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Why Should We Be Interested In Russian Pyramids?

Why Did Dr. Paul of Plasma Energy Solution Think It Was Important To Use The Russian Pyramid Geometry?

When Dr. Paul first started studying the effects of the shungite on the body’s energy fields, people were trying to measure the energies of the shungite with EMF meters. He was not satisfied with that approach and dug further. What did he find?

He studied the Russian and Japanese information on torsion fields and how shungite helps create beneficial energy fields for the body. That is why we make the shungite magnets and pendants.

Dr. Paul came across the information on the Russian Pyramids and contacted Charlie Ziese whose workshop notes are below. Charlie gave him the mathematical formula to use to build a Russian pyramid, which is exactly what Dr. Paul did. Charlie gave instructions for building a 76.345 degree pyramid with pvc pipe and fittings and then making the 76.345 degree cone on the top. The 76.345 is known as the Golden Ratio.

From the time it was completed and even through today, we put all our new plasma energy combinations in the Russian Pyramid for several days. All our orders that go out first sit in the Russian pyramid. In many of our original youtube videos with Dr. Paul and Lynn you will see the upper part of the white pvc Russian pyramid in the background.

At this time when we are being bombarded with many energies, not all beneficial, it’s a good time to use the shungite magnets and pendants we make at Plasma Energy Solution to help balance your energy.

This month (October 2022) we are offering special pricing on the Plasma Energy Station and giving you a plain Shungite pendant made with shungite, silver GaNS, energy of Sole Support GaNS and the magnet.


Shungite is found in only one place in the world, an area near the village of Shunga, Russia near the Finland border. It is said to contain all the elements of the periodic table as well as more unknown elements provided by an ancient meteor. It is helpful in balancing our body energy fields due to the electronic ‘soup’ that we live in. Be sure to see the information at the end of the following transcript of a presentation regarding the presence of a pyramid structure in the coup in Ukraine in 2014.

0902-2022-Charlie Ziese, author of 76.345 The Golden Ratio, and Developer of ‘Russian Pyramids.’

Charlie Ziese Discusses Sacred Geometry

“Who controls the past controls the future, who controls the present controls the past”—George Orwell

Have you wondered why Sacred Geometry is not taught in school? Here are 2 reasons of the major reasons why:

1. Sacred Geometry demonstrates that our physical reality is produced via precise interplay among mathematics, geometry, harmonics and proportion using the golden ratio, or Phi, as the universal scaling unit, and consciousness, our thinking, our thought as the creative engine for that experience. Once properly understood and appreciated ONE CANNOT ESCAPE THE FACT THAT OUR PHYSICAL REALITY IS THE CREATION OF A HIGHER UNIVERSAL INTELLIGENCE/GOD, AND WE CONTROL THAT REALITY THROUGH OUR CONSCIOUSNESS! What a profound difference from the world view that we are an ‘accident’ of the Big Bang, a theory with less scientific proof backing it up than even the ‘safe and effective’ claims for the COVID jab.

2. The proper application of Sacred Geometric principles produces free energy, dramatically improved immune function and longevity, increased agricultural production, environmental remediation, faster manifestations, ehhanced PSI abilities (remote viewing, mediumship, telepathy), etc. All of this is extremely well documented in scientific research preformed in Russia that was prohibited from being published in the United States.

If we don’t know who we are and where we came from, we are controlled so much more easily by the global elite.


Sacred Geometry is what describes the fundamental laws that create everything in existence. These laws unit consciousness and matter, as well as science and spirituality.

One of the primary tenets of Sacred Geometry is that geometry, mathematics and harmonics are directly involved in the miracle of creation. The ancient knowledge is found in the Qudrivium, an advanced system of learning attributed to Plato, although this knowledge actually predates Plato by thousands of years.

How many of you realize there has to be a process. This isn’t magic; magic is just a science that we don’t understand. I’ll give a brief glimpse of what I have figured out so far of the creative process.

