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Why Is It Important To Have Kan-Sir Support, Inflammation Relief, and Clean Mouth In Your Plasma Energy Pantry?

On August 20 Sarah Westall did an important interview with Dr. Jeff Prystupa about Breast Cancer.  A synopsis of the interview is provided below.  Is it possible that calcium deposits are being called cancerous tumors?  Watch and read below, and you decide. 

08-2020—Sarah Westall breast cancer diagnosis

This interview is with Dr. Jeff Prystupa, research director for Women Against Breast Cancer and The Human Patient Association, who is on a mission to show that 91% of diagnosed breast cancer is not cancer. 

You can see more of their work:  (note: there is a current issue with the site, they are working on it).

This was reported in July, 2013 by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), and the New York Times. This is critical information as breast cancer is the highest diagnosed cancer in women by medical professionals. 

Dr. Jeff Prystupa is going to explain that the misdiagnosis of breast cancer is actually calcification which is dead matter and can never turn into cancer. 

Sarah (S) and Dr. Jeff discuss below.

S: We need to educate people that this is not always cancer… Dr. Jeff will explain what this all means….information like this needs to get out to people so we can heal. 

S: I am glad you reached out to me….this is part of the truth trauma and we need to focus, shine light and get over it.  Tell us your background:

Dr. Jeff: Dr. John Maloney in Springfield, Mass. was my grandparents doctor.  He couldn’t practice today because he didn’t believe in medicine.  He taught me about my body and how it could heal, was strong and we didn’t need anything when I was young.  He was a wonderful, caring, old style doctor. We didn’t go from his office to the pharmacy; we went to his office to get some honey, baking soda.  I practiced health care with what Dr. John Maloney taught me….I was discouraged later when I had to change career paths.

S: so you realized preventive medicine was the most important thing to do.  When you were at Sloan Kettering doing cancer research and more, what did you realize about cancer that changed your mind about medicine? 

Dr. Jeff: The question that was brought up was why do cells begin to display cancerous behavior?  I provoked cells into displaying cancerous behavior in the lab. I made them act cancerously by what I did to them.  What became apparent to me is that cancer is a cellular adaption.  Dr. Warburg, winner of Nobel Peace prize in the 1930s, found that cancer cells can only be found in acidic, low oxygen environments.  We have known that and we haven’t taken advantage of these findings and included his recommendations toward cancer paradigms and protocols.  His findings on oxygenation were not utilized.

S: Preventative doesn’t keep people coming back for more and more cancer [treatments].  There is a lot of money in treating it and if you have 91% women that don’t have breast cancer you are going to lose a lot of money…there were prestigious journalists trying to get this information out there and the information was buried…do you think doctors are misdiagnosing?

S: Where is this greed or incredible corruption or mass ignorance coming from?  Where is the mandate?

Dr. Jeff: Usually when we are in the pursuit of truth and looking for understanding I have always found the best path to follow is the money trail…do we ask ourselves the obvious question: Do we think the cancer industry can afford financially, economically a cure?  Do we think that the cancer industry would commit financial suicide by finding a cure?

Dr. Jeff: The National Cancer Institute (NCI) came together with an excellent group of doctors that began to review and they found that they should not be using the word ‘carcinoma’ in reference to cancer because this term creates fear and doubt that can lead to over diagnosis.  The over diagnosis also will lead to over treatment.  The NCI may have had some pressure when it came time to publish their findings.  They published it in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in 2013.  The JAMA also had pressure not to publish but they did step up and publish.  They found the word carcinoma should be changed because the over-treatment was leading to disfiguring treatment, unnecessary operations that were the result of over-diagnosis.  So we had the NCI step up, the JAMA step up, Sarah Park Polk wrote for the NY Times and wrote an excellent story July 29, 2013. 

Today is the 7th anniversary when they announced that 91% of cancer isn’t cancer and it’s been ‘crickets.’  It is absolutely crickets.

