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Why Is GLUTATHIONE Called the MOTHER OF ALL ANTIOXIDANTS? Plus Clif High’s New Electrics Woo-Spike Protein Q and A’s-Crisis Actors and more…



Never Ending Plasma Energy Glutathione

Dr. Mark Hyman says Glutathione is the most important molecule you need to stay healthy and prevent disease.  It’s the secret to prevent aging, cancer, heart disease, dementia and more, and necessary to treat everything from autism to Alzheimer’s disease. 

Is there an epidemic deficiency of Glutathione?

Glutathione deficiency is found in nearly all very ill patients. These include people with chronic fatigue syndrome, heart disease, cancer, chronic infections, autoimmune disease, diabetes, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, asthma, kidney problems, liver disease and more.

What is Glutathione?  

Glutathione is a very simple molecule that is produced naturally in the liver all the time.  It is a combination of three simple building blocks of protein or amino acids — cysteine, glycine and glutamine.  The secret of its power is the sulfur (SH) chemical groups it contains. Sulfur is a sticky, smelly molecule. It acts like fly paper and all the bad things in the body stick onto it, including free radicals and toxins like mercury and other heavy metals.

Normally glutathione is recycled in the body — except when the toxic load becomes too great. And that explains why we are in such trouble …   In Dr. Hymans’ practice, he tests the genes involved in glutathione metabolism. These are the genes involved in producing enzymes that allow the body to create and recycle glutathione in the body. These genes have many names, such as GSTM1, GSTP1 and more.

And here is what he has found:

Nearly all his very sick patients are missing this function. The one-third of our population that suffers from chronic disease is missing this essential gene. Humans evolved in a time before 80,000 toxic industrial chemicals found in today’s environment were introduced and before electro-magnetic radiation was everywhere. It was before our skies, lakes, rivers and oceans were polluted.  It was before our teeth were polluted with mercury and lead.

Almost half of the population now has a limited capacity to get rid of toxins.  They are missing GSTMI function—one of the most important genes needed in the process of creating and recycling glutathione in the body.  One-third of our population that suffers from chronic disease is missing this essential gene and they descend into disease as a result.

Glutathione is critical because it recycles antioxidants.  Free radicals on the body are passed around from vitamin C to vitamin E to lipoic acid and then finally to glutathione which ‘cools’ off free radicals and recycles other antioxidants. After this happens the body regenerates another protective glutathione molecule. 

When the body has too much oxidative stress or too many toxins glutathione becomes depleted and the body can no longer protect itself from free radicals, infections or cancer, and it cannot get rid of toxins. This can lead to sickness and chronic illness.

Studies show that glutathione helps your immune system fight infections and prevent cancer.  Studies show that it can help in the treatment of AIDS. It is a critically important part of your detoxification system.  All toxins stick onto glutathione which then carries them into bile and the stool and out of the body.

Glutathione helps reach peak mental and physical function.  Research shows increased glutathione levels decrease muscle damage, reduce recovery time, increase strength and endurance and shift metabolism from fat production to muscle development.

If you are sick or old, or not in peak shape, you could have glutathione deficiency.  The Lancet medical journal found the highest glutathione levels in healthy young people, lower levels in healthy elderly, lower still in sick elderly and lowest of all in the hospitalized elderly. Glutathione is said to protect against a wide range of health problems including:

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Lynn and Stef discuss approaching the spreading of spike proteins, mRNAs, hydras and more through contact with the vaxxed as well as through sprayed aerosols.  One Scientist says we are all now ‘being vaxxed’ through direct contact; Clif High says that sprayed aerosols contain spike proteins, graphene oxide and hydras and that fenbendazole could be effective. 

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1214-2021—on the vaccine packet instruction sheets there are no printed words—they are completely blank. They don’t tell you what is in it, side effects, adverse reactions, interactions, anything. You know nothing about this injection.

Dr. Ted Fogarty, MD, Radiologist, MoPlatte Hyperbarics: when you have a very specific protein presented to your immune system and it is just one of many for an infectious agent, it is a false flag of sorts.  It gets your entire immune system all geared up for one protein and when that protein has antigenic drift because it is an RNA virus which all have extremely high mutation rates, now you have taken a medical product that is technically designed for a different protein than the one circulating now with all these different proteins. 