What is the Golden Ratio/Phi? It is nature’s naturally scaling ratio. a + b is to a as a is to b.

If you have a high frequency thought there has to be a scaling mechanism to take that vibration and transform it and transmute it into our physical experience. The Golden Ration is not a real number, but a process relationship (think Fibonacci Sequence). The only number that works in the equation above (a + b, etc).

What this equation means is that if you are trying to scale something bigger, just like the Fibonacci Sequence, with 0 and 1, you add them and get the next number, you add 1 and 1 together and you get 2, and you use the same process to go from big to small. I theorize that the Fibonnaci Sequence is the fundamental process of the way the universe is created.

So What is 76.345?

That is a specific angle that is associated with what is called in this world 3-dimensional PHI scaling. This is a phenomenon that has been researched and demonstrated by Nassim Haramein and Dan Winter. They have both come to the demonstrated conclusion that the entire universe from the sub-atomic to the galactic is scaled with the golden ratio.

How do you derive this 76.345?

The geometry of the Russian pyramid was never disclosed by the Russians and I am not sure they could have gotten them published as I said earlier in the US. I had to derive all this information on my own and I took a protractor out and measured the slant angle of the Russian pyramids. That was 76.345 degrees. I didn’t know if that was significant in a cosmological or sacred geometric perspective.

What I did was take a bunch of circles in 2 dimensions and started with the diameter of 1 with the bottom circle. Then I divided that by PHI (1.6+ and that can go to infinity). When you draw the triangle in 2 dimensions around it you can figure the geometric angle at the base and that is 76.345. This perfectly matched the geometry of the Russian pyramids.

Why are these pyramids much steeper than the pyramids at Giza?

They are steeper but they share a common angle of 76.345 degrees. Most people know the slant angle of the Giza pyramids is 51.28 degrees. What most people don’t know is that the apex angle of the Giza pyramid is exactly the same as the slant angle of the Russian pyramids.

Then I started to find 76345 in natural phenomenon. One of those is the refraction of light. If you take a glass sphere and put it in the end of a tube and shine light through it, the light refracts through that sphere exactly at 76.345 degrees.

We can’t ‘see’ sound, but we can measure the geometry of something that amplifies sound and that is a cheerleader megaphone. It is also 76.345 degrees.

It is in our DNA as well. Another way to find it is a Taurus that is given out for a Fundamental Physics prize. It is spherical on the top and bottom and it has 76.345 degrees as well. (see Lynn’s copper energy tubes). So we are finding this everywhere in nature.

Mankind has known about this forever.

The Nurages are found in the Island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea. There are approximately 10 to 20 thousand of these with this exact geometry located on this island. This island is a blue zone which means there is the longest life expectancy of any place on earth. This is not an accident. The Nurages could date back as far as 350,000 years ago.

These stone formations , the Brachs, in Scotland have the same geometry. They date back about 500 to 1000 years ago. There are more formations in the Great Zimbabwe ruins in Africa. Michael Tellinger and Dr. Sam Asmonagitch recently measured the level of ionization that surrounds this conical structure and it was the highest they had ever measured of any of the ancient sites. It is the combination of the geometry and the building materials that have caused this to occur.

Castles and forts all over the world end up having this geometry as well. People have not been able to figure out the purposes of any of these structures. We can attribute or prescribe a purpose to castles and forts playing cowboys and Indians. I think it is a square wave and it is used to transmit or receive energy from other places on the planet.

Some of the first examples I found are Hindu temples. There are some that are on the Southern Hindu temple style, or the Davidian Style. All of these temples have this geometry as well. In northern India these are called the Nagara Style. This northern style also demonstrates an extreme knowledge of fractals. This all comes together and I show the math and the geometry in the book.

The Buddhist temples are similar and an example of one in Sri Lanka is shown. There are numerous examples of these temples as well as the Hindu temples were probably power plants in their previous incarnation.

