Pendant Shungite + Magnet + Silver and Rough Cut Lapis Available in the US Only


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Available in the US only

Watch our video regarding shungite here: and our shungite blog here

This pendant comes with a leather tied cord.

The use of Lapis Lazuli goes back at least as far as Egyptian times and was called ‘The Stone of Goddess Isis.’  Those who prefer to study the effect of stones both on the physicality of the body and spirituality find that Lapis has two major zones of influence on the body:

  1. Third eye Chakra and Pineal Gland: Lapis stimulate intuition and making of good decisions; it helps one see things multi-dimensionally and enhances spiritual growth.  Lapis can also facilitate past life recall and use of past-life skills and it also helps speed up personal healing and enhances mental abilities.
  2. Throat Chakra: Lapis enhances communication abilities and clarity of speaking, teaching and/or lecturing, for example.


Ten healing properties of Lapis include:

  1. Helps to heal physical issues related to past lives;
  2. Helps with insomnia by lessening stress and makes dreams more colorful and vivid;
  3. Helps to build a connection to one’s spiritual guardians
  4. Protects one from evil influences;
  5. Stores good intentions as Masuro Emoto demonstrated in Messages in Water; “Speak to it!”
  6. Helps with communication and sales giving confidence while speaking;
  7. Helps with depression and disorganization;
  8. Creates spiritual and physical balance and opens the throat chakra while also building confidence;
  9. Helps relationships of husbands and wives, etc;
  10. Helps heal chronic illness and blood pressure issues, headaches, migraines, epilepsy and autism as well as eye and ear problems, old injuries, arthritis pain, menstrual pain and pregnancy issues.


Lapis and Shungite together are synergistic.  They enhance each other and intensify each other’s actions.  The magnet that is added to Lapis and Shungite pendants does its part by helping with the proper orientation of the torsion field created by this combination to a humanly compatible right rotation, rather than a hostile left rotation caused by EMF’s and other negative influences.

We use the raw, rough cut Lapis as polishing Lapis is done with adding chemicals and alters the effectiveness of the stone.

Plasma Energy Solution offers the following combinations of magnets and pendants:

  1. Plain shungite, silver gans, and magnet pendants for electronic devices, phones, as well as breaker boxes.

  2. Amazonite Pendants

  3. Fluorite Pendants

  4. Lapis Pendants

  5. Sole Support Pendants that have shungite, silver gans, all the energies found in Sole Support and amazazonite, fluorite, lapis, rose quartz in both a smaller pendant and a larger pendant.

Be sure to check the following videos about shungite magnets and pendants:

  1. Dr. Paul and Lynn explain shungite pendants and magnets

  1. Lynn and her daughter Steph discuss shungite pendants and magnets

  1. Lynn discusses shungite phone magnets and pendants and the various benefits from several semi-precious stones for helping against the imbalance brought to your body from EMFs, WIFI and the ‘electronic soup’ that we are living in.

Here’s a testimonial from a client who ordered this pendant:

From T:

Thank you for this info (on plasma water combinations for allergies).  Every Spring I deal with tree and grass allergies.

Also,  I love, love the combo of lapis and shungite.  It is like someone turned off the stress in my body.  Within 10 minutes I was in a calm, serene and totally peaceful place.  I could see this glowing energy around my body and it was like my body said, Thank God. I slept with it last night too and I had many, many dreams from 4 to 6 AM.  I feel more like myself, I notice things quicker, I enjoy life more deeply. There is a quiet confidence I feel. I could go on but this gives you an idea of what I am experiencing early.  Thank Paul for me, what a gift. I will see how my meditations are with this combo.  More updates as I have them.


From Lynn:

Thanks so much for your input on the lapis and shungite combination.  Paul didn’t think he would offer those on the website, but after reading what you sent we need to reconsider. Paul’s main concern is that they are not ‘jewelry quality.’  After reading what you have to say, that really does not matter, does it?  After all one can wear beautiful jewels and not have ‘thank you!’ from their body!  We will put them on the website and offer them for $37.

thanks, Lynn