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Clif High on Vaxxx Effects, Stew Peters Interviews Dr. Jane Ruby – June 23, 2021, Info on Rare Heart Inflammation

Lynn’s Comments on the Following Articles:

I hope you will take the time to read this information.  More importantly, I hope you will take the time to think about your upcoming needs. 

We recently had a 20,000 acre fire south of town. 

Here are some questions for you:

What do you take with you when you are wondering if you will be evacuated for 2 hours, 2 days, 2 weeks or forever?

What happens where you live when people who have taken the shots start losing their competency or die? 

  • This includes your fire station crew, the EMTs, the local law enforcement and the guys who run the water works plant and the sewer plant.
  • What about the people who run the power plant? 
  • What about those who drive supplies to your local gas station and grocery store? 
  • What about those who are formulating medications?
  • What about your local postal workers who see to it that you get your mail and supplies that you have ordered?
  • What about the road maintenance crews…both summer and winter?
  • What about the kitchen and serving staff at your local retirement homes and restaurants?
  • What about day care center workers?
  • What about the staff at the local grocery store, box store or dollar store?

The list goes on and on.  We take a lot for granted, and now perhaps it is time to seriously plan ahead.  I may not always be able to receive the supplies I order.  We all may end up with sketchy mail service as well as serious disruptions with Fedex and UPS.

The following information are synopses I have done from 2 podcasts plus another article from a daily news update service.  There’s a lot to think about.  Don’t get caught off guard.

Stew Peters and Dr. Jane Ruby – June 23, 2021

Stew: breaking today:

  • Phone audiotapes from a Moderna representative making a horrific admission about the jabs being referred to as ‘covid vaccines.’
  • Those recordings coming and reaction and more bombshells from Dr. Jane Ruby who has now made the connection about the serious condition called myocarditis being experienced by an alarming amount of poisonous injection recipients mainly young Americans and global citizens, plus an exclusive with a previously healthy 29-year-old Washington State native whose doctor says her serious injuries are the result of the jab.
  • These are not limited to just one drug manufacturer as Stevie Thrasher has been hospitalized 9 times after getting the Pfizer shot.

Chris Sky from Canada will join us where it seems that a bill has been passed overnight which is further communistic control as Trudeau has gone full CCP to our north.  Free speech is 100% crushed in our neighboring country.

We have been accurately predicting that the covid virus was leaked from the Fauci funded lab in Wuhan …it is now in front of the world for the whole world to see….

Stew: we have not changed our opinion that the virus was intentionally released, not to kill everyone on the planet but to introduce the real killer which the globalist murderers call the vaccine.    The vaccine is resulting in hundreds of thousands of injuries and deaths…documented on VAERS with those numbers being blown away.  And folks, the horror has only begun as the push to inoculate every global citizen is only intensifying as you are being bribed, coerced with prizes and rewards for your ‘cooperation.’  It started with free donuts and coffee and accelerated to free flights for a year on one particular airline and an annual pass for free lap dance in Vegas.

Now multiple states are offering several million-dollar lotteries (for the vaccinated).  All the while you are being told the jabs are safe and the virus is deadly. And, you should ‘do the right thing.’  The words ‘emergency use’ have been twisted out of control by the lying state media while unsuspecting Americans and global citizens that these shots are somehow approved.  There is no approval by the FDA and now there is an urgent push for the age that the EUA will allow for your kids to be jabbed without your consent or in a lot of cases without your knowledge. 

These manufacturers – Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson have told you that trials prove their products are safe but won’t openly advertise that 86% of the children in the Pfizer trial experienced adverse reactions and injury due to the jab.  They tell you that the research has been done and you shouldn’t listen to me, or follow your gut but instead you should drop everything and rush to a so-called vaccination site.  Get the ‘stick’ and reap the rewards that you have been promised.  It is safe and it has been trialed. It is ‘proven effective.’ 

We have been disputing that narrative here and we will continue to do so. Once again, we have been vindicated as a representative from Moderna has been caught on tape with the admission that we have known all along—a victim of that jab who has been diagnosed with a serious autoimmune disorder which was confirmed by a neurologist as a result of her inoculation and who has reported this to VAERS.  Her doctor has also. She went to Moderna directly yesterday to report and the Stew Peters show has obtained audio recordings of that phone call:

          …press 4 to report an adverse event….

Stew: during the introductory portion of that call the victim lost connection with Moderna and a representative immediately called her back.

