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Precise Control Over Brains and Genes From End Times Watchman Plus Two New Videos

Newest Videos from Plasma Energy Solution:

0411-2021 Lynn and Steph Discuss 18 Reasons For Not Getting A “Vaxx”

Lynn Schmaltz and her daughter Stephanie discuss 18 reasons for not getting a ‘vaxx.’  Hopefully this will help you have some logical answers to provide to those family and friends who may not understand your choice. 

Go to our blogs at and scroll half way down the page to come to the 18 Reasons report. It is easy to read and all the hyperlinks are there.  You will also find some other timely articles in that group of articles by scientists and medical personnel.

Other articles include “A message from France – the experiences of a French energetic healer:’, and synopses with links of Dr. Roger Hodkinson (DrH). President of the Alberta Society of Laboratory Physicians, Mike Adams report on the coming zombie wave of neurological disorders and brain eating prions that is going to be unleashed, and finally 18 Reasons Why I Won’t Be Getting The Covid 19 Vaccine.  You will also find links to several of Lynn’s recent videos.

0411-2021 Lynn and Steph Answer “How Can D.N.A. Support and Positive Energy Support Be Helpful?”

Lynn Schmaltz and her daughter Stephanie discuss how you can use D.N.A. Support for you, your family, and your pets. Lynn sends instructions on how to set up your water containers of D.N.A. Support for you and your family. They also discuss Positive Energy Support which comes as both a vial for changing your water, or for shungite, silver, Positive Energy Support pendants you can wear.  

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0410-2021-Precise Control Over Brains and Genes From End Times Watchman

Synopsis from video:  

CRISPR in Context:  The New World of Human Genetic Engineering The Corona Jab Serum & Its Effects on Human DNA & Brain Hacking!  Are You Ready to Blow Your Mind?   See the many headlined articles in the first 3 minutes of the video.

EndTimesWatchman (ETW): I have mentioned in previous videos for those who don’t know, that the book of Revelation foretells that the entire unsaved inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast/devil.  This equates to billions.  How can they do this?  Simply by implanting a memory through a vaccine making them believe that he is their god.

The following video clips from Lecture on Advanced Technologies that enable the total control and hacking of the human brain.  It is now possible to control another person’s mind, and to also hack their very thoughts while they are asleep. This is system of the beast technology.  Deadly viruses can be injected which can remain dormant until stimulated.

Officer: today we have Dr. Charles Morgan will talk to us about neuroscience, psychology and a whole gamut of things.  He is a professor of national security studies at the University of New Haven.  His focus is teaching national security studies, domestic and international intelligence analysis and issues of deception. Dr. Morgan is developing concentration in human aspects, intelligence analysis and psychological operations that are relative to intelligence.  He has a robust background with military foks and research …and helping in the selection process for special operational forces at Ft. Bragg,

Dr. Morgan (DrM):…I was asked to do something in 2010 and 2011 when I was getting ready to leave CIA where I had worked for a number of years.  The Intelligences Science Board asked me to give a brief on what is in store for us in the future…I made an estimate over what was going to happen over the next 5 years.  This is an extension of what I present to the SSG, What’s In The future For The National Security Community?

Predicting the future is easier when you look at biomedical science. Labs are working fairly systematically over stated goals. Here are some thoughts I will give you on:

  • Mind, Body and Beyond
  • Gene Slicing
  • Dr. Venter & DREADS
  • DNA encryption
  • The past isn’t what it used to be…this is actually having one animal learn something and seeing and recording that activity and putting it into the sensory cortex of the second animal and that animal acquires the knowledge.

DrM: from the human drone standpoint you can attach the human brain to another human brain. You can direct motor activity or you can send communication and information.

DrM: in my view Dr. Venter’s work is the equivalent of the development of nuclear weapons when you realize that he created life in a cell.

  • They can produce perfume.
  • They can produce petroleum.
  • They can produce any peptide.
  • Anything we program the DNA to do
  • And it’s in the living cell.

These can be inserted into you in the hyper spray needles. You put in the specific gene slicing, you program what you like, and put it in the cell.  This can reproduce and make as much as you like.

