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How Can You Use The Plasma Energy Station Water When There Are Food Shortages?

Find Out How Dr. Paul and Lynn Used Plasma Energy Station Water in Place of Meals for 10 Days….

Dr. Paul and Lynn did an experiment for 10 days of replacing meals with Plasma Energy Station Water. There are food energies, supplement, vitamin, herb and mineral energies among the 450+ energies in the Plasma Energy Station (Never Ending Basic Preparedness Kit—Plasma Energy Station).

For 10 days each time it was meal time Dr. Paul and Lynn substituted their meals with a large glass of Plasma Energy Station water. During that 10 days they did each 3 ‘prepared dish meals’. So how did they feel?

  • They were not hungry
  • They were not weak; they kept up with their daily routine of walking and working and researching
  • They were not cranky or dizzy
  • They lost a couple of pounds and then weight stabilized

What they did experience was the social conditioning of food—it was strange not to prepare, smell, and eat food. Consider how conditioned we are to eating 2 to 3 meals a day! To deal with that Dr. Paul and Lynn sat down at the table at meal time and blessed their plasma energy station water ‘meal.’ They brought some ‘humor’ to it—at breakfast time Dr. Paul might say his water energy was Huevos Rancheros while Lynn might say hers was Eggs Benedict.

Now consider how this could help if there were food shortages. There are many testimonials from people who have the Plasma Energy Station that they are not eating as much as they did in the past—they just aren’t hungry. If you have the Plasma Energy Station and ‘think you are hungry’ you can drink some of your living water that carries the memory of the energies in it, as well as your intention of what the water is doing for you.

If the human body is 70% water and the brain is 80% water then you are supporting your body when you are drinking the Plasma Energy Station water. How else can you use Plasma Energy Station Water?

  • Make your coffee, tea, soups, and all recipes that call for water.
  • Give it to your pets
  • Use it for your garden and house plants.
  • Fill a small jar with 2/3rds of the plasma energy station water and add 1/3rd good quality organic oil to it. This can be used for ear aches and skin scrapes. Lynn’s brother uses it daily on his head and has had no more skin cancers on his head for the last several years.
  • Put a cup of the Plasma Energy Station water in your laundry rinse cycle. Agitate the washing machine briefly and then let the clothing, towels, sheets, etc. sit for ½ to 1 hour. The energy will stay in the clothing, sheets and towels and now you are surrounded by plasma energy.
  • Spray it around the perimeter of your property – scroll through the blogs on our website and find the blog about a property ‘protected’ by plasma energy water made by a man for his parents’ garden. Hurricane Maria destroyed 90% of Dominica but this garden and home were protected by a 30 foot circumference of the jar of water in the garden.

Through midnight PST February 28, 2022 is a great time to add the Plasma Energy Station (Basic Preparedness Kit) to your ‘pantry.’ During February, 2022, there is a BOGO – buy one get one free. You can substitute other items for the ‘free’ value of the Plasma Energy Station.

Stretch your food budget with a one-time purchase of the Plasma Energy Station. Once you set it up you can share vials of water with other family members and friends to set up their own Plasma Energy Station. The energy does not ‘wear out’ or have an ‘expiration date.’ You do need to use good quality filtered water.

If you don’t have a water filter this would be a good thing to add to your food and water plan. Some people depend on distilled and spring water. What if the delivery system unravels and you cannot get the water you’ve been able to purchase easily at the neighborhood grocery store. If you purchase a water filter be sure to get a few extra filters while we have the supply.

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Lynn discusses a common statement heard in investment circles…if you don’t hold it you don’t own it…referring to stocks, bonds, gold certificates…but what about prescriptions? A prescription often will only supply a medication for a limited time. It could be 10 days; it could be 3 months. What happens if you cannot get that prescription filled because of supply chain issues?

Many of our plasma energy combinations can support the body…Detox Relief, Clean Mouth, Clear Mind, Anxiety Relief, Inflammation Relief, Pain Relief, Healthy Gut, eye Formula to name a few. How can you use these? Be sure to see our many videos, FAQs, testimonials, blogs and free reports on our website. And be sure to see our February 2022 specials!

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