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that these vaccines are causing deaths at higher rates than we have ever seen with any vaccines.  When you get down to the basic science of it, the spike protein is truly acting as super glue for your capillaries, clogging them up, whose idea was it to take the worst protein and the most dangerous protein sequence out of this pandemic virus system to create additional vehicles so that human beings become manufacturing sites of the spike protein. That is clearly a bad idea and what we know now, it is highly unethical. It is running people through a gauntlet that is killing them. 

When that spike protein is being replicated inside the cell, it goes and damages your mitochondria.  What tissues are these spike proteins honing in on?  There is the Japanese study that looked at where the spike protein was concentrating after vaccination.  It is an immense amount, for whatever reason, is being concentrated in the ovaries.

As a tissue type, the ovaries is a very scary thing to think about when we talk about fertility for all of these young women and teenagers now who are going to be unethically, under all international guidelines, coerced into having this vaccine to maintain their educational endeavors. 

Another doctor (shown at 5.28 minutes)

CDC’s own data: as of June 42% of American children had already had covid.  Now that Delta has burned through as a wild fire, how many more of these kids months later, at 60 to 70%, so why would we push for a shot in people that are already recovered?  There is no benefit; Myocarditis in children is 6 times higher in hospitalization for children.

So if we gave the shot to all 54 million 5 to 11 year olds may save 28 to 50 lives.  Statistically we look at the myocarditis studies around the world and it’s not just myocarditis, it is the strokes, neurological syndromes, the Guillen Barre Syndrome, the auto-immune diseases.  But, myocarditis alone to save 28 to 54 children will lead to 5,000 to 10,000 children having permanent heart damage from myocarditis the rest of their lives.

What we don’t know is what matters.  We don’t know the long term outcomes, the long term safety of these experiments.  Where are the US bio distribution studies of these shots in anyone? They don’t exist.  Where are the reproductive toxicology studies –they don’t exist.  We know they exist in Japan and we know that these lipid nano-particles concentrate in the ovaries. 

What are we doing to the hearts of these children.  In slides shown at 4.45 minutes, the blue is all the inflammation. That is myocarditis.  This should be all pink and no blue in the upper picture.  Down below you see that light blue—that is scarring when you get damage.

What about the little children’s brains?  We know the S1 subunit crosses the blood brain barrier and all these pink and blue images shown at 5.09 minutes, is inflammation. Do kids need this?  Does anybody need these?  How many children do we want to put in wheel chairs?  How many children do we want to disable for the rest of their lives?  How many children do we want to make infertile, or give cancer to?  This S2 sub unit binds to a gene called P53.  That is the guardian of our genome that is our tumor suppressor gene.

We know that S2 subunit binds.  Are we going to inject into children a spike that eventually leads to the turning off of the gene that suppresses cancer?  The Pfizer study in the Netherlands show that the shots modify these receptors which are the lock and key pattern receptors, 3, 4, 7 and 8.  3 and 4 are responsible for cancer and 7 and 8 are for viruses.  We know that these shots are modifying the immune response.

1214-2021- Clif High—New Electrics Woo

There is much discussion at the beginning of the call on the electronics of the cells as discovered by Michael Levin, plus magnetic generators…

32 minutes—literature coming out has an association between 5G and the covid.  Personally I think that is a diversion down a road we don’t need to go.  5G is not ubiquitously everywhere.  5G is not in a lot of those places where we had covid hot spots.  It is not directly associated.  All those people in Italy did not die because of 5G because there was not 5G in their area.

We have other mechanisms going on in this depopulation agenda as I was saying earlier.  Joe Biden cheating, the election being stolen is wrapped up in the covid  stuff.  We now know that the vaccine producers could not physically have made the vaccines they had by 2021 if they had not started sometime around 2012.  It would have taken 7 or 8 years to come up with the amount of vaccines they popped up with in 2021.   Did they or are we talking about space alien production?

The vaccines are causing the pandemic to continue; they are causing people to be ill. The vaccines are causing people to shed and make other people ill and we now have to take prophylactic treatments against the shedding from people that have taken the shots. 

But this may be a good aspect to this. 

That we have to take precautions against people who have taken the vaxx and are out and about and we are in contact with, is going to aid us now because we are discovering they are putting a lot of stuff they had put in the vaccines such as the hydra, the graphene oxide, the nano particulates in the chem trails. That is 100% sure.

There are people that have been looking at fresh snow and water samples in Spokane, 450 to 500 miles from me.  We know the hydras are in there and this is another prompt to think about getting ivermectin and/or fenbendazole for humans.  Fenbendazole for humans is anti-parasite, anti-fungal, anti-cancer dewormer that I take prophylactically against the cancer.

