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How Are Shungite And Semi Precious Stones Synergistic?

Lynn Schmaltz reviews how shungite, semi-precious stones and certain GANS are synergistic. 

She also reviews information from 2019 regarding certain energies and the effect of shungite combinations on the torsion fields that are beneficial to the body. Help support your body while living in an ‘electronic soup.’ 

You can find out more about Never Ending Plasma Energy shungite products including New Tech Frequency Relief, magnets for electronic devices and pendants with various semi-precious stones below.

In April, 2019, Verizon announced that its 5G cell towers will be turned ‘on’ for the first time in the US in parts of two cities, Minneapolis and Chicago.

Activist, Gary Gileno, pointed out that millimeter waves were used as weapons by the US in war zones in the Middle East. Is 5G being used to monitor and control all human activity?

Additional 5G systems will be in Atlanta, Dallas, Kansas City, and Los Angeles within the next two months.  Is there a correlation between the 5G and the rioting and destruction in many of these cities?

Here is some additional information on Shungite and New Tech Frequency Relief from Dr. Paul in April, 2019:

0402-2019-Paul just got off the phone with one of our plasma energy clients in Florida.  He just lost a 10,000 bee hive and other beekeepers in Florida are having a terrible time with also losing their bees between the radiation and what the orange groves are being sprayed with as well as issues with beetles and mites. 

The research is showing that bees are flourishing and honey production is increasing with the use of shungite. 

Paul started researching Shungite several months ago.  It is a ‘perfect’ mineral combination out of Russia that has everything known to be on the periodic table. …the village is Shunga near the Finland border.  It is thought that the shungite is from an ancient meteor as this is the only known source of shungite. 

Research is showing that it is effective against 5G radiation, wifi radiation and much more. 

Here are some comments Paul put together about why shungite is effective after we used a meter for checking the energy fields of the shungite. 

Paul: It was interesting because the meter shows that energy fields are not blocked.  However, the energy fields are changed because of the shungite and there is not an instrument that will measure the torsion field and it’s rotation which has been changed from a left rotation to a right rotation.  The right rotation is beneficial to humans, plants and animals.  The left rotation is not beneficial to humans, plants and animals.  This research has been verified by various scientists, mostly Japanese and Russian.  When Paul saw that fields were not blocked he had to do more research and discovered by reading the works of Russians and Japanese that the torsion field rotation is the deciding factor for the effectiveness of shungite.  

Paul just finished the shungite, silver gans, magnets for cell phones, tvs, computers, and all else in our environments that are emitting radiation. 

Here’s what he had someone locally do with her magnet when she still had pain in her hand a month after carpal tunnel surgery:  One of the women who works at our local post office was on leave for carpal tunnel surgery.  When she came back she told me she still had a very sore spot on the lower center part of the palm of her hand.  I gave her some plasma energy gloves to wear. Paul told me to give her one of our telephone shungite magnets that has shungite, silver gans and a magnet and put it on that sore sport.  I saw her the next day and she said the pain was gone from that spot.  She had worn the gloves all night and put the shungite magnet on the spot on the hand inside her glove and when I saw her she’d been at work for 5 hours handling packages.  

and here is something that came today from an online news source:  Trump is pushing 5G with the justification that the US is in competition with China to be the first country to use 5G systems to monitor and control all human activity. Sprint will test its 5G system in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City, and Los Angeles within the next two months.

Paul sent our Florida friend Bob a vial of the New Tech Frequency Relief which includes shungite in it that he has had in development for the last 3 months.

Bob can make a ‘mother source’ of water to put out for the bees and he is also getting some additional shungite with instructions of how to use it on his remaining beehives.  Once he has the ‘mother source’ of water, it is never ending plasma water and Bob can keep adding water to it.

Paul suggested he use some of this in paint that he would spray when painting the beehives which he is planning to do.  For those who may not be painting the hives, they can spray the new tech frequency relief water on the hives and have it in water sources for the bees. 

People can do the same with the exterior walls in their homes. 

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