          This is Gilbert calling you back from Moderna Medical information…did you happen to have the vaccination card they gave you with the lot numbers?

Stew: the patient gave Moderna the numbers and then began asking questions.

          Victim: what happens after this?  Have you guys seen a lot of this?  What is going to happen?

          Moderna: yes.

The Moderna rep says they have seen these reactions and he doesn’t seem to be surprised by any of her symptoms or her diagnosis. That is shocking but not as shocking as the admission he made next:

          Victim: I found on the Guillen Barre website and it said that no one had reported and Pfizer and Moderna reported that no one had gotten Guillen Barre from the vaccine, but I knew that I had.   There were 2 other people in the hospital when I was there who had it…the vaccines are still in clinical trials so doesn’t this information help?

Moderna:  yes, the information does help and we are still receiving information so anything we receive does help. 

Victim: is everyone getting the vaccine in the clinical trial or are only some of the vaccines in the clinical trial? I am confused on that.

Moderna: I have to read a quick disclaimer:

“the Moderna vaccine has not been approved or licensed by the FDA but it has been authorized for emergency use by the FDA under the Emergency Use Authorization to prevent corona virus 2019 for use in individuals 18 years of age and older. There is no FDA approved vaccine to prevent Covid 19.  The EUA for the Moderna Covid 19 vaccine is in effect for the duration of the Covid 19 EUA declaration justifying emergency use of the product. Unless that declaration is terminated or the authorization is revoked sooner…  the clinical trials are ongoing …the long-term protective efficacy of the Moderna Covid 19 vaccine is currently unknown. It is not known if a vaccine recipient who was exposed to the virus causes Covid 19 will get violently ill or have no symptoms.  Ongoing studies of the phase 3 study show that there are no cases of Covid 19 infections among participants who receive the Covid 19 vaccine compared with those who receive a placebo which is no vaccine.

Victim: so only 30 people got the placebo?

Moderna: yes, in the phase 3 study. There are 3 phases and they are all ongoing because basically the people that got the first dose, they are still looking at the long-term effects of it so they cannot say that the trials are done, necessarily.

Victim: so everybody who is getting these vaccines now are in the clinical trial. It is not like some of us got it and so everyone who got it is in and participating in the clinical trial.

Moderna: uhhh, pretty much.

Stew: so the company that wants you to believe that these injections are safe, the company that produces and regurgitates this narrative that they have proven efficacy, the company that is pushing you towards their plan to profit billions of dollars at the expense of the rest of your life, at the expense of your children’s lives, has now admitted on the record, that everyone that subjects themselves to their jab is part of a trial; part of an experiment.  Not only that, but he laughed at the victim. She specifically told him that she couldn’t walk. She doesn’t know if she will ever walk again. She illustrated to him that she is living in hell and he chuckled.  This is sick. This is premeditated murder. They know exactly what is happening to people being injected with their poison.  And they just don’t care.

Stew: joining us now for more revelations on myocarditis is Dr. Jane Ruby, a medical expert and international health economist and she has 20 years of pharmaceutical research experience and she has been investigating all these companies.  You have breaking revelations.  You heard this representative, or agent of Moderna.  This is the company that is pushing everybody to get jabbed and he is now admitting that they have ‘seen a lot of this.’  And he said that every single person that subjects themselves to the pressure, every single person who gets stuck is part of an experiment. Everyone is part of a trial.

Dr. Ruby: this is good fact checking; you have someone who works inside Moderna who actually took it upon himself to be a spokesperson for the company.  When you work for a pharmaceutical company, you sign all kinds of documentation that educates you to that fact…he is operating when he told her that everyone who takes the Moderna shot is participating in a trial whether they know it or not. He is acting as a company spokesperson. That is an official comment by that company and it goes beyond that person that she was talking to.  It is outrageous.  Are they so arrogant that their people are confirming that people that get the Moderna shot and by implication, any of these other shots, is participating as we have been saying for many weeks now?

Stew: the main stream media is twisting this emergency use authorization and they are using that wording, that verbiage to try to convince you that somehow efficacy has been proven.  That this thing is safe and approved.  It is not approved and it has yet to receive any FDA approval. I am still not convinced that we have an FDA. I don’t believe we have a CDC.  They are all in bed with the globalists and they are pushing everyone toward this inoculation. 

Stew: what is horrifying about this whole thing is this is not just a concerted effort by the US government; this is a global effort by every single country and every single government around the world to bribe, coerce, threaten and push people towards this shot in the arm.  It is alarming and nobody is asking the question WHY? 