ETW side question:  what would you do with this if you were in security and intelligence?  Depopulation diseases, mind control, false memories, agreeing to worship the beast and take his mark!

DrM:  It sends a signal and tells which portion of the DNA should unfold and produce a product. Leading to this is an idea called’ DREADS’ which are Designer Receptors that can be remotely controlled. You can create a cell, you can put it somewhere in the body and you can remotely activate it. 

ETW: he is actually telling us that humans can now be remotely controlled as long as their DNA sequence is known.

Notetaker question: How many people have volunteered their DNA through tracing their family genetics?  How many people have volunteered their DNA through donating blood?  Has someone controlled the shooters all over the US that go into schools, theaters, churches, grocery stores?

DrM:  you have the capacity to create any product as long as you know the DNA sequence, you can insert it into a living system and you can remotely activate it.

Notetaker question: So can you remotely create an ebola virus carrier and spreader by knowing the DNA sequence of the ebola and activating the living system (someone who took the Jab?)

Dr.M: You can remotely control this and it can affect the way you think, the way you act and once you know the technology is there to edit, you splice and program the cell. And, the technology currently exists to administer this to someone and have it go park anywhere that you program it.  It can go park, proliferate and do its function.

ETW: in other words it can lie dormant until activated by a signal.  If you have been watching my other videos, I have been warning that the image of the beast can be hidden in the CV19 vaccines.

DrM: you can have things activated in other people’s brains. People have figured out how to hide imagery in the DNA of bacteria.  You can have the information reproduced in a string form in the form of a protein.  The new way to hide information is going to be in DNA.

ETW: and the first went and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast. And upon them which worshipped his image.  Revelation 16:2 (KJV)

DrM: this is the first experiment showing imagery; you can hide in bacteria. This is the latest, this is what the Chinese are doing with the DNA. They are merging DNA with systems of quantum computing.  It will be quite an amazing and lethal threat. 

ETW: Which vaccines are most ‘promising’?  Bill Gates sees RNA vaccines as best options for quick coronavirus treatment.  Mass distributed DNA altering vaccines with links to China could hold secret information which can be activated any time from anywhere. 

DrW: the next I want to mention to you is memory. Can we erase memory?  Can we modify memory? Can we change memory? The short answer is ‘yes.’   What they were able to do back in 2008 is have it learned through trial and error that through thinking it can remove a robotic arm and feed itself. It didn’t take too long for the neural interface issue to be resolved. You could implant electrodes on brain tissue, take a biological signal and turn it into an electrical signal and amplify it.

DrW: the natural segue then would be if I can send motor signals from a brain to a mechanical arm is it possible to send motor functions from one human to another?  It is called the possession experiment. 

TV commentator:  Do you know the term brain power?  It turns out scientists at the University of Washington are trying to hone that power and transmit it to another brain.  Researchers call it direct brain to brain communication and they do it by passing a signal from one mind to the next using the internet nonetheless.

DrM: you can watch the video but essentially what is happening is when one person is playing the video game they are not using their hands; they are simply looking at targets.  What is going on in the other room is a transcranial stimulation device that creates a magnetic field that excites neurons.  And it is the other man’s hand that begins to move and hits the targets. So you have co-opted the push of the body of another human and then their hand can behave in the way that you want it to do.  But the person on the receiving end described the sensation as rather odd.  They didn’t know anything until they saw their hand beginning to move.

ETW: can you just imagine how terrifying that would be for the many people if their limbs were to suddenly operate without their thought processes.  Also imagine if the other person had total control over your actions and emotions!!

DrM: the hand was moving; the hand could punch in a code.  The hand could do a number of things. But the really fun part is that you are taking over someone’s physical body with the mind of another human.  What do you think would be the next step?  If you follow medical research, you say that you can make a robot move, you can make a human hand move, so what would you do next?

DrM: they are getting brains connected to run things. Can you actually send and receive sensory information like the real matrix, DARPA—are you plugged in?  The short answer is ‘yes.’  So it took some learning trials—it took 75 to achieve an accuracy rate of over 85% in just training rats for a little while in cages.  This is a milestone because it was not simply using motor cortex to run a device.  This is actually having one animal learn something and seeing and recording the activity and putting it into the sensory cortex of the second animal. That animal acquires the knowledge and it is able to act on the knowledge from the experience of something it has not ever done.

