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Lynn Schmaltz discusses the 5 Docs bullet points…and there is more!  Drs Merritt, Palevsky and Tenpenny speak of being personally affected by transmission from others. Dr. Madej raises questions about vials with different appearances in the same box of vials.  What does this mean?  Be sure to visit our website for free reports, blogs, testimonials, FAQs, videos and much more at

0709-2021-notes from 5 docs

The Five Doctors are Dr. Lee Merritt, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Carrie Madje, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, and Dr. Larry Palevsky. We have taken a stand together to educate and clarify the ongoing issues of this Plandemic, the fight for your lives, your mind, and your very soul.

Dr. Larry Palevsky: I am going to read bullet points I have written down and there are many more for us to use.  Continue to use these bullet points to get the word out as much as possible:

  • SARS COV 2 is not the cause of covid 19 illness
  • COVID 19 is not a severe, acute respiratory syndrome
  • COVID 19 is a blood and blood-clotting disorder
  • COVID 19 symptoms are caused by a spike protein
  • The spike protein in a man-made bio-weapon
  • Spike protein can cause COVID 19 symptoms without a corona virus present
  • Spike protein in COVID 19 symptoms causes brain, heart, lung, liver, kidney, blood, male and female reproductive damage
  • COVID 19 illness is not deadly
  • COVID 19 illness is greater than 99% recoverable
  • COVID 19 illness can be treated with known effective medicines, nutrients and safe medical intervention
  • COVID 19 injection is NOT a vaccine
  • COVID 19 injections are experimental
  • COVID 19 injections are not safe and have never been proven to be safe
  • COVID 19 injection materials are NOT safe for injection
  • COVID 19 injection materials are NOT safe for injection and have never been tested for biological mechanisms in the body
  • COVID 19 injection materials called infertility and cancer
  • COVID 19 injection materials cause strokes, heart attacks, brain damage, blood clots, myocarditis, miscarriages, menstrual irregularities
  • COVID 19 injections are leading to large numbers of deaths

June 23, 2021 statement issued by CDC regarding myocarditis and the pericarditis in children and adolescents:

The benefits of mRNA vaccinations still clearly outweigh the risks in adolescents and young adults. The recommendations given are as follows:  ‘those with pericarditis prior to vaccination  can receive any FDA authorized COVID 19 vaccine.  Those with pericarditis after the first dose of an mRNA COVID 19 vaccine but prior to a 2nd dose should proceed with a 2nd dose of mRNA COVID 19 vaccine after resolution of symptoms.  Those with myocarditis prior to a COVID 19 vaccination can receive any FDA authorized COVID 19 vaccine if their heart has recovered.  Those with myocarditis after the first dose of mRNA COVID 19  vaccine but prior to a 2nd dose should defer a 2nd dose of mRNA COVID 19 vaccine until more information is known. However, if their heart has recovered they should consider proceeding with a 2nddose under certain circumstances.

  • COVID 19 injections use a technology never before shown to reduce or eliminate any infectious disease. 
  • COVID 19 Injections do NOT protect against a SARS COV 2 viral infection.
  • COVID 19 injections do not prevent transmission of SARS COV 2 virus. COVID 19 injections do not prevent illness from SARS COV 2 virus. 
  • SARS COV 2 virus. COVID 19 injections do not prevent hospitalizations or deaths from SARS COV 2 viral infection.
  • COVID 19 is being censored for all science other than the narrative and agenda put forward by the main stream media. Main Stream Media is lying to the American People.
  • COVID 19 narrative is censoring any discussion, any dialogue, any debate about discrepancies in what is happening ‘on the ground’
  • The COVID 19 agenda is censoring all information and all truth other than the agenda being put forth through the main stream media agenda.
  • COVID 19 injection adverse events are being ignored, denied and under-reported
  • COVID 19 injection adverse events are common
  • VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Service) is not being utilized; VAERS is being ignored
  • People around the world are being murdered, maimed and disabled by an injection that has nothing to do with health and nothing to do with saving us from any kind of viral infection

Dr. Valesky: I did not talk about masks, PCR testing and emergency use authorization and these are things we will work on to create bullet points that are clear and truthful. We have to go on the offensive with bullet points.  I want to share that we need to make these statements with compassion, love and kindness.  We need to stand by them and create more of them.  Messaging takes 7 times for people to actually wake up to something.  We are holding the light for the unaware.

As part of the 5 docs, we are all participating in discussion and we are using “WE THE PEOPLE’ as a banner description.  They are keeping us from WE THE PEOPLE.  This will drive our truth into the mainstream.  People only learn through their own experience and those they know of.

Dr. Tenpenny: here’s a good question: I have 2 people close to me who have had the shots; one had Pfizer and one had J and J. I have a pattern of transmission symptoms from both, but the symptoms differ.  The Pfizer, which was my significant other, I have a pattern of bleeding.  My friend, who had J and J, I have terrible brain fog and dizziness after being 1.5 hours in close proximity.  Have any of the panelists heard of different transmission symptoms related to the different shots?