Dr. Ruby: he also confirmed for her that the Guillen Barre neurological disorder that is permanent for the rest of her life, that her doctors have confirmed and affirmed is directly related to the Moderna shot…this company representative as spokesperson for Moderna confirmed for her that this is happening frequently … that it is happening to other people. The company is aware of it—he is medical information which is part of pharmaco vigilance. That is going to be interesting when the lawsuits begin against these companies for crimes against humanity.

Stew: 86% in a Pfizer study of children had adverse negative reaction to this and they tried to hide that.  We exposed that here. The leaflets and inserts are 100% blank. When you open aspirin, Alleve and more they all have incredible amounts of wording that warn you of potential side effects and they tell you exactly what the contents are. These things are intentionally left blank.  100%.  We have been reporting on that and reluctantly the CDC and some of these companies have come out acknowledged these ‘rare instances’ of ‘mild myocarditis.’ You have breaking revelations on that phenomenon. 

Dr. Ruby: I do. While the CDC has been celebrating ‘juneteenth’ and continuing to push the emergency meeting that they were supposed to have because of the exploding numbers of myocarditis particularly in young people in the US.  A group of researchers at Masonic Medical Research in Utica, NY, in collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital, have a print out from a study they just finished.  I want to share with you the study title, Selectively Expressing SARS COV 2 Spike Protein Subunit in Cardio Myocites Induces Cardia Hypertrophy in Mice.  Those are heart cells. A lot of this work should have been done before they ever let this out in the public domain.

Dr. Ruby: let me tell you what I have found.  I have explained previously that the mRNA, all the vaccines, eventually get you to a point where your body is forced to make these spike proteins.  They are highly toxic and they are disease causing or what we call pathogenic.  What these researchers found is that the spike protein, this subunit that your body is making billions of, can damage the heart directly by infecting heart cells.  This transfection …they get into the cardiomyocites (heart cells) and they cause myocarditis through creating a huge inflammatory response called a cytokine storm.

Dr. Ruby: this is all their reporting and they found that the spikes injured the heart indirectly by interfering with the ACE2 receptors, the angiotensin converting enzyme 2 receptor.  The spike uses that receptor and it should not be.  But that is how it gains entry into every cell in your body and these researchers proved that it uses it to get into the cardiac, the heart cells. Remember this is toxic and when it gets inside it interferes with endothelial function and it triggers something called NFKappaB(?) which is the primary transcription factor that turns on a huge cascade of aggressive inflammation, cells going to the area, damage to the area, inadvertently. 

Dr. Ruby: They knew what they were doing when they created this mRNA encoding to create this particular type of spike.  The researchers used alongside as a control, another type of corona virus natural spike and that spike did not interfere with ACE2 receptors.  It did not get into the cardiac cells and start to damage mitochondrial function. In either scenario heart cells are exposed to the spike protein directly, originating from different sources, from this subunit and it has been proven.

Dr. Ruby: I have also provided you with a photograph of the before and after in the mouse hearts that they used in their studies. On the left is a healthy mouse heart (20.03 minutes). You can see the shape of the heart and in the upper right corner are the beginning of the blood vessels and they have been trimmed off.  On the right you see the swollen round blob and that is after the spike proteins have gotten into the mytocardiocytes and you can see that they have changed the shape of it and it has damaged it. You can bet that the function is going to be interfered and there are probably arrythmias happening. This is permanent cardiac damage.

Dr. Ruby: let me share my interpretation overall.  It is not that the spikes when your body produces them are being recognized like in a normal vaccine when your body will come and take those spikes out.  There are a lot of questions about that.  Once your body produces these spikes, it is a whole new ballgame of disease creation.  What they do is they create this severe swelling.  This pathology is called hypertrophic remodeling and that is a permanent change in these hearts that are mostly bloated. At the cellular level things are going crazy and the inflammatory process is overwhelming and this is what is happening in human hearts (21.25 minutes).

Dr. Ruby: it is going to happen more and more, and Stew, I am really concerned as I have been saying for weeks because they are moving down the age range of 12 to 17 and these numbers which the CDC claims is a report in VAERS of 275.  If we look at the Harvard study which said, less than one percent of vaccine adverse reported events…that means we can multiply 275 by 100 and that is well over a quarter of a million young people (notetaker: is this 27,500?). 

Dr. Ruby: let me leave you with this last thought.  Pfizer has requested officially that the emergency use of their shot is extended to two- to- eleven year olds.  God help us. They knew what they were doing when they engineered this mRNA to make this particular spike. 

