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Scott Kesterson On The Jab And More

0425-2021-Bardsfm.  (podbeam)  Scott Kesterson 

In the time we are in right now with so much happening and the push to have so many people injected we have to face this reality of this divided world in the way we can control it.  There is no returning to unity in the normal sense. Unity and peace in our hearts and the reality of what we are in is really what we are challenged with right now.  With that it is really only the Hand of God that can change the direction.  I mean that in its fullest sense.

When we look at the reality of this injection and the things that it is doing, and what they are trying to do, the pride in which they are taking, meaning they who are designing the injection, and the willfulness of those receiving the injection.  We are literally talking about people that are accepting the transformation from human to another species.  Anyone who has accepted that shot is accepting the foundations of the research that has tried for years to do what they call ‘code-breaking.’

I am not talking about –this is quite a comment when you think about it.  There is a book by Walter Isaacson called The Code Breaker and it celebrates work of the people who broke the genetic code and are now able to edit the genetic code and re-shape the future of the human race. This is the group of people that are the ‘engines behind this.’  These are the people who wanted to be God and they foresee a world that literally the genetic scientists are working side by side with the computer programmer of the day.  They see the code as something to manipulate, change, twist, turn and re-engineer for the benefit of themselves.

When they sell this is it is always the same thing.  They have mastered science; they have mastered nature and in so doing they are now going to do this for the betterment and benefit of humanity.  This is all nonsense and you know it.  Nothing ever works like that.  The minute this technology gets in the hands of the few who have singular interests which is to dominate the world, we know where this ends up.  We are looking at part of it right now.

There are scenarios that I have been reading in the last 24 hours that are right in line with what these people want.  The way they sell it and the reality behind it are 2 different things.  The way they sell it are things like, there’s coming a day when you are going to be able to go into your pharmacy and you can simply put your hand into a machine and it will read all your health issues before you and immediately be able to prescribe for you the specific thing you need to make yourself feel better, to enhance your deficiency in vitamins or to address the specific illness that you are dealing with. 

If anyone has half a brain it means that somewhere in there is some sort of digital chipping in your system.  it is constantly monitoring you and from your hand it is receiving information. This means your body is transmitting information to a machine that is analyzing and then prescribing a remedy, a cure so to speak. Anything that sends also receives.  That is the question: what is it exactly that you are going to be receiving? We know what you are going to be receiving. That other side of that technology are things like being able to read your emotions, read your thoughts and many people still cannot get their heads around that idea.  It is also about downloading to your body the latest updates and upgrades to the way the system needs you to work and function, upgrading your entire system so that you even think and feel the right way.

This is the transhuman model and from where we are to where we are going is a process of one of the largest biological experiments and also at the same time one of the greatest biological wars ever waged in the history of man.  Unlike any other war, this is not a random act of violence against people, this is a war that is being waged on people’s free will.  And people are choosing by their own free will to be part of this and to partake in this and if you are using your free will, at the same time you are choosing to walk away from God and to be something other than what God intended.

It is a choice. There are many that will I didn’t want it to be that way; I didn’t want it to be like it is, I didn’t want this choice to affect me that way. All of the information is there. Because in the end we are accountable for our actions. We have those that are taking it and now complaining of side effects now that they have taken it.  When you get down to the reason that they took it, many will say the same thing: well, other people were taking it and I just didn’t want to be the one that wasn’t taking it.  That is weakness and unfortunately it is the bankruptcy of their faith.

So we are entering a time where we must prepare ourselves mentally for this Lazarus type of existence where there are literally 2 worlds where we co-exist.  We can see one side, but we cannot touch.  This sounds metaphorically easy; it is not easy when you are a married couple and one has decided to take the injection and the other has not. How do you handle that in a family?  The one on the injection side literally has the potential risk of transmitting what has been put in them into the children or into you because of their foolish decision.  I need to remind everybody of God’s wrath.  I can already tell you that the minute I say this people are going to raise their hand and say oh you are sounding like one of those old Christian fire and brimstone preachers.  This is a spiritual war and sadly there are consequences like any war of making a decision that affects you in the spiritual plane.

God is on one hand bringing his children back to him. It is very evident that line we are holding and how much this other side detests it, they have redefined the anti-vax movement of being something to the effect of ‘defying illegal orders to protect the population.’  There are no legal orders, there are no legal laws around taking this injection.  It is not mandated; it is experimental.

Notice how they are playing the games of words and one has to ask why. Why is it that they are pushing this so hard?  Why is it that corporations are getting behind it to lure people with it such as Budweiser Beer and Krispy Kreme Donuts?   What is it that they are so concerned about?  The fools that sit quietly on the side and have no eyes to see will claim they are trying to help save humanity. There is no saving of humanity; it is the mirror or the inversion. They want to destroy and enslave humanity and it is through this shot that it is beginning.  And it shows.

