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Provided by Forbidden Knowledge TV website:

A subscriber sent me this video posted on the Parents For Healthcare Rights YouTube channel, featuring Thomas Cowan, MD and I agreed it was important to share.

Dr. Thomas Cowan has a family medicine practice in San Francisco, where he focuses on nutrition, homeopathy and herbal medicine. He has served as vice president of the Physicians’ Association for Anthroposophic Medicine and has written several books on these subjects.

He offers his Rudolph Steiner-influenced point of view about the coronavirus “global pandemic”, which would look for the environmental causes of the illness, first.

He says, “In 1918, after the…biggest pandemic, the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918, Steiner was asked what this was all about. And he said viruses are simply excretions of a toxic cell. Viruses are pieces of DNA or RNA, with a few other proteins. They butt out from the cell. They happen when the cell is poisoned. They are not the cause of anything.”

“The first way I would encourage you to think about this is, if you are a famous dolphin doctor and you have been studying dolphins in the Arctic Circle for hundreds of years…and the Dolphins were fine and then they call you up, ‘Fred…a lot of the dolphins are dying in the Arctic Circle. Can you come and investigate?”

“And you have one question to ask. So, show of hands. How many of you would say. ‘I want to investigate a dolphin to see the genetic makeup of that dolphin?’ Nobody, because that’s stupid.”

“How many of you would say, ‘I want to see if this dolphin and that dolphin has a virus, because it might be contagious and that’s why all these dolphins are getting sick’ ?”

“How many of you would say, ‘Excuse my French, somebody put some sh*t in the water here, like Exxon Valdez.’ Anybody? Everybody.”

“Because that’s what happened. And your cells get poisoned. They try to purify themselves by excreting debris, which we call viruses.”

“If you go to the current theory of viruses called exosomes and the latest head of the NIH giving a talk on the complexity of viruses, you will see this is perfectly in line with the current thinking on what a virus really is…”

“I had a dramatic example of this when I was growing up because outside of our house there were wetlands.  It was full of frogs and the frogs kept me up at night.  It was in the spring and I taped the windows shut. They made a big racket and over time the frogs were all gone.  How many of you think the frogs had a genetic disease?  How many think the frogs had a virus?  How many think the frogs put DDT into the water.  THAT is what happened.   Diseases are poisoning.”

“So, what happened in 1918? There was a huge pandemic –  and every pandemic in the last 150 years, there was an a quantum leap in the electrification of the Earth, in 1918, late, late fall of 1917, there was the introduction of radio waves around the world.

“Whenever you expose any biological system to a new electromagnetic field, you poison it, you kill some and the rest go into a kind of suspended animation, so that interestingly, they live a little bit longer – and sicker.”

“And then starts in World War Two, with the next pandemic. With the introduction of radar equipment all over the Earth, blanketing the entire Earth in radar fields, was the first time humans have ever been close to that.”

“In 1968, there was the Hong Kong Flu and it was the first time the Earth has a protective layer in the Van Allen Belt, which essentially integrates the cosmic fields from the Sun and the Earth from the Moon and Jupiter, etc., integrates that and essentially distributes that to the living beings of the Earth.”

“And we put satellites emitting radioactive frequencies in the Van Allen Belt. Within six months, we had a new viral pandemic. Why viral? Because the people are poisoned. They excrete toxins. They look like viruses. People think it’s a flu epidemic. ”

“In 1918 in the flu epidemic the Boston Health Department decided to investigate the contagiousness of this.  They took hundreds of people with the flu and sucked the snot out of their nose and injected it into healthy people who didn’t have the flu.  Not one time could they make the next person sick.  They did this over and over again and they were not able to demonstrate contagion.  They even did this with horses who apparently got the Spanish Flu and they put bags over the horses’ heads.  The horses sneezed into the bags and they put the bag over other horses and not one horse got sick.” 

“…you can read about this in a book called ‘The Invisible Rainbow’, by Arthur Furstenberg, who chronicles all the steps in the electrification of the Earth and how within six months, there was a new flu pandemic all over the world.”

“…how did it go from Kansas to South Africa in two weeks, so the entire world got the symptoms at the same time, in spite of the fact that the mode of transportation was horseback and boats? And there’s no explanation for it. They just say we don’t know how that happened.”

“But when you think about it, with these radio waves and other frequencies that some of you have in your pocket and on your wrist, you can send a signal to Japan and it arrives instantaneously. So any of you who don’t believe there is an electromagnetic field that communicates globally within seconds, is just not paying attention to this.”

“And I will only finish by pointing out that there has been a dramatic and quantum leap in the last six months with the electrification of the Earth. And I’m sure a lot of you know what that is, it’s called: 5G, where there is now 20,000 radiation-emitting satellites, just like the radiation-emitting thing in your pocket and on your wrist and that you use all the time.”

