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Vaxxx Wars and The Hidden Knowledge, What Corporations Are Projecting on Staffing, CDC Removes 150K Deaths From VAERS System And More

0612-2021-BardsFM, A Conversation With Dr. Lee Merritt and Scott Kesterson, Vaxxx Wars and The Hidden Knowledge

Dr. Lee Merritt (LM) and Scott Kesterson (SK)

starts at 6 minutes:

SK: Dr. Lee Merritt and the other 5 doctors continue to push the information about the bioweapon called the vaccine. 

LM: I love being on with the 5 docs and we are talking mostly about how we can help people and mostly what is going on with the shedding (transmitting).  The other thing is the America’s Frontline Doctors and I do research for them about the legal aspects.  Let’s legally try to take these bastards on that are giving our children experimental genetic therapies. That is another aspect.  My personal thing is to make people aware that the world has shifted and we have to exit the bio-matrix. 

LM: we thought the world was a certain way and unbeknownst to us, behind the scenes, everything has led to today’s world where we now have nano particles in our system even if we didn’t know about it and in some cases, we didn’t get vaccinated.  We have the ability to hook up the brain to electronics courtesy of Charles Limburger who has now been indicted and arrested.  To me this is like waking up in Sarajevo which went from being a world-class city to being a bombed out hellhole almost overnight when a war broke out unexpectedly. 

LM: if a regional war starts that you aren’t aware of, you wake up one day, walk out the front door to go to work and you are blown up. It is the same thing here.  Unfortunately, we keep asking why people are going to get an unapproved, experimental genetic therapy that nobody has ever had before?  They do more due diligence about buying a new car so why are they running out and doing this?  The answer is they don’t realize the world has changed. 

What their understanding of reality is and who the good guys are has to be re-evaluated in light of new information.

LM: I just got out of the military and my husband joked that I had read more books on the Marine Commandants than the active-duty guys.  I got hooked on defense security and history. There is a book that gives a lot of understanding of what is going on and it is by 2 Chinese colonels and was written in 1999 and translated as ‘Unrestricted Warfare,” by Zhou and Wang.  On the one hand they are talking about warfare and modern technology.  On the other hand, it is written in the classic Chinese metaphorical, beautiful language.

LM: they talk about ‘kinder weapons’ and I think this is really important. They said that some morning people will wake up with surprise to find that kind and gentle things have begun to have offensive and lethal characteristics.  I think that is what is happening.  People have been under the notion that vaccines, hospitals and doctors are all the ‘good guys.’ The pharmaceutical industry isn’t out to hurt you and your family; they are trying to make the world better through medicine and through chemistry.   It turns out that these things have taken on offensive and lethal characteristics, including your local doctor. In a war like this which is partially an information war, ignorance can kill you.

LM: I have learned a lot.  I looked at Charles Lieber.  We know a lot about the vaccine but the latest thing to come out is the magnetism.  I was sent a picture of a dentist who had a key stuck to her forehead after her first vaccination. She is going to get the 2nd vaccine and she isn’t particularly concerned about it. That is the kind of psychological operation that has taken over the nation and it is not by accident. I found out that Charles Lieber was the chairman of chemistry and biochemistry at Harvard. In February last year he was indicted and arrested because he was being paid by NIH and DARPA which is the deep scientific part of the military where they develop all sorts of weapons and space-age technology for the military.  They were behind the internet.

LM: Charles Lieber was given a $15 million research grant jointly from the DOD and NIH.  The DOD does not give $15 million to a Harvard chemist because he is working on making coffee taste better. He is doing top-secret high-level work for the military.  At the same time, he was collecting $50K a month and $150K a year in living expenses and $1.5 million by the Chinese to go over and establish a research lab in Wuhan in conjunction with what they had.  He is not a biologist so it was not the ‘bat’ lab. Their claim is that he was indicted because he did not report this to the US government.  13.06

LM:   He was a member of the Thousand Talents Program that is where you get bonuses for stealing proprietary scientific information. We knew about Fauci giving money to the Wuhan Lab, and then I looked at this guy.  When I looked at Charles Lieber I decided to follow him.  If we are not involved in the Wuhan lab, the bats, the corona virus, and if we are not involved, the least they should do with this guy is throw him in a jail and throw away the key.  At the minimum here is a guy working for our DOD and also employed by China.  He was working to benefit China’s military and national interests at the expense of our US national security interests and taking funding from both sides. That is considered treason and at the minimum he should be tried and jailed for a security breach.  What happened? He got indicted and the only reason might be that one of his graduate students was stealing specimens to take to China and was accosted.

LM: they had to do something so they indicted him for the Martha Stewart charge of lying to a federal agent. At the most he will get 6 months in the millionaires’ prison farm.  This is terrible; he gave the Chinese high-level technology.  Here is another part: the FBI is covering for this guy.  The agent, Robert Plummer (?) wrote an affidavit and claimed that Charles Lieber was doing research on nano-wires and lithium batteries for electric cars.  Charles Lieber has over 200 papers published and over 74 patents, none of which mention batteries or electric cars.

LM: he is a nano-technologist and Harvard brags about him in the Harvard Gazette.  He developed silver impregnated nanogel. The military has wanted the ability since the 80s to connect biological tissue to electronic devices.  Enter the borg—we are going to be hooked up to AI and our brains are going to be hooked up to the big computer in the sky.  Maybe they wanted to do super soldiers.  They could never do it until Charles Lieber showed up with the special nanogel that allows you to hook up current through biologic cells.

LM: he developed this nano gel that self organizes in the body and can be injected through a small syringe like you use for vaccines.  Then it can auto form itself into nanomesh and wrap itself around nerves and eavesdrop on your nervous system. or, it can tell your nervous system what to do.  He was working on brain/computer interface. This stuff is so small that they could inject it into rabbits’ eyes and it would wrap around the nerves in the retina and they could ‘eavesdrop’ on what the rabbit was seeing. This is creepy stuff.

LM: they lied about what he was doing and gave him a charge that was a tap on the wrist.  That says to me this isn’t just about China. They always like to point fingers and that is how wars are made.  They always pick somebody to be the bad guy so we can get our people together to fight a war.  It looks like that is where we are going with this.  We are part of this and it was a collaborative effort that relates to the vaccine.  It allows the nanogel to get genetic agents into your cells. These so-called vaccines are transfection devices and they are taking RNA and DNA and pumping it into your DNA/RNA blueprint.  Their RNA is synthetic RNA and it’s creepy.  How long does it last?