The pagodas in China have this geometry as well as synagogues and mosques. A picture is shown of the Great Mosque of Samarra in Iraq. Also the Babylonian Tower of Babel uses this geometry. Almost every painter who depicted the Tower of Babel in paintings used this precise geometry.

Scandinavian churches have this in the Stave Churches in Norway. They were built around 900 AD and pre-dated the gothic cathedrals by 400 years. The best example in the West of gothic cathedrals using the sacred geometry principles is Naumburg Cathedral. About 2/3rds of the cathedrals have this angle in them. The vast majority of the others have the Golden Ratio sacred geometry as well.

They knew about this 500 years ago and we don’t know about it now. What happened?

A contemporary example is the Washington National Cathedral. Here is an example of an early American Church steeple. My brother is a Lutheran minister and in contacting him and others in the Lutheran structure there is no history of the sacred geometry in their churches. This geometry disappeared shortly after the beginning of the 20th century. Not a single manufacturer of church steeples in the US uses this geometry any more.

Castles all over the world have this geometry as well. There is no plumbing in these structures and we see gigantic furnaces but there is no wood. How did they do this? If you notice there is antiquitech at the top of those towers.

These towers are the 76.345 geometry so my theory is that somewhere they were harvesting free energy from these towers.

Bell towers around the world have this same geometry . This use of the geometry amplifies sound and it will carry it a further distance.

There is mystery school architecture in the Knights’ Templar church in London and it shows this geometry. The Iranian parliament building uses this geometry (inside and out). They have this geometry behind their podium.

A bridge in Berlin uses this geometry. It could have been used as a free energy generator at some point in the past. The Tower Bridge in London uses this same geometry.

All of the Egyptian obelisks have this geometry at the top. More recent examples do not include the Washington National Monument. That wisdom of the sacred geometry was not used for that monument. One of the Smithsonian buildings has this geometry. Memorial Hall at Harvard University has this geometry. The new Ottawa City Hall in Canada uses this geometry.

For those of you who know about Tartaria, Ottowa was definitely a city in Tartaria. They replicated this architecture in their new city hall.

The Broadstreet Station in downtown Philadelphia had this geometry as well.

Tartaria is theorized to have been a world-wide civilization that are shown on 17th century maps. It encompassed current day Russia, India, China, the Middle East, North America, Central America and possibly the Old World as well.

This architecture is found on one of the walls surrounding the Kremlin. Most of the towers around the Kremlin have this geometry. St. Basil’s Cathedral is often thought of as the Kremlin and is Tartarian architecture and you can see that the 76.345 geometry is there.

On one of the towers there are wires coming off the top. All the Abrahamic religions use the crescent, the star of David and the Christian cross and all are great fractal antennas.

There is an example of the pyramid in Egyptian hieroglyphs and this has been translated to mean ‘give.’ I would say with what we know about energetics it should be translated as ‘give off’ or ‘emit.’ 21.52

Here’s a picture of the Mayan calendar and you will notice the blow up of a part of the calendar looks exactly like the shape of the Egyptian hieroglyph. Artifacts dug up in South America also have these same shapes.

Witch hats and Dunce caps all have this geometry. The Dunce cap was an invention of a 13th century priest from Scotland named John Dunne. He noticed when he put on a hat shaped like a witch hat, he had a higher connection to God and to his higher self. The catholic church vilified his work and turned the Dunce Cap into an object of ridicule. One of the deities in the Hindu religion, Shiva, has the geometry in the headwear.

In contemporary architecture there is the Chrysler building in New York. And there are more examples that pre-date the Chrysler building but it was about the last in the US to have this geometry.

Amazon reported they were building a new headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. They picked a building design with this geometry in it. You will see this geometry in the logos. You see the geometry at Disneyworld parks around the world and they all use the 76.345 in their geometry. There is a contemporary museum in Bonn, Germany with the three pyramidal objects with the 76.345 in the architecture.