S: They buried it; you don’t see any of that anymore. 

Dr. Jeff: I give them credit for publishing against the wishes of the forces that were.  But they were successful at burying the body of information where it has not been found.  With the help of several friends we will talk about this more and we will have to go grass rights with consumer and patients’ rights and share the knowledge.  We created an information/educational campaign.  91% of diagnosed carcinoma is not cancer. DCIS, ductal carcinoma in situ, is calcification in the tubes in the body ductal calcification allows for 80% of diagnosed breast cancer.  Lobular carcinoma in situ is where the cluster cells are in a lobe and begin to calcify and that is lobular carcinoma in situ, LCIS, which is 11% of diagnosed ‘breast cancer.’  That is 91% of ‘cancer of the breast’ and it is not cancer, it is calcification.

S: The rest is true cancer? What does it mean to have calcification or not to have calcification?  I have a chart you sent of the differences.

Dr. Jeff: It’s very clear when you break it down.

Real CancerFake Cancer
Cancer Calcification
Inflammed-cell stress signalNot Inflammed
Angiogenesis: growing blood supplyNo Angiogenesis
Cellular: all cells come from cells
Biology: alive organic cellsMolecular Chemistry: dead, non-organic rocks
Possible Threat to well-being
Uncontrolled proliferation of cellsHealing Response: calcium-based bonding of molecules
Begins ‘hot’ and grows hotterCold as a ‘stone’-remains COLD
Cellular adaptation to toxicityMolecular adaptation to toxicity

Dr. Jeff: Cancer is a cellular response and is biology with living things.  Calcification is chemistry—it’s dead.  Look at the list above.  Cancer is organic.  The chemistry of calcification is mostly inorganic.  As we look at the major factors the two at the top are the most important—inflammation and angiogenesis

S: Why can’t they tell the difference when they do a biopsy?

Dr. Jeff: They are not checking for that. We are supposedly scanning the breast for early detection. But what happens is the method of Xray used for mammograms is not sensitive to any water densities. The Xray radiation is used to detect calcium. I had an Xray machine in my practice for 35 years.  As a photographer I love Xray…I want to see the Xray, but that is bone and you can see bone very well with Xrays. Cancer is a water-cellular thing and you can’t really see cancer on any Xray.  They say they see some calcification and they describe it and say they are going to take some cells?  Why are they taking cells of calcification?  I don’t find any basis for that but on the chart it says that between 15 and 50% of the time the calcification is going to ‘turn into cancer.’  It is impossible for a calcium molecule to become alive.  It can’t Frankenstein itself and grow a double walled cell ring around itself and add some mitochondria in there and some endoplasm reticulum…

S: So basically if they biopsy it it doesn’t matter; they have themselves convinced that up to 50% of the time it will ‘turn into cancer.’  Then they do something based on the possible 50% of the time.

Dr. Jeff: When they do the biopsy they are following what is known as ‘standard of care’ which is written for the institution, clinic, doctors’ office as a defensive document to protect against liability from being sued.  The standard of care is in place to protect the clinic, the hospital, the doctor.  The care from the standard of care mean that the doctors are not treating the patient any longer.  The lawyers are by writing the standard of care.  When you go see the doctor you don’t get what you need you get what you get, you got what you got like one of those people that put the diagnosis on you.  It’s not for you…it is for people ‘like you.’ That is what happens with cancer.  They don’t treat individual patients…they treat conditions. And you get what is given to those who got what they say you got. That is first all with the diagnosis as a carcinoma. 

We are recommending that the diagnosis of carcinoma reflect the finding such as the Ductal Calcification In Situ or the Lobular Calcification In Situ and call it such.  Call it what it is when  you look at the Xray.

S: Then they would stop the treatment of calcification as the standard of care.

Dr. Jeff: What we would do is back up and look at what is really cancer and what is not.  We would simply act according to what is cancer and to what we know is NOT cancer.  That is why it is as simple as we are teaching:  A B C or 1 2 3.  If it is not ‘hot’ it cannot be cancer.