The reported number of cases on the CDC on the number of deaths is over 3,000 cases.  The reported number of reactions on the CDC reporting sites is over 80,000. That same reporting site by the study of Harvard is 100 times underreported.  It is only 1%; that is what Dr. Andrew Wakefield talked about when he was on the program here. That means we have had over 300,000 deaths and it means that we have had over 8,000,900 reactions to this injection. 

This isn’t a small thing; this is a fool’s errand to take this injection.  The idea that they are looking for that I have said all along is that they want to get 70 to 80% of the people injected so that the mental state of that population that took it becomes a herd.  Notice they talk about herd immunity.  Why do they want herd immunity?  Because they want herd mentality.  And then herd mentality will easily accept the removal, death, extermination of the 20 to 30% that is not willing to cross that line into the devil’s cauldron.

This injection is the devil’s cauldron.  Don’t kid yourself.  The pressures will increase and they will do everything they can in the media, through corporate relationships, through education system to force you to believe that you are a minority.  God’s children are NOT a minority and even if we are, who cares?  Don’t forget Gideon’s army—it only took 300.  I have said this many times—I will take 300 over 300,000 if they are dedicated and true to the faith and the belief in Jesus Christ, our Savior, any day. I’ll rock the world with 300.  So it is imperative to keep your faith solid in this time—not to waiver, not to question, not to be deceived by those that are manipulating the message.

And it is imperative to keep your head on a swivel.  In LA County it has now been documented that they literally, forcefully injected handicapped children against their will.  The brain washing is so effective in that county that people think it is okay.  That is Nazism.  Don’t think that they don’t have it in the back of their minds that they want to do it to everybody.  They are going after the 2nd Amendment again; they are going after all these things to keep everybody off balance because the end goal for them is to inject the population. They know they can’t go after the healthy population yet.

The storm is still brewing.  When the next wave hits that is likely in the fall, people will begin to feel that real ailments that they end up with—autoimmune disasters in their bodies whether they are getting sick more easily, whether they are dying, whether they have permanent complications in health.  The reason they are pushing for these numbers is that they are going to try to blame those who did not take the shot.  They are setting the narrative up; it is in place. The more they can push the idea that there are few of those, and that the many need to be standing strong and the few need to be exterminated, don’t think they won’t try to push that narrative.

Here is the unfortunate, sad and gruesome part of this. It is going to take the strength and faith of those to hold that line and to understand that you are not in the few but you are in the many in God’s eyes to not waiver, even as the bodies hit the floor.  I don’t wish that on anybody, but I know what we have coming is going to be a real wakeup.  You cannot bend in those moments at all. Matthew 5:2—and he opened his mouth and taught them saying blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.  Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted.  Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.  Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be satisfied.  Blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.  Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God. Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all types of evil against you falsely on my account; rejoice and be glad for your reward is great in heaven for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

God works in amazing ways, and God moves the world in ways that we cannot understand.  Sometimes it takes a shaking up—a reality of death, a reality of pain for people to come to grips with God in relationship.  They say that there are no atheists in a foxhole.  That is pretty true; I have experienced this first hand.  People who don’t believe in much believe in a whole bunch once those grenades and rifle rounds start to race across your head and explode around you.

It takes that sometimes to shake people’s souls and to make them see the real meaning of life.  It is hard for all of us and I mean this, because it is a conscious effort even for myself to be constantly focused on the fact that this is a war. I have accepted it and I work in that realm but we get very easily lulled into an unreal comfort because we have before us isn’t a war where there are snipers on the streets and houses being blown up. It is not like the wars around the world that the cabal typically creates.

This is a war of the insidious kind which is turning family and family against itself and it is the silent war that through us they are using the free will of the fools to accept the injection which will transition them to a new type of existence…a transhuman to pit them against those who have held strong on the foundation of God and faith…to know that we have God on our side and they are being pulled into the orbit of their new god, Lucifer. 

For those that don’t have eyes to see even this type of conversation this morning, it will repel them. They won’t hear it and they don’t want to hear it.  If they do go down that path, they have to confront the very simple fact that they have now accepted the destruction of their genome and the destruction of who they were.  They are now part of a process of having bargained away their most valued piece that they had even if they did not value it before.  What is that?  It is their soul.

God can heal this.  It is God’s hand about all of this that can heal all of this. So I would say that when we do our prayers for the many who have taken a path and walked away from God and put their trust and faith in men who pride themselves in controlling, dominating and rewriting the very foundations in which God created us and to believe so foolishly that men can overcome nature, to think that men can be superior to nature and rewrite the very code which is within us and control our destiny in designing us the way which in reality is the way they want.

