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Is Your Face Covering Changing You?


In an August 9, 2020, article there is a warning from a dentist in New York of what he is calling the potential side effects of “mask mouth”.

Dr. Rob Ramondi told the New York Post that “We’re seeing inflammation in people’s gums that have been healthy forever, and cavities in people who have never had them before.  Over 50% of our patients are being impacted by this [so] we decided to name it ‘mask mouth’—after ‘meth mouth.’

Dr. Ramondi’s colleague, Dr. Marc Sclafani, explained that “People tend to breathe through their mouth instead of through their nose while wearing a mask. The mouth breathing is causing the dry mouth, which leads to a decrease in saliva—and saliva is what fights the bacteria and cleanses your teeth…saliva is also what neutralizes acid in the mouth and helps p0revent tooth decay and gum disease.”

Periodontal issues constitute a risk factor for serious cardiovascular disorders.  The dentists added that bad breath is already a sign of gum disease or an excess of tongue bacteria, although it is encouraging patients to schedule a cleaning.  The article goes on to state that possible home remedies to address mouth may include consuming more water, reducing caffeine intake, installing a humidifier, gargling with alcohol-free mouthwash, tongue scraping, and avoid cigarettes, they said.

How Can You Use Plasma Energy to Avoid Mask Mouth?

  • Drink plenty of water—Never Ending Plasma Energy Station Water offers your body nearly 500 energies of vitamins, minerals, herbs, plants, teas, foods, supplements, gold, silver, copper and many other beneficial ingredients.  Your body will pick and choose at any given time the energies that it needs and ignore the rest at that time.  This water is shown to be beneficial to people, pets and plants
  • See our blog regarding the case for drinking plasma energy station water
  • Your mouth—Never Ending Plasma Energy Clean Mouth can have many beneficial effects.  It can be combined with Plasma Energy Station Water and used as a mouthwash—add some essential oils for flavor and you have an excellent, non-alcohol, non-toxic mouthwash.  Make a spray bottle with the water and spray your mouth, spray your tooth brush, and use the water in a water pik.  If you make your own toothpaste with charcoal, coconut oil, essential oils, xylitol or erythritol and what ever else you choose, you can mix in the Clean Mouth for effective management of your teeth and gums.  It can be put on a piece of gauze if you have a toothache to help clear up the issue.
  • See our blog about Clean Mouth

What Does Inefficient Breathing Do To Your Brain?

  • Your brain—when you are not breathing well do you get brain fog?  Not inhaling and exhaling properly means that you are inhaling the toxins your body is trying to get rid of through exhalation. If your lungs help supply your brain with what you need for clear thinking, how can they do that when they are re-circulating your own carbon monoxide? 
  • What effect is not breathing efficiently having not only on your brain but on your lungs and therefore on the oxygen carrying capacity of your blood?  What happens to the cells that are waiting for nutrients and oxygen for proper functioning?
  • What can Never Ending Plasma Energy Clear Mind do to help these conditions in your body?   See our blog on Clear Mind

Are There Efficient Breathing Exercises That Can Help You?

Wim Hof is from Holland.  He learned how to control his body responses through rigorous exposure to cold with cold showers, swimming in cold winter waters, climbing up Mt. Everest in a pair of shorts, shoes and a cap and no other cold weather gear plus his breathing techniques.

Here are some notes from Wim Hof that I discussed on recent videos:     

Is There A Special Way to Breathe For Better Health?

Lynn Schmaltz discusses Wim Hof’s breathing techniques to help you boost your immunity and enhance your energy and well being.  Find out more about this timely discussion in today’s uncertain environment.  Be sure to see our home page for information about the August Special!

What Can You Do If You Are Forced To Take A Shot or Medication?

What can you do to protect yourself from the toxic effects of the aluminum, squalene and pro-inflammatory chemicals in the vaccines?  What if you are immune-suppressed and have impaired liver function?  What if you cannot detoxify?   

Lynn addressed this is a recent video:

How Can You Boost Your Immunity?  

Lynn Schmaltz discusses how you can boost your immunity with foods, supplements, exercise and plasma energy products.  All the items listed below are found in Plasma Energy Station Water and products

The following information is from Mike Adams, Health Ranger and these strategies can make a big difference and potentially save your life. You can find more information about Mike Adams at

  • Lead a healthy lifestyle to support your liver.
  • Selenium and Sulphur (MSM) are believed to help aid in liver function.
  • Have a lifestyle where you are sweating and drinking water.
  • Anti-inflammatory foods can assist the body when vaccines have a side effect of neurological inflammation. 
  • Vitamin C is very potent and vitamin
  •  The better nutrition that you have on all fronts the more able your body is to eliminate.
  • MRA vaccines overwrite your body’s protein synthesis in the cells.
  • How do you relax more, reduce stress in your life and get better sleep? 
  • Good nutrition includes avoiding fried foods.
  • Do gentle exercise and don’t over-exercise. 
  • Take care of your body, your mind, your spirit, your life, your stress, and have good nutrition.  Eat more fruits and vegetables.  
  • The day will come that you may have to take a certain vaccine.  Your chances of being harmed by it are greatly reduced if you are not nutritionally and immune-compromised.
  • Don’t forget about minerals; magnesium is a crucial mineral and is very anti-inflammatory.  This is true of the trace mineral zinc.