S: So you have a grass roots group that are going out and trying to educate women on this.  It’s pretty cruel to put women through this when they don’t have cancer. Chemotherapy is a cruel process if they really don’t have cancer.  How do they relate the stages of cancer if it is just calcification? What is stage 4 if it is ‘calcification?

Dr. Jeff: I don’t know there is really education that we can use very well.  Staging would best be done with temperature if you want to be accurate.  Stage properly and you would see if it was hotter than the last time you checked the temperature.   We are not using the markers in a helpful, guiding way that has us change the treatment…such as Vitamin C.  If we are going to stage we should use temperature.  One out of 5 lesions, fibroids will go on to display cancerous behavior.  4 out of 5 lumps, bumps or calcifications are benign. That is 80%.  Out of the remaining 20% one out of five will go on to display cancer.  The thing that is really cancer, and I am not a cancer denier, and cancer is a real condition that must be dealt with.  I am pointing out that there is a very effective way to separate the false positive cancer diagnosis from the normal benign lesion.  That is what I advocate and I want to save women who ‘do not have cancer’ from being treated as though they did.  When cancer strikes it begins with inflammation at the cell level like most diseases do.  The ‘fire’ starts at the cell level and under certain conditions you fuel the fire.

Dr. Jeff: If you put up a cancer cell ‘bird feeder’ with a lot of estrogen, sugar, low oxygen, acidic, you have hung up the cancer cell ‘food’ in the cancer cell ‘bird feeder.’  That is all that happens when the cancer cells come to dine somewhere in our body.  Research shows it begins in the mouth, goes down the lymphatics and into the breast. Breast cancer actually begins in the mouth and we are working with dentists.  What an interesting new role for the dentists to play in breast cancer prevention.  Dr. Dowling says it can stay on the same side. If there are inflamed lesions in your mouth and they continue to grow within you then you will see it go down the same side of your neck into your breast and you begin to form the growth areas that are inflamed.  Cancer starts hot with the lightening strike of inflammation.  Then it is supported by a growing blood supply called angiogenesis.

Dr. Jeff: Look at your hand and as you do that and it sprouts 5 more fatter fingers, that is angiogenesis that is done by your blood supply. That is what must take place in order for cancer to grow…the angiogenetic switch.  If it doesn’t get the new blood supply, the tumor is limited in its growth to 1 or 2 millimeters because the surface area limits it.  The blood supply with increased nutrient flow inside is what controls the cancer growth that defines cancer…the uncontrolled proliferation of cells—the cells growing at an uncontrolled rate is the definition of ‘real cancer.’  The fake cancer is simply not hot.  We know the body is not reacting to that in a cancerous fashion.

S: We have cancer cells all the time that our bodies are constantly getting rid of, correct?

Dr. Jeff: Yes, because our bodies grow cancer cells and they don’t come from some alien.  When we grow cancer cells those are our cells.  They behave differently because they are your cancer cells, but they are your own cells.  The immune system knows that and it won’t attack them.

S: How can they take something that is just calcification or cells that are not ‘hot’ and acting cancerous?  How can they measure a Stage 1, 2, 3 or 4?

Dr. Jeff: They are taking a process which is degenerating, degrading of the cells in the middle of a necrotic center.  It is the cells in the pussy area of the middle that have died because there is no oxygen or nutrients there according to Dr. Warburg (in the 1930s).  Everything you have there is fueling anerobic respiration which means breathing without air or with less air.  We have aerobic respiration which is how we breathe normally.  Certain cells have the ability to breath anaerobically.  We have cells with the potential in our bone marrow to be able to breathe anaerobically when and if necessary. This really surprised me and put my mind at rest.