ETW:  this also means that false memories and thoughts can be implanted into the brain.  Such as the biblical worship of the beast.  Can you see the spiritual danger with these technologies?  The human brain can now be reprogrammed with sinister forms of instruction!

DrM:  what we do know is that DARPA did get permission for 500 operations to do deep brain electrode implants.  They haven’t published anything yet, but my guess is that you are looking at human thought transference and certainly in the open science world that was published last month. Actually the brain to brain transfer of sensory information into humans was done and they achieved a success rate of 85% of the time.

DrM: so you can attach one human brain to a device, you can attach the human brain to another human brain, you can direct motor activity or you can send communication and information. But you could plug in somewhere else in the world and learn something or see something or have somebody acquire the information that you have.  And you wouldn’t have to carry a different device.

DrM: so that is what people are doing; there is a whole world out there bio-hacking. I don’t know if you are aware of it but you should be. Normally at the university we are well regulated by the federal laws on studying and experimenting on humans.  There is a biohacking community that is not part of the official science community that is busy trying to attach hardware to humans and they do it in their basements.  They study up on how to do the surgeries, how to connect devices, how to put motherboards in people. They may use it for some things like fishing, using RFID signals in their hands to take information from you.

DrM: there are some other interesting developments.  When you think about fluidity and what you can do with the brain, they are experimenting CE6 and giving people the night drops for night vision. For several hours the person receiving the night drops can see over 160 feet in the dark. It’s a lot easier to look through your own eyes than to put on night vision devices. It will be a short time before we get a better solution than we get from the biohacking community. But it could also be readily available to almost anyone on the planet. It is going to be harder to keep this under control than it is to keep special lenses and night vision technology. I think it is important that people pay attention to this as it could give humans the natural ability for awhile to see in the dark.

DrM: when you think about it, the possibility is there now to develop different kinds of devices that could be used either for intelligence people or by people in the military to have an extra ability to be able to see through walls or to see heartbeats.  We used to play with the 18 Ghz microwave detectors where we could pick up heart beats through anything but solid steel and water. It could be a human and we could see the unique heartbeat that is behind the wall that is thermal and sensitive. So it doesn’t have to be IR; it could be a number of things.  It is theoretically possible now to adapt anything you can coopt to human brain functioning.

DrM: all you have to learn is the code; you have to train with it.  As I said, the experiment that was just released this last month demonstrated that people could transfer knowledge from one human to another and I think the most direct application of that now is going to be either covert communication or running drones. There is a set of experiments showing that you can connect the human brain to a rat and control its motor movement and its tail.  So you can have non-human animal drones.  You can have human brain run a regular drone.  Running a non-human drone in something like a cockroach or a rat would be awesome. The software is readily available where you could have hordes of little creatures that can gain access to facilities or move around in different places all run by a person sitting in a booth. It is no more challenging than figuring out logically how you are going to send your signal somewhere else in the world and how to protect that signal.  That is now and it’s not in the future.

DrM: be aware from that from the standpoint of the human drone standpoint.  The second standpoint people may not be aware of and I tell my students I wasn’t around when they developed atomic weapons.  But Dr. Vender’s work in my view is the equivalent of the development of nuclear weapons when you realize that he created life in a cell in 2010. 

DrM:  I don’t know if people are aware of his work, but this technology with CRISPR which is an editing software for genes, makes a number of things immediately available. He programmed these cells to create anything he wanted—perfume, petroleum, any peptide, anything we program the DNA to do and it’s in the living cell. These can be inserted into you through the hyper spray needles, almost like the doctor on Star Trek getting the hyper spray. It blasts plasmas into your squamous cells. Venter was able to do that and has the patent on the technology.