Those people who are so ridiculously walking that path thinking that is the righteous path have given themselves to a darkness that in the end is soulless and doesn’t end well. If there are any prayers that we have, it is to pray for their salvation through God. It isn’t for us to mourn over these decisions.  And this is the difficult part, especially within families.

There are many things that we are going to start seeing. There is going to be unexplained sicknesses within children, unexplained health problems with family members. There are going to be unusual deaths that are being reported.  In the media none of that will be reported in any sort of relationship to the vaxx.  In fact, anybody that dares to suggest that the vaccine was related to it will be shunned as a conspiracy theorist, a tinfoil hat wearer.

Hopefully there will be enough of these anomalies that people will begin to question the motive of the entire vaccine program.  That is the hope but it won’t come without a cost.  And again, the technologies to heal this currently do not exist.  There are no technologies known to undo what this injection does from the moment it goes into your body.  From that moment in time you have begun a process that is irreversible and affecting who you are with one pinprick.  For those who have taken it and regret, I am sorry.

But the only way forward you have is to get on your knees and start begging for Christ to save your soul, to humble yourself so deeply that maybe you find the grace from Christ Himself to heal the damage that you have done to yourself.  I don’t say that lightly.  Any churches that are promoting the idea of getting this injection, I hope they burn in hell. There is a lake of fire existing for such demonic ways. There is no justification within scripture to support this and the sad thing is that those that people trust the most have all turned their backs. The deceit is from top to bottom.

There will be accountability in the end, but there will be pain on the way through. And so again, even as we witness this we must pray for God’s Hand to give them grace. There is going to be suffering as we go forward; that is just the way that it is.  It is only going to be the strength of God’s army that is going to be able to pull this world through this. You have to decide within your heart if you are a warrior for Christ.  You have to decide in your heart and you have to proclaim it if you are a warrior in Christ. In this time each one of us is being called and it is not called lightly.

The arks are being built; we are preparing for the time and I have no idea what that timeline is.  But it is like watching an avalanche being if you have ever witnessed that.  It beings with a sudden little shift and it doesn’t look that dramatic in fact until you see what it does at the bottom of the mountain. We are in a D5 event and when it shakes the mountain and hits the bottom it will rock the world.  It will bring everyone ultimately to their knees.  We are now that remnant, that vanguard—the remnant that is left, the vanguard that is evolving and emerging to lead the world to a new way. It feels lonely at times right now and you will feel isolated and under attack.

None of that will affect you as you hold your relationship in God and as you hold strong in your faith to withstand these attacks.  Keep your armor strong and proclaim yourself to be the warrior of this time.  We are at war.  Now it is time more than ever to give praise to God and to humble ourselves before God, repent for what we have done, for the sins that we have created and to not carry those burdens with us anymore.  Let Christ in your heart heal you fully and stand whole and powerful in the face of this evil and know that you stand firmly in the rock of God and nothing will shake you.

As we stand and we face this earthquake, this D5 event that is rocking down the mountain, we stand there firmly knowing that nothing can rock us from the foundation on which we stand for it is the rock that God built. Matthew 5:13-16: you are the salt of the earth but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled under people’s feet. You are the light of the world, the city set on the hill cannot be hidden.  Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket but put on a stand so it gives light to all in the house.  In the same way let your light shine before others that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father Who is in heaven.

We are going to be those beacons; we are going to be those lanterns and we must maintain that saltiness, that uniqueness of who we are—each one of us—for we are part of God’s tapestry and we will become the lanterns that guide the many from the darkness. Even when all seems lost, God is there.

There is something to remember as I close: in the hours of darkness and the moments of greatest desperation is when the many seek Him.  Remember, our mission is not about us; our mission is about God. This is about God bringing back the many and not just the few. The remnant stands boldly and faces this evil without hesitation.  The remnant stands firmly knowing why it is there, unwavering.  The remnant understands that God needs that line, that seminal line that he has created to have those lanterns shining and have that grace of the many that he has nurtured to be able to show the way for the many who are lost.  In the time of despair is when they will reach the most. It doesn’t take 3 million; it doesn’t take 300,000. In truth it is like Gideon’s army; it only takes 300.  It is 300 who are bold and who have fully committed themselves to Christ. It is 300 who will be unwavering in the face of this storm. It is 300 that no matter what falls they will not waver.  It is 300 that have given their hearts truly to the power of healing that only Christ can give and to the Hand of the Father who creates and controls all.