“That is not compatible with health. I’m sorry to say it. It’s not compatible with health. That is a water-destructuring device.”

“And for any of you who say, ‘Yeah, well we’re not electrical beings. We’re just physical matter,’ Then don’t bother doing an EKG or an EEG or a nerve conduction test, because we are electrical beings and the chemicals are only the byproduct of those electrical impulses.

“And I’ll finish with, anybody want to make one guess as to where the first completely-blanketed 5G city in the world was? Wuhan, exactly.

“So, when you start thinking about this, we are in an existential crisis here, Folks, the likes of which humankind has never seen and I don’t want to go all Old Testament prophet on you, but this is something that is unprecedented…”

“They are putting 100,000 satellites in the very blanket of the earth.  By the way I was going to say earlier.  This actually has something to do with the vaccine question and this got brought home to me about a year or so ago when I had a patient who came to me who was totally fine and was a surfer.   He works as an electrician putting in wifi systems for very wealthy people.  Electricians have a very high mortality rate.  He was fine and then he got a metal plate put in his arm and 3 months later he couldn’t get out of bed and was total …had heart irregularities and he was just in total collapse.”   

“The susceptibility has to do with how much metal you have in your body, as well as the quality of the water in your cells.

“So, if you start injecting aluminum in people, they become receptors for absorbing increased electromagnetic fields and that is a perfect storm for the kind of deterioration of the species, which is what we’re now experiencing.

“And I’m just gonna finish with one more thing, which I like to and it is a quote from Rudolf Steiner – and by the way, this was around 1917:”

“…In times when there were no electrical currents, when the air was not swarming with electrical influences,’ we’re talking 1917, ‘it was easier to be human. For this reason, in order to be human at all today, it is necessary to expend much stronger spiritual capacities than was necessary a century ago.”

“So, I just leave you with whatever you can do to increase your spiritual capacities, because it’s really damn hard to be human being these days. Thanks for listening.”

Lynn: Now do you see the case for drinking the plasma energy station water? 

Dr. Paul and I drank the water for the last 4+ years.  Now you may ask why he isn’t still alive today.  He was working on an online diabetes workshop that he was going to present in January 2020. 

He died on December 20th after a couple of ‘bad’ days which he had occasionally because of the Type 1 diabetes he had for 35 years and the transplant medications that he had allergic reactions to that he had been taking since 2004. 

The focus of his diabetes workshop was going to be the absolute damage caused to all organs in the body by diabetes.  Just think of the toll on the body when doing dialysis for 8 years and building up toxins for 2 to 3 days between dialysis treatments.

If you look at the videos of him starting in the summer of 2019 you see the toll that was taking on him through the fall of 2019.  He was telling me that his body was wearing out….and it was.  He was so determined that he was working 8 to 10 hours a day on the workshop he was developing. 

The information you have read from Dr. Thomas Cowan is compelling.  In his book CANCER and the New Biology of WATER, Dr. Cowan writes:  “During sleep our body is unimpeded in its interaction with our physical body and that is when healing takes place.”  In another part of the book he says, “…with the rollout of 5G beginning in 2019 …it is possible in the next two years biological life on earth will face a toxic exposure that will make previous encounters with things like plutonium, DDT and plastics look like child’s play.  It is not enough for us to claim that because you don’t ‘feel’ anything when exposed to EMFs they can’t have an adverse effect.  We learned the fallacy of that thinking through our encounter with routine X-rays. “

It is time for more people to take seriously the gift of the plasma energy waters developed by Dr. Paul.  Many of the remedies listed are found in various combinations made by Dr. Paul and Lynn and include Chaga Mushrooms, mistletoe, Burdock root, turmeric and the salt from quality sea water such as the Korean B9 salt. 

We are over 70% water.  What is the quality of water being put in your body? 

Is it full of pollutants, herbicides, pesticides, aluminum, mercury, chorine, fluoride and other toxic metals?  How does that interact with the 5G that is rolling out everywhere.  How can you not change the quality of the water in your body if you are drinking plasma energy water combinations, cooking with the waters, using them in your laundry, and spraying them on your body?

We have many free reports for you here at this site-SEE OUR FREE REPORTS BUTTON TO THE RIGHT.  We have over 5 dozen videos for you on this site and the youtube channel Plasma Energy Solutions.  We have free blogs, FAQs and testimonials for you to take the time and educate yourself.

You may not be able to stop 5G but you do have a choice of how your body interacts with it! 

Especially pay take the time to read our blogs and videos on Never Ending Plasma Energy New Tech Frequency Relief and the Shungite magnets and pendants.  Dr. Paul followed the Russian and Japanese research and combined Shungite (found only in Shunga, Russia), silver gans water developed by Dr. Paul and magnets to mitigate the effects of the harmful energy fields emitted by WIFI, 5G and radiation from the many devices found in our homes and offices. 


