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How Can Plasma Energy Solution Help You Have A Healthy Wallet?

Why Has Lynn Discontinued Taking Credit/Debit Card Payments For Plasma Energy Purchases?

How Can Plasma Energy Solution Help You Have A Healthy Wallet?

Lynn usually talks about how Plasma Energy Solution combinations can help your body come into balance so your body can heal itself. So why is she talking about your wallet?

If Lynn doesn’t take online debit/credit card payments is that as dumb a decision as providing you with products that you can share with your friends and family and Lynn ‘loses out’ on a purchase?


Does all this make us free—both in health and in money matters?

Are we in a financial system that doesn’t support the people who depend on it?

What are the alternatives? Many small businesses in your town as well as online businesses can be charged up to 8% of your purchase as ‘transaction fees.’

Would you give up 6% of your paycheck every month just for using your debit card? Let’s say your gross monthly pay is $4000 before deductions. Would you want to give up $240 of that every month? Oh gosh, doesn’t that add up to $2880 a year.

  1. How much gas does that purchase?
  2. How many groceries does that purchase?
  3. Didn’t you just give someone almost ¾’s of a whole month’s pay just for using your debit card.

This is what small business are having to do because people don’t want to be bothered with carrying money.

So, what if you want to make an online Plasma Energy Solution purchase and you are not in the US? Lynn has a way to address that issue and you simply send her an email at

Here’s some additional insight from Catherine Austin Fitts and Greg Hunter:

Catherine Austin Fitts and Greg Hunter Interview:

CAF: Small business is at the heart of democracy, freedom and family wealth. What it democracy and a healthy economy requires are happy, healthy, successful families that starts with good health.

(Notetaker: that is why we have our Plasma Energy Solution products for you. Also it is why Lynn recommends doing the Wim Hof breathing method for a few minutes daily . Wim Hof figured out what we can do at home, when we travel, for free for keeping our health. Here is the Solari interview with Wim Hof:

CAF: we share intelligence and this is how consciousness works. It is We who have to bring back the law. We are building digital concentration camps and we are financing them. We have the ability to wake up and stop building digital concentration camps and we can start building a free and inspired life.

We did a presentation where we walked through the steps you need to take to live in equity, financial equity and what you need to do to build a free and inspired life and break through the chains of the system.

We all have a parasite and we need to detox. If we can get the parasite out of our wallets, our minds and our bodies and enough of us do it we have a chance. The beauty of this is that as you help yourself and your community do this, we get stronger and the parasite gets weaker. Stop financing the digital concentration camps that will imprison us all and start financing your free and inspired life. If enough of us do this it snowballs.

GH: Get away from the big banks.

CAF: a good way to do this is to start using cash. Get analog and rebalance your life so it is not all digital. We started a year ago getting everybody to do ‘Cash Friday’ and now we are doing cash every day. What is amazing is the stories that happen. People start to talk to their local small businesses.

I have one subscriber who said she started to talk to her local business owner who said this business was losing $2500 a month to transaction fees from these payment systems. The woman said if we just get together and all pay cash, they make another $2500 a month. We also discovered the things we can give them back for recycling and they can save even more money. So we all got together and figured out how we can pay them cash.

CAF: if you want to have a revolution, start using cash. I can tell you it took awhile for businesses to figure out that vaccine passports and QR codes was all about stealing their business and now they understand!

From Greg Hunter’s interview notes:

Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF), Publisher of The Solari Report and former Assistant Secretary of Housing (Bush 41 Admin.), says we are at war with the Deep State globalists that want nothing short of total control over all of mankind.  Central bankers want a financial system that is a lawless criminal control syndicate where it’s legal for them to do whatever they want. 

It is simply a choice between tyranny and sovereignty, freedom or slavery.  We start with the foundational building block of tyranny, the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) that global bankers want to install in the financial system. 

CAF says, “It’s not a currency.  That’s what you need to understand.  What we are talking about is a control system that is going to be implemented in a global coup d’état, and we are in the middle of a global coup d’état.  That’s what is happing right now. 

Essentially, if you look at the central bankers, the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) and all the central bankers are trying to create a system where they are completely free of the laws of nation states and governments.  In other words, they are inserting sovereign immunity from all laws and literally trying to create a civilization under the law where they are free to do whatever they want, including, as we know—genocide.”

CAF says to fight back against CBDC is to use cash.  Fitts says, “If you go to, you will see something that says, “Cash Every Day.”  Click the big red cap that says, “Make Cash Great Again.”  If you click on that, you will get three videos.  There are two videos I really want your audience to watch.  One is a 56 second video of the BIS general manger Augustin Carstens in October 2020 explaining with CBDC they will have central control and enforce them centrally.  It’s the only time in my life that I saw a central banker be 100% honest. 

The second video says “Financial Rebellion,” click it and you’ll get three minutes of a presentation by Richard Werner.  He is certainly the top scholar in the world on central banking. . . .  Richard explains that one of the top central bankers in Europe told him they are planning on chipping all of us.”

CAF says central bankers will ignore the U.S. Constitution, steal all of our assets like cash and gold but especially the land.  CAF contends they won’t be able to do this unless they take our guns and extinguish the Second Amendment.  CAF also talks about what she thinks will happen after the first of this year when it comes to inflation or deflation.

CAF says, “We are at war and we need a war strategy. . . . The ‘Great Reset’ will turn into the ‘Great Resist.”

CAF contends the good news is people are waking up and this evil criminal system can be stopped. 

CAF says, “Saint Paul said in Timothy, ‘Just stand and watch the divine go to work.’  They can’t do this.  Did you see what just happened in Ireland?  They tried to go all digital, and they had so many people cancel their accounts, they had to walk it back. . . . One thing the Bible makes clear is it will at times look hopeless, but it won’t be.  That’s why you have to stand.”

CAF tells of an elderly man telling a fellow passenger on a train that he was going to the city where the bank was that he had used all his life. He was going to shut the account because of their attempt to go all digital.

There is much more in the 1 hour and 10 min. interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with the Publisher of The Solari Report, Catherine Austin Fitts. (7.30.22)

Video: How Can Plasma Energy Solution Help You Have A Healthy Wallet?

Lynn discusses why she has made changes regarding online payments—is that a dumb idea?  How can you help small businesses in your name that have a large ‘bite out of sales’ every month?  In a recent interview Catherine Austin Fitts said “we all have a parasite and we need to detox.  We can get the parasite out of our wallets, our minds and our bodies.  Start using cash.”  When Ireland banks told their customers they were going digital, many, many people closed their accounts.  The banks had to ‘walk that idea back.’

What are your thoughts?

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