Dr. Jeff: for the longest time I couldn’t understand how cancer could be a natural thing.  How could it be a part of what is going on around us?  How could breast cancer that attacks the breast that nourishes our young?  It seems like such a betrayal and the fact is that everyone starts out getting cancer, forming a tumor between themselves and the mother called the placenta. That is the first time we ‘get cancer’ when this placenta grows in the mom and attacks and establishes a blood supply, lymph supply, arteries and veins, hooking up the plumbing and sharing with that.  That is the first time we ‘get cancer.’  If we didn’t get ‘cancer’ the first time, no life would exist. What happens the second time is a longer story but it’s the same cells getting called up to get back into action and believing they have a job to do because of the chemical signaling.

Dr. Jeff: We haven’t even talked about toxicity which is the whole reason that cancer is happening in our population.  Cancer has replaced infections and so these things are causing cancerous environment setting up the ‘cancer bird feeder.’  The only reason cancer cells go where they go is the same reason that the goose is in the corn field in the fall, the mice are in the grain and the rats are in the dump.

Everything is eating; We don’t have to kill cancer—take down the ‘cancer bird feeder’ and stop hosting cancer parties.  Don’t invite ‘them over’ instead of trying to ‘kill everyone’ when they show up to the party.

S: Does cancer grow because of everything we are bombarded by?  …How do they diagnose something that is calcification and then give it a 1 to 5 level?  It would always be at 1 if it hasn’t turned into cancer.  It has a 50% chance to go to a higher stage.

Dr Jeff: The different stages are based on the appearance of the lesions and some of the cells that they are taking in biopsy.  The biopsy of cells is what I did in the labs.  I am familiar with cell preparation on the slide.  When you do that you are not able to distinguish what type of cell it is.  When you are culturing a cell outside of the body and growing them in mono layers in cultures, it is difficult to distinguish the defining characteristics of where they might be in a degenerative process.  So the shape of the lesion, the amount of dead cell products, the bio chemistry is done by appearance.  They are looking at the continuing breakdown of the tissue and the structure of the tissues around the tumor as it is growing.  That is done by a process of the amount of destruction so far by the taking a look at how long the ‘fire has been burning’ and if it has exceeded certain borders and transgressed beyond and the rate at which it is expanding.  This could be the rate of the tumor growth and the size of the tumor.

S: Is it possible for them to say it is stage 3, 4 or 5 if it is just calcification? 

Dr. Jeff: The conflict doesn’t really arise from there.  It arises from the perspective of what is happening to the body at the cell level. The medical profession who are following the ‘standard of care’ are going to apply chemo, radiation and probably use Tamoxifin. Until your body starts to act like it is hosting a cancerous adaptation (‘hot’) don’t do anything.  When you find something in your breast, you get a thermogram, no matter what happens if what you have does not have inflammation, the lightning blast or ‘flame within’…if you do not have inflammation and your temperatures are not elevated you do not have cancer and you cannot have cancer.   Cancer is only hot, hotter and hotter.  Everything with cancer can clearly be seen by temperature.  It starts hot and goes hotter, hotter, hotter. If we would look to control temperature at the cell level, it will be years before it will grow into a tissue lesion. 

Dr Jeff: The good news is that we have  6 or 7 full years from when inflammation starts. The really good news we have to share with everyone is Women Against Breast Cancer (WABC) and we need help with this organization.  We are just starting off with our educational effort. Please help us.  We are simply sharing with one another that 91% of breast cancer has been misdiagnosed. If you have been diagnosed 80% will have DCIS, 11% will have LCIS.  Time out.  Stop. You don’t have cancer and what you have is calcification.  If there is something going on or a reason for that, let’s deal with that.  The most important thing now is that 7 years ago they told the world that this calcification IS NOT CANCER that leads to over diagnosis and over treatment.  We had people that stepped up (NCI and JAMA) and these might not step up today.  NCI, JAMA and New York Times all stepped up and published.  I applaud them for that but it’s been ‘crickets’ every since.

