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Time to Stock Your Pantry


Happy Autumn!

It’s time for ‘catch up’ on Plasma Energy Solution.


Paul just finished the GANS for his Never-Ending Plasma Energy Arthritis Relief TM which is available now on our shop page.  Recently he has completed Clean Mouth TM and Clear Mind TM as well as Detox Relief TM.

Just as gardeners keep their seeds for the next season and those with sourdough starter save and improve on their starters, so do we collect plasma energies of important things in our lives….minerals, herbs, homeopathic and flower remedies, essential oils, vitamins, nutrients, food, and much more.


Never-Ending Plasma Energy Life Force TM is a special order from Donna who had a spiritual receipt of information of some very special herbs to use in combination.  She asked us if Paul could make a GANS (Gas in Atomic Nano Solid State) of it which he did.  He has been processing this for the last 3 months.  In the next couple of days he should have Never-Ending Plasma Energy Life Force TM completed.

Last month we introduced our Preparedness Plasma Energy Kits

And we offered combinations of 8 and 12 vials purchased with or without the Never-Ending Basic Preparedness Plasma Energy Kit.  With these kits you save when you order several products at one time.  To see what we offer go to our shop page here.

What do you have in your Pantry? 

Are you prepared for unusual weather conditions and events that hamper the instant delivery of goods and services we are all used to?

We have been committed to providing you with many solutions over the last two years to help you in stocking your Plasma Energy Pantry.  It all started with our Never-Ending Plasma Energy Station aka the Basic Preparedness Kit.

Now we are offering you our two newest Preparedness Kits— 

Never-Ending Plasma Energy Pantry TM

with or without the Never-Ending Plasma Energy Basic Preparedness Kit

To help you stock your pantry immediately we are offering you a 10% discount on either of our 2 Pantry Preparedness Kits until the clock strikes midnight on December 18, 2018.

Click here for more information on these packages

You can order vials or pads of 25 products we offer right now (excluding Life Force which isn’t quite ready) with or without the Never Ending Plasma Energy Basic Preparedness Kit of 16 vials or pads (this is our original plasma energy station).  Due to issues with freezing weather we only offer pads right now until the weather warms up.  For more information on pads go to our shop page here to view our video on pads.



Have a Healthy Holiday Season! 

Don’t forget you can add your Never-Ending Plasma Energy water to all of your cooking.

Whenever a recipe calls for water, just add water from your station to your tea, coffee, soup, stew, and even baking recipes!

For those of you who wish to share the Never-Ending Plasma Energy Solution products with your clients or customers, please sign up as an affiliate at the bottom of the page and then send an email to  to receive information about our program that will benefit both you and your clients or customers.

We continue to get an interesting variety of feedback from happy clients: 

Here’s what Jim had to say today:

 I have had a huge change since using the water. I spin my water with shungite and then use this water to charge my Plasma station. It is amazing! I see that I am becoming younger inside and out. My totally white hair is now silver and parts are black. People see this and are just amazed.

Very exciting.

Mireya just wrote to us about using plasma energy on some flowers she purchased:

          I bought some flowers from the grocery store that were in a discount area with many kinds of flowers and yellow roses that hadn’t opened. Put them in plasma water and each one opened beautifully! After 2 weeks the rose petals were falling and I took them out and realized the vase was dry but all the other greens and flowers were still as healthy and beautiful as ever with no water.

Wendy and I had quite an exchange after she wrote me about using her Plasma Energy Station water.

           I love the plasma energy water!  In the short time I have been drinking it, it has changed my life!  I feel so much better, and have much more energy!  I am a social worker who works with homeless people who have a chronic mental health diagnosis.  My program provides apartments for the people, and I help rebuild their lives.  I have given some of my people a gallon or two of the water, and they all love it too!  In fact, one of my clients went to another client’s apartment and asked him if he had “any of that water left over”  because she couldn’t wait for me to bring her the next gallon.  If my clients are “fighting” over this water, it’s gotta be good!


          Thank you Wendy!  I know you have plenty to do but what if you get a few of the clients to make patches with water you take them.  Then everyone could have the water.  If they watch the first and second videos they will have more ideas in how to use the water.  If they make extra pads they could give you some to carry with you as you are working with even more clients. 

  1. To make the patches they need a roll of Bounty paper towels, some medium strength packing tape, some quart sized zip lock bags and a marking pen to write 1 of 2 pads and 2 of 2 pads on each pair. If you were up to it you could soak the paper towels and let them dry overnight at your house and then just hand out the paper towels, baggies, tape and instructions. 

   2,  Do the 1/2 sheets of the Bounty paper folded in half and in half again so they are half the size of a lunch napkin.  Take 2 sheets at a time.

