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Stew Peters and DR. Stella Immanual Interview and 4 Known Parasites…Plus Newest Videos

Newest Videos

1.  1023-2021- Ouch!  Can You Help That Trigger Finger?  Lynn Also Shares Local Shortage And Ideas For That ‘Paste’! 

Lynn tells how to use Plasma Energy water, gloves and shungite magnets for trigger finger relief. She also shares her experience at the local auto supply with a shortage.  And she shares how to make that ‘horse’ paste go down easily. 

2.  And below is a link to a video with Lynn, Cary and Val discussing much current information on the ingredients of the vaxxx and much more!

3.  For those of you who think you ‘own’ your house, your car, your………    I heartily recommend that you watch this information.  Then you decide what your remedy is….

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1020-2021-Stew Peters and Dr. Stella Immanual

Dr I: people are not dying in hospitals because they are vaxxed or unvaxxed but because they are withholding treatment from them. They are giving dangerous medications like Remdesivir and steroids for long periods of time that knock out their immunity.  They are going to the clinic to die and then others are afraid to get the vaxx. 

These are for depopulation and genetic modification.  Corona virus is a Trojan horse for the vaccine.  This virus is completely treatable.  We have seen over 90,000 patients …we see hundreds of patients a day on telemedicine and in the clinic. At the peak of Delta it was like Black Friday.

Stew: I have a question about Delta.  How can we identify something that has never been isolated? How can we diagnose when there is no test that differentiates between Delta and Covid?  Is it possible that Delta is really vaccine injury from antibody dependent enhancement?

Dr I:  with Delta we did have a lot of people that were vaxxed and unvaxxed.  I do believe that strain was ‘released.’  It is like using a super antibiotic and if you use a super antibiotic you are going to get a super bug. Delta came in a wave for 6 weeks and then disappeared. 

I think they are actually releasing variants.  I cannot prove it.  There is no test to prove there is corona virus.  The PCR test doesn’t mean anything. It can pick up the flu.  We treat people symptomatically. We don’t treat based on the PCR test but on the symptoms we are seeing.

We have seen 30,000 patients and then on prophylaxis, 90,000.  Vaccinated people and non-vaccinated people are getting sick and we need to quit dividing people like this.  In the news today you see that Gen. Colin Powell died and he was fully vaccinated.  Do you know how many people are dying from Covid and they are fully vaccinated?  This stuff is crazy.

Our children don’t even get Covid. Now they are getting myocarditis, they are dying from the vaxx.  They are plowing through with the vaxx.  Look at what they are doing in Indonesia and Australia right now…if you leave your house drones fly over and tell you to get into your house.  It doesn’t make sense.

People don’t read their Bible.  This is the name of the beast. The Pfizer CEO said they are hacking the software of life and they are saying they can cure diseases.  In the future there will be new diseases and then they fix the code.  When are people going to wake up?

This is like having someone come to your door and telling you they want to hack into your computer.  You are not going to let them do that. Are you going to let people hack into your DNA?

People are getting genetically corrupted just like in the days of Genesis where all flesh was corrupted.  That is what is happening right now.

Stew: I just had this conversation last night…we had a conversation about Genesis and the word corrupt and how it appeared at the very beginning of the Great Book. At the very beginning of God’s creation, the corruption appeared and even God said he had a change of heart.  It is awesome to hear you say these things–God is just awesome—I just have to say that.  God wins…we know the end of the book.

Dr I: yes, Genesis 6.  We know the end of the story.  Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset … I call them useful idiots.  They think that by 2030 we are going to be ‘all one.’  This is the whole thing behind all of it—it is about getting identity into everybody. They want all human beings to be human 2.0.

There is a video by Charles Morgan and also Amy Kruse who used to work for DARPA.  Human 2.0:  How to Build a Centaur & Why It’s Going To Change The World. She thinks human brains need to be ‘upgraded’ to 2.0 and to have enhanced reasoning.  Now she works for the _______ Institute where they do human enhancement. 

Bill Gates says 7 billion people have to be chopped before anything changes. It is not going to happen.  We are beginning to resist and they are beginning to make mistakes as they see the resistance getting stronger…

Right now they are setting us up for famine and shelves are empty. If you go to Revelations 6 the first horse of the apocalypse is the devil; the second horse is war, and that is happening as people are pitched against each other…families are at each other’s throats.  Humanity has to wake up and realize that we need to get together, find a solution and fight these people.   The 3rd horse of the apocalypse is famine. 

Stew: there is an Antifa infiltrator who sent us an email that has a list of doctors, including Dr. Zalenko, the President, his son, Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, and it was a list of 21 people and it’s a hit list to murder these people because of the vaccine message.  What world do we live in when Antifa is now calling for murder and assassination based on vaccine hesitancy?  This is part of the division….  No matter where you look the fake media is dividing us on every issue and then polarizing it.