I have people reporting to me now that started taking this a year ago and they are free from cancer now. We have people that started taking it 18 months ago with stage 4 cancer and they have recovered from that with no sign of cancer. 

Fenbendazole really works and one way is that it is anti-parasitical.  They used to give it to lab rats to get rid of worms to make them healthy so then they could induce cancer. They had to do that to eliminate as many variables as possible.  They were doing real science back then.

This is 60 to 70 years ago.  They gave fenbendazole to the lab rats and they discovered they could not give cancer to those lab rats.  It just didn’t work even if they had been bred to cancer.  They stopped giving these animals the fenbendazole and they didn’t tell anyone about this.  We found out about this later on through veterinarians and now it’s a good thing we have found out about it. 

I think we have confirmation that the USPS is now stopping shipments of ivermectin from any source coming into the US under orders from the FDA, Biden regime and the killing machine.  They are trying to create concentration camp gulag America.  They want to gulag all of North America including Canada and deny us all these drugs while they are dumping all this stuff in the chemtrails.

People in Spokane have examined the recent snow and rain coming down and it is loaded with graphene oxide and the hydra coming in from the sky.  They are putting that out in the chemtrails.  We see them putting the chemtrails here and those trails float east to Spokane where they deposit all that stuff as they go over the mountains and it cools down.  It comes down as rain and all that area is inundated with it. 

I have microscopes but they are 200 power and I can’t get pictures from that, so I am getting 600 power microscopes to be able to examine the water and stay on top of this.  We see them spraying the chemtrails and we always get rain so if something is going to come down it will come down here before Spokane.  I’ll do a video and show what I have once I get the microscopes in and get set up for it.

There is a principle in physics that derives from work in the ether.  It is called the least action principle that says that you have to feel the 40 charged HARP antennae that are set up in a grid. They have a charged state and they are getting ready to charge up the HARP to change the ionosphere.  The principle is that this will discharge in a way that will involve the least number of antennae. 

This is the least action principle in dealing with magnetism and electricity.  That is that the universe wants to use only the minimal electricity and minimal action with anything. This is true of water and this is why water never goes straight. It will always find the way of least action required to get from the top to the bottom.  It is not always straight. In fact it is never straight. Water will never go down a straight channel because of these principles.

HARP arrays will never fire twice in the same way because of this principle because the atmospherics are going to change between firing on them.  So some of these things will be nearer to a point of discharge in the local atmosphere than others.  This least action principle is one of the new electric things that has come out now that we are able to apply it to magnetics. 

We have known about it in electricity and explosives so that if you put a bunch of explosives next to each other, theoretically say that you had a bunch of explosive bombs in paper sacks so that they would be easy to set off.  You put them in a grid like HARP and you set them off like dominoes from the middle.  Unlike dominoes you cannot control how they are going to fall down and one might blow up in the middle and set one off on one side and that might set off one on another side and go around in sort of a circle until they all blow up.

The principle is that they will do this in a way for the universe that involves as minimal amount of these things in that grid in order to get the maximum amount of effect. This now has been established for explosions, for chemical catalytic reactions, for laser triggered reactions and I think it extends to herd animals that there is a pathway for theramones that triggers a pathway for most animals with the least amount of theramones.  That causes the herd to move within the quickest amount of reaction time.

I think that this least action principle goes to basically everything within the materium.  Now someone in Japan and another in Finland have come up with applications for least action principles for formation of and soon the manipulation of magnetic fields.  One of them, Japan, is working on what is known as spintronic which works with the electricity that creates the actual information within the card itself at this micro-level.  The other guy in Finland was working with big magnets probably for cars, ferries and other giant motors

This is a hugely important discovery and a huge temporal marker for the application of this particular old discovery of the action principle, being able to be applied to magnets in a reproducible fashion for magnetic field structures so we are on the way to having new electrics and new magnetics.

There’s all kinds of things happening in the world.  We are going to have financial crises, we are going to have a really rough couple of months, and we have to deal with these buggers who are terraforming the planet with chem trails and trying to kill us all with what they are putting in it.  You need to take action and understand that this is happening.

There are lots of different ways that are anti-parasitical even such things as vinegars. Organic vinegars with ‘mothers’ in them are anti-parasitical.  They won’t be as effective as a drug but if they are continuously used you could always maintain a flushing action.  We need to consider that as long as there are chemtrails we are actively at risk.