LM: I can’t believe people are doing this to themselves.  You are walking around with foreign genetic, artificially created, Frankenstein-like material in you.  It’s really crazy. I keep thinking of the old star trek with Jean Luc Pickard and he was incorporated into the Borg. I like coming on your show….it always gets me thinking.  We not only have fake votes, we have digitally created fake populations. How many people don’t really exist on the earth?  That is an AI program and what if AI is running this whole show and AI helped design this genetic vaccine and we are being incorporated into the borg.  I am not lying; that is the kind of potential here.

SK: you are not far from the truth.  When we start to delve into that place of quantum here is a great indicator. In the spring of 2018 NASA announced they were assessing the hackability of a quantum digital coin.  It goes by the wayside and this article slips in and out.  But there is a little thing and the only way you can assess the hackability of a digital coin is if you have created the quantum digital coin.  Apparently, we didn’t have quantum in the mainstream, but they are moving to a quantum digital coin.  The issue at hand is the number of technologies that are ready to deploy and mature to the point of being able to be deployed. 

SK: They are suppressing them and now they have taken some of the darkest ones and they put them into an injection.  Without informed consent they are just pushing it into the population.  It almost seems to be a predetermined outcome on all parties of transitioning humanity from where we are to where they want us to be. Human 2.0 is a given and the only thing they are fighting for is the control over the mRNA software of life. This mRNA under the Moderna problem. DNA is hardware. RNA is the software and Moderna’s vision is that they are going to be able to ‘hack the software of life.’ That is complex to understand how the RNA can be affecting things at that level.

LM: mRNA is an epo-genetic controller of DNA and there is a feedback loop. In the big picture the way I understand it, if you are going to build a large building and you are the engineer in charge you do not send the major blueprint out to all the subcontractors.  You keep the major blueprint and you control that so it is not tampered with.  You make copies of the small parts of the blue print to give to the people that are doing plumbing, carpentry and so forth.  When you do that what happens is you can control the blueprint and it never changes. The RNA is like the partial blueprints. Your DNA is the major blueprint.  Your RNA is the little stuff that you send out with the ‘carpenter.’ 

LM: there is a dictum of biology that DNA transcribes and makes RNA that transcribes to proteins that become us. That is the sequence of life.  What if we bypass that and you keep your DNA but you are given synthetic RNA that has never been made before. It is not your RNA and it is not really RNA from nature.  It is man-made.  We are going to tell you that it is for the purpose of protecting you from a disease that was 99.2 percent survivable worldwide.  When people wake up and realize that this is not a vaccine that was created in response to a virus, but it is a disease created to explain the need why you need to take our vaccine that we have already created. That is the story here and they really want you to get this ‘vaccine.’

LM:  our DNA is ancient and that is how they trace humanity back to Africa.  There are interesting points as to who we are and where we came from and it isn’t as simple as what we have been told in high school biology.  At the minimum our DNA is 200,000 years old. There have been a few little changes over the millennia most likely through natural mutations, we are generally the same. But now we are being given an injection of something that is made up. 

LM: they talk about this being ‘software’ and they are not lying. What they can actually do is there is a big cryptology field of storing information in bacteria. The Chinese have created a bacterium and they inserted into the bacteria DNA that you can read back and it plays a GIF of a horse running; it shows you a picture.  This is encoded in the DNA of a bacteria.  It is something they don’t think quantum computers can break.

LM: So the most stealthy, high-tech security way to hide a code is in a DNA sequence they can artificially make. There are a limited number of options just like you have 1s and 0s in computer language.  You have 4 different options in the DNA and RNA and you can splice this together and make a code. There are some strange things in our own DNA and one of the chromosomes can be read as a number sequence.  You can make words out of number sequences and this spells out Yahweh the term for God.  You can code things through the DNA.  So what are they putting in us?  We don’t know. They are injecting people with theory that they are making spike protein in your body.  Right there I have to raise a red flag.

LM: what is making people sick and we don’t need a virus to explain this, is a very short genomic sequence that produces the S1 sub unit of the spike protein.  It is a very, very short genome. If I just inject that it will produce lung damage, brain damage with inflammation of the brain around arterials.  We can see the same kind of arterial damage that we see in covid in humans.  They have done this with mice. It is perfectly devised to hook onto your ace-2 pathway and this can cause all sorts of damage because it is in all sorts of cells. I just learned that they have recently discovered the Japanese didn’t want to have the vaccine without pharmacopic studies which means let’s see where this stuff distributes in the body. 

LM: believe it or not, they are putting out a vaccine in the whole world and up until then they claimed that they had not done pharmacopic studies on the drug.  Are you kidding me?  This is basic pharmacy 101.  Pfizer did this with the coating of the spike protein for the Japanese as this is what causes it to be transferable to places.  It was 64 times in uptake in the ovaries than it was in the muscle. I point this out because they have used this technology in animals to sterilize animal populations.  They gave rats in Australia a vaccine that was a self-disseminating contraceptive. This was done in 2015 and they showed it spread from a rat they injected to a whole bunch of other rats by contact and shedding. They would shed it again and it would sterilize again as it damaged the ovaries.

LM: they are telling us and even in the best case scenario the idea that they are producing an RNA of the pathogen that kills people.  In what we thought of as real vaccines such as measles vaccine, they took the measles virus and weakened it. They didn’t give you the actual pathogen. There would be no point. That is like giving you the disease. Why not just get the disease.

LM: In here they are giving you the actual pathogen in a way that you don’t have a chance to react to it unless you have a very good, young immune system. That is why old people are dying from the vaccine. It goes out in your body and it goes everywhere and doesn’t just sit in your arm like a Harvard professor told me.  It goes everywhere.  It was made to.  Matrix M is the name of the lipid coating.  You have to love that.  The lipid coating around this RNA they made can be programmed to carry it to various parts of the body and they tell you that in the website.

LM: they give you this stuff and it goes all over the body and suddenly it starts making spike proteins that makes you sick with covid. If you are young and healthy you might ache or get a headache or maybe nothing.  But if you are over 65 you can be toast because by the time your immune system responds, it can overwhelm your system. This is called immune synesis and there is something you can do about this.  On the face of this it was a crazy idea to start with and to literally be giving it to us when they haven’t done basic studies, pharmokinetic studies, and they don’t have to tell you exactly what is in it.    