Stew :a question of the shedding is coming back up again because as people are starting to see the side effects and the negative adverse reactions, the long-term health implications, the incapacitation of previously healthy people…Guillen Barre, confirmed multiple sclerosis as a result of these jabs.  We have Stevie Thrasher coming up next and she has yet to be diagnosed with anything specific.  However, she is tremoring out of control…her doctor told her this is a direct result of the Pfizer jab and not to take the second shot.  She only had one of them. We are seeing more of these.

Stew: there are more than 65,000 (deaths) in VAERS and more than 650,000 actual events if you apply the Harvard study numbers (only one percent reported to VAERS). People are really starting to get concerned, specifically those of us who have not subjected ourselves to this jab.  What are these people shedding? We don’t know the answer.

Dr. Ruby: there is a really strange phenomenon happening.  I noticed it in the beginning. These numbers are climbing.  Check me in social media and VAERS. When doctors and health providers are seeing these patients, they are doing what I think are very appropriate cardio vascular and neurological tests as Brittany Galvin (Victim) had. But what is happening if you notice all the tests are normal.  People cannot walk, they have myocarditis, they have chest pain, they cannot breathe, they have all the symptoms.  But doctors keep coming up and saying the tests were negative. The tests were normal. Stew, this is frightening because it tells me that we cannot get at it to fix it. This is what worries me most.

Stew: as the questions continue as to what these people are shedding, the answer right now is that we do not know.  How much danger are you in if you are around somebody who has been vaccinated?  We don’t know at this point. Is there a reversal for somebody who has been vaccinated?  We don’t know.  We don’t know what is in this stuff. We know about the SM102, the luciferase, specific certain ingredients that you have been able to uncover here on this program.  Dr. Tenpenny recognized this and is commending you for your appearance on this program.  We are talking to Aly Schultz who is the director over at America’s Frontline doctors, and they are working on something.  Also, Dr. Simone Gold, Dr Carrie Madej, Dr. Peter McCullough…all of you have been very brave in coming forward and now we are seeing that some doctors are brave enough to put on paper that yes this is a direct result of doing these jabs. But they are unwilling to do interviews about it …is the reason because they will lose their job? Will financial incentives go away? This is billions, if not trillions of dollars for these pharmaceutical companies. They are very powerful people and they are….gangsters.

Stew: they know exactly what they are doing and there is no doubt in my mind any longer whatsoever that I am accurately reporting on the fact that this is pre-meditated mass catastrophe. I would say murder, but I don’t know if they knew this was going to kill everyone or not.  They knew that the virus wasn’t going to do it so they had to use the virus to create fear to roll out these vaccines and push everybody to these vaccines…and these are not vaccines.  They do not protect you from the so-called virus like nitrous oxide would have.  Anthony Fauci sent emails to Christina Casseti asking her to discredit nitrous oxide as a viable treatment even though it was shown to stop the covid 2 Sars virus and even kill it.

Stew: they wanted this information suppressed and his (Fauci’s) name and Bill Gates’ name are associated with the patents on the ingredients and on the injection itself.  This is a globalist plan for depopulation and enrichment, control and compliance all using fear to do it.  …as we get more information there is no doubt that Dr. Jane Ruby will come back here and provide that information to you.  We are not ignoring the shedding…we are digging for answers.  We are one of the only outlets that are digging and reporting on true facts.

Stew: Dr Jane Ruby thank you for being here, for your bravery and what you are doing for this country.  It is 100% commendable and honorable and you are a true American hero.    

0624-2021- Clif High on Vaxxx Effects   Electric Woo of Change

Clif: we have a lot of change coming.  We have to get through all the changes that are happening.  They are ‘backed into the cake’ and manufactured to a great degree as a result of tipping point being reached.  The tipping point now is the end of the petro dollar and everyone is getting out of it—the Russians, Chinese, so why bother to use the dollar to buy oil from each other?  It’s an issue of confidence. Purchasing power of the dollar is hyperinflated and it is dying. This is probably a good thing.

The end of the petro dollar means vast changes within the US as all those dollars come pouring back.  It will be a different kind of horrific change than would have happened otherwise, absent the vaccine and the die-off. There will be a lot of changes that would have taken us down one path if we had not had this vaccine stuff intruding and now we have to think of things in a different way for our projected future on any trends that are your guiding line for where you think we are headed.

