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Never-Ending Plasma Energy Life Force is Now Available

Here’s an Email we received from Kate B on 12-03-2018:


Lou and I love the energy station and the plasma water we’ve been drinking. We have more energy and my doctor said my vitamin levels are perfect and I have no need to take thyroid medicine any longer.
Is the C60 in the plasma water sufficient to fully replace the C60 suspended in olive oil that we have supplemented with for the past year?
Many thanks for the wonderful work you have done

Kate B

Here’s the Response from Lynn:

Hi Kate,

Thanks for your note letting us know how you are doing!  The C60 has been added to a couple of combinations after we did the Plasma Energy Station.  We are just now adding our newest plasma energy combination, Life Force to our website.  It has C60 in it and  C60 is also in Clear Mind.


Never-Ending Plasma Energy Life-Force™

is a special order from Donna who had a spiritual receipt of information of some very special herbs to use in combination.  She asked us if Paul could make a GANS (Gas in Atomic Nano Solid State) of it which he did.  He has been processing this for the last 3 months.  It is now completed and ready to use!

Introductory Offer:  
Our Normal Price of $77 is 
to $57 Until 12/31/18

Includes the Following Organic Herbs and C60 in a Powerful GANS (Gas in Atomic Nano Solid State) Combination 


which has health benefits including the ability to reduce flatulence, respiratory conditions, prevent certain cancers, eliminate parasites, improve metabolism, protect the immune system,help with weight loss efforts, heal wounds and reduce menstrual discomfort. 

Green Tea

offers benefits such as betterheart health, weight loss, and prevention of serious ailments like cancer anddiabetes by creating better metabolism.  It helps lower bad cholesteroland prevent atherosclerosis and boosts the effect of certain fat burninghormones as well as boosting metabolic rate.  It limits the growth ofcertain bacteria that cause tooth periodontal disease and detoxifies theliver.  It boosts brain health and helps produce an anti-anxiety effect. 

Star of Anise

contains anti-influenza compounds and has high levels of antioxidants as well as smaller amounts of vitamin C, calcium, potassium and magnesium.  It helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles, boost skin elasticity, and cover up old scars and blemishes.  It is used to treat bacterial infections of the stomach and more parts of the body as well as being effective against some antibiotic-resistance bacterial strains.  It supports respiratory health and boost red blood cell production.  It also haS anti-fungal properties and helps as a remedy for Athlete’s foot, and ringworm.  It helps with digestion, relieves bloating and excess flatulence and eases cramping in your gut.  It can increase sex drive, regulate menstrual cycles, and control mood swings.  It can help nerves to settle down and ensure a good night’s sleep.  It may also help with oral health, act as a mosquito repellent and aids in lactation.


helps relieve pain, sooth indigestion, strengthen cognitive function as well as detoxifying the body, boosting skin health, alleviate oral conditions, reduce insomnia, increase immune system function and prevent leukemia.  It helps to improve blood circulation.  It reduces the frequency and discomfort of constipation.  It can help to reduce the degrading of neural pathways and cognitive function in dementia or Alzheimer’s.  It helps eliminate toxins in the liver and kidney such as those from alcohol, drugs, pollution or food.  It helps dissolve kidney stones and increases function and efficiency of the kidney and the liver.  It kills the bacteria that causes halitosis and boosts the immunity of your gums and teeth.  It helps release serotonin and is great for sleep.  It can help reduce inflammation and irritation of the skin, promote hydration and a smooth appearance as well as reduce signs and marks from pox and boils.  It can help to boost the red blood cell count and reduce symptoms of anemia.

Milk Thistle

helps to detoxify and heal the liver plus protecting the body from free radicals that cause cell damage.  It helps to stimulate bile flow as well as helping to prevent and treat gallstones.  It helps raise glutathione levels in the body making the liver more effective at cleansing the body and eliminating toxic substances.  It helps decrease blood sugar levels and helps improve insulin sensitivity while decreasing blood sugar.  It helps reduce cancer growth and improve the efficacy of chemotherapy drugs.  It also helps to prevent oxidative damage to the brain and is anti-inflammatory and has antioxidant properties.  It stimulates bone mineralization thereby helping with osteoporosis.  It helps treat acne due to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.


Here is an extract from the research on C60:

The Prolongation of the Lifespan of Rats by Repeated Oral Administration of [60]Fullerene (also known as The University of Paris Study or The Baati Study)

Biomaterials, Volume 33, Issue 19, June 2012, Pages 4936-4946. Available Online 10 April 2012 Tarek Baati, Fanchon Bourasset, Najla Gharbi, Leila Njim, Manef Abderrabba, Abdelhamid Kerkeni, Henri Szwarc, and Fathi Moussa


“Countless studies showed that [60]fullerene (C60) and derivatives could have many potential biomedical applications. However, while several independent research groups showed that C60 has no acute or sub-acute toxicity in various experimental models, more than 25 years after its discovery the in vivo fate and the chronic effects of this fullerene remain unknown. If the potential of C60 and derivatives in the biomedical field have to be fulfilled these issues must be addressed. Here we show that oral administration of C60 dissolved in olive oil (0.8 mg/ml) at reiterated doses (1.7 mg/kg of body weight) to rats not only does not entail chronic toxicity but it almost doubles their lifespan. The effects of C60-olive oil solutions in an experimental model of CCl4 intoxication in rat strongly suggest that the effect on lifespan is mainly due to the attenuation of age-associated increases in oxidative stress. Pharmacokinetic studies show that dissolved C60 is absorbed by the gastro-intestinal tract and eliminated in a few tens of hours. These results of importance in the fields of medicine and toxicology should open the way for the many possible -and waited for- biomedical applications of C60 including cancer therapy, neurodegenerative disorders, and aging.”

Never-Ending Plasma Energy Life Force is sent in the form of a pair of

pads which you will place on either side of a clear glass or clear plastic jar.  You then add distilled or filtered water to the inside of the jar.  Let the jar sit overnight when you first set it up.  After that when you add more distilled water, letting it sit for 30 to 60 minutes is sufficient time before use.

If you wish to have it in a vial form, you can add water to any clear glass or plastic vial and then place the closed vial inside your clear glass or plastic jar.


You can also make more pads or vials from your ‘mother source’ for family or friends.  Remember, there is no ‘expiration date’ on the plasma energy and it doesn’t ‘wear out.’  Pads or vials made from your mother source of Life Force are not of lesser strength or effectiveness.

If you are addressing certain issues that can be assisted by the energies from the herbs and C60 in Life Force then you can drink a couple of tablespoons 2 to 3 times a day.  Pay attention to how that works for you and adjust as you think you should.

These products have not been evaluated by the FDA, and do not diagnose, prevent or cure any disease.

2 thoughts on “Never-Ending Plasma Energy Life Force is Now Available

  1. So your saying that the “Never – Ending Plasma Life Force” can positive effect your health in all these areas; it will be as effective as the C-60 that is 99.5+% pure? And you can make as much for as long as you want???

    1. Our first hand experience is that we have had positive effects with
      the Never Ending Plasma Energy solutions. Your question about 99.5%
      pure would apply to things added to water in the ‘matter state’. The
      plasma energy solution waters have magnetic gravitational energy in them.
      The purity of the water depends on your choice of using the vials you
      receive with distilled water, filtered water, or high quality well or
      spring water. The plasma energy provided by Gas in the atomic nano
      solid state does not ‘expire’ or ‘wear out’ for many lifetimes as explained
      by the scientist in his more than 200 workshops.
      thanks, Lynn

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