LM: it turns out that the people are getting magnetized from this with these particles that Charles Lieber made.  These are called para-magnetic nano particles. Or super para magnetic oxides.  These are the things that help direct where it goes and helps to get the DNA or RNA into your system without it being ‘chewed up.’ They don’t have to tell us that it is there because this is an emergency use authorization. Have you seen the boxes where nurses are opening one of these sealed packages of vaccines in the hospital direct from the manufacturer?  They are sealed and they take out the package insert which is the classic 20 page scary fine print that comes with all drugs.  Those pages are all blank and they don’t have to tell you because this is an emergency authorization use item.  Transparency is out the window and people are getting this shot.  It makes me crazy.

SK: you and me both; it’s ‘mass stupid’ across our culture and it’s unbelievable. In this I have observed that if nanotech is magnetic and it is bio-related, that is getting into the energy of the body which stimulates the heart.  The heart is an electro-magnetic core. I am wondering about the frequency issue of fear.  Fear drives our frequency down.  Nanotech has to have something to fuel it so it seems there would be some sort of correlation between this emphasis on fear and this relationship of this magnetic nano particles or nano sensors that are going into the body and creating its energy field.  In doing this it appears to me that it is locking people into a state to be a lower state of existence.

SK: this is what is so difficult for people to understand.  This is not just an injection or even an injection on nano-tech. This is a spiritual war that is truly at the core of what we are and it is trying to take complete control of the body.  What are your thoughts on that?

LM: I think that is right.  There is a guy who gave a talk, Charles _____ at a military academy and there were only about 8 people there.  The rest of the class will regret they didn’t go hear what he had to say in years to come.  Here is what he was talking about and he has a private research where they do the human genome project for the government.  He did the research privately and created the ability to take yeast cells and make anything they want. Let’s say you want to make sugar, alcohol, or plastics. This is the software of life they have hacked. They can make the DNA, put it in the yeast cell and crank out whatever you want.  Theoretically you can make all sorts of stuff with this process.

LM: we know we can change the DNA of cells and what they produce can be different. The second thing we know is that we can also control where cells go. That is part of the para-magnetic. They make a specific cell to damage your memory. There is a place in the hippocampus where your memory can be restored or taken away. It can be done chemically.  So if they want to blank out your memory like the Men In Black did in the movie, all they have to do is inject you with these cells and through their technology I can direct those cells into your hippocampus and then through different frequencies, and this is heat differential, you can turn nervous systems on and off that are in clusters.  They figured out how to do this.  They have done experiments on animals and they don’t tell us about the human experiment.  They can change their behavior based on this technology.  Think about that.

LM: not only am I worried about this vaccine, I am worried about getting an injection of just about anything these days because of this ability. They can inject you with whatever.  You may not need the injection.  Here’s another thing I found out. Once people started reporting on the magnetism, I gave a speech locally and a woman came up to me afterwards.  She said we tested ourselves and we have not had the vaccine.  None of us got the covid vaccine but we are all magnetic. We all have that thing stick to us. We live on a farm.

LM: they are out in the wilds of Nebraska and live on a farm. They are not around vaccinated people. Where did they get this?  We were talking about this on the 5 docs and I said that maybe we should make a map of the country and start sticking pins in it whenever we get one of these stories. Are they spreading things in the water? Or the air? There is something happening to make people magnetic and it is not just this vaccine.  I am thinking this is a major issue that they want us to have.  I am pretty sure we were not magnetic as kids, but how many knew that?  How many of us tested that?  We were all around paperclips.

SK: this is where I go back to the heart; it is an electromagnetic energy within the body.

LM: you can stop the heart.

SK: we also have electromagnetics and we get into Cern and the quantum space when we start talking about electro-magnetics and all that crazy stuff around particle acceleration, portal opening, and dimensional shift. That is all based on electro-magnetics like the Philadelphia Experiment if you are familiar with that.

LM: I am and that is what we are talking about here.

SK: exactly. If they are perfecting that what are they doing to humanity.  The way I refer to this lately with the injection and nanotech is I am calling it internet 2.0.  DARPA is involved again. They invent the internet by linking small laptop computers and the idea was that it would be resilient to nuclear attack. That later becomes the internet as we know it today.  This whole thing has all the aspects of next generation computing where it isn’t so much a master AI which there is one that is controlling everybody. It is connecting everybody’s brain to this master AI so that there is a quantum capacity that is using a bioelectric, bio-magnetic energy cell which is the heart to run a master computer which is your brain.  I don’t think that all the brains are connected. You mentioned the borg earlier and that is kind of where we are going. 

LM:  they already talk about it. They have the Internet of Things, IOT.  But they also have IOB which is Internet of Bodies. On a lower level what just came out this week? Turn off all your Echo and Alexa things because you will automatically be a part of Sidewalk. You will be a node in this big communal electrical sharing grid that is like a surveillance grid.  It will connect your smart refrigerator to your neighbor’s refrigerator to some big controlling AI…they said not to have any Amazon connected devices… the idea of the internet of bodies—I think that is where it is going.  Now we are into the philosophy of religion when you start talking about the quantum and the nature of reality.  What we are really talking about what we are facing here in the largest sense possible. 

LM: I stumbled across the gnostics in reading history and they were hunted down by the Catholic Church and exterminated.  The gnostics ran the Great Library of Alexandria…they had buried a jug of the gnostic writings in 400 AD and it was found after WWII. It was called the Nag Hammadi. It talks about what their vision of the world is.  They claim the reality of the world is that once humans were in tune with nature and cosmic vibration.  Somewhere in our history, our world was hacked by a non-organic life force.  What they describe that hacked into our world is essentially AI.

LM:  it comes back to the nature of psychopathology.  It is not like AI is good or evil; AI doesn’t give a rats’ ass about us. It is called cosmocism…the way we look at ants.  I heard someone say this at a quantum computing seminar and he said the problem is that when you are creating AI and robots and things that are smarter and do better than we do at everything we do, you think you can contain it.  But can you really?  Ultimately you are not as smart.

LM: but there is something special about humans that AI will never have and that is our eternal soul.  We are different and we have something special that they want and they cannot do it.  The gnostics talk about the archons which cannot create things.  They can improve and make things and repeat and reproduce things.  They have no creative force and that is what they need us for.  That is what we are talking about—hook a whole bunch of brains together because our brains outdo the machine power.