Dr I: in Revelation 13, verse16…look let me put this into context.  I am a Bible Scholar.  In this chapter is says that the devil was going to deceive humanity to make images onto the beast.  He had power to give breath to these images that they would cause those that would not take the mark to be killed.

Think about this:  John is looking at our day saying that they will ‘give breath to people’ and cause them to make clones.  The devil had power to give breath to the clones, to the images that will cause all those that would not take the mark to be killed. 

I don’t think the mark is right now.  The Moderna vaxx has luciferase and everything in the vaccines has 666 which is the number of the beast.  So these clones will cause people in hospitals that will have medicine and they die, they will cause lockdowns, they do child sacrifice and rip unborn babies out of the mothers at 9 months.  The evil that is going on is not human.

The technology that is going on is Nephilim science. You know about CRISPR technology. It came out in 2013 and you can splice the gene and remove gene sequences for things like muscular dystrophy and other disease.  This CRISPR technology is not being used to treat any of these diseases.  It is being used to splice our genes and introduce a code.

Charles Morgan said that they can introduce a code in you, and that code can do anything.  While you sleep it can give you false memories.  When you wake up you think these are your memories.  This stuff is sci-fi, crazy and it is demonic.  It is time for the world to wake up.

We are not in a science battle; we are in a spiritual battle.  It is good vs evil.  We need to hunker down on the spiritual aspects and if we don’t we are going to perish.  A lot of people are going to die. 

Stew: put your finger on something specific and ask God…He loves to answer prayers.  Ask and you will be amazed.  If you think the Bible is an intimidating read, then read it out loud….it will become an amazing experience.  Start from the beginning and read it out loud and you will see things happen. This is a living word and you cannot deny the power of God.

Dr. I: I will pray for those that are not vaccinated because we are not yet at the mark.  The Bible says the blood of Jesus is the blood of regeneration.   What happened in the Garden of Eden was a spiritual corruption.  What happened in the days of Noah ..and this even took place all over the world….it is in every culture whether you call them Titans, Hercules…every culture has a time when the ‘angels’ came down.

This is not made up—it’s in the bible and in every culture. The bible says that the earth was corrupt before man and all flesh was corrupt.  God said he was going to destroy earth.  There were giants on earth before and also after this.  The sons of God came to the daughters of men and they produced offspring.

Those angels were not ‘everlasting kings.’  The offspring that was produced when the flood happened, their physical body was consumed. But those spirits still infected humanity and led to genetic modification.  Now the Nephilim don’t look like giants, they look like you and I. It is no longer the Nephilim seed corrupting humanity.

So the devil just brings it to science and says we can jab them and corrupt them through medical science’. At the end of Revelation in the Bible, we have the marriage supper.  All Christians, all believers are married to the Lord Jesus and one with Christ.  The devil wants to do the same thing and he wants to collect all of humanity and corrupt our minds and then we can all be connected to him. If all of humanity decides the devil is God, then God cannot come back onto the earth.  It is not going to happen.  We know the end of the story.

The devil has a short time and he wants to destroy, corrupt and take as many people to hell with him as he can.  I tell people not to be scared. If they are Christians or a child of God, they should not be afraid to die.  That is when they allow themselves to be corrupted.  My mantra is to die human, die saved and don’t be…if you die as a child of God you get to go to heaven.

Right now there are all these religions.  At the end of the day, there is going to be Jesus and there is going to be Lucifer. If you don’t choose Jesus, by default Lucifer will choose you.

Stew: I want to be very clear…that does not mean don’t fight.

Dr I: you should be able to fight and to resist to the point of shedding blood. Do not let them corrupt you, whatever you have to do.  Do not allow these people to corrupt your DNA. Do not allow them to destroy your immunity.  Right now, you and I as the unvaccinated are the only hope for the world.

Stew: we have you here to talk about Ivermectin and hydroxychloraquine and the conversation has gone a different, ever so important direction.  I will ask you to pray for these people who have been pushed into this inoculation, have been misled and indoctrinated by the fake media and didn’t have access to this program or ones like it. 

Dr. I: let me say a little bit about hydroxychloraquine and Ivermectin.  They work whether it is delta, lambda, whatever.  Right now we have doctors in all 50 states and we have mom and pop pharmacies in all 50 states.  Go to and you can sign up to see a physician by phone call and they will prescribe this for you.  Don’t wait until you are too sick and you cannot breathe.  Now is the time to get prophylaxis and get these into your medicine cabinet.  

Right now they are harassing us left, right and center and we don’t know how long we can do this.  We have Vit C, zinc, D3 and quercitin in one pill.  Go to the website now.  All this is in my book that just came out, Let America Live. We have prayers in it.  We have processes you can use and we have the deep story of this battle with a 10 point plan.  Do not wait and use the promo code, stew, for 5% off

Please do this now. People are coming to my clinic with oxygen of 70.  They are running away from ‘medicine’ at the hospital to come to my clinic. It will be better for you if you get your prevention package right now.  Not tomorrow…don’t wait.  Get the preventives and put that in your medicine cabinet and if you get sick you have Ivermectin in your medicine cabinet.