Chris Martensen- Social Distancing (38.48 minutes)

Chris Martensen To Do List

No More:

  • School
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Concerts or sporting events
  • Mass transit
  • Airplane trips
  • Cruises
  • Playing bridge, poker, and other games where items are passed around
  • Having friends drop over or stopping by a friend’s house

Focus On:

  • Use skype and face time
  • Plant a garden and see how much food you can produce in the shortest time possible
  • Use time wisely and consider this time a gift—hone a skill, clean and organize your home

Chris Endorses:

  • Make testing free for everyone
  • Pay quarantined people a reasonable stipend
  • Pay for all hospital costs of SARS2 victims
  • Suspend mortgage payments for everyone in a quarantine area and/or provide rent vouchers
  • Provide food baskets to the elderly & arrange medicine deliveries
  • Immediately relax the stupid pharma laws that prevent people from securing 6+ months of necessary medication
  • Suspend federal tax payments for all households and small & med businesses

This is not the flu; it is not SARS!

  • Very high serious complication rate—15% pneumonia and up to 5% requiring intensive care; treatment is very complicated and complex
  • Much more deadly than the flu—20x (unless hospital overrun, then 50x)
  • Very high RO –ray over 3, maybe as high as 6.7
  • Spreads asymptomatically—that’s bad
  • Spreads via droplets and aerosols
  • Long incubation period—up to 24 days—maybe 27 days?
  • No natural immunity in the herd—no fire breaks
  • No vaccine available—so no prior vaccines to work from and prior SARS vaccines worse than nothing
  • Smoking makes it worse?…or not?
  • Second exposure is for worse? Antibody-Dependent-Enhancement (ADE) pathway identified in MERS.  Enormously complicates vaccine development.
  • Testing often results in false negatives
  • Kids are spared (the younger the more resistant)
  • Men affected 5.3 compared to women
  • Lungs inflamed and full of mucus, not fibrotic (sets this apart from SARS)
  • Persists on some surfaces for up to 9 days
  • Patients with mild cases no longer infective 10 days after first symptoms

Remember the way this goes is:






Boom! – Exponential Explosion — We are almost at the Boom stage

  • When/if you get the novel coronavirus you want as small a starting viral load as possible
  • The ‘boom!’ will come at a surprising speed.  It always does.  Welcome to exponential growth.  As of now, expect a 10x growth every 14 days.
  • Even the under 50 crowd are getting slammed by this virus.
  • Lockdown works!  So expect one to come much sooner than you think.
  • Each of us has a vital role in Flattening the Curve.
  • It didn’t have to be this way.  WE had all this information 50 days ago and more.  This will call us all to greatness…life has changed and yesterday is gone.
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Why Is There A New Plasma Energy Solution Formula Called Virus Relief?

Why would Lynn think it’s important to introduce Virus Relief, the newest Never Ending Plasma Energy and what is it? 

Fight the flu and viruses with a combination of Dr. Paul’s best immune support GANS … 

A common dialogue you read or hear today about a virus in the news is “this is just the flu”. 

Based on Lynn’s personal experience she learned years ago that the main type of news offered up on tv was like a beautiful frosted cake sitting on a lovely dish…

Very enticing until she got into it and put a slice on a plate. 

Until the cake is cut into and set on the plate how do you know if it’s chocolate cake, corn bread or cow manure all frosted over to look wonderful and enticing? 

Following are synopses of several articles and interviews from various sources. Are they all ‘chocolate cake with chocolate frosting’?  After you read them Lynn suggests that you decide about the news you’ve received.  And you decide for yourselves whether a well-publicized virus is “just the flu.”


The following excerpts are from a recent article, You Were Warned About the CoronaVirus –Telephone Disease published in February 28, 2020 on What Does It Mean website:

A virtually unknown Democrat Party US Congressman Frank Pallone introduced for the first time a bill titled H.R.4998 – Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Act of 2019—that rocketed through the US House of Representatives in relative light-speed fashion, and where, on 16 December 2019, it was approved by a unanimous voice vote of all Democrat and Republican members of the US House—and on 27 February 2020, was likewise approved by a unanimous voice vote of all Democrat and Republican members in the US Senate—and today sits on the desk of President Trump awaiting his signature to become a final law. 

Since President Trump was sworn into office, this is the first time he’s been presented with a law rushed to his desk unanimously approved by every single Democrat and Republican member of the US Congress.  This new law immediately bans the purchase in America of telecom equipment from Chinese manufacturers like Huawei and ZTE—and that further gives $1 billion in emergency funding to help smaller rural telecoms “rip and replace” from their telecom systems every single Chinese made piece of equipment they have. 