Most Christmas trees that you buy will have this geometry as well. Pennsylvania was famous for iron furnaces and every one of these as well as others across this US used this special 76.345 geometry. That maximizes air flow and produces more heat in the furnaces.

Tesla built the tower and was going to make free energy with that tower. He used resonance principles to achieve and he was shut down by JP Morgan and that is why we are now all paying high electricity bills.

Tesla Motors has the same geometry in their logo. Is this just a coincidence? This geometry is also used in current technology of the cooling towers for the steam in coal and nuclear plants. By using this geometry the natural air flow is optimized and produces the necessary cooling effects.

All of the rocket ships, space ships and space shuttles have this technology. MIG 29 aircraft use this geometry also. Submarines use the 76.345 geometry in the nose of the submarine. It shows up in Space X and also in the Sputnik space crafts of the late 50s and 60s.

If you search for 21st century church steeples you will not find a single one that has the 76.345 geometry. Bullets have the same geometry on them. Native Americans knew about this and their arrowheads were shaped with the 76.345 geometry. Was it by trial and error?

Sacred Geometry is not taught in any of the engineering schools.

When you look at animals you will see the geometry in alligators, crocodiles, porpoises, whales in their snouts.

Pyramids like any tool can be used for good or evil.

I have known about the existence of a pyramid on the Maidan Coup, Kiev—2014. I never had a picture of it and recently saw a documentary called “Putin vs. the Deep State” and they had information and there was the geometry of that pyramid.

There was information on a website called This was the website maintained by the people who did the Russian Pyramid research over the last 30 years. Dr. Alexander Golod (?) was the head of the team and I took excerpts from an interview with him. He was asked what connection there could be between the pyramid and the events in Ukraine 8 years ago. Dr. Golod said that at almost all of the events during the time of the Maidan during the 2014 Coup there as a pyramid. He said:

I think it was from February to June. What is a pyramid anyway? A pyramid is a tool and as with any tool you must be able to use it. But using it, you can do both good and bad with it or good and evil. He was asked: What could be the mechanism of influence of the pyramid at the Maidan event?

His answer: a person watches tv or sees the pyramid on the Maidan. The pyramid allows the operator to broadcast the necessary information at the sub-conscious level.

Here is the key: there are no miracles, no magic, just physics. What I think was going on, if you go back to that picture, you could see what was going on the pyramid but we know from our own research that there are ways of producing what we call scalar waves and those scalar waves will bypass any subconscious blocks that you may have and will allow that information to be processed subconsciously.

That can be good if you have a block for healing. It’s a wonderful way to get around that. But you can see in Ukraine in 2014, these people didn’t hear anything with their ears, but they were being programmed for violence, rioting or whatever by those with bad intent.

This technology has been around for thousands of years and every country around the world knows the exact result of frequency levels. I am quite concerned about 5G and what is going to be going on and how it might be used in conjunction with the covid injection. It’s important that we become aware and start to educate ourselves and others that the world is not what we think it is.

In my view the only way this information could have been hidden from us for the last couple hundred years is that there was some major catastrophe or calamity that occurred over the last 500 years or so. Ever since the gothic cathedrals, if you look through the architecture of neo-gothic and contemporary we have essentially lost it. But at least the neo-gothic architecture of the late 19th century continued to use it, but I don’t think they knew what they were doing. They were just copying and imitating.

We lost a huge source of knowledge over the last 200 to 500 years.

There are plenty of historians on YouTube that go into that more. But it is clear that this knowledge used for thousands of years has escaped us for the last couple hundred years. Website is

0816-2019-Plasma Energy …What Is The Best Way To Start Using It?  White Russian Pyramid Behind Us In This Video

Dr. Paul Schmaltz, retired veterinarian and plasma scientist, and Lynn Schmaltz present the Best Way to Start Using Plasma Energy. They also talk about placing energy fields around your home for a ‘dome effect.’