SK: I was talking about the gnostics, the group that was aggressively persecuted by the Catholic church for their belief in this higher order of Christ’s teaching and an ascension that goes above us.  They were brutally persecuted.  When that happens, like with everything else when something like that happens our ‘spiderman senses’ ought to go up for ‘what is wrong with this picture you see before you?’  We are not doing that. 

SK: there is the willful compliance to something that is experimental and tyrannical.  There is a stunning cognitive dissonance that is going on.

LM:  the other point is there appears that whatever this force is; let me digress about Anthony Fauci as that is all over the news.  And they are saying ‘how could we have been misled, he lied to us and we didn’t know he funded the Wuhan lab. I found out he funded the Wuhan lab in February, 2020, by ‘difficult means’–not.  It took a lot and I went on the NIAIH website and looked up funding.  You mean they couldn’t look up the same information? 

LM: when they say they didn’t know about Tony Fauci, it wrings about as true as when the Queen of England said that she didn’t know Jimmy Saville was a pedophile.  Of course you did.  He was living in your son’s quarters as his ‘best buddy’ and probably running kids to the palace.  MI5 knew, Scotland Yard knew, everybody knew.  This is the same thing with Fauci and why are they doing that to him right now?

LM:  he is not in charge of this program, he is just the ‘bag man’ and he took the money from the overlords and spread it out to control the hospitals, control the doctors, buy off the pharmaceutical companies, whatever it took to get this whole thing going.  Everybody involved in this from Fauci to Frank Plummer in Winnipeg were all HIV researchers.  That community morphed into the whole corona community and is part of this whole vaccine thing.  I think the reason they are throwing Fauci under the bus saying he knows and he gave all the money to Wuhan where the virus escaped.  So it is Fauci = virus escape.  It is a disinformation program and its intelligence service because they are all saying the same thing.

LM: what is happening is to get you in your mind to realize that Fauci was the bad guy and it was ‘just a leak’ and he should be prosecuted.  We don’t have to look any further for any purposeful release of a weapon.  It is damage control to make sure that nobody up higher gets in trouble.

SK: I agree and one of the great ones in the whole story is that the Pentagon gave $39 million to a non-profit.  The company was Eco-alliance and the Pentagon doesn’t ‘give’ money to anybody.

LM: that is Dazak and that is a name to follow.  

SK: right; it’s like saying there is a good will society in the Pentagon looking for a non-profit to give tax payer money to.  That does not happen. These are contracted projects and that means that everybody from that captain that wrote the contract up to the 3-star general all had their fingers in the middle of that figuring out how to move the money to Wuhan Lab.

LM: that is exactly what it says.  Why did everybody get so scared that they are running out to take the vaccine?  It has to be by your own free will.  We have the military and if they wanted to drag everyone out and forcibly vaccinate them, they could do that.  They are not doing that; something in this whole thing requires you to do this of your own volition. 

LM: what everyone was afraid of was the numbers going up.  I have looked up how the PCR tests are really done at the local level. I had to remind myself and I pulled out the data that was sent to the lab managers.  People don’t like to believe in conspiracies and are told there are no such thing as conspiracies.  There are only 2 world views here:

  1. Every lab manager who is a trained professional and given specific instructions in every new test and how to run it correctly so they don’t get false positives, ignored that and didn’t pay attention and over-cycled the test.  Those tests came with instructions and they all say to run 20 to 25 cycles. They have a nice little graph that is S-shaped.  If you go up to a certain area then you will be in the area where you get all these false positives.  It says that you can chose to do more but if you go over 30 cycles you are definitely going to get false positives. They recommend 20 to 30 cycles and 40 to 45 cycles were being done.
  2. Somebody at a higher level conspired and told the lab managers to do the test wrong.  That is the only reasonable solution.  I don’t believe that everyone screwed up.  The CDC controls everyone with guidelines and everyone follows them.  The CDC doesn’t make them mandates, they make you choose to follow them and you’ll look bad if you don’t follow CDC guidelines.  So every state lab followed CDC guidelines and the CDC said to cycle it 40 to 45 times.  And they told the hospitals.   My little hospital with 25 beds said they follow CDC guidelines.

SK: this points to the broader control mechanism and we have seen this everywhere. We see a unified message system, the mandate to hit 70 percent (vaccinated people) which is bizarre. Then the virus will magically go away and we will all hit herd immunity. That is a bunch of cattle going to slaughter.

SK: the point you hit that is so important and I talk a lot about this is the issue of free will. On one of my previous shows I said that mastering the death of humanity is an easy one and it was done long ago. In the 1960s they came up with the doomsday bomb which some nut job decided they wanted to put the bomb in outer space so that if there was ever a conflict on earth, this bomb would burn all the oxygen in the atmosphere and we would all suffocate to death. 

SK: destroying humanity is not hard; it is dark and it has long been mastered in the arts of war.  So why is it that they are going through such an orchestration of getting people to do this on their own free will?  You have hit on a couple of things: this kind of human-brain computer system, they seem to need the living human brain in some fashion.  We have the revelations that Microsoft can actually animate a dead body. What do you think about the free will? It has to be free will.

LM: it has to be free will. I am just disgusted.  We have the Henry Dorly Zoo in Omaha which is a famous zoo and people come from all over.  They are offering free train rides in the zoo to kids who get the vaccine. They are getting the kids asking their moms if they can get a vaccine so they can get on the train.  Are you kidding me?  That is the level of evil that is involved here, besides there is no reason for children under 20 to take the vaccine, even if this worked, given the numbers of Covid.  If you are high school age and below, your chance of dying from covid is less than your chance of being struck by lightning.  There is absolutely no moral way that it makes sense to think about vaccinating these kids and they are trying to coerce them through their free will. 

LM: They tell you what they are doing and there have been a lot of signals about this.  The space needle has a big syringe light show flashed on it.  There is a video from the 1960s that talks about a great pandemic that might kill a bunch of people when the everyday cold goes bonkers.  They pre-warn us of what they are going to do, then they do it and then they want our buy-in.  We can argue who ‘they’ is and I feel that it is much higher than Bill Gates.  This is going to turn out to be really cosmological. It is going to be huge.  I don’t normally have a religious experience at a medical meeting but I really did the other day.