I filter all my water and now I get really serious about it. I don’t know if the guys doing the local water system are doing it as well as I would like. It’s a dangerous world out there and it will be more so in these next few months.  I think it will start to slack off in April and May.  It’s going to be really intense for the next couple of months, starting this week. 

Q and A on Airborne Spike Protein and mRNA.

What is shedding? What does it do?

Q: What effect does shedding have on the unvaxxed who are in close proximity to the vaxxed?

A: it’s going to make you sick. The corona virus, so-called Covid 19 virus, for the most part is pretty harmless.  We found out over the last year there is a 99% recovery rate from the viral infection.  People who have severe illness from the viral infection have symptoms that are caused by the spike protein that is on the outside of the virus and adheres to the ACE2 receptors.  Even people who got sick from the CV19 virus itself got sick from the part of the virus called the spike protein. 

So now the people who got vaccinated have every cell in their body manufacturing the S protein.  In the beginning I had it wrong. I thought it was necessary for them to manufacture the whole virus in their body.  I didn’t understand that the pathophysiology was caused by the spike protein. So all the vaccinated people are manufacturing billions-trillions of copies of this S-protein.  It is their breath when they breathe out so other people can inhale it; it comes through the skin so that if you touch them you can be infected—not with the virus but with the protein. Certainly body fluids contain the spike protein.

I was looking at a report yesterday and it was 905 babies being breastfed by vaccinated mothers have died.  The cause of death is overwhelming inflammation because that is what the S-protein does; it causes inflammation throughout the body.  It adheres to the ACE2 receptors that are found on the inside lining of blood vessels—arteries, veins and inside the lining of the heart. There is no part of the body that does not have blood vessels, so there is no part of the body that does not have ACE2 receptors.

Wherever there are ACE2 receptors that interact with an S-protein you will have severe inflammation that can do many things.  So 86% of young people who are vaccinated begin to have inflammation in the brain and they experience what is called migraine headaches and other symptoms related to brain function and also behavior changes. 

If the inflammation is in the heart it is called myocarditis. 

Many young people are suffering from myocarditis. What they have not been told yet and they do not know is the endpoint for myocarditis is a heart transplant.  Their heart muscle is being destroyed.  The inflammation could be in the liver or in the spleen which manufactures blood. One of the vaccination injuries is the destruction of the ability to make blood. The blood that is in the body is affected by the fact that the spike protein itself is magnetic.  Not only is it an infectious protein which are called prions, the s-protein, a prion, is also magnetic.

People who have been vaccinated become magnetic.  There was a “X-men” character who was called “Magneto” and he could attract things through magnetism. We have already talked about Yaku (?) playing with steel and putting magnetic in one piece of steel, but not in another piece of steel.  That is what is taking place with the vaccine and more.

In Europe there have been 10,000 deaths listed officially and directly attributed to the vaccine.  There are hundreds of thousands of (vaccine) injuries in Europe and here in the US as well.  So your question was ‘what happens to the unvaccinated person who is in the vicinity, in the same room and in the same environment, workplace, classroom as someone who is vaccinated?’. 

Everything I said that happens to the vaccinated person will begin to happen to the unvaccinated person because in fact they are not unvaccinated—they inhaled the S-protein, absorbed it through your skin or had contact through the vaccinated person.  So that means that the infectious S-protein causes all the pathophysiology through the body, is going to affect you in exactly the same way as the person who actually rolled up their sleeve and actually got the shot.

There is one other point. I am talking about the spike protein, but according to Dr. Judy Mikovitz, she says that not only is the spike protein airborne – and that is why you have sniffer dogs now that are sniffing what is in the air–but there is also a micro-RNA fragment that is also airborne.  That would make it even worse.  It would be bad enough to inhale the spike protein, but if you are also inhaling the mRNA that is the alien programming. 

I tried to give you a complete answer to your question.  The actual answer of what you should do to avoid all those nasty complications, avoid vaccinated people like the plague, because they are the plague.  The disease is not the virus anymore.  We thought it was.  But the virus was just the carrier of the S-protein.

Now with 150 million people you don’t need the virus any more. The vaccine will spread itself.  It is not pleasant reporting.  What I am saying is devastating. There is no easy way to say it and we have to confront the truth.  I have noticed and I invented a term to describe what I see in people.  When they hear this kind of information, they go into a psychological state that I call agitated denial. 