  1. Cut the zip lock off a quart sized baggie.    
  2. Cut 1/2 of one sheet and put it with the other sheet.  That is 1 of 2 pads that is 3 thicknesses and 3/4 of the total that you. on the bottom write 1 o2 2.  Slide this into one side of your baggie.
  3. Take the remaining small sheet that is 1/4 of the total.  On the bottom write 2 of 2 on the baggie.  Slide that into the baggie.
  4. Now fold the open side of the baggie over so you can seal it shut. 
  5. Cut the baggie in half with the 3/4s pad in one half and the 1/4 pad in the other half of the baggie.  Now tape all those edges shut.  I always do extra tape all the way around to give the pad container extra strength.
  6. Now have people put this on their container of water.  I realize that distilled orfiltered water may not be in the budget for these folks.  We work with what we have.
  7. Let the new plasma energy water container sit over night and then it is ready to use.  They can put some of the water in a spray bottle and spray it on sore joints or injuries.  They can spray around their doors and windows to discourage insects from moving in to live with them.  They can spray it on their clothes, towels and sheets and let it dry.  They can drink it, cook with it, make coffee, tea and soup with it.  I told a friend of mine to spray his balconies on his apartment to encourage having good neighbors. 
  8. The easiest way I’ve found to soak the towels is to stack the halves and then spray the one on top with a spray bottle filled with plasma water.  Set it to the side and do the next, then the next and so forth.  I hang them over plastic hangers, two to a hanger and let them dry overnight.  I label a baggie ‘Plasma Energy Station” and put them all in the baggie.  Then as I need to make them I take two halves and follow the process I gave you in the earlier email.


           Thanks!  I think this is much easier to do than to haul water around to my clients.  Our “deal” was for them to give me a gallon of distilled
water.  I would add it to my plasma water station and then I would re-bottle
it in a clear container and return it to them later.  The good news is that
they can use food stamps to buy distilled water if they don’t have the money.
I am so excited for my clients!  I’ve worked in the mental health field
for around 30 years, and I have never seen anything work as dramatically
as the plasma energy water! The best part is that this is something that
my clients can afford, and they actually want to drink it.


          Okay, Wendy,  so this is even better.  They just need to add distilled water to the clear plasma energy container of their choice (clear glass or clear plastic) as they use it.  Once it is set up they can just add water when it goes down 1/3 to 1/2.  Let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes and it’s good to use. Thanks again, Wendy, It really warms our hearts to hear of so many people benefiting from the plasma  energy station water!

Wendy (3 days later):

           I wanted you to know that I just got off the phone with one of my clients.  She is on disability for physical and mental health issues.  I gave her 2 gallons of the plasma energy water late last week.  Before she started drinking the water she was in such severe pain that she wanted to give up on life.  This morning, she called me and sounded a lot more happier than I have ever heard her.  She was telling me all the things she had done this morning.  She told me that the water had given her more energy and that for the first time in years, she did not take any pain medications yesterday.  She was also excited to hear that she could use the containers that I had given her to make a continual supply.  It made my day, and I hope it makes yours, too!


          Hi Wendy!  That really makes my day!  I’m thrilled to hear about improvements such as you wrote today! 

It is not only the plants and the people but I got another email recently from another woman who bought the vials for a Plasma Energy Station from us over a year ago.  This was really fun to hear:

Hi, I’d like to order another plasma energy station. I ordered it all last year but its all still in the box-here’s what happened: I put the box on top of my guinea pig Ella’s cage. She was around 10 years old and dying of cancer, she had a large tumor, probably a sarcoma on her lower back. She was lethargic, losing weight and losing her appetite. I was planning on having to put her to sleep. Once I put the box of GANS material there she started to improve. The tumor gradually went away and she recovered fully. I have never moved the box since, so I need to re-order. She is back to her sweet happy self at an advanced age for a guinea pig.

She really didn’t need to re-order.  She could just open the package that has been sitting on Ella’s cage, set up her Plasma Energy Station and put the packing material back on Ella’s cage.  She could even soak a folded paper towel and dry it thoroughly and put it in plastic and set it on top of Ella’s cage.

We dowsed the energy fields for the Plasma Energy Station water almost 3 years ago

When we did it we got 33 feet for the vials as well as for the pads that had been soaked with the water and folded to the size of a lunch napkin and the size of a post-it note.  They all measured 33 feet.

I was really glad when Morgan sent me this information a couple of months ago:

          My Chiropractor was very crazy busy the other day when I stopped by but he DID test my water bottle of plasma energy station  water for frequencies. He had 3 different commercial bottles of water in the office which all tested flat for any frequencies.  No surprise.  Then he tested the plasma water I brought him.  Of course he was skeptical but alas the water tested strongly positive for TWELVE frequencies.  Will ask next time  wht the individual frequencies were.  Fascinating news?  Then by using his “process’  he kept asking the water its field.  The answer was No for 20 ft and No for 40 so he started counting backwards from 40 and the bar flattened at 36 ft – so there you have it – the plasma has a 36 ft. field


What are your thoughts?

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