What Can You Do About Fear and Anxiety?

Does fear feed a virus?  Is your TV keeping you plugged into fear?   When we are in a state of fear we start to do shallow breathing, cutting back on the amount of oxygen we get in our bodies.  That is why exercise is important.  Here are some things that I do:

  • Take a daily walk for twenty minutes
  • If the weather is bad I use a rowing machine or a mini trampoline
  • I do nightly stretching that I call yoga/oxycise…you can find the oxycise videos online…you not only get more oxygen in your body, but you keep flexibility in your body
  • I do the Wim Hof breathing after my yoga/oxycise and you can find those breathing exercises online…it’s a super way to oxygenate your body
  • Take the time to appreciate something beautiful, laugh at something and be contented about something
  • If you don’t sleep well get some of our Insomnia Relief and drink 2 to 4 swallows before bedtime to stop the brain chatter so you can get restful sleep
  • Set up your plasma energy fields around your house…the fields go about 30 feet out so start with the center of the house and do inside; then go outside and do the perimeter all the way around.  If you have a large lot or acreage and don’t want to ‘plant’ small containers of plasma energy water, use the water in a spray bottle and do the rocks, trees, bushes and/or fences around the perimeter.  Put a vial in the center of the highest level in the house and the lowest level of the house.
  • Turn off the news….try it for 3 days.  Most likely if you turn it back on in 3 days it will be spewing the same stuff it was 3 days ago.  Then try it for 5 days, and keep going.  It is designed to keep you in a constant state of fear.  And when the news breaks for commercials….they are designed to keep you in a constant state of fear about your health.
  • Tell those around you that you love them…look them in the eye, say it and mean it!  Tell them you appreciate them!
  • Take time to watch the sunrise or the sunset depending on your ‘body clock.’  Don’t forget to enjoy the stars at night. 
  • Enjoy your pets….they love the attention you give them and they are often your most loyal fans.
  • Share you plasma energy waters with others…and use intention with your plasma energy waters.
  • And most of all make your intention to BE BRAVE!

Is This the Perfect Time for Never Ending Plasma Energy Be Brave?

Lynn Schmaltz introduces Never Ending Plasma Energy Be Brave which provides a combination of energies to support your ‘fight or flight’ emotions. Would Never Ending Plasma Energy Be Brave be a good addition to your Plasma Energy Pantry? 

  • Healthy Super Human for overall well being with plasma energy combinations found in Algae combo; mildronate; lion’s mane’ NAD+; nattokinase; berberine; ashwagandha; bacopa; cinnamon oil; n-acetyl cysteine; maca; moringa; chaga; sulforaphane; cordyceps; quercetin; hawthorn; resveratrol.
  • Energies from:  Anxiety Relief, Cold/Flu Relief and Lung Support,  Life Force,  New Tech Frequency Relief, Peace, ZnO2, Gold, B9 Korean Salt GANS, Amino Acids and Hemoglobin, CuO, ZnO, Shungite, silver, gold, CBD and C60,  the combination of shungite and silver GANS can help to address frequencies such as those found in wifi, radiation and 4G and higher.  Also included are minerals, salts, leaves, roots, rhizomes, bulbs, and teas from various plants to help the body bring balance to itself and maintain beneficial frequencies, Korean B9 salt plasma energy is included and has over 70 minerals and there many studies done in Korea show the efficacy of the B9 salt, ZnO energies are present in many of these combinations.  It is what helps the body with emotional balance.  When your emotions are in balance, it helps your body maintain balance.  

0629-2020 How Can Plasma Energy Help You Be Brave?

Lynn Schmaltz and her daughter Stephanie talk about Never Ending Plasma Energy Be Brave which provides a combination of energies to support your emotions as well as physical well being.  Help support your body when events around you put your body into a fight or flight mode.  Support your emotions with the plasma energies found in Peace, Anxiety Relief and more. 

For the entire month of August, 2020 you can get 20% off any items you order from Plasma Energy Solution.  If you order the Plasma Energy Station the 16 energies are consolidated into the 4 BPA free plastic vials.  It’s Lynn’s birthday month so use the coupon word “Lynn” when you check out.

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