DrM: you can engineer anything. You can engineer a unique thing that would only kill one person in the world.  How is it done?  You put in specific gene splicing. You program what you like, you put it into the cell and it can reproduce and make as much as you like.  For those of you who don’t know your DNA is usually all wrapped up in tight little coils.  So what we are doing when we create plasmas to put into the cells it sends a signal and tells which portion of the DNA should unwrap, unfold and produce a product.

DrM: you can engineer anything.  You can engineer a unique thing that would only kill one person in the world.  Here’s how it is done (another video comes up) and Celeste Solum (CS) is speaking.

CS: many years ago DARPA wanted to put chips in people.

Interviewer of CS:  DARPA is the technological arm of the Pentagon.

CS: well, they do black ops. They wanted to put chips the size of a grain of rice in people’s brains but they didn’t want to have to do surgery.  After many, many years, they came up with a gel that would do the same thing.  It is very insidious and I’ll be describing it right now. This gel was called hydrogel or quantum dot—Bill Gates’ quantum dot.  What will happen with the vaccine is that you get it injected into you and then it assembles.  It self-assembles.

CS: then it swarms through your body. There are 33 different classifications, and yes, the number is precise with cultic meaning.  These are 33 different classifications of robots each with a different mission and a payload deployed into your body. They can swarm; this is scalable.  What scalable means is that it can target one cell in your body.  It could target an organ; it could target you. It could target everybody with, let’s say, blond hair. It could target everyone in a particular country. It could target somebody of a particular faith.  It is scalable.  It is very flexible. 

CS: then what it does, these robots get it to cleave so maybe you have a red blood cell here and then over here is syn-bio (?) and what it does is that some of these robots are clamps, some are levers, and some have other functions.  What they do is hold your cell until your cell is basically swallowed up by the syn-bio. I’ll tell you the whole thing and then I’ll go back and tell you another insidious thing about it.  Then what it does it swarms and it crosses your blood/brain barrier and it takes over your brain.

DrM: this leads us to an idea called DREADDS: Designer Receptors Exclusively Activated by Designer Drugs (DREADDs), 2009, 2013:

  • Induce natural bursts
  • Silence neurons
  • Increase c-AMP

ETW: The verb DREAD:  1.  Anticipate with great apprehension or fear.

Dr.M: these are designer receptors that can be remotely controlled.  Think about this for a moment—you can create a designer receptor, you can create a cell, you can put it somewhere in the body and you can remotely activate it when the brain is exposed to the right signal. Using this technology people have been able to transfer memories from fruit fly to another by stimulating through a light stimulus into the retina.  Right now it is done by putting substance into the body that will actually activate the neuron in the way that we want it.

          ETW: it can lie dormant until activated by a signal such as 5G.

DrM: so we have the capacity to create any product, as long as you know the DNA sequence. You can insert it into a living system and you can remotely control it. One of the challenges we have is that when you create a cell and put it in somebody’s body you have to figure out where you want it.  What if you want it in their brain? If you want it in their brain and you don’t want to do surgery to plant it in their brain, then I want a product to produce in your brain to affect the way you think, the way you act, then one route to that is through stem cells.

DrM:  a quick brush up on biology: stem cells are cells that are called ‘god cells’ as they can turn into anything.  They hold the potential unlike other cells in your body to become anything you want them to become. And they can go find their home in the body and park there and do the work that you would like them to do.

          ETW: such as depopulation!!  You will then also have the                           technology to program the brain!

DrM: You can infuse them and they will find their way into the brain.  Once you know the technology is there to edit, splice and program the cell and the technology currently exists to administer it to somebody and park it anywhere you program it to park, proliferate and do its function you can have things activated in other people’s brains.

DrM: so you take these three key points hopefully you can see that it opens up a number of both alarming and exciting possibilities.  You can have time released information on demand.  Hopefully when I mention the word CRISPR and the word editing in creating molecules with CRISPR and playing with DNA, some of you thought encryption and encoding.  There were 8 articles on DNA encryption published by China in the course of the last 3 years and it is quite important. The encoding system of the DNA, I’ll just say the short story on this is that people have figured out how to hide imagery in the DNA of bacteria.  When you phosphoresce the bacteria you can discover the information or you can have the information reproduce in a sting form that is in the form of a protein. 