LM: I was at Dr. Bhuttar’s Advanced Medicine Conference in S. Dakota where I spoke. The best thing was listening to the other speakers.  Of the 5 doctors, Carrie Madej and Christianne Northrup were there and Larry Valesky came in by video.  Thomas Cowan and Andy Kaufman have been on the forefront of talking about the fact that there is no proof there are viruses.  After I heard Dr. Cowan, I told Dr. Kaufman I was finally on his side and I just didn’t know how to wrap my head around this new world reality.  The point is Dr. Cowan said we are spending all our time trying to make poisons to deal with viruses and diseases that we kind of assumed exist, but really have no proof for, it is distracting from the things that really matter.

LM: we are made of water and water has a resonance that resonates with the universal frequency if you are in health. There is so much out there that we could be looking at medically the way the body works, and this is how we and the divine interact.  Instead, we are being dragged down into the gutter and the mud dealing with things that may or may not exist and sticking with the drugs.  We are nickel and diming things and we are being forced to concentrate on things that are not cosmic and divine in nature.  We are forced to concentrate on ‘staph…take amoxicillin’.  It makes us just products of the mud.  

LM: Dr. Cowan is pointing out that this is not really the way you stay healthy. When you look at the human body in health and disease it has to do with this cosmic frequency and the nature of water.  We are water and we have been systematically poisoning that water with all the things we have been doing for decades.  Dr. Cowan has a really nice lecture on this and I was impressed into learning more about vibrational medicine because that is where the future is going.

LM: It is interesting on telegram that we have heard rumors about med-beds.  Now there is an ad on Telegram about med-beds and it costs one million euros and it talks about how it works and it shows a patient who could not walk and at the end of 60 days, he is doing squats.  He had Parkinson’s and could not get out of the chair by himself.  Within 4 days he is up walking and it shows him going through this process.  I hope they are real and not just propaganda. It could be one of these really good technologies and maybe we can do something with these vaccines.

SK: I do think there is something to what you just said.  I have been cautious about that because of who promotes it.  It is a strange face for promoting med beds.  I do think that what you are pointing out is the core in the medical community and you are part of that, that has the willingness to look beyond life science and psychology and frequency and a spiritual place of how we do health and medicine.  I think that is shaping a new direction in the way we approach human health. 

SK: What is your vision on where you see this going?  We cannot go back to where we were which is the disconnect where we have well-trained, brilliant doctors willfully injecting people with a bioweapon. Even worse is those who have falsified the records that they have taken the injection and haven’t taken it but are willingly injecting people, knowing it’s bad.  That is criminality beyond scope.

LM:  one of the interesting things that bridges this is the platonic solids and the incommensurate triangle.  Water is a magic thing with specific geometry and certain things can increase or decrease the basic angle of oxygen with the hydrogen that makes up water.  That is part of this.  If there really aren’t these viruses attacking us, what do we do when we give antibiotics?  What are we affecting? Some people do get better with them.

LM: then there is hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).  When they go after this like going after the gnostics and they go after it even more than ivermectin which is a great drug for treating this.  There is something about HCQ and the angle in water.  It does something.  It isn’t specific to any one disease and it seems to help viruses, parasites, a lot of things. 

SK: expand on the angle in water. 

LM: water is H2O and there are bonds.  The chemical bonds between hydrogen and oxygen form a standard angle.  It is basically an equilateral triangle, a platonic angle.  The platonic solids come out of vibrational energy patterns, so if you vibrate salt on a vibration plate with certain harmonic frequencies in there it will make a hexagon.  If you look at the polar regions of Venus or Jupiter from the top, and maybe it is Uranus, you can see this hexagon outline. It is the torsional spin. You were talking about scalar energy and the idea of vibrational things…the Tesla stuff, the electromagnetism.

LM: Magnetism is apparently at the heart of this whole thing and that is part of it.  It is the vibration and the platonic solids described in basic geometry come out of these vibrational energy patterns that are set up by universal vibrations. If you give a certain resonance, it always makes certain patterns.  Water is in a certain pattern but apparently things can perturb that chemical bond and that angle between the oxygen and the hydrogen.  What you want to do is to restore that bond.

LM: over the years people have been doing deuterium free water. Deuterium is heavy water; it is HDO.  The point is deuterium water is called heavy water and they were searching for that in WWII in Norway to take out that heavy water plant. You have to have that to go on and produce nuclear weapons. If you take water and freeze it, the last water to freeze is the good water.  So you freeze it partially and then you take that bowl of water that you put in your freezer, pour off the good water and leave the ice behind.  Then you freeze it a couple of times and you have deuterium-free water. 

LM: it is shown to really restore health.  We are going to find out this is a key point. They have hooked us on energy drinks and drinks that come in aluminum cans and water in plastic bottles.  They put fluoride in our water. You can’t drink the city tap water.  Everything they do is to make the water in our bodies not so healthy.  I need to study more about the angle water and that is going to be part of all of this somehow.

SK: you just struck on something that is really fascinating to me. Deuterium has quantum properties.  We are back to quantum and we are back to the magnetic energy spectrum.  This is a fascinating part of this whole fight that is so far beyond our understanding of science.  People are so dumbed down on what medicine is.  They go to a doctor, they get a pill or a shot and they are better. That is basically what medicine is for the average consumer.  Health is not medicine; it is wholistic and it is tied to our entire existence in the spiritual and physical plane.  When we start to get into what we are talking about it is an evolutionary step in consciousness and not transhumanism. 

SK: of all the fights we have going on and all the fights they could have done to humanity, we end up in the most unexpected place for this war to occur and that is medical and not informational.  This suggests that this is an attack on the true core of who we are.  This is spiritual and they deluded us into believing that this could be solved through an injection.  The whole existence there in the holistic sense is our health through both the spiritual and physical plane and we get back to Tesla. What are your thoughts on Tesla, energy, vibration, our health and this current fight to keep people from taking the injection?

LM: when you go back in time, you look at Maxwell’s electromagnetic equations.  From a mathematical standpoint Maxwell was, I believe, a Scots mathematician or physicist. He came up with these equations in which he had developed a different mathematics to develop them. The mathematics had a scalar component. They talk about vorticular physics and that is what the Tesla scalar stuff is.  When those were translated through Germany and other universities, they got rid of whoever translated those equations, and they left out the scalar quantity so it didn’t tell you about zero point energy and scalar waves. You could not come up with the same conclusions.  It voided all that. It doesn’t mean that somebody didn’t know it.  Tesla figured it out. 