If you’re wondering why this miracle bill was rushed to the desk of President Trump, you should really take a good look at the CT scans of patients having Radiation-Induced Lung Injury and compare them with the CT scans of patients infected with the coronavirus COVID-19 disease—which will explain to you why the Radiological Society of North America has just issued an emergency alert declaring that CT scans should be used as the primary screening tool for COVID-19.  CT scans of patients having Radiation-Induced Lung Injury are near exact matches to CT scans taken of patients infected with the coronavirus COVID-19 disease.

In want of better words, all of the evidence is now pointing towards COVID-19 being a “Telephone Disease” directly caused and/or greatly accelerated by the fifth generation wireless technology for digital cellular networks that began wide deployment in 2019 known as 5G—a wireless technology that, on 13 September 2017, over 230 of the top scientists and doctors in the world sounded a grave alarm about warning:

We, the undersigned scientists, recommend a moratorium on the roll-out of the fifth generation, 5G, until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry.  5G will substantially increase exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF)… and has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment.

The importance of viewing the coronavirus COVID-19 as a “Telephone Disease” is that by doing so it explains some perplexing mysteries about the spread of this disease—such as why this disease has struck the Gulf nations and monarchies in the Persian Gulf region, but becomes explainable when one notices their ongoing 5G revolution—most particularly in Iran, where this country is completely blanketed to its smallest village with 4G technology coverage—but who are now putting the finishing touches on rolling out 5G technology throughout their entire nation in the coming weeks—finishing touches that included Iran activating their Chinese bought 5G technology for testing—that was immediately met by Iran having more coronavirus cases and deaths of any nation outside of China—and whose Vice President is one of seven of their top government officials now infected.  

Another perplexing mystery solved when viewing the COVID-19 coronavirus as a “Telephone Disease” sheds new light on the current situation of the world’s cruise ships, too—as these massive ships carrying thousands of passengers are nearly all equipped with 5G technology for their passengers’ communications benefit—and are now being turned away from countries living in dread of them—such as the nations of Jamaica and Cayman Islands turning away the MSC Meraviglia cruise ship and its 6,000 passengers—but that Mexico did allow to come into port because of humanitarian concerns.

As this COVID-19 coronavirus “Telephone Disease” continues its global spread, look at the hourly updated global map maintained by the medical scientists at John Hopkins University.  Notice that the spread of this disease is entirely centered in those nations having 5G technology—as opposed to the world’s countries having no 5G technology whatsoever, and whose only cases are from those who entered their nations from other more advanced parts of the world.

What are the exact symptoms for COVID-19? According to the World Health Organization, are “fever, tiredness, and dry cough”—according to the United States Centers for Disease Control are “fever, cough and shortness of breath”—and according to the scientists at John Hopkins University, are symptoms exactly one would have if infected with a flu virus.

The problem with these COVID-19 symptom descriptions given by these top scientific experts, aside from them describing just about every single illness and/or disease a human can get from Allergies to the Zika Virus, are that they come nowhere close to the COVID-19 symptoms being described coming from China via their GreatFire group of censorship-busting websites—where tens-of-thousands of posts describe the first symptom of COVID-19 being a dry cough that makes those infected tired—that normal cough medicines and herbal cures cure rather fast—but for those who are already ill or aged, sees them having to take stronger cough medicines prescribed by doctors—which cures the vast majority of them—and if not, sees these ill and aged COVID-19 infected people admitted to hospital to receive oxygen treatments, where about 2% of them die—statistics which exactly matches the age, sex, existing conditions of COVID-19 cases and deaths compiled by Western scientists.

Even more concerning, are symptoms exactly matching those having a Radiation-Induced Lung Injury, which are:  

  • Grade 1: Mild symptoms of dry cough on exertion
  • Grade 2: Persistent cough requiring narcotic anti-tussive agents and/or dyspnea with minimal exertion, but not at rest
  • Grade 3: Severe cough that is nonresponsive to narcotic agents, and/or dyspnea at rest or radiographic evidence of acute pneumonitis
  • Grade 4: Severe respiratory insufficiency that requires continuous oxygen or assisted ventilation
  • Grade 5: Death

The world’s top scientists in this field in 2017 warned about 5G.  Their first warning about the grave health dangers posed by 5G technology came in 2015—that was immediately followed by the greatest scientific undertaking in all of human history when the United States began pouring billions-of-dollars into a company named Space X to produce as many as 42,000 small satellites that will remove all internet transmission technology from our planet’s surface and put it into space where its radiation can’t harm anyone—the latest 60 which were launched into space on 6 January, that brings the number of these Starlink satellites in orbit now to 180.