The die-off is really going to impact all of that.  For instance, look at travel.  Pilots are passing out in airplanes.  A cargo pilot passed out in an airplane in Canada recently who was vaccinated.  Pilots are dying.  The airlines and all the world’s air forces that have vaccinated pilots are going through huge amounts of upheaval right this moment.  If you have contact with the USAF you realize there are things in motion that have a lot to do with trying to come up with un-vaxxed resources—people you can count on to not keel over from the vaxx. 

Now if you have 80% of an airwing that has been vaccinated then you only have 20% of the pilots to count on. You may not fly the others as the damage the vaxx created is now coming out specifically within pilots. These people are already subjected to a great deal of strain that increases their potential for adverse reaction in their blood stream, previous to getting spike proteins put into them.  Basically, this is in 2021 and 2022 we shift all of us into a sci-fi world in a noticeable way. It is going to impact all the normies.

As we were in the covid world that was the first year ‘zero.’ Now you can plot that as zero year, 2021 our woo year, 2022 is the change year.  Woo is where we are just uncertain with no sure footing.  By the time we get into change we can see the landscape and things have settled down. It is horrific and there have been mass changes and we have to change because all of humanity has been impacted; all of earth has been impacted.  We will be wandering through an entirely new world, the sci-fi world, and we will have to discover stuff. 

We will only have discoveries.  We can have some first principles that we can develop from those discoveries but we cannot rely on ‘knowledge and information’ that came from the past.  It will not be applicable in the new world. We are seeing these effects now.

As we get out of the spring of 2021 and move into summer the ‘woo’ of this year is starting to overtake everything. As I was saying we have pilots and air crews that are vaccinated. We have people making mistakes because they are starting to get brain fog and sponge brain, passing out, blood clots, small aneurysms, and all kinds of problems are affecting them very rapidly. This is a saving grace. If it had been as slow as the powers that be wanted, we would all basically die without understanding what is going on and the population would be reduced down to about 500 million globally.

I don’t think it is going to get that bad, but the Chinese are seriously vaccinating everybody and you get these people still running around saying you must vaccinate, you must take this.  All these hypnotized people are enforcing the powers-that-be edict for this mass die-off as a result of this spike protein.  There will be a mass die; we cannot save everyone and we probably cannot save a great deal of the vaccinated.  There are going to be vaccinated people that survive and do okay simply because of the circumstances of their lives and karma.  But for a great many people that will not be the case. 

The changes that will come from this are going to be apparent this summer.  Travel is going to collapse as we will have those incidents that have been forecast in the Alta reports for this period of time of planes just falling from the sky.   That will be because of pilots that will just ‘go’. If we can raise enough of a stink of this ahead of time then the airlines, air forces, navies with jets will start acting appropriately and keep these people out of the air and we won’t have these problems of those airplanes falling on our heads or you being on them when they are falling.  Just be advised this is going to be a very change initiating period. 

As we come out of spring into summer, the woo is going to overtake everything. If we look 6 months out to January, 2022, we will say that the things that are happening to us now are going to be an emergent reality for us everywhere in a much more mature, developing fashion starting Jan., Feb. and Mar. next year.  That means that now this summer we will discover ‘we vaxxed.’   This is going to be the equivalent of Vaxxed = Fxxxed.   We vaxxed our air force and our shipping not only air shipping, but also ocean shipping.

The pilots for cargo are going to be seriously impacted as well.  They are vaxxed at rates of 80 and 85% of the cargo fleet including the pilots, the support crews and the guys that are handling all the goods. Maybe this time next year you can forget about overnight anything.  Overnighting will be too precious of a resource for you to overnight anything from Amazon. We will have to use those resources for necessary vital things like organs and blood supplies that are untainted by vaccine particles. There will just be too few pilots to fly and too few people competent to handle the fuel to fuel the plane. There will be too few people competent in the navies to pilot the boats through difficult waters and too few people available to work on the transport cranes and be competent to raise the cranes to load the boats.

The whole social order is going to break down as a result of the vaxx.  If you are aware and looking you will see it happening this year, this summer and probably in July.  We will see the panic rise in the powers that be as they understand that the populace is catching on to what is happening. There is going to be a huge amount of isolation as a result of what is going on.  Countries will be isolated.

All of the fear porn that is pouring out from the MSM will continue to pour out about anything is going to be 100% wrong. There won’t be climate change as a result of any human activity because so many humans are going to die off.  So much human activity is going to be reduced because so many humans are dying off and becoming mentally infirm at a very young age.  They are infertile so our birth rates are going to plunge.  The powers that be, the global depopulation agenda is in full force, the vaxx is the delivery mechanism and the covid was the scare mechanism to get you to take the delivery mechanism.