Things are getting crazy. Stock up food and stock up water especially if you cannot go to the store without the vaxx.  Make sure you have food…they are setting us up for famine.  Make sure you have food, water, toothpaste, toothbrush—everything you use on a daily basis.  Stock up enough to last you a year, two years or whatever.

DO IT NOW! DON’T WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW OR THE NEXT DAY, DO IT NOW.  If you have other medication, get enough now.  Get your prescription and fill and then go back to your doctor and tell him you need more and fill it.  If you are on insulin stock up now.  Don’t wait until tomorrow. Don’t wait until you can’t get insulin unless you get jabbed.

We need to get this stuff done now and we need to be prepared and ready for what is coming in the future.  It is going to be carnage.  If you are not ready you will see the desolation spoken of by Daniel in the bible who said to flee to the mountain. This is time to flee to that mountain.  If not, you are going to get caught up. Get flashlights, whatever…get it going now.  It is time for us to prepare.

Stew: I couldn’t agree more; would you lead us in prayer?

Dr I: Father in the Name of Jesus, I thank you Lord, I pray for everyone listening to the sound of my voice. I thank you for the blood of the everlasting covenant …Father give us the blood of regeneration.  I pray that you who are listening to my voice and got deceived into this vaccination…just repent before God and tell the Lord you are sorry, and let the blood of Jesus go deep into your genetic material.

Let it fire every cell in your body and begin to flush everything out God did not plant. ..I command every stranger in your body and in your soul and deep in your genetic material to jump out in the name of Jesus.   The cleansing fire of the Holy Ghost flows.  The cleansing power of Jesus flows.

Lord I put my faith in you to stand in the gap for these people who have been deceived and I say Oh Lord, have mercy, let your blood, your fire, regenerate and re-create them, Oh God.  The same that you brought the spark out of Adamic nature, do a re-cleansing and re-creation right now in the name of Jesus.

I call back everyone listening with the blood of Jesus and with His spirit; I break your authority and power over our lives in the name of Jesus.  And let the veil of darkness over the minds of people be torn and let the veil upon the nation be torn right now with the fire of the Holy Ghost.  Come down and visit the revival, Oh Lord, Revive your people, Oh Lord, before the end comes and so that people might come to you and give your praise.

I thank you and I pray for protection upon Stew and all the patriots that are standing and fighting in the name of Jesus. May your hand of mercy and protection be upon us in Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen.

Stew: thank you and God bless you and thank you for being here.  It was great to have you and we hope you will come back. 

Dr I: yes, anytime….

Stew: Dr. Stella Immanuel…God bless you.

1021-2021-Four Parasites in the Vaxx

Ramola D of The Everyday Concerned Citizen is new to me and I love the way she presents information and puts things together.

She has an update for us on the now FOUR different kinds of parasite that have been imaged in the Pfizer and Moderna vials.

We’ve previously spoken about the findings of microscopy expert, Dr Robert Young, who published his images of the contents of the four publicly-available jabs using various methods, including Phase Contrast Microscopy, Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy. It was Dr Young who first reported to have found Trypanosoma cruzi in the vaccines.

Ramola reads recent entries in the VAERS system that corroborate Dr Young’s findings. One tells of a woman who is a regular blood donor and that after her second vaccination, her blood donation tested positive for the Trypanosoma cruzi parasite, the same as what Dr Young found in the vaxx.

These parasites are transmissible by blood and organ donation and they cause incurable Chagas disease. Luckily, donor organs and blood are now routinely screened for Chagas antibodies – and that’s how these were discovered.

Myocarditis and fluid accumulation around the heart have been reported in many vaxxed people (often, in the young and athletic). These are known severe symptoms of early-stage Chagas disease.

Ramola finds the three other cases of people reported in VAERS who were screened for this parasite (two teenagers and a 60-year-old) had all presented with heart problems after being vaxxed. She’s then surprised to find it’s now becoming routine to screen all vaxxed patients with heart issues for T. cruzi. 

Ramola found an additional three people in the VAERS system, whose symptoms were labeled as “Trypanosoma brucei”. T. brucei is protozoan related to T. cruzi from Africa that causes sleeping sickness in humans.

Patients listed in VAERS as suffering from the symptoms of sleeping sickness are having their symptoms labeled as this exotic parasite species, which does not affect members of the US population. Ramola says this points to an awareness within the medical community that there are parasites in the vaxx.

Interestingly, a primary drug used to treat infection with T. brucei is suramin, which has been touted in the health freedom community for much of 2021 as helpful in mitigating the effects of the vaxx – and of the spike proteins being shed by the vaxxed.

Ramola dives deeper into the transhumanist potentials of Hydra vulgaris and other Cnidaria species and other interesting findings in this most thorough report I’ve yet seen on the topic.

What are your thoughts?

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