It is said that the United States is the only nation on Earth capable of accomplishing the historic feat of placing 42,000 of these satellites in orbit to protect humanity from 5G radiation.  For those who closely follow these events it made perfect sense when President Trump created his Space Force to protect these tens-of-thousands of satellites—because they are a part of the war between the Ku and Ka frequency bands these satellites operate on and  Chinese 5G technology—the standards of which for global internet communications will decide who rules the remainder of the 21st Century.  The US Congress has outlawed its usage in all of America as stated in the beginning of this article.


What is 5G? How To Protect Yourself from EMF Exposure

The following information is from an article posted on February 20, 2020 by Kathryn Kos, M.Ed., NTP  Health  

When it comes to 5G were looking at a much higher frequency, operating as high as 90 gigahertz, when all previous generations maxed out at five gigahertz. The rate at which this new technology will operate is unprecedented—effectively turning us into lab rats.

Since 5G towers do not operate at long-range, implementing it will require littering densely populated areas with these towers. This increase in towers will inevitably also mean 5G will increase the duration of exposure, since most workplaces, schools, and city centers, in general, will be flooded with these new 5G towers.

Health Concerns Associated With 5G: Although there have not been many studies as of yet with 5G, there are many studies on the dangerous effects of EMFs.  The unprecedented increase in gigahertz with little to no real exploration into the safety of this technology means that we humans are the testing grounds for 5G. Like so many times before, it seems these multinational corporations would instead ask for forgiveness than permission, rendering the population helpless and often unaware that they are being harmed.

The attack on humans by EMFs mirrors the truly tragic impact that Glyphosate (Roundup) and other pesticides and herbicides have had on the soil of our country, and our health. Were incessantly being told something is ‘safe’ until we’ve gone so far down the path that people are dying left right and center. Thankfully there are a few things you can to protect yourself and your family from the harm caused by

5G and EMFs in general.  Potential health effects include:

  • Oxidative stress
  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Immune system dysfunction                
  • Thyroid Disfunction
  • Infertility
  • Blindness
  • Deafness
  • Fatigue
  • Migraines
  • Depression
  • Cancer

The safety recommendations that do exist are based on 6-foot tall adults and have no consideration for the growing bodies and brains of children or babies. There is no doubt that the technology places a burden on our human health.

How to Protect Yourself Against 5G

Unfortunately, the average individual has very little say when it comes to the roll-out of these 5G towers across the developed world. Short of moving off the grid, there are, however, quite a few things you can do to mitigate the harm of EMFs in general.

Switch-off 5G on Your Devices: Other than refusing to purchase 5G devices (which is a great way to ‘vote’ with your dollar), turning off the 5G option may be your best bet. You can log in to your router and switch off the 5G function, and do the same for your smartphones.

Airplane Mode:  Other than keeping the 5G function of your cellphone turned off, you might also consider keeping your phone on airplane mode whenever you don’t need it. Be mindful that you cannot make or receive phone calls during this time, but it will protect you from any harmful EMF interactions. This is a non-negotiable during the night time! Switch it on airplane mode and double-check that the wi-fi and Bluetooth functions are also both off.

Get Your wi-fi in Check: Ideally, your house would be hooked-up to wired Ethernet—but this is not always realistic for every household. The second best thing you can do is to get the wi-fi box as far away from the bedrooms as possible, ideally keeping it in the garage or even a backyard shed. Turning off the wi-fi at night is also a great idea. You can set it up on an electrical timer, so you never forget!

Keep Electronics Out Of The Bedroom:  We spend 33% of our lives sleeping, so making sure that the bedroom is an EMF-free zone is key. Be mindful that anything plugged into a socket emits a certain amount of dirty electricity, so opt to have zero electronics in the bedroom. If you do have a TV or other devices in the room, don’t just turn them off at night: unplug them.

Shield Yourself:  There are various companies that specialize in shielding devices and materials to protect you from EMFs. Note that the best they can do is create a barrier between you and the dirty electricity because canceling it all together generally means the device itself will not work.

With cell phones, for example, there is a mixed consensus on the usefulness of EMF protection cases. Since a cellphone requires these frequencies to work, putting an EMF case around it can often trigger the phone to push out an even greater signal to try and get better reception.  These shielding tools are ideal for placing between you and a laptop or computer. Without one of these EMF blocking shields, best to avoid having any technology placed directly on your body.

Distance is Your Friend:  Shields are a great way to protect your body from the harmful impact of EMFs, but realistically the ultimate way is to create distance between you and your devices. Consider keeping the actual EMF-emitting device at least an arm’s length away when watching anything on a laptop, phone, or tablet– especially with children.


The 5G wireless technology that is rolling out across America and the globe is 45 times more potent than our current 4G model. The giant leap in frequency in this untested technology suggests significant problems for our human health since our human bodies operate on its electrical systems.