They were expecting to get 70 to 80% of the population.  It’s good for us that it is running under 40% so we are going to have 60% of the population that is going to be able to start rebuilding as we become aware that this has occurred. There will be the necessary period of time where we have to go and deal with the war. There has to be a war now against the people that have done this.  So, we will take actions and there will be retribution and justice as part of the movement into the change period of 2022 and 2023. 

Part of this change period is also going to include the planet itself.  We do not have an iron core; we have a plasma core…it’s complicated.  The plasma-energy-like cosmic rays go right through you into the earth and you don’t even feel them. They get trapped in the plasma in the middle of our planet.  Earth is a live planet.  Mars is a dead planet; something hit it so hard that it killed the plasma in the middle of the planet and it changed and has been dead ever since.  The plasma core is responsible for internal heating, keeping the planet alive, tectonic plate movement and that kind of thing.

We are experiencing that now.  I personally think that the Florida condominium that collapsed last night or early this morning was the result of planetary movement.  It is now starting to appear all over the place and we are seeing it in Antarctica.  This is connected to the whole vaxx story obliquely but I can’t take the time to do that diversion at the moment.

The unvaxxed resources—we are going to need unvaxxed people at very high levels of competency and so basically all of the social order is changed. Anyone telling you that someone is going to be kept down for their skin color or any of that critical bogus race theory. It is not factual and it is not history or the way the US is set up.  More so now and in the future, it is going to be meaningless. There are going to be so few competent ones around here that everyone is going to have to be pressed to a higher standard and deliver higher quality of humanness, work and competency because we are now going to have to not only take care of ourselves but all those vaxxed people around us and deal with the breakdown of the social order at the same time.

We all have to step up to getting into the work.  At this point would it take one billion out of seven billion dying off to collapse the social order?  Maybe, if it is the right one billion or half billion.  We may have that.  The CCP are continuing to vaccinate horrifically high levels of their population and there is no reporting…none whatsoever on the adverse reactions there.  We are getting them in Europe and the US and it is controlled and filtered. It is still a horrific situation and anybody with any sense at all is going to say ‘no’ to an evil thing.  If you come at me, I am going to do you harm. 

The unvaxxed resources are going to become quite precious and it will change all of our thinking about competency and about education…all of this.  A lot of that stuff will die off and you can quit worrying about it and using up your emotional energy. We are going to go through this change and we are in this change. We can’t avoid the change that was delivered upon us through the biowar that we are now in that the CCP initiated.  More and more will come out about all of this, especially as we move into fall. We are going to get a lot more information as they start filtering out some of this other stuff to us.  You can watch a lot of this; if you live near an air force, navy or military bases you are going to find they are going to start doing things in different patterns which will alter very seriously to the point where you can catch on to it.

The US currency is dying as the petro dollar. That does not mean that the ‘dollar’ dollar is dying.  I am of the opinion that the US dollar will survive and gain purchasing power over time.  But I am not talking about digital petro dollars; I am talking about physical currency.  This is the case of actual physical metal change and the date doesn’t matter.  This is the dimes, the nickels, the quarters, will be physically more valuable in the future as we go forward, not only in terms of their metal content but also in their purchasing power.  I am of the opinion that as we go forward into the change of 2022, we are going to see a weirdness here, a bifurcation in fiat currencies in all countries that will cause physical currency to actually gain in value as the overall change and the die-off becomes more and more noticeable.

This is going to be a very complex time to navigate financial stuff. Cryptos will go up relative to the amount of the hyperinflation that is introduced into the system by the central banks as the banks themselves are dying.  Thereafter when the central banks have died, the crypto currencies will maintain their value although they will not necessarily maintain that nominal currency price.  There won’t be a purchase price. There will be a price you bought the cryptos at but it won’t be the value that you can use that crypto to purchase something. 

It is going to be a weird world.  Currency and goods are affected by the petro dollar and in the midst of all of that it is going to be affected by the die-off.  As the petro dollar is dying and they are super-inflating, we might suppose that there is going to be hyperinflation events within the social order. But if enough people are made infirm enough, business activity collapses and enough people die off and resources are diverted into health care, hyperinflation may not hit except in crypto currency. It may not hit in food supplies if there are not enough people seeking that food.