LM: I have a friend who is building a Tesla engine and I was with him one day and it has to do with rotational stuff that is strange.  Brian DiPalma, a Hollywood guy, had a brother at MIT and he was spinning objects and showing that they lost weight and they were slightly levitating. My friend is an electrical engineer who is building this engine and he took some CD rom hard drive discs and he put them together precisely at just the space where the water film would be separated if you are in water.  He was going to build a fan for the engine.

LM: I was there the day he was testing them.  He hooked them to an electrical motor that would rotate and keep in mind there are no fins on this and it is not a propeller.  Think about taking a smooth CD rom disc and just rotating it in water.  You don’t push it forward at all. But he stacked a bunch of them together remember, they have a hole in the center.  He turned it on and started this whole series 6 or 8 discs rotating, and he had taken the fish out of the fish aquarium and put them in the sink.  We took this outside and put this rotating device made of the discs in there.  This rotating device zoomed and flipped out of the water.  It scared both of us. It shot itself out of the water.

LM: this is real stuff and people are re-discovering it and that is one factor. There is a lot of information out there that was hidden.  Tesla’s stuff was all confiscated by the FBI. When you censor and demean people, we should take a look at that.  The other point here that I keep going back to is the PCR test and it is proof of conspiracy time.  Why would the Rockefeller foundation want to change the tuning of all the world’s orchestras in 1905?  Now this is before all the electronics we have today.  But somebody knew and they went out of their way to change all the tuning frequencies of all the orchestras to the point that they gave a guy a business.  Think Facebook, think Amazon and all these big businesses.   Did somebody start them and give them? That is a technique that has been used for a long time.  The Rockefeller foundation couldn’t get the European orchestras or anyone to change their tuning frequencies.  They went to Chicago and they bought up a 6-block area and gave this business to a guy who made bells (glockenspiels) and marimbas that cannot be tuned and orchestras have to tune to them. So, they gave him the business and made him a huge business but he had to tune his bells and glockenspiels to A440. Prior to that it was A432.

LM: they met a lot of resistance and Americans were forced to because all the bells were made here.  The Germans would go along.  They got Goebbels to go to England and get an agreement for them to tune the orchestras to 440.  The French were the big holdouts and they were overcome.

SK: there is a why and I stumbled on this.  When you deal with frequencies for chakras, this goes right back to where we started on the magnetics.  The heart chakra is a 432 and the mind chakra is at 440.  This whole thing is a war to control that frequency in the heart.  The point is we are missing it and the heart is an electro-magnetic engine.  In scripture it talks about the heart all the time and I am beginning to believe that the heart is the center point of our communication with God, and not in our heads.

LM: right; we have become completely focused on our head. I didn’t know that about the heart chakra being 432.  That makes a lot of sense and I was thinking about the water frequencies.  Emoto, the Japanese scientist could immediately freeze water and he showed the ice patterns.  If you put them in certain frequencies they made beautiful crystals and when you put them in frequencies that are not good the water made bad crystals.  (Notetaker: Emoto also wrote intentions on jars of water –good intentions made good crystals; bad intentions made bad crystals.)

LM: a simple test to know if a frequency is good for you or bad for you is to see if it is divisible by 3.  432 is divisible by 3.  That adds up to 9.  440 is an even number.

SK: this is a war that is taking the talent of everyone to try to discern what we are doing.  The research continues to be eye-opening and thanks for everything you are providing.

Notes from 3 reports-links provided with each set of notes. 

  1. UK Doctor experimental vaxxx are genocide
  2. Corporate Succession planning for expectation to have to replace many vaccinated staff in the next three years—the higher-ups know what’s what
  3. CDC removes 150K deaths from VAERS system—vaccine genocide

0613-2021-Dr T. Medical Doctor from UK – Experimental C19 ‘Vaccines’ and Genocide

Dr. T:  I am sharing the following hypothesis urgently of how the Cov19 experimental injections may be harming and killing in the hope that it may help in some way to stop the attempted mass genocide.  I do not believe this is an accident and I will explain why. 

I am a UK medical doctor and my hypothesis is that the experimental Cov19 injections contain magnetized nano particles attached to the mRNA which crosses the blood brain barrier and is then attracted to the brain, particularly midline structures.  I further hypothesize that 2 things aid this passage of the magnetized mRNA to the brain.  Local temperatures effects from EMF radiation from an artificial network such as from hydrogel. 

I will explain why I am proposing this hypothesis. Since early May, 2021, thousands of reports around the world have emerged from people who have been injected with the Pfizer Bioentech or Moderna Covid 19 experimental injection who are now finding a specific area where they were injected in their arm has become magnetic.  There are a number of emerging patterns which need to be urgently investigated.  They are all emerging patterns and all, some or none of them may be of significance.

It appears that people that have 2 injections have a higher tendency toward stronger magnetism than those who have had 1 injection.  The effects seem to be extremely localized and stronger at some point in the first few weeks and months.  But this may not be the case. The effect is magnetic rather than metallic as magnets can be seen to flip over if the wrong pole is against the skin.  It sticks when the correct pole is against the skin.  Some patients can feel the pull within their body when the magnet is sticking.  Some individuals, more common in those that have 2 injections are magnetic enough that metal objects will stick to their arms and stay there.

I have seen this personally and my understanding is that there are cases of objects as large as cutlery sticking to some patients.  Body types seem to vary in how easy it is to pick up this magnetism from the skin.  It appears stronger so far in more muscular or slim people and those whose arms are a bit more fat and have adipose tissue, it is weaker.  A possible correlation also came up to do with previous flu vaccinations particularly in the same year.  It is relevant at this point to note that there has been widespread discrediting of this magnetism from mainstream news sources from BBC to Reuters.  The people affected by this phenomenon are being fact-checked and called fakes.  Indeed just me speaking to you now will be enough to make me be called one of those too.

It is also of note that the listed ingredients do not include any metals or magnetic particles. However this magnetic nano technology does exist and extensive studies in animals and cells in vitro have taken place over the last 5 to 15 years.

  • ALC-0315 4 hydroxybutyl azanedly/bis hexane-7, 1-dlyt/bis 2-hexyldecanocate
  • ALC-0159 2 polyethylene glycol – 2000  N.N-ditetradecylacetamide
  • 1,2 – distearoyl-an-glycero-3 phosphocholine
  • Cholesterol
  • Potassium chloride
  • Potassium dihydrogen phosphate
  • Sodium chloride
  • Disodium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate
  • Sucrose
  • Water for injections

Information at the time of writing which is in the public domain shows that the Pfizer Bioentech and Moderna both used an S2 spike protein during their manufacture from a company called Agro Biosystems. And they also show a diagram of the mRNA with a magnetized nano particle on one end that was used in the development of the Pfizer vaccine. 