William Mount gave the following information on his daily broadcast on 02-29-2020

Head of CDC is the granddaughter of SS… there will be massive lockdowns and quarantines

Are you ready for a depression?  What does that mean?  It means products will get expensive very quickly.  China doesn’t have parts coming out of China.  Look at the Easter(trojan)  rabbits in all the grocery stores that were made in Wuhan.  Chinese were given mandatory vaccines 6 months ago that would digitize RNA which is activated by 5G frequency.  If activated you can die almost instantly. 

You breathe in the ‘smart dust’ in the chemtrails which are increasing.  The city councils are being paid off by the power companies and 5G is putting in.  a cell phone frequency can be activated and you drop dead.  This is well known that the Russian mafia did this.  The smart dust are nanochips which are also found in Doritos and Coca Cola.  Every night they activate the cell towers.  References to ‘smart dust’ has been erased by Google.

The smart dust is called the “c” virus and is part of the ID 2020.  Cops have a special helmet with a visor they pull down when they are driving and they can read your name from nano chips.  They can tell if you are high and didn’t buy from a local dealer and then they arrest you.  They have been using nanochips for at least 15 years by putting them in drugs in order to track you.  Vaccines are loaded with mercury to change your nervous system.  When there is smart dust added to this you can be tracked from the satellites.  There is mercury in your veins and that is in your veins (it’s called thymerisol).  There are loads of this in the vaccines.   Cell phones can be activated and you can drop over dead…this is what has come out of China….   Credit is freezing world wide.  When the disaster comes it will be like a tornado.  Be ready, be prepared.  If the quarantine hits, the distribution system is shut down.  The CV is cell phone activated to kill.  The more vaccinations and the more smart dust, the easier to kill you.  Stay in shape…it’s the only way it will save you.


Sarah Westall Interviews

Ken Swartz

5G & CoVid 19 Effects, Medical Supply Shortage with Ken “the Scientist” Swartz from PurplePower and posted it on February 28, 2020 

Ken Swartz: you are talking about microwaves with 5G.  The thousands of studies on microwaves and health are pretty negative.  There are voltage-gated calcium channels on the outside of your cells.   When you do 5G it jams those open so that your cells are uptaking calcium more than they should because of the jamming.  There can be smooth microwave background as ambient background.  But 5G takes data and puts it in packages that are fired repeatedly at your phone.  It’s a pulse microwave.  5G antennas can track your phone as you walk by and hit with the pulse data to your phone.  That is more damaging than ambient microwave.  This is a high energy burst that is pulsated and has a different health effect.  When you have all this calcium flooding into your cells it messes up the chemistry and it makes peroxine nitrite which is a nasty chemical.  It’s reactive and goes after your lipid layers, it cross links proteins, it damages DNA, unless you have enough anti-oxidants to cover that.  Your body may not be producing enough to cover that if you are getting flooded.

Ken: 5G creates inflammation.  When you get oxidative radicals they are rusting your cells and joints.  That is what inflammation does.  They open the calcium gates, does cell damage and cause various immune cells.  The immune cells tell other immune cells to come in and you get a huge burst of inflammation. That is what is happening with the corona virus. 

Sarah: the master healer I had on said the virus is cranking out a bunch of free radicals and that is shutting down organs when people can’t handle all the free radicals.

Ken: the 5G gets in the lungs and that causes a hyper immune response and the lungs are flooded with fluid and white blood cells and people die. That is what is happening and that is when people fall over in the street.

Ken: it’s damaging the heart.  That is what takes you out when you can’t take in your oxygen.

Sarah: Sherry Edwards is a frequency scientist and says this is attacking the glutathione which is our immune system.  It’s all on that frequency which is your immune frequency so you have to make sure the glutathione levels are up at appropriate levels.  You’ve said that C60 can do the job of glutathione. 

Ken:  what happens is you are getting radiation or viruses you are getting a bunch of hydroxyl radicals (OH radicals).  Glutathione specializes in that.   In the Krebs cycle the body  produces antibodies.  Catalyse can take care of hydrogen peroxide.  Glutathione covers many things along with CoQ10 which is another backup of Glutathione.  The storm of OH oxidative radicals depletes your body and it cannot reset fast enough.  It’s the OH oxidative radicals are causing the damage.  Glutatihone is made of 3 amino acids—cysteine, glycine and glutamate and you can’t just take that as a supplement which are 3 amino acids that link together.   If there are too many oxidative radicals it gets overwhelmed.  It’s like getting a huge dose of radiation and the body cannot cope and there is cellular damage. 

Sarah: you get glutathione by eating certain foods.

Ken: it takes time to get through the digestive and blood system.  And you have to keep your body strong.  You can help by taking large amounts of Vitamin C. and we are talking 10,000 units which is a lot of vitamin C.  it also acts as an antioxidant and it grabs up the OH radicals.  C60 does that too. 

Sarah: people are confused about the C60.  Why does it do the job of glutathione and why is it even better than vitamin C?  I would tell people to still do the Vitamin C, watch the glutathione levels and do the C60.