Look at all of the videos of magnetic food; it’s really weird.  I need to check on this.  Under those circumstances there are going to be fewer people wanting goods and this is deflationary at a giant level in spite of the central banks even though they are dying will be hyperinflating just to maintain the system as long as they can.  I am not doing financial advice at all, but under the circumstances I would suggest …I am not going to worry in the future about competition for goods; it just won’t be there. We are going to have too much of the social order die.  If they have 1.3 to 1.4 billion people vaccinated, we can’t really tell much because of the Chinese and their tendency to lie about numbers.  But a load of people have been vaccinated.

Again, just a tenth, quarter or half become ill and die off we have major social order changes that are unavoidable.  One of those will be the lack of competition for land, cars, nobody will want to travel because it will be too hard and too expensive.  We will have to worry about getting jet fuel getting made if you have people in the refineries going crazy and refineries blowing up.  As this becomes inculcated in the society and the social order understands the pilots are really messed up and 80% of them can’t fly any more.  Everyone will wonder about the nuke plant operators, what about air traffic control, what about doctors and power plant operators…the things we care about including farmers.

The good news is it is likely that you get fewer people vaccinated as you go back to the land. It is more likely to run into fewer vaxxed people.  I don’t run into that many in my county.  None of the work crew working around my place are vaxxed. And they won’t be infertile.  This is a rural county. As I go into the cities I run into vaxxed people, including the workers in grocery stores and banks, pharmacies, fast food and retail.  They are telling me terrible stories of what it is like to be vaxxed. I will stand back and listen to them and one woman described her last month she has been ill with weird pains, strange aches, floppy fingers, intermittent tremors. It has been ongoing constantly since she got the 2nd shot. Did she report it?  Did her doctor report it to VAERS? No.

This is as bad as it is now and it’s nowhere near where it will be as more people stumble into the vaxxed syndrome of the vaxxed body destruction.  There will be the global die off, the depopulation by the elites, the war with the elites…all of these things are going to impact currency and goods.  The deflationary event of fewer people seeking the goods means that the price to purchase them will fall as there won’t be competition for them.  Some things may go without bid and we may find that in heavily vaxxed cities you will see apartment prices crash as people die off.  You will see a major number of apartments and houses that will be empty and no one will be seeking to buy as no one will be moving into these shithole cities.  

Even the people trapped in these cities won’t be seeking to buy.  For those wanting to buy there will not be a big crowd within that market. You can forget about a growing real estate market in any city in the US other than those where we are likely to have concentrated unvaxxed populations in the main, which would be the southern, red states.  It will change all of this with the end of the petro dollar.  The dollar and the price of goods will be affected more by the global depopulation agenda of the power elite, than the actual economics that would have been in play absent that.

We won’t have a normal world any more and we won’t go back to a normal world. All the normies are going to wake up or die off and we will be in sci-fi world. In that world the petro dollar died, we are into a multiplicity of currencies and ways of doing business. It will be effective for us, especially with fewer people around, to keep crypto currency as a means of settlement in long distance interaction. The SWIFT system and interbank systems will die not only with central banks dying but relative to competent personnel and people willing to work for the banks.  People who are more awake won’t want to work for Wells Fargo or the IT department of their local criminal bank.

In order to do those kinds of services we will need the crypto currencies.  They will go up in value and they will go up in price as a long as the central banks exist to hyper inflate them. If you are concerned about a numeric value of your crypto currency as opposed to its purchasing price, you may want to sell your crypto currency into fiat currency just before the fiat currency crashes.  I just don’t know how people will deal with that aspect of it.  For awhile you may buy a big chunk of land with bitcoin.  Legally now, maybe you have to transfer the bitcoin to dollars, marks or yen and buy the land with that.

The ability to transfer value through crypto currency will continue to exist as long as we are able to maintain and I think that will continue for a number of decades. The electrical infrastructure and the cable could have problems if there are major earth changes and we see a separation of the plates at the bottom of the sea and we get undersea cable ruptures.  To repair those is super highly skilled work and these people require a lot of incentive to do it. It may take forever to repair the undersea cables with vaxxed people. It may take another civilization to form to get back at that because we would be at the end of the petro dollar and the global depopulation. 

This is our world now and we have to live with this.  I wouldn’t count on Amazon working next year. A lot of their employees and suppliers may be vaxxed so those kinds of goods may break down year after year in the general crumbling of the ability of our social order to get things done as we cope with the vaxxed vs. the unvaxxed.  The unvaxxed will have to be shifted to get done what is required. 