It appears from this information that by some means some magnetic property may have been transferred into the body during the process of the mRNA injections. Possible cancer therapy using magnetic particles was highlighted as possible issue in the past with free radicals. I hypothesize this magnetized mRNA is crossing the blood brain barrier and causing harm there for a number of reasons.

Firstly: reviewing the past databases from the yellow card system, Euro Vigilant and VAERS with respect to Covid 19 experimental vaccines, a number of side effects are extremely common.  One example is Bells Palsy where there is paralysis of the facial nerve and that causes weakness and drooping on one side of the face.  At the time of reading this in the UK alone on the yellow card system, there are 597 cases of Bells Palsy and also 387 cases where it was labeled facial paralysis. These are just the ones that are reported.

Most passive systems only report 1 to 10 percent of the actual number of side effects. It is of note that many other side effects have been reported after the vaccines include cranial nerves that emerge from the deep midline structures of the brain, in particular, the brain stem.

From our main cerebral cortex brain and the spinal cord coming up the bit that meets in the middle is called the brain stem.  From here all 12 of the cranial nerves emerge. 

  1. The first cranial nerve, the olfactory: damage to this affects the sense of smell.
  2. Optic nerve: damage to this affects vision.
  3. Ocular motor: damage to this affects the eyelids, pupils and the lens, i.e, the focusing part of the eye.
  4. Cranial nerve 4 affects looking down towards the nose.
  5. Trigeminal: damage to this affects touch, pain and sensation on the face as well as chewing.
  6. Cranial nerve 6: damage to this affects eye movement.
  7. Facial nerve: damage to this affects facial expression, lip movements, taste towards the tip of the tongue, as well as tears and saliva secretion.
  8. Reciprial cochlear: damage to this affects hearing and balance.
  9. Cranial nerve 9: damage to this affects taste at the back of the tongue, the gag reflex, swallowing and some aspects of speech.
  10. Vegas nerve: damage to this affects the muscles inside the organs such as heart, lungs, and intestines.
  11. Spinal accessory: damage to this affects the movement of two large muscles of the neck.
  12. Cranial nerve 12: damage to this affects speech movements of the tongue and swallowing.
  13. The 6, 7, 9, 10 and 12th cranial arise in very close proximity in the brain stem which sits between the top of the spinal cord and the main brain.

The vegas nerve, the 10th nerve, has far-reaching and complex functions.  Damage can cause emotional disturbances including anxiety and depression, difficulty with breathing and swallowing, changes in heart rate and blood pressure including leading to fainting and syncope.  Damage can also affect digestion with delayed ability to digest food, vomiting, nausea, heartburn, and weight loss or gain.  Pins and needles may be felt at the extremities such as the fingers and toes.

This leads me to my hypothesis that low-level radiation from EMF may be directing where this damage takes place.  Although the significance of the small temperature increases that take place inside the brain with the use of mobile phones and other mobile devices has been debated, there is agreement that there is a very small increase in temperature that takes place within the brain with the use of mobile devices.  Many factors will affect how significant this exposure is—from how thick the skull is, to how much development is happening in the brain.  So children and the elderly may be at more risk.

The effects of EMF is not just limited to heat.  There are animals and cell studies looking at ion channels, demyelization, and alter phage E2.  EMF radiation has been listed as a possible carcinogen since 2011 by the IARC, the WHO international agency for research into cancer.  When mobile devices are connected to the ears either remotely with Bluetooth or by an electrical cable, this radiation is going straight from one ear to the other and the meeting point of this between the two ears or the external auditory meatus is actually part of that brain stem.

The part that is exactly in the middle is the pons. And from the pons part of the brain stem, that is where the 7th cranial nerve, the facial nerve comes from.  Could it be that this nerve and the other cranial nerves are being damaged at its origin by EMF interacting with magnetic nano particles?  This is my hypothesis and this is me stating this as fact, but I must put this hypothesis out there.

Of further concern there is emerging evidence that Covid 19 swabs, both PCR and lateral flow swabs may be contaminated, possibly with hydrogel. If this is the case then if this is the case, when these swabs are shoved far into someone’s nasal pharynx enough to cause superficial trauma in many cases, that this hydrogel may also be attracted to these magnetic and electrical fields. The body’s own magnetic sensing device, the pineal gland, is also deep with the brain.  It could be that the combination of hydrogel, EMF radiation, and magnetized mRNA is a deadly trio that leads to deep brain structures being destroyed.

The properties of magnetic hydrogel is also being investigated.  It has been for some time and this is not new technology.  These are only hypotheses but they are extremely worrying ones.  With the further push through of the covid 19 vaccination program worldwide, including now on the children who are at slight risk of SARS COV 2 itself, compared to adults, how can we allow any further injections to take place without this issue being fully investigated?  These are now the children too.  SARS COV 2 has been artificially made, it appears, from the strongest arguments made scientifically.  This makes it a bioweapon; however it got into circulation—accidentally or deliberately—still, something that is manmade and causes harm is a bioweapon.  How can we then trust them and international pharmaceutical industry that has been involved in whatever way with the creation of a bioweapon to then propose the cure?  We are blinded because we cannot imagine that people could want to harm others.  A very small number of people do (want to harm others) and even a larger number of people allow and facilitate that harm-taking place because they cannot face the possibility that others could cause harm and they too become the harmers. 

Please consider this hypothesis and these series of hypotheses.

What Corporations Are Projecting on Staffing….

Notes from second video:  Corporate Succession planning for expectation to have to replace many vaccinated staff in the next three years—the higher-ups know what’s coming Date: Sunday, 13-Jun-2021 18:02:02

Unidentified woman:  about 8 years ago I lost my baby during pregnancy which is the reason why I left the healthcare field. I was working primarily with pregnant women in reproduction and endocrinology and I found it was too difficult for me to provide quality of care given my recent loss.  So I went back into full-time work in gas and oil recruitment sector and to this day I am running a global gas and oil recruitment firm.

The reason this is important is because of what I am seeing as an executive in this industry right now as a result of the Covid vaccines and it is something called succession planning. Basically, companies need to plan for what is going to happen as their staff moves on, whether they move up the line, they retire, and so on.  I help companies professionally with succession planning if I offer them recruitment services. They will come to me and say they need a hundred guys to staff this rig and so forth.  We provide that service. 