Dr Jeff: We want to tell everyone diagnosed with cancer to ‘hold it…time out.’  Check it out and slow down a bit.  Cancer is not the disease that everyone has claimed it to be. Yes it is a dangerous thing but it is not the monster that is killing women at the rate they are being told and scared into.

S: Let’s talk about WABC.  Do you have educational materials on that website that women can go to and learn about this?

Dr. Jeff: I thought I was going to retire.  I have been doing things with a limited budget and we have a whole body of research we have to do.  We want to do a study and we want to measure exactly the stats.  The cancer industry says that between 15 and 50% of DCIS and LCIS go on to form cancer.  We are going to measure it and find out exactly how often DCIS and LCIS turn into cancer.  We are going to do the study ourselves and measure it.

S: The non-profits that everyone gives money to are not doing this work. You are going to do this and get the right information out to people when you have done the studies. You said you needed help with this.

Dr. Jeff: The help we need is what you are doing with this interview this afternoon.  You are sharing the word with your audience.  91% of breast cancer is misdiagnosed.  Find out for yourself. and we also have

S: Thank you for coming on. I appreciate you taking this on and I know it’s a challenge.  If we don’t work hard at things that are difficult where we have pushback, I don’t think our lives are worth living.  We need to change this for the better for everyone.

Dr. Jeff: I especially think that there are a lot of women who are also spiritual and have a religious base and I want them to know that God made us better than this. Don’t be afraid…do not be in fear.  I want people to know that God didn’t do this and it is not as bad as it seems. 

The truth will prevail and the light will shine through this darkness.  We have been lied to and it is time for the truth to come out.

S: Thank you; I’m glad that you joined us today. 


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Can You Live Into Old Age With Healthy Gums and All Your Own Teeth?

Dr. Paul Schmaltz, retired veterinarian, and Lynn Schmaltz discuss Never Ending Plasma Energy Clean Mouth.  It was formulated by Dr. Paul in response to Lynn’s question of how can we overcome issues like mercury fillings and root canals as well as gum disease.   Find out the successful ways Dr. Paul and Lynn are using Clean Mouth.

Lynn’s note about the Empirical chart that follows:  When Dr. Paul was a toddler he fell and damaged two lower front teeth that turned brown from the damage.  Years later he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and 6 years later with kidney failure .  Was there a connection from the early event to the later event? 

Is Your Face Covering Changing You?

In an August 9, 2020, article there is a warning from a dentist in New York of what he is calling the potential side effects of “mask mouth”. Dr. Rob Ramondi told the New York Post that “We’re seeing inflammation in people’s gums that have been healthy forever, and cavities in people who have never had them before.  After 50% of our patients are being impacted by this [so] we decided to name it ‘mask mouth’—after ‘meth mouth.’

Dr. Ramondi’s colleague, Dr. Marc Sclafani, explained that “People tend to breathe through their mouth instead of through their nose while wearing a mask. The mouth breathing is causing the dry mouth, which leads to a decrease in saliva—and saliva is what fights the bacteria and cleanses your teeth…saliva is also what neutralizes acid in the mouth and helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease.”

Periodontal issues constitute a risk factor for serious cardiovascular disorders.  The dentists added that bad breath is already a sign of gum disease or an excess of tongue bacteria, although it is encouraging patients to schedule a cleaning.  The article goes on to state that possible home remedies to address mouth may include consuming more water, reducing caffeine intake, installing a humidifier, gargling with alcohol-free mouthwash, tongue scraping, and avoid cigarettes, they said.

When infection travels from the mouth through the lymph glands can it cause issues in the breasts?

How Can You Use Plasma Energy to Avoid Mask Mouth?

  • Drink plenty of water—Never-Ending Plasma Energy Station Water offers your body nearly 500 energies of vitamins, minerals, herbs, plants, teas, foods, supplements, gold, silver, copper and many other beneficial ingredients.  Your body will pick and choose at any given time the energies that it needs and ignore the rest at that time.  This water is shown to be beneficial to people, pets and plants
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