DrM: Dr. Church at Harvard has shown quite well that you can store a lot of information in one gram of DNA.  It can be 7 billion I-pads at room temperature with no super cooling required.  DNA is highly stable; it’s been around for a very long time.  So between CRISPR storage capacity and programming cells, the new way to hide information is going to be in DNA.

ETW: just think about this, it is now possible to hide the image and number of the beast in strands of injected human DNA.

DrM:  the commercial applications are going to be a bit like on Star Trek years ago.  Why would you have a digital system when you can have a DNA system? You can store all the information you would ever need…records, photos, anything.  It is simply another way of storing information.  (He shows a photo of the first experiment showing you can hide imagery in bacteria (24.52 minutes).  The latest is programmed into the DNA of bacteria last year.  The bacteria reproduced and the offspring from the reproduction cycle would still produce this movie (a rider on horseback—and then another similar rider on horseback image).

DrM: you can hide information in bacteria and when the bacteria multiply, they can go to a spore form and last for a very long time. No one can scan you and find a bacteria.  They don’t have anything that can detect that. So if you want to encode information, take pictures of information, create something in DNA and you don’t want it in your own body it can bacteria on some portion of your body.  All they have to do is scrape it, let it grow in a petri dish and unpack the information.  This is all available now.

DrM: this isn’t science fiction; you can encode movies.  This is what the Chinese are doing with DNA:

  • Hiding data in DNA of living organisms 2009; Shu-Hong Jao, Chu
  • Image Encryption using DNA addition combing with chaotic maps; Qiang Zhang. China 2011
  • A new Field of Cryptography DNA Cryptography; Guozhen Xiao, China 2012
  • An Encryption Scheme using DNA technology: Guangzhao Cui, 2012; 2015
  • Asymmetric Encryption and signature Method with DNA technology. 2012; 2017. “DNA-PKC is immune from known attacks, especially the quantum computing based attacks”

DrM: the Chinese are fairly convinced that DNA encryption and encoding one tremendous challenge to quantum computing.  This is where the race is right now—trying to merge quantum computing with what we call a ‘wet hard drive’ with DNA, merging DNA systems with quantum computing will be quite an amazing and both lethal threat.

DrM: the next thing I want to mention to you is memory.  In medicine we think of memory as a potentially harmful thing when people present with PTSD. They cannot stop thinking about the thing that is causing emotional distress. It is very active in the field to figure out ‘can we erase memory’, can we modify memory, can we change memory.  The short answer is yes.  You can train the mice to run the maze, document the number of trials. And then flood their hippocampus, expose it to this (image on video) and the memory would be completely gone.  

DrM: This means when the rats of the mice had to learn it over again. It was the same number of trials and there was no trace of the memory left.  The good news for us when we study rats and mice we put electrodes and cannuli into their brains. We can directly affect that area of the brain.  If you wanted to poke your own hippocampus you would have to stick your finger in your eye and go right back in there. It sounds impossible to get to.  Not if you program a cell to go there.

ETW: Do you get it? He is referring to a memory erasing cell that can target the brain by remote control…

DrM: if you decide you want to program something that would selectively release, after your meeting with someone, they probably would have no memory of it. The last topic I want to review with you is memory for a very interesting reason. You can transfer memory and turn things on and off using light in animals to activate the hippocampus.

2009—using light, scientists create fear conditioned memories in a fruit fly by optically controlling dopaminergic neurons.

2013—using light to turn cells on and off, scientists create fear conditioned memories in the hippocampus of mice.  They engineered cells to express the gene for channel rhodopsin—a protein that activates nerves when stimulated with light. In 2009 in using light it transferred

DrM: so where are we with humans in creating false memories and giving them memories they never had?  We have come a long way. This was the early work of my colleague Beth and it was called “Early work in lost in a mall.”  What she did is she asked a person to be in her study.  You could be in the study if you had a sibling that was at least 5 years older than you.  She would say, ‘we are interested in your memory when you were a kid.  I have asked your older brother or sister to give me 4 stories about you and I want to know how much you remember.”

