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Sprouts Plus Other Photos at 2 Days

Sprouts under grow light

Plant tower with Pittmoss waiting for seedlings

Seedlings in rock wool plant day before yesterday …the bottom

Right seedling has started

Lettuce started 2 days ago

Is your pantry stocked?  Are you ready for a winter of possible power outages? 

Are we immune to what is going on in the rest of the world?  Aubusson Foods just announced a shut down for 90 days…they cannot meet demand for people seeking storable food with longer shelf life.  

Have you checked out  They still have product, but I know they are scrambling.  They source in food from many places that is non-GMO, no pesticides or herbicides. 

Have you started your indoor garden?  I have a blog here with video links showing how to do a hydroponic garden that requires no pumps. 

How does it work?  see my attached photos…I have started seedlings in rock wool that will go into the tower planter; I have started lettuce by cutting off the ends of 3 heads of organic lettuce and placing them in net pots into large mason jars filled with water to the bottom of the pots. I did this two days ago and you can see the growth that is starting.  Now think about that…you can keep a stock of fresh lettuce all the time. Look for details on youtube on growing lettuce with the kratky method. I am experimenting with different types of water and will let you know that outcome in the coming weeks.

Outdoor gardening is a challenge where I live as this is on the regular route for the deer looking for their fresh salad of the day.  So it’s container gardening on a small raised deck and getting creative indoors in a place with one south facing window. 

Why do I bother doing all this? Read the attached information from several William Mount tv videos.  You will never guess what has been inserted into the foods…look for the information on the tomatoes. 

Don’t be intimidated by getting started.  many of you are already accomplished gardeners.  I don’t have the title of Ms. Montana Green Thumb but I’m willing to be proactive.  

What are your thoughts?

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