Ken: C60 doesn’t heal any diseases; it lifts the oxidative burden. Then the body can heal itself.  C60 is several hundred times more powerful than vitamin C and stronger than Vitamin E, but it’s a very selective antioxidant.  C60 can reset itself and is a cage like molecule shaped like a soccer ball that pulls the hydrogen ions from the environment inside into the cage like structure up to 6 of them and it uses those hydrogen ions which are positively charged to neutralize oxidative radicals which are negatively charged.  This sticks to the C60 and inside the cage structure one of those hydrogen ions will neutralize the radical back to water or oxygen. Then the C60 can reset itself again and again. That is why it works so well.  Other antioxidants have to go through a biochemistry system using AGP like glutathione, catylase or CoQ10 to reset itself. C60 can do it in in an inorganic way by fusing the hydrogen ions and can reset itself really quickly and reset again and again, dozens of times a second depending on what the load is.

Sarah: I am concerned about just taking the gel caps.  My husband takes both the gel caps and the oil.  I am concerned about C60 and the marketplace because of the overwhelming amount of orders that people are getting. What have you done to plan since the supply chain is a problem.  The bottles come out of China.  What are you doing to make sure that you have the supply?

Ken: we had to warehouse hunt all over the country to find the bottles.  They are sitting around and you have to find them.  The ships stopped coming to the US 1.5 months ago. In the beginning of March the last ships from China will be done unloading.  “attention Walmart shoppers…”  it’s going to be significant and we have been scrambling like other C60 producers to get the bottles, the caps, the lids, the oils.  We have a really good straight C60 supply but what we need to mix it, bottle it and ship it is a problem.  This is not just for C60 but for the entire production in the US.  You have car companies making cars here in the US. If you can’t get 1 or 2 parts you cannot manufacture a car.   If you don’t have all the parts you can’t complete.  There are a lot of parts that come out of China. Productions lines will shut down.

Sarah: what products that are urgent will be low that people are not thinking about?

Ken: 80% of our antibiotics and upwards of 90% of some categories of medicine are produced in China.  The masks, gowns, and other sanitation supplies that hospitals use are from China which is the world’s largest manufacturer.  80 to 90% of hospital supplies come from China and they are not coming any more. 

Sarah: I told my dad to make sure he can get his medications and he says he can only refill them once in awhile. 

Ken: everyone should be doing this.  Get masks, bleach, cleaning supplies, disinfectants—these are going to disappear along with toilet paper and toiletries such as toothpaste.  Have at least 3 months’ supply on hand.  People won’t realize this until the shelves start emptying out at Walmart.

Sarah: the good part is that we may start to think of what are core necessities and start bringing that manufacturing back.  We can’t have our core needs not being met.

Ken: it will be a wake up call but it’s going to be a rough time…the 2 x 4 upside the head as a learning situation.

Sarah:  a White House advisor said that in times of crisis you have no allies.  In the 1980s’ something happened and Japan and Canada would not send their supplies.  You’re on your own.  The rare minerals are a concern.  Anyone can use that against us as in an economic warfare.  Was this virus economic warfare and depopulation?    You don’t use solvents in your C60 process.  It’s a pure process and you can say it’s 99% pure. 

Ken: you can’t have 100% pure of anything. It is only pure to the level of your testing ability.  When people say 100% that is not scientific.  We use sublimated C60 which is like evaporation.  There is a method of making the C60 the same way it is made in the atmosphere of red stars.  You have the helium atmosphere with a couple of carbon rods and you run electric through them and if you do it right you can get 10%. There is a lazer method that gets 50%. Basically you have carbon 60 and a bunch of carbon ashes which is the basic raw stuff.  Sublimation is what evaporation when something goes from a solid to a gas.  The C60 evaporates and then goes to the other side of the sublimater where it is cooler and it condenses on the plates there and now you have the 99.99% pure C60.  So it was basically helium and carbon in a form of evaporation and it’s a pure as possible.

Sarah: people need to be ahead of the curve to have supply when people realize what C60 can do for you.  You at least have a solid supply.

Ken: you can order from our website or amazon and we have north American producers.  We have certificates of analysis and organic oils.  Max and Phil have the same quality of organic oils.  I used the C60 for my macular degeneration.  My C 60 is with avocado oil which is much easier to digest.  1 TBS of C60 is the same as 15 capsules…those are the equivalents.  We have people who are taking 1 to 2 oz. a day for certain conditions.  That is a lot of oil.

Sarah: I am doing this to keep my immunity strong. 


First coronavirus death in USA, Washington declares State of Emergency as Trump administration flounders with narrative control

Saturday, February 29, 2020 by: Mike Adams

Here is what Mike Adams had to say:

(Natural News) The first U.S. death of the coronavirus is now confirmed in Washington State, and Gov. Jay Inslee has issued a statement lamenting the “sad day in our state.”

