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Can Plasma Energy Water Help Purify The Contamination in Ohio?

Lynn was asked by several people if Plasma Energy Solution water combinations could purify the contaminated water in Ohio. Her initial answer was that the plasma energy waters help people’s bodies come into balance so their bodies can heal themselves but she wasn’t willing to provide the guarantee that people are looking for in mitigating the problems by that contamination.

Lynn has had time to reflect on the entire incident and her short sightedness in a solution and offers the following based on her belief system and her experience with Plasma Energy Solution water combinations. You are invited to make adjustments compatible with your belief system. The Creator of All knows your heart. Now for some paraphrasing:

It is said when two or more shall ask it shall be done by my Father in heaven for when two or three are gathered together in My Name, there am I in their midst.

Lynn has no intention of splitting hairs over Bible interpretation so let’s move forward with her suggestions. Adapt this information for your belief system. If your intention is to help in any way you can, your Divine Creator knows your heart. If there is one of you and no one else, be earnest with your intention. Lynn’s opinion is that one earnest petitioner is far more effective than 3, 5, or 10 half-hearted petitioners.

Water has memory and water carries intention. The water in Ohio as well as the air, the ground, the living occupants have been traumatized by the chemical contamination. But more than that is the contamination from the hatred and contempt of those who intentionally caused the damage. And now there is the additional contamination from the fear and the anger of the people affected by this hateful act. That is exactly the energy the haters want along with the damage incurred.

So, here are Lynn’s suggestion:

  • Write your prayerful intention on a piece of paper
  • Print a map of the affected local and downstream areas
  • Tape your written intention to the outside of a jar or glass of the Plasma Energy water of your choice
  • Set that on your printed map
  • Speak your intention out loud

How will Lynn speak her intention?

I ask my Divine Creator to hear my prayer and intention for healing and blessing the water, the land, and all living things affected by the poison in the name of Jesus. I thank my Divine Creator, Jesus and all unseen helpers for the healing of the water, the land, the people and all living things in the affected areas.

After Lynn does this she will drink some of the water to carry that intention with her. Then Lynn will give daily thanks for the healing of the water, the land, the people and all living things in the affected areas.

It is Lynn’s belief that we were created by our Divine Creator ‘in his image.’ That means we are gifted with the ability to create a better outcome in Ohio and other areas that is not buried in fear, depression and anger. Heartfelt prayerful intention is a much higher energy than hatred and contempt of lower beings.

Lynn has added a copy of the words to a timely song along with the invitation to join the Intention for Peace written by Lynn and Dr. Paul several years ago.

This is a good time for all of us to be mindful of the energy that surrounds our bodies and our homes. Lynn has spoken in many videos about creating energy fields around your body and extending it out from your body into your biofield. And use your plasma energy waters to create energy fields around your home.

For those of you who don’t know what the biofield is, it is the energy field surrounding your body that controls 80% of your immunity and 40 to 60% of your hormone activity. For more information about that you can go to the Free Reports on the home page of . Click on that and scroll to the very bottom of the reports for Books 1 and 2 Sabrina Dawn. As Lynn always recommends be thoughtful and use discernment when exploring new information.

0219-2023—Can You Balance Your Body and Your Environment with Plasma Energy Water and Intention?

Water carries memory and water carries intention.  Lynn discusses Intention and how it affects our bodies and our energy fields.  What about the energy fields around you and around where you live? 

Artist: Dana Winner (Chantal Vanlee)


There shines a light in the heart of man,

Defies the dead of the night,

A beam that glows within every soul

Like wings of hope taking flight.

A sunny day, when a baby’s born,

The little things that we say,

A special sparkle in someone’s eye,

Simple gifts, every day.

Somewhere there’s a paradise

Where everyone finds release,

It’s here on earth and between your eyes,

A place we all find our peace.


        Come – open your heart,

        Reach for the stars,

        Believe your own power.

This is the hour

        Now – here in this place,

        Here on this earth,

It’s just a place we call paradise,

Each of us has his own,

It has no name, no, it has no price,

It’s just a place we call home.

A dream that reaches beyond the stars

The endless blue of the skies,

Forever wondering: who we are?

Forever questioning: why?


There shines a light in the heart of man,

Defies the dead of the night,

A beam that glows within every soul

Like wings of hope taking flight,

Like wings of hope taking flight.

Our Intention and Invitation

All plasma energy that originated from Paul and Lynn’s efforts

joins every other bit of plasma energy that originated from

Paul and Lynn’s efforts wherever that plasma energy is in

the world—on the land, in the waters of the rivers, lakes

and oceans, in the air and in the clouds above. All that

plasma energy brings Paul and Lynn’s intention every

where on, above, around and below the surface of

Planet Earth that all living beings are filled with

love, peace, joy, freedom and well-being with

the ethics and morality to support the love,

peace, joy, freedom and well-being of

all living beings on Planet Earth

including the living being, our

home—Planet Earth. All of

like intentions are invited

to join this Intention.

What are your thoughts?

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