Denial is pretending ‘I didn’t see, I didn’t hear, I don’t know’ and I go about my normal business like I don’t know anything new and I didn’t hear anything.  Everything is the same and I am getting back to normal.  I am not going to ‘claim it’ or ‘buy into it.’  Maybe my lucky star is going to save me.

But people go into agitated denial.  Agitated means that what you heard is so disturbing to your spirit that you cannot deny it and won’t let you sleep, go about your normal business, or let you visit the people you want to visit and do the things you want to do.  The agitation doesn’t lead you to full confrontation of what needs to be done. Most of the people –what is their mind set? They are interested spectators and they are not interested in doing anything.

They might be inspired to do something to save their individual lives and look up a protocol. But if the agenda against us is the depopulation of the whole planet how is my picking up a single bottle of ‘pax-immune’ (?) going to defeat that? These people are united in their agenda against us.  Why are we so divided? 

People will attack me.  I did a program yesterday, put the video up and people want to attack my credibility and my credentials. You know my answer?  They are defending Anthony Fauci.  Here’s a guy, when he had to explain HIV 30 years ago, he invented a theory called ‘green monkeys. ‘ Here he is 30 years later and someone wants him to explain Covid 19 and now he invents a ‘bat soup’ theory.  And you want to laugh at me?

I have been to Africa and I have been on Safaris. I never saw a green monkey.  I saw black gorillas, brown chimpanzees and pink flamingoes.  I never saw a green monkey but the great Anthony Fauci claims that this whole global epidemic of HIV was caused by a green monkey.  And covid 19 was caused by someone eating bat soup in China. And I’m the quack?  I just don’t have a plastic white coat to put on.

People are ridiculous.  They look at this fraud who has not solved a single problem in his whole career and they look at him (Fauci) like he is an expert, but I am suspect.   You have to love people.

COVID, It’s ALL Theater! Crisis Actor Shows Her Contract – “Appear to Have Difficulty Breathing”

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Monday, 13-Dec-2021 11:08:02

12/13/21 By Hal Turner A female Crisis Actor in Germany/Austria shows that the ongoing COVID outbreak is nothing but theater.

She shows her Contract requiring her to “appear to have difficulty breathing.” Yet she laughs, giggles, jumps around off camera, in a “hospital” setting wherein cameras are creating news that the COVID-19 Outbreak continues to worsen.

This coincides with other video from the COVID outbreak showing a movie set, with cameras and “medical staff” appearing to urgently be dealing with more COVID-19 patients in a desperate situation, until the Director yells “cut.”

This video emerged last year, showing the fraud in progress:(at source) STOP GETTING COVID TESTS if you are not sick. The tests are mostly false positives because PCR was never intended to test for illnesses. When they get a “positive” test result, they call it a “case” even if the person is not sick. That gives false numbers for them to use to drum-up this topic and the false numbers will be never ending. When they announce more “cases” (even though the people are not sick) they then use those case numbers to demand masks and social distancing, none of which work.

COVID is a self-fulfilling SCAM, and so are the so-called “vaccines.” They just don’t work. People who are “fully vaccinated” can still get sick and still spread the sickness to others. What the hell good is the vaccine? see the two short videos at source:

My comment: Covid-19 is real. It was created in a lab and released on the public. The patent for it is exists and has been shown. The globalists promoted the Covid pandemic scare tactic to get people to want the vaccine. Covid was less dangerous than the two major flu strains that the US experiences every year. But it was promoted, and the numbers exaggerated for ulterior motives. The inoculation is a soft wear type “operating system” designed to alter our genetic/DNA makeup. This manipulation has dangerous side effects, causes illnesses, deaths and long term sterility.  The government along with the drug companies and hospital officials are promoting the shot for a variety of reasons, but mostly financial. The continuation of the pandemic is an act of control over the people and manipulating economies so the globalists can promote socialist controls, depopulate the planet, and sterilize a large segment of society. That is why they make these films and put the propaganda on the nightly news so it scares people into compliance. But the sad part is, real people are dying from the flu and this fact is being exploited by the globalists. Real people are become damaged for life. And the side effects are having an accumulative effect where more and more people are having heart problems, blood clots and organ damage. And those illnesses and deaths are not being attributed to the Covid shots! We are being lied to on an epic scale. Don’t trust what they say about the pandemic, they have too many motives to lie and keep the pandemic going on for years. George Eaton

What are your thoughts?

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