DrM: what people didn’t know was that there were 4 different stories and one of them was fake. She wanted to see how long it would take for them to adopt a false memory.  The quick answer is that after 2 interview sessions 30% of the subjects believed that the person found them at a mall and actually argued with the researcher about whether the memory was true or not.

DrM: that is how I met her.  We decided to run up to Brunswick to Seer school (?) and try a memory experiment. This is our design—see video at 29.22 minutes.  If you are not familiar with Seer there is a classroom phase, some experiential phase.  We were interested in sampling people when they were in isolation, when they were returning their gear, and at the end.  We tried a couple of different techniques.

  • Group 1: there was no misinformation; we simply wanted sample accuracy of human memory for their experience.  We told them at the beginning of Seer that we wanted them to be the best human collector possible and we are going to quiz you about your memory. Don’t let us trick you we want to know what you remember.
  • Group 2: we told them the same thing, but we lied.  When they took their questionnaire at the end we incorporated several techniques from false memory techniques which are leading questions, to see whether or not we could create false memories.
  • Group 3: we exposed them to an erroneous photograph of their interrogator.
  • Group 4: we used a video.

DrM: here is what we did; by exposing them to a photograph after they had been interrogated and placed in isolation stress it could change them from person A in one photo to person B in a 2nd photo (30.23 minutes) 48 hours later in who they were identifying in the lineup. Their level of confidence was 8 out of 10 that the selected photo was the person they had met. We found that we could make them believe that there were guns, there were knives, caches of weapons simply by altering the phrasing of the question or inserting something into a video.

DrM: here is an example.  We said, “Did your interrogator wear a weapon?  If so please describe it.”  We only got a 2% endorsement of the presence of a weapon in the interrogation phase. If we said, “when you were being interrogated by your interrogator and the guy with the weapon interrupted, what did they argue about?” We didn’t care what the answer was.We just said describe the weapon worn by your interrogator.  It jumped to 30% who would tell us the type of firearm that they had seen in the interrogation booth.  It was a security violation there.  There weren’t any. We did that with one question and you can actually increase the sample with more questions.

DrM: when we increased the stress at Seer we found instead of a 30% rate overall, we could increase memories in nearly everyone and that was in 900 people.  Beth and I were talking about that and we know you can change memory.  To change motivation we don’t have to persuade people.  You can just change their memory. When I think about this I think about its relevance in this day and age when you start wondering which information is real and what information is trustworthy?

DrM: you start running into people in debriefing and you have sources who claim things when you can learn how to create false memories. A person can be genuine and the information they remember is the old dangle idea. You can put information out there that simply is not true (mass media).  In the current social media age the ability to actually manage people’s memories and change them is just enhanced compared to what it used to be. Now you can fix videos and pictures and expose people to audio and visual information

ETW: while you sleep they create your reality.  Isn’t this exactly how they have manipulated the masses and deceived them? He just shared their mind perception control technologies!    

DrM: You can fix videos and pictures and expose people to audio and visual information.  We know that it is a possibility.  People don’t recognize when they adopt false memory. It is a bit of a Trojan horse effect—you don’t know that it has happened to you.  If you are smart and have a good memory, you believe this happens to other people and not you because your memory is ‘true.’ So it bypasses some critical reasoning. 

DrM: it is particularly effective and that is where the state of the art is right now for creating false memories in humans.  It is by doing it verbally or by these manipulations of what we say, what we show them, what we expose them to.  But the chemical implanting of memories has now occurred in monkeys.  The last thing that I will say and I didn’t have any videos for it, is about the French who published a very interesting paper. It is this:

          While people were sleeping, they were able to train them and sample their knowledge.  What they trained them in while they were asleep and while they were later awake and didn’t know that they had learned the information.

DrM: I will tell you again.  In people who were asleep they were able to tell what they knew around word recognition lists without ever waking the person up. They were also able to train new memory and information outside the person’s awareness while they were asleep. Where that technology can go is some very interesting places.   Since I was in the ‘lane’ of DS and T (?) and we talk about deception and everyone was arguing about how to interrogate people, it raises a question about whether or not you can sample information in people’s brains outside of their awareness.

