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A New Idea for Sore Knees, More Questions and Answers and Testimonials

A New Idea for Sore Knees

Greetings from Lynn to all Plasma Energy users:

While doing a lot of typing, whether sitting or standing, I find my knees sometimes get sore.  Paul has a new approach to treating sore knees (or elsewhere). 

  1. Get fabric bandages and put Never-Ending Plasma Energy Arthritis Relief, Pain Relief or Inflammation Relief or some combination thereof on the gauze part of the bandage. 
  2. Let it dry thoroughly. 
  3. Then use 3 of the bandages–with two in an “X” share on one side and one on the other side of the knee or other sore part of the body.

It’s working quite well and the bandages stay on through multiple showers.  I write on the white paper covering the sticky part of the bandage what GANS water is on the bandage, such as Pain Relief or Inflammation Relief.  It is effective and much easier to handle than the patches.  We always have to remember that bigger is not necessarily more when it comes to plasma energy

This is a great way to share your plasma energy and give some assistance to someone who is a skeptic about patches, vials and more!

New Frequency Tech Relief

COMING in the next few weeks!  

For those of you concerned about 5G, wifi exposure, radiation exposure and more.  Watch for our announcement of that and new shungite devices for your phones and computers.

Q and A

Which vials do you use on your Never Ending Plasma Station?

Once I have set up the individual GANS such as Life Force, Anxiety, Detox, etc I add them to my plasma energy station…my preference…you can do this any way you like

Optimum daily intake recommendation of that plasma?

This will vary from individual to individual–we use ours for drinking, cooking, tea, coffee, in laundry, in the cat dishes, on house plants so we are using several gallons a day.

Which combinations would you recommend doing a solo station for? 

As I said above make the individual vials on the solo stations as you may want something ‘solo’ to share with others.

For instance, the anxiety or detox vials? Optimum dosage if they are separate?

We don’t prescribe and I hope you don’t either unless you are a medical professional.  Everyone is different and it depends on what they are being used for.  If I were using detox I’d be drinking 1/2+ at least 3x a day for my own use

There is some information on the Australia site that suggests that putting the GANS directly in the water is the optimum method.  

The small vial in the foreground is filled with water taken from the top of the GANS jar labeled CO2. The small vials are available to purchase from our website.
Everything we send you is the GANS water taken directly from the GANS jars–even though you can’t see it in the small vial there is GANS present.

The recommendation is that you siphon off the top to drink.   Thoughts, experiences or opinions?

We take the GANS water off the top of the GANS jars and place into a small vial that gets attached to a container. We only drink the water inside the container filled with distilled or filtered water, never the GANS water that is inside the vial. Keep the vials closed so you always have a Never-Ending supply. See our videos, blogs, and our free report on how we make the GANS and how we set up a station surrounded with the small vials containing GANS water.

There is also some information that suggests that the GANS will lose potency over time.  Is this your experience?  If yes, how often would it need to be replenished and how?

We have not experienced that it loses potency.  Keshe said it would last much longer than we would. 

How much do you charge to make custom GANS? 

We are getting ready to make thyroid gans for a doctor.  She has done the research of the herbs, vitamins, minerals and more that she wants.  She sent them to us.  Paul will make the GANS which will likely take 3 months.  Our Never-Ending Plasma Energy Life Force was a custom GANS.  Our agreement is that you supply the materials and Paul makes the GANS. We send you half of it and we keep half of it and we have the proprietary right to share it with others.  We don’t charge you as Paul can recoup time and effort from the offering of a new GANS for everyone.

There is some evidence that ingesting the Plasma water can increase the measurable plasma in the blood (normally about 55%?).  Have you seen evidence of this?  If yes, thoughts about what it means to health and wellness. 

No comment on the above other than Paul’s ongoing lab reports.  His oxygen saturation is always at 99 to 100%.  The creatinine clearance of his transplanted kidney from 2004  which had climbed in the danger area of 2.2 over two years ago is now at 1.5.  The day after his transplant it was 1.6 so it is functioning even better.

What combination of GANS is safe for pets?  How much is optimum for them per day?

My experience with the GANS is that I put it in both drinking stations for our cats and that is the only water they drink.  They decide how much they want to drink every day.  I used plasma water on an eye injury on one of them last year and it cleared right up.

Have you done a GANS for sleep issues like Sleep Apnea? 

No we have not done a GANS for sleep issues other than Insomnia Relief.  I was able to discontinue melatonin and I drink a couple of big swallows of Insomnia Relief before I go to bed.  I don’t have any ‘melatonin’ hangover.

