only as permitted or required by law.

Karen: so now the government owns your images, where you are and your time.

Stew: this is actually proven to be a patent.  Australia is already implanting this behavior controlled platform of taking the selfie to be where you are supposed to be.  This is reality and it’s coming here. The military is subjected to the same obedience training. Oftentimes things are developed for good and hijacked for evil. Imagine the military by remote control being able to turn on its own citizens.

Karen: that’s the point.  People will say this has nothing to do with the vaccine.  Let’s go to Section 0352:

Vaccines are all compounds as disclosed in the website of the World Health Organization.  Covid-19 vaccines are all incorporated and optionally provided (e.g. as a kit) with software such as described herein, and/or provided with instructions for use targeting potential super spreaders detected by using the methods described herein.

Karen: So you didn’t get a kit or instructions?  Under the Obama 2016 Healthcare Act Section 3024 it was passed under Emergency Use Authorization.  Informed consent was waived if it is not in the best interest for a human subject to know.  So the government can decide if it is not in our best interest to be informed.

Section 0400: 

It goes over how vaccine potency is based on super-spreader behavior.  The system is used to identify which individuals will receive which types of vaccines in relation to their potency.  For example, individuals that received and/or were identified as a high super-spreading score by the system would be vaccinated with more potent vaccines.   (IF YOU ARE NOT OBEDIENT YOU WILL GET A MORE POTENT VACCINE).

Section 0408:

healthcare privacy…so private…you may not even be informed if your health is at risk. some embodiments, the notification for getting treatment may or may not contain information regarding the results of the calculations.  For example, an individual that was identified as a super-spreader may or may not receive information about the fact he/she was identified as such. The potential advantage of not providing such information is to further enhance the privacy protection of the user.

Karen: if you believe this is for health or you are at risk for a cold the government will decide if you need this bioweapon.

Section 0408 continues: is most contagious during the first three days after the onset of symptoms, although spread is possible before symptoms appear after they disappear and from people who show very mild or do not show symptoms at all.

Karen: you could be very sick or have symptoms, not know it, be perfectly healthy and be identified as a super-spreader and you will be injected with a more potent vaccine and not know it.

Section 0409:

you may be put on warning or get a coupon code. Dedicated codes in the form of coupons will be provided to individuals having important relevant professions such as doctors, police, etc.  Insertion of the codes into their personal electronic devices will inform the system encrypted/anonymized user needs a correction in their score.  In some embodiments the correction can be either increasing the score or decreasing the score.

Stew: if you are a cop and willing to enforce this tyranny, your score will drop and you will not need to be controlled with a more potent dose.  If you a doctor and you are willing to participate in the hospital’s killing fields and prescribe this controlling obedience platform your score will go down because you are compliant. 

Karen: exactly.  Maybe you are ‘safe’ for a few months. Here is something out of a publication in 2007:  Vaccine prioritization strategies for 27 (now 38) countries of the EU and Global Healthy Security Action Group:

  • Healthcare providers
    • Doctors, nurses
    • Essential service providers
    • Police
    • Firefighters
    • Government personnel

The overall strategy discussed vaccine prioritization strategies during pandemic times, but its conclusions are limited to the critical groups.  For example, health care providers,–doctors, nurses, laboratories, hospitals, essential service providers—police, fire fighters, public sector personnel, governmental personnel, and high risk individuals—people with high risk of complications, pregnant women, children, etc.

Karen: at some point you will be prioritized and the reason why is that our Secretary of State made a commitment to this and to roll out artificial intelligence organization to be rolled out across these institutions.

Lynne Parker is the Director of the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office – The White House- October 4, 2021 we must prepare the future and the present US workforce for integration of AI systems across all sectors of the economy and society.

Our goal is to fill the AI talent gap and prepare US workers for jobs in the future by implementing policies that ensure a diverse, inclusive and knowledgeable workforce.  We would like to see the integration of AI related concepts of schooling, from kindergarten and even pre-kindergarten through doctoral positions including community college.

Karen: they are committed to replacing American people with AI.  Reuters beginning in January, 2021, has numerous articles on the Makers of Sophis, the robot, making AI, the social robots to take care of the sick or elderly.  I can help communicate, give therapy and provide social stimulation, even in difficult situation. 

The world of COVID 19 is going to need more and more automation to keep people safe—founder and CEO David Hanson of the robot lab.

Stew: this is horrific and this is what we have been warning about.  We speculated this and we knew this was coming. We said this and we were blasted all over the MSM by the arbiters of lies, the so-called fact checkers.  The government and globalists pay for these and they all want you dead.  The conspiracy theorists are now the truth-tellers.

Karen: I recommend that people look at facts and evidence. When someone has sociopathic and malicious intent they do not tell you they are going to harm and violate you. They tell you whatever you need to hear in order for them to accomplish their goals.

Karen: I am sorry for the American people, the health care workers and the military. You have been betrayed by General Milley, Lloyd Austin, Biden and many other leaders. I am closing with some scripture and this is for our military, our police and to those who have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution and protect the American people.  This is from Ephesians, Letter of Paul to the Ephesians:

Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.  Everything exposed by the light becomes visible. That is why it is said “wake up sleeper!  Rise from the dead and Christ will shine on you.  Be very careful on how you live.  Not as unwise but as wise making the most of every opportunity because the days are evil.


Supply Chain Shortages Pandemic Supply shortages…Be Prepared! And Lynn Shares Photos of a non-vaxxed friend who had severe bruising after a non-hospitalized procedure on his back…he has some people in his inner circle who have been vaxxed. 

What are your thoughts?

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