White Russian Pyramid Behind Us In This Image

Electrical Purpose of PYRAMIDs: The ‘Hummer’/ ‘Gravity Diode’ – with Dan Winter

PYRAMIDS- are called ‘The HUMMER’ The HUM is the PHASE CONJUGATE PUMPWAVE of The Schumann Earth Harmonics. – Gravity Diode / Atmosphere Stabilization – Implosive Seed /Plant Trigger – Rejuvenation / Age Reverse(Negentropy by Phase Conjugation) – Global Wireless Power by Longitudinal Array Pump Wave – Plasma Projection- Aura Exit for Star Inhabiting – Can Serve as Plug Access for Longitudinal Charge of Propulsion Craft. Note added June 2022- Finally- the actual detailed electrical function of the pyramids! first- the proofs- see in the graphic we explain WHY we repeatedly measured 53 hertz in the pyramid at Bosnia.

It is because the phase conjugate longitudinal producing pump wave which is THE function of the pyramid – was adjusted from the frequency signature of PURE FRACTAL PHASE CONJUGATION (Golden ratio exponents time planck) – TO INSTEAD- THE CORRECTED VALUE BASED ON THE FACT THAT THE SCHUMANN RESONANCE- ACTUAL DOMINANT HARMONIC IS 7.83 HZ- WHEREAS PURE IMPLOSION IS 7.29 HZ – SEE CHART ABOVE.



Finally- the actual detailed electrical function of the pyramids! New physics summary: Pyramids- MAKE Longitudinal EMF- as global wireless power AND Biological rejuvenation. THE function of the pyramids was to implode capacitance/ charge- by phase conjugate cascade heterodyning -precisely frequency tuned by golden ratio to planck- order to convert incoherent transverse emf- in to COHERENT LONGITUDINAL EMF INTERFEROMETRY (incorrectly called ‘scalar’).

(re longitudinal fractal array distribution – see also documentaries ) THIS longitudinal compressed emf- would bounce at the fractal array of nodes (Earth grid dodeca / icosa) – enabling modulate/ demodulate- decouple charge back into useable heat/ info as transverse emf- ONLY AT THE NODES.

Strong evidence that these longitudinal waves (/gravity waves / ‘DNA radio’) propagate also at GOLDEN RATIO MULTIPLES OF LIGHT SPEED C – lies in Professor Raymond Chiao’s many years of measuring faster than light velocities- whose published results state the vast majority of those measurements were between 1.5 and 1.7 times C light speed- centering rather perfectly around 1.618 golden ratio – which if proven would be another smoking gun for the golden ratio phase conjugate cause of life ( ) and cause of gravity ( )… and all centripetal and negentropic forces.

These are precisely the Earth grid node cross points which Cathie proved reduced nuclear critical mass, and Kozyrev (& Korotkov) proved are the only feasible sites for hi quality telepathy. This longitudinal fractal array achievement of efficient charge distribution is the only physics of global wireless power distribution ( see why Tesla failed- he had the node geometry AND the frequency recipe wrong – ).

The coherent impulse implode plasma projection of longitudinal emf (incorrectly called Scalar) – IS the only physics of gravity waves mechanism – AND how biology / fertility / negentropy / rejuvenation is generated. See also Bearden’s equations for longitudinal gravity waves- in his book GRAVITOBIOLOGY – discussed – bottom

  • SO in summary the pyramid ability to focus longitudinal emf compression- progation – IS it’s function for:
  • a) global wireless power , and
  • b) biological rejuvenation and seed germination triggering ( as for example longitudinal generation is now being used by agriculture universities for seed growth trigger…)AND
  • c) the so called ‘gravity diode effect’ – literally stabilizing (longitudinal emf wave) gravity AND atmosphere( see – ‘ Your life depends on MAKING gravity! )

Electrical Function of PYRAMIDs with Dan Winter and Sam Osmanagich and Patrick Botte —- June 7, 2022…

“Your life depends on MAKING Gravity!” – Fractal Conjugate CAUSE of Gravity Papers:… , ,


What are your thoughts?

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