DrM: the problem with Pet scan, Cat scan and any technology is you have to have a willing subject. They do need to sit still. If people are asleep and you can begin to scan to what their brain recognizes it offers a number of opportunities at looking at guilty knowledge, brain recognition waves, and sampling some kinds of information.  If they have to do the brain implants, we will know sooner as I cannot see any other reason why DARPA got approval for 500 deep brain implants.

CS: many years ago, like over a decade ago DARPA wanted to put chips in people’s brains.

DrM: I think the next step is going to be a hive brain.  It has already been done in rats and you can link multiple brains and as a hive they solve problems much faster than the individual rat. That technology is here and I am assuming they will need people to have a productive life, live in virtual reality, move robotic things.  So I think in the next few years that is what we will see—brain to brain linking for problem solving to see if it makes it more efficient.

DrM: those are a couple of the technologies I want to make you aware of. You can run away and think about their direct applications.  I tend to think of things from a medical perspective and from an intelligence and information perspective but it is no longer science fiction.  Most of these fields have moved faster than I actually thought in 2010.  The only one that hasn’t is expanding memory  

What follows is a summary provided by ETW on the video site information:

Professor Charles Morgan gives a lecture at West Point to US soldiers in the Visual Information Division on the latest technology in the field of Bio-Warfare, DNA reprogramming and human cell exploitation. I have been saying in previous videos that the Corona-con JABS will have the capability to not only change human DNA, but can also enable a person’s thoughts and actions to be influenced by remote control.. I can understand if some people thought that I was losing the plot, but I can assure the doubters that this technology absolutely exists and is going to be used en-mass through the implementation of the CV19 JABS.

If you watch this video you will see the professor confirm what I have been saying in my videos for many months, in that it is now possible to control the mind of another person by remote control and to also take control over their physical body movements, thoughts and functions. This is NO conspiracy theory, this is an absolute FACT!! I also wanna say that even this technology is still far behind the latest advancements which are kept from the public domain and are often used against the general public. I remember watching a documentary online many years ago in which a whistle blower stated that the current technology that we see being brought into the public domain is already over 25 years old, that has continued to make me aware that the so called latest advancements are in essence old technology.

The professor reveals that they can now store & conceal images and movies in DNA and bacteria. He also says that just 1 gram of human DNA can store the equivalent of 7 BILLION iPADS, think about that, just 1 gram, that is absolutely astonishing!!! He says that information and images can also be stored in bacteria on the human body which can then be placed in a dish and the information removed and also that when those same bacteria reproduce that it’s offspring’s will also be encoded with that same information. He also says that it is possible to program a cell and direct it to target ANY part of the body, including the brain which can then also be reprogrammed and controlled from an outside force.

This means that the CV19 JABS can contain all the technology that you will hear in this video and it is CHILLING what that same technology can do when they are primed to target and attack!!! Such is the level of accuracy of this technology that miniature nanobots about the size of dust particles can be programmed to attack any portion of the body to deliver a payload or virus directly into the bloodstream, organs, brain, eyes etc. The reprogrammed DNA cells can also lie dormant in whichever portion of the body it has been directed to and can remain there undetected until the appropriate electronic signal is delivered to re-activate it.

He also says that they can manage and change people’s memories and perception and that they don’t even need to persuade them, all that is needed is to change their memory through audio and visual images, in other words TV, which is exactly how the general public have been lured into believing in the great Corona-con.. If you’re a Christian you need to know that these JABS will enable the Luciferians to change your DNA and alter your perception of God, in fact, you will be programmed to detest him!!! The bible forewarns that the nations and people of the earth will hate biblical Christianity and will persecute bible believing Christians and this is how that is going to happen, they will alter the perception of every person who takes those demonic DNA changing vaccines.. This is a spiritual war it has been foretold in the bible almost 3000 years ago and is now taking place before our very eyes!!!

It is also worth mentioning that they can ERASE memories and install FALSE ones, just imagine if this is used to deceive the inhabitants of the earth into worshiping the beast, and off course IT WILL, because that’s exactly what it was created to do. 

What are your thoughts?

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