What’s even more sad, of course, is the fact that the CDC withheld coronavirus tests from state-level public health labs, allowing the virus to spread while nearly all U.S. states conducted exactly zero tests. Now that states have suddenly been granted permission to start conducting tests, it’s no surprise that a slew of new outbreaks and infection confirmations has already begun. (See state testing statistics at

Right on cue, Washington State just declared a state of emergency.

And in another bombshell that was just released, as reported by Reuters:

Jeff Duchin, a public health official in Seattle and King County, said that 27 residents and 25 staff members of long-term care facility Life Care had “some sort of symptoms.”

So we may have a retirement center that’s now infected with the virus.

The Trump administration seems more interested in controlling the narrative than controlling the virus

The Trump administration’s response to this exploding global pandemic has been virtually indistinguishable from communist China: Downplay the problem, insist that everything is under control and try to order people around by telling them what to do.

According to various Trump administration officials, including VP Mike Pence, the U.S. Surgeon General and top CDC officials:

– Americans should NOT buy masks, since hospitals are about to run out of supply (from the Surgeon General).

– Americans should NOT buy food or cleaning supplies such as sanitizers and surface cleaners (from the insanely stupid CDC).

– Americans SHOULD blindly buy every stock in sight in order to keep Wall Street’s numbers looking fantastic even while the global supply chain collapses, soon to be followed by a wave of business bankruptcies.

– Americans should WAIT for a vaccine that might take two years, and while you’re waiting, be sure you DON’T turn to anti-viral herbs, superfoods, natural medicines and supplements because those are “unproven” (FDA).

So in a way that suspiciously mirrors China marching factory workers to their homes at gunpoint, then turning around and marching them into the factories at gunpoint to save the national economy, we are now being commanded by Washington D.C. officials on what we’re supposed to buy, or not buy, or not do, or do, or say, etc. And of course, all the independent media sources telling the truth are universally censored by the tech giants.

And the very last thing coming out of Washington D.C. right now is the truth.

What truth is that? It’s the same truth we’ve been reporting for weeks: There are thousands of coronavirus infections already in America. The CDC knows it, but they’re lying to the public. The risk of infection is not “low” for people in California, Oregon, Washington and probably Hawaii, too.

Next week we will see tens of new cases confirmed in America. The week after, it will be dozens. Over the following couple of weeks, it will be hundreds. From there, it’s pure mathematics how this thing explodes exponentially. It’s the “Italy scenario” but in California, essentially.

Yet even right now in America, many pro-Trump conservative publishers are still somehow peddling the “it’s no worse than the flu” line, even though that entire charade just collapsed this morning with the death announcement from Washington.


Never Ending Plasma Energy Virus Relief includes plasma energies of CuO, ZnO, Shungite, silver, gold, amino acids, Hg, CBD and C60. You read what Ken Swartz said about the qualities and benefits of C60 and how it helps the body come into balance to heal itself.  There are additional energies of minerals, precious metals, salts, leaves, roots, rhizomes, bulbs, and tea from various plants to help the body bring balance to itself and maintain beneficial frequencies.  

Also included is B9 Korean salt that Dr. Paul discusses that in a video done in summer 2019 on Cold and Flu Relief below. Korean B9 salt has over 70 minerals and there many studies done in Korea show the efficacy of the B9 salt. Dr. Paul made a GANS of it and when checked, the energy fields were found to be over 50 feet.  

There are also some ingredients also found in Lung Support which is a GANS that was formulated from ancient herbs costing over $1,000. These GANS were added as some viruses are also shown to have pneumatic plague characteristics.  This is discussed in our Colorado workshop video in 2019 where Louise with sarcoidosis discusses her improvements since she started using the Lung Support and how pleased she was to not be spending $1000 a month on the special herbs she was taking.  There is also another video in February, 2020, where Lynn interviews Steve who discusses his improvements with 4th stage COPD after using the Lung Support. You can find these interviews on our website or on our Plasma Energy Solutions youtube channel.

In addition there are certain GANS plasma energies found in Anxiety Relief and Life Force, one of which is star anise which has been used by Asians for centuries for addressing symptoms of viruses.  Mike Adams talks about star anise in a recent podcast.  His wife is from Taiwan and she uses star anise in preparing healthy meals that also support the immune system.

The combination of shungite and silver GANS can help to address frequencies such as those found in wifi, radiation and 4G and higher.  The Russians and Japanese have published research showing that this combination helps reverse the harmful fields put out by wifi, radiation and 4G and more.  Dr. Paul addressed this combination in this video. 

Plasma Energy–Can plasma energy, shungite, silver gans and magnets balance conditions caused by glyphosate, 5G and Wifi?  And, what about ‘organic’ foods? 



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