Let us pray: Heavenly Father we thank You for all that You bring, for all that You gift and for all that You have done for each one of us. Father we put ourselves before You, humbled, knowing that in this time, those who hear with ears to hear and those who see with eyes to see are standing.

We are standing firm on the rock and the foundation which you have given us. We are embracing that place in this line of strength, worship and faith an impenetrable wall as beacons of light for those still lost in darkness, as the salt of the earth from we rise and we stand fearlessly in front of evil. 

Lord for those with any weakness of heart, let them find the strength in You, Your relationship and submission to Christ, our Savior. May we stand unwavering never bowing and knowing that in the end we shall be the lights that guide them from the darkness to bring them back to You. 

Let us be humble; let us be gracious, let us be unwavering in our trust in You.  We say these things in Christ’s holy name.  Amen.

There are rocky days ahead, but that’s okay.  There is nothing but goodness when you come up on a good trail.  You are walking on that trail and suddenly the trail on the side of the mountain is washed out and you have a 60-lb backpack on your back and a gully between you and you can see the other side of the trail and it’s a shale-filled mountain side. The fear within you tells you that you can’t do that. You are going to slide down to the canyon below.  You look up and say, God, I can do this; I can get there.  God smiles and says, Yes you can. 

How do we know?  Because we put our faith in him and in those difficult moments when everything seems to be collapsing and when everyone else is succumbing and bowing to evil, even if we have nobody around us, we have the fellowship of many across this globe?  Why: because we have been gifted with something beautiful. We have been gifted with an ability to connect with each other over time and space with a tool that evil tried to subdue us with. It’s this tool, the internet. And we know that we have fellowship with one another and we know we are many. 

Through fellowship and through our strength in Christ and through our love of God nothing can stop us…nothing can bring us to our knees.  No matter where you are, no matter where you sit in this moment, no matter where you will be in a future day, know that you are not alone and there are many and we are many.  We are together in heart and through faith and through our prayers we are all connected.   The beautiful thing about where we are right now is that we are learning that connection and in that strength through God and the fellowship we have with one another, the remnant will rise and the remnant is rising. The remnant will hold the line and bring back God’s glory to this earth.

Keep your head up and your eyes forward, never bow to evil and never relent.  Always keep your head in this fight.  Keep your prayers focused. This is a time now to keep clear in your head and in your thoughts the idea of building your ark. Each one of us has an ark to build, whether physical or virtual, a spiritual ark or whatever form it takes.   All those arks have its baseline and its foundation in the love of Christ. What goes in those arks?  God will guide you.  Because when that moment comes the ark will be filled.

Remember, Noah didn’t know what he was going to fill the ark with.  And God was patient and when the Ark was filled the floods began.  There is no time to waste; it is time to work and we are working for God.  God will never forsake us and God will never leave us and the glorious statement of all is that in the end God will always win.

Have a blessed Sunday and I’ll see you this evening for expedition café at 6pm PST.  And tonight’s story is about a hymn.  Until then or until the next time, God bless and out for now. 

Notetaker:  this came while I was typing the foregoing notes. The following paragraph was sent to me by a friend who has many contacts overseas, including in India.  A few days ago I sent out a blog on the rising number of deaths in India.  There are so many people dying that neighborhoods are setting up their own funeral pyres for the dead as there is no response for removing the dead to the already overwhelmed crematoriums.  She had the mp.4 of the videos that I have placed on Brighteon with the links below.

Sent: Sunday, April 25, 2021 5:36 PM To: Subject: India today Let’s all pray for India

India’s crematoriums are overwhelmed and deceased people are lying on the roads and sidewalks all over India. Health officials are setting up makeshift crematoria in courtyards, alleys, fields and where they can. Let us pray ardently that they get the help they need, which so far hasn’t come. It’s a nightmare and we feel so much compassion for our Indian brothers and sisters and for all those globally who are sick, hungry, scared and homeless. May the Lord take compassion on them and serve them through those nearby who have the means to render any type of aid. Lovingly, Connie

Now you will understand why Lynn at has posted so many blogs, articles and free reports about the vaxx as well as recent videos on 18 reasons not to take the vaccine.  Now you will understand why Lynn stopped posting on youtube after a strike on a video about prions and is now posting on Now you will understand why Lynn spends hours typing synopsis of many interviews of Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, Dr Michael Yeadon, Mike Adams, Dr. Sukarit Bhakdi, Deborah Tavares Dr. Judy Mikovits, Americas Frontline Doctors, David Martin and many more and posting them on her website.  Now you will know why some where she lives says she needs to wear a tin foil hat and she replies: I have tinfoil hats in many colors…which color do you think would be best for me today?

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