There is information that suggests that taking the Plasma water can shift DNA back to original blueprint?  Have you seen this?  If yes, how did it present itself?

We have done no DNA testing…that is beyond our capability.

Have you seen people go into healing crisis’ from taking too much? (this does not seem possible based on what I have read about the body throwing off what it does not need but thought I would ask).

The only time I saw any issue was the man who set up his station and was so excited about the water he drank over a gallon the first day.  The next day he was somewhat nauseated.  He emailed me about this and I suggested that he might have gone a little overboard and to back off to 2 to 3 glasses for a couple of days and then build up.  He did that and he was fine.

Ok, I got the first part done, …. the first patch of plasma energy with the 4 vials…..  Can I use some of that water and add to my colloidal silver spray bottle, which I’ve made for over 20 years and use to spray for burns, cuts, rashes, and my face, eyes, etc…… 

Yes you can.  I made colloidal silver for years and used much as you are describing along with my own mouthwash.  Because the plasma energy station has the plasma energy of silver in it, I don’t have to make the colloidal silver any long.  I just use the station water for my mouthwash for example, and I add some essential oil to it. 

I also have an empty spray bottle of Glutathione that I want to use for spraying the plasma energy, particularly on my hubby’s head to give a more direct application…. My Question:  should I wash the bottle, or just leave it with whatever left over ingredients there are in that bottle…..

Just add the plasma energy water to the bottle and let it mix with the leftover ingredients.


“I opened my package yesterday….. I FELT the energy from the vials so strongly….I had to go to bed at 7:30 pm.  I took the vials to bed and luxuriated in this sea of gentle but strong blissful energy.  Is this an unusual response?  Didn’t even drink anything.   I am more excited than ever to use this in all types of applications. “


Hi Phyllis,

Lynn: Yes, many people feel the energy emanating from the vials. And animals……here is what Ella the guinea pig has to ‘say’:

 A message from Wendy about Ella, the Guinea Pig:

“Hi, I’d like to order another plasma energy station. I ordered it all last year but its all still in the box-here’s what happened: I put the box on top of my guinea pig Ella’s cage. She was around 10 years old and dying of cancer, she had a large tumor, probably a sarcoma on her lower back. She was lethargic, losing weight and losing her appetite. I was planning on having to put her to sleep. Once I put the box of GANS material there she started to improve. The tumor gradually went away and she recovered fully. I have never moved the box since, so I need to re-order. She is back to her sweet happy self at an advanced age for a guinea pig.”

“Hi Lynn:   I received the pads for the Energy Station and put them on a 5 gal container and left them for a day. Then I took water off and put it in a couple of sprayers I bought. I sprayed the interior of the first floor of my house (I ran out) then with the second one went out and sprayed some plants in my garden.”

“My garlic was already poking up through the snow (melted today) so I decided to spray half with the Energy Centre water and leave the other half. (Problem is that I am now thinking that the fields travel far so that experiment won’t work without distance between.”

“Then I was outside in the garage and remembered your vid of dowsing the fields. I took some #10 copper I had just stripped for hangers in the GANS bins I was building and then cut a couple of pieces of old garden hose and went dowsing.”

“WOW  I am here on 19 acres with a lot of space and this is just the beginning of a long journey but those rods were pointing unerringly towards the water charged by the pads you sent. I was amazed . I thought I should do that experiment before I started spraying everything (which I plan to do). Those dowsing rods were definitely showing where the liquid plasma was and yup you are right about the 30 feet away part too. Confirmed. “

“I was watching closely as I walked slowly toward the house and they briefly went toward the spray bottle I left in the garage and then BOOM right toward the house and the Energy Centre.. ( Nano Coated rods???) Hmmm. I was a little bit skeptical about just getting pads instead of vials but am now quite convinced that they are working just fine.”

With much respect 


Lynn: “Thanks Warren for  your information!  I always appreciate getting confirmation of the Energy fields.  And I especially like your 3rd party confirmation of the same energy fields emanating from the plasma energy station pads we send to various areas.”

I gave him some plasma energy today, mixed with our water intake and in our smoothies; …. than I watch: he had more energy today than he has had in the past several days, ….  And actually has answered me more “directly”, hesitation and, …. with more attention…..  He also seemed less “tired” and didn’t “nap” today!  I’m excited for the possibilities and thankful to Our Heavenly Father for the technology you and Paul have shared with us out here…. Be greatly blessed!!

Lynn: Thank you for sharing that.  Continue using the water for drinking, cooking, laundry, pets, and plants.  Read the fAQs and testimonials as there are many ideas there.

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  1. How about something for G.E.R.D. My daughter suffers terribly from this

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