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Did Plasma Energy Make a Difference in the Disaster Zone Dominica in the Aftermath of Hurricane Maria?

Salas garden smaller photo

Did Plasma Energy Make a Difference in this Garden in Dominica when Hurricane Maria devastated much of Dominica?    Many of us were shown a few news clips we watched on television or the internet from the comfort of our homes.  But how would we manage in a disaster of the magnitude that people have experienced in Puerto Rico and Dominica caused by Hurricane Maria?  There are photos and first hand stories that follow. Tom Salas shows the effects of plasma energy on the family garden of his relatives in Dominica.  These garden photos were taken after Hurricane Maria.

If you don’t know what plasma energy is here is a link to a short video explaining it.   Paul explains plasma energy in this short video.

Tom Salas’ photos from Dominica were taken several weeks after Hurricane Maria.  The photos shown are of the garden at the home of Tom’s relatives that had been treated with plasma energy well before Hurricane Maria…and these photos are of the garden after Hurricane Maria.  Tom finally made it to Dominica several weeks after Hurrican Maria to where some of his family lives.  The photos Tom shares are taken in Dominica   several weeks after  Hurricane Maria.  Tom says the devastation is 90% across the areas where he has been and all across Dominica from what other people have told him.

Tom Salas destruction photo 6

These are more photos shown by Tom in Dominica:

tom Salas destruction photo 1

Tom Salas destruction photo 2

tom Salas destruction photo 3

There are links at the end of the blog from Tom and another couple on their experiences with the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Dominica.

This is another photo of the garden of Tom’s relatives in Dominica after Hurricane Maria shared on 197th Keshe Foundation Knowledge Seekers Workshop.  Tom had used plasma energy on the garden for some time each time he visited his family.

Salas garden large view

The following photo was taken by a couple who survived Hurricane Maria and took this picture the morning after Hurricane Maria.


Following are excerpts from their account of one couple’s experience in Dominica during Hurricane Maria.  Every person here in Dominica has a story to tell. I have only spoken with a few people so far and the stories are amazing. I have a good friend who had to deliver a baby as his wife gave birth in their jeep sheltering from the hurricane…  A house of 5 friends of friends was washed away with the river into the sea…they all died.  A guy i know died trying to save his children as the hurricane washed them down the river. They all died.  A friend had his whole house lifted off the ground just as they were about to run for their lives. The house was lifted up and flown across the garden and dropped back down with them inside. A family witnessed their grandma die and then had to spend two days in the same room as her as she started to decompose. They were unable to get out.
Children who saw their family decapitated by debris, arms and legs scattered around the room  Sorry for the graphic descriptions but I have to share what I`m seeing and hearing. It is truly unbelievable…but it really happened. I’m now in a hotel with a wifi signal. people are laughing and drinking rum…life goes on. Surreal!

couple photo 1 typical-scene-of-destruction

With plasma energy station vials or pads you could have much helpful energy available at your fingertips.  Pads contain the same energy as the vials and the plasma energy station water.  How would you use all those energies?  We explain how you can bring out the separate energies in the links below.

plasma energy station patches

How to use your never ending plasma energy station.

On the site we also explain using your Never Ending Plasma Energy Station to help others.  You can make up pads in sets of 2 (one larger than the other for balancing energies) and have them ready for any emergency.  There is no ‘expiration date’ on the energy and it does not ‘diminish’ or ‘weaken’ over time.

How to make plasma energy station pads for others.

You can isolate some of the energy into the separate elements shown on the first aid chart below.

first aid chart photo

For more information on plasma energy go to

The following link is a video that Tom shares how he would collect various kinds of debris to make basic plasma energies in a disaster zone.  Here is what Tom says: If you`re home had blown away in a hurricane, here`s what i would do!🤣…trying to find the lighter side of a disaster!

The couple who survived Hurricane Maria have posted more about their first hand experience on a website they created:

As one well-known earthquake information provider on you tube says: Have a plan.  Don’t be scared–be prepared!

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  1. It is plain to see and a special notice goes to viewing the natural resilience in an environment where savage winds and torrential rains struck vulnerable neighbors, but left the free plasma grown vegetation untouched.

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