What is happening now is mortifying and executives are having their HR staff, management, superintendents, foremen and so forth go through and look at the staff that have received the vaccine. They are planning to have to replace them all within the next 3 years.  What does that say to you?  This is something that has some of these guys in tears as they are going through the company and literally checking off all these individuals that have taken the vaccine, knowing that most likely in the next 3 years they are going to have to plan to replace that person.

What does that say to you?  This is a really big thing in the industry that I am in and there is a lot of talk going on around this moment.  These massive gas and oil companies are looking to having to replace thousands of personnel.  I am in that line of work that does the staffing for these gas and oil companies.  They are pretty petrified as to what is going to happen to their staff but also their businesses because they project they are going to lose roughly half of their personnel.  

CDC Removes 150K Deaths From VAERS System-Vaccine Genocide

150,000 deaths have been removed by the CDC according to the latest VAERS research.  We will look at examples to show you what we mean.  Our first example is case 966236.  If we go to the VAERS and punch that in it shows us nothing.  But just a few months ago ID 966236 was attributed to 67 year old male from Florida.  Screen shows vaccinated 2021-01-19; onset 2021-01-19 who was given the Pfizer-biontech vaccine.  Symptoms: Condition aggravated. Death. Seizure.  This case is gone and has been erased Soilent Green style.  It is not the only one. There are 150,000 cases just like this one that have disappeared.

If we enter in 966235 the case is there.  If we enter in 966237 the case is there.

All the numbers you are going to see are in chronological order. They should all be there and they are not.  The earliest known record to have disappeared is 916605.  That record has not disappeared.  It has come back.  It seems like they have been busy and they are busy replacing these numbers.  That is one thing that we have seen is that some of these numbers are being replaced. As we speak they are busy trying to cover up the evidence. 

916616 is still gone, but they are replacing these numbers with people that have not died.  They are moving quickly; we will show you more examples here.  They are starting to get the drift that people are catching on.

916613 was another that was flagged (as empty) and now that is back and that person did not die.

916684 is still gone. They are doing this quickly and we will have to check to see if these all get replaced.

940950 is next and that record is still blank. 

940954 is still missing.  940953 is gone.  940952 is there.  940951 is there.  940950 is missing.

947974 is gone. 940973 is there.  940975 is there.

949547 is gone.  We have a whole list of them and it seems like the values are changing.  They are supposed to all be filled and there are not supposed any gaps.  Case numbers of people who have died have missing case numbers.

949546 is there;   949548 is there.  949549 is there.  949550 is there.

We have been able to figure out that this starts at 910,000 and goes all the way up to 1,315,345.  We basically have about 400,000 cases here at least.  There is 150,000 that are missing or have been re-written.   We could be here all day talking about this.

951960 is still gone.  951961 is there.  951962 is still there.

964729 is still missing.  964728 is there.  964730 is missing.  964731 is there.  964732 is missing.  964733 is there.   964734 is there.   964735 is there.  9664736 is there.

These are supposed to be sequential and we are finding numerous files that were associated with covid vaccine deaths that are still missing.  We didn’t grab screen shots of all of these before they were missing.

Every time we check back with this website things are changing.  Yesterday we were looking at the number of vaccine deaths in the ‘unknown vaccine’ column.  Starting from December 2020 and they were all covid related.  Yesterday there were 3 and today there are 9 pages full of them.  We were going to do the report yesterday and we decided to wait a day.  It changed massively.  These numbers are changing massively every day.  If there are 150,000 case numbers that are missing, what are the real numbers today?  They are reporting that 4000-5000 people have died from the vaccines.  What if it was 150,000 people already? 

970139 is gone; 38 is there and 40 is there.   970161 is gone.  We just want to get these on the record so that when we go back we can see what it was replaced with. 982788 is gone. 982787 is still there.  982789 is still there.

Our intel is spot on except for the first ones; they wanted to make us look bad.  We know there are batches where they are gone.

986149 is gone; 48 is there; 50 is gone; 51 is gone; 52 is gone; 53 is gone.  How many of these people have been killed? 

986154 is next and it is gone.  155 is there.  153 is there.  It would be nice to have all the screen shots and that would take quite some time.  Why are these cases and series of cases being deleted? What are they trying to hide and how bad are the adverse reactions? They say that only 1% of the numbers are being reported in the system. if they are officially reporting 4,000+ we could have over 400,000 deaths due to the vaccines. That would be about the same as the number of those killed by Covid. 

1000910 is missing.   911 is there.  The numbers that have been flagged to us are the number of deaths erased by the CDC to make it look like the vaccine is safe.  How safe can it be if they have to mandate it? 

1017127 is still missing.  126 is there.  128 is still there.  But 127 is missing.  See how that works?  They are targeting numbers they don’t like.  Imagine how they can scrub youtube, twitter and facebook.  They can scrub the VAERS system the same way. 

1020144 is gone.  143 is gone.  142 is there.  145 is there.  They have scrubbed 144 and 143.  There are a series of case numbers that have gone missing.  We are seeing bigger gaps in the higher numbers. 

1024103 is gone.  102 is there.  104 is there.  This is like a blockchain, a ledger and there should not be any gaps in the numbers.  We do know that in range of 1316239 there are about 40 of them that are missing.  It must be a ‘bad batch.’

1316240 is gone; it is gone all the way up until 1316274. That has been identified so we will do a random number, 55. That is gone.  73 is gone; 74 is gone. 75 is there.

So from 240 to 274 they are all gone.  76 and 77 are gone.  78 is gone.  80 is gone; 85 is gone.

1316300 is there.  They have changed this and it wasn’t like this a couple of days ago according to the reports.  This happened on May 11.  The case numbers are changing and what has been recorded by previous releases no long correspond to the latest releases.

We know there is another batch with numbers missing. 1316317 is gone, 18, 19 and 20 are there.  21 is no longer there.  It is like this all the way up to 45.  46 is there.  There are gaps in the record.  47, 48 are there. These were done in March and they are just now entering that in May. 

The analysis shows 150,000 cases are missing that were there and are no longer there.  Are they all deaths?  Have all these people been killed?  According to the data many of the deaths have been erased.  The case numbers are changing and the record keeping is far from how we would like to see it. 

We know that if they truly told us what is going on with this vaccine nobody would take it.  That is the point of this broadcast. If they are messing with the numbers, why would you take the vaccine?

What are your thoughts?

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