We may decide that we can no longer do large scale factory farming because we don’t have the distribution and enough people competent enough to drive trucks to do the supply chain as we have done.  We are going to have to do feeder systems and go to the local train depot to pick things up.  We won’t have those kinds of things and people will go back to mom-and-pop stores because it will be effective for people near the end of the trains to set up distribution centers because they will be able to get things. The local people will go to the place near the trains.

I don’t know how we are going to cope with this. We won’t have the air capacity any more unless we get to the point of effective, non-human intervention flying.  That seems a little dodgy at the moment.  You cannot put a pizza in a tesla car and tell the car to deliver it to so and so. That isn’t going to happen at this point.  We have too many people who have been vaxxed.

The changes are going to hit politically. The audits will come out and show that the federal government is illegitimate and it will basically collapse. Power is devolving back to the states. The global materium from the human perspective is a human attention market.  None of us pay any attention to Joe Biden or Harris or any of those in the federal government who are basically just playing in their own little sandbox.  They effectively have no power over you and that is how it will devolve. It will be too busy paying attention to other things than you laughing in their face. Who cares about Greta, extinction, rebellion, climate change?  Three years from now there won’t be enough humans to care about that and give it any attention.

The human attention market will have changed radically.  I am doing an inventory now in my office to see what I can get.  As long as I can get it through the system, it is rapidly breaking down and I don’t want to be in a situation to have to try to acquire critical goods as we go forward.  I may not get it.  You can expect currency and goods to change, relative to the purchase power in the next couple of years.

Cryptos, and gold and silver will be interpersonal exchanges.  Four years from now you may want to buy an RV that is still running and you can get gas for it. Maybe you will pay gold for it as there won’t be a banking system in order to facilitate a check or debit card. Maybe you can do cryptos because the phone systems will still be working and we will still have the internet.  You will be able to transfer crypto value without banks. In the US you may be limited to the amount of paper currency that is actually circulating in your local area.  There won’t be inflation at that level. The purchasing value of money … it is deflation and it’s complicated.  Basically it is all deflating as we go forward with the vaxxed people dying off. 

We are in a state of sci-fi world and the normies will see it in the summer when the guys with the vaxx are told they cannot fly.  And the pilots are not flying.  And you are not getting bananas from Africa and cantaloupe from Mexico. Normies will get a real shock and it’s going to be rough.

Stopped at 34.46 minutes when he gets into an electricity teaching. 

At 105.50 he talks about NAC which is N-acetyl choline. It is a supplement used for clearing lungs and Clif uses it for a boosting performance and used for lung issues.  It helps the lungs as you go along and it may be very good for dealing with the spike protein whether you have taken the jab or you are around a lot of people. I have reasons for thinking that so go investigate it.  You will see the reasons.   

0625-2021 Need to Know News, G Edward Griffin:

CDC Safety Group Says COVID Vaccine Likely Linked to Rare Heart Inflammation in Young People 

CDC data indicates that there have been more than 1,200 cases of a myocarditis or pericarditis following vaccination with mRNA shots from Moderna and Pfizer, with the majority cases occurring after the second dose. Males under 30 make up the bulk of the cases. For both vaccines combined, there were 12.6 heart inflammation cases per million doses. Of the 295 people who have developed the condition and have been discharged, 79% of them have fully recovered and nine were hospitalized, with two in intensive care, according to the agency.

  • There have been more than 1,200 cases of a myocarditis or pericarditis mostly in people 30 and under who received Pfizer’s or Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine, according to CDC data.
  • Roughly 300 million of the shots had been administered as of June 11, the agency said.
  • For both vaccines combined, there were 12.6 heart inflammation cases per million doses.

A CDC safety group said there’s a “likely association” between a rare heart inflammatory condition in adolescents and young adults mostly after they’ve received their second Covid-19 vaccine shot, citing the most recent data available.

There have been more than 1,200 cases of a myocarditis or pericarditis mostly in people 30 and under who received Pfizer’s or Moderna’s Covid vaccine, according to a series of slide presentations published Wednesday for a meeting of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

Myocarditis is the inflammation of the heart muscle, while pericarditis is the inflammation of the membrane surrounding the heart.

“Clinical presentation of myocarditis cases following vaccination has been distinct, occurring most often within one week after dose two, with chest pain as the most common presentation,” said Dr. Grace Lee, who chairs the committee’s safety group. CDC officials are gathering more data to fully understand the potential risks, how to manage it and whether there are any long-term issues, she said.

Read full article here


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