Dr. Merritt: we have the FDA circular from the researchers that they gave in 2015 on these types of agents and they completely address this. They point out that they don’t completely know which products are going to be shed and they don’t if it is genetic or viral or if it could be either one or both. They believe you can have recombination of what they are giving us and what is in our bodies or what viruses are in our body.  It is just a Frankenstein soup getting ready to break out.  Different patients have different patients and it is not ‘one size fits all.’ 

I am post-menopausal but I didn’t start having menstrual bleeding; I had a nosebleed and diarrhea.  Some people have had lymph nodes pop up and I have heard of brain fog.  It is like the disease itself; it’s a panoply of potential.  I don’t think it is clear-cut that this vaccine does this, and that vaccine does that.   If we called this spike protein syndrome for everything then we would use the techniques we have learned for treating COVID.  When it happened to me, I treated it as COVID because I didn’t want it to be a spike protein and I didn’t want it to be in my brain or heart.  I treated it aggressively and I think it is fair that we should be doing that for patients.  I don’t think it is vaccine specific; I think it comes out randomly.

Dr. Tenpenny:  Larry has had exposure and he has done everything right with hyperbaric, acupuncture, supplements, and saunas.  He had exposure and got sick twice. I had an exposure last week when I injected somebody’s knee. I was doing osteopathic manipulation, the knee injection, and there were no blood products. By the time I left the office to go home I had numbness in my lips and my tongue was tingling. I couldn’t really form words very well. I take ivermectin, quercitin, hydroxychloroquine—I do all of those things.

I got home and I hadn’t eaten all day, so I ate a couple of figs and then took the hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, zinc, 20,000 iU’s of Vit D, a lot of Vit C.  I went downstairs to sit in my infrared sauna for 20 minutes.  While I was sitting in the sauna I could not figure out for the life of me why I had this sweet taste in my mouth. I had zero recollection of eating those figs. When I came back upstairs and saw the container on the counter, I connected that the sweet taste in my mouth was because I ate those figs before I went downstairs. It took about 2 hours for that to completely resolve and to completely go away.  I drank a lot of water. 

I feel fine now.  That was a definite transmission. This person I treated is a defense contractor and I knew he had both of the shots.  I thought he had them a long time ago and I found out his 2nd shot was just 6 weeks ago. I thought he had them months ago and it was my fault for not asking. If I had known it had been that recent I would have worn gloves for what I do not normally wear gloves.  I am not sure that would have stopped anything.

Dr. Merritt: I don’t think so either.  I looked at this in my office.  After 40 years in surgery, you just cannot keep from touching surfaces they have touched. Our staff cannot because they don’t know how to ‘surgically’ remove gloves. It’s hard to do this in an uncontrolled environment like our office. We are in this electronic age; we have to touch an I-pad to check in or pay your bill. It is just impossible. Hopefully as people stop taking the shots, in a few months the truth is going to be more manifest. Most people will be far enough out that they won’t be shedding.

But again, according to the FDA circular which they didn’t bother to tell us, and hid from us, is that elderly people and a damaged immune system may be chronically infected and may be shedding forever.

Dr. Tenpenny:  Larry posted an article in our chat on the study of electromagnetism in vaccinated persons.  The conclusion of this Luxemburg study was that vaccinated individuals do give off an electro-magnetic field and the earlier the individuals were vaccinated, the stronger the impulse. I have 2 thoughts: have they changed the ‘recipe’ and once it is in your body with the hydrogel, does it self-propagate and the longer it has been there, then the stronger the electro-magnetic force is. 

The other part to that study is that they wanted 100 men and 100 women in the study. They ended up with 30 men and 30 women in this phone survey study. They asked people if they would participate in the phone survey.  They asked if they had been injected.  If they had been injected, they asked them to put something metallic over the site of the shot.  Of the people who did not take the shot, zero of them had no magnetism. Of the people who had the shot, something metallic stuck in 29 out of 30 of those people.  They asked them to put it on the other arm and it did not stick. They did not ask them to put them anywhere else.

The survey was stopped for reasons of conscience and morals because the investigator is no longer able to cope with the helplessness of people whose faces became petrified when they realized that they had been injected with a substance they knew nothing about.  People became pale, white, nervous, put a hand to their forehead, were wiping sweaty palms on their thighs.  The expression of these peoples’ faces of the anxiety and extreme stress was measurable tension when they determined they had done something irreparable and irreversible to their bodies.  Most people were distraught because they didn’t do this to keep themselves from getting sick.  They did it so they could travel or keep a job. This was published June 6. 

17 of the people had received the Pfizer shot. And this blew my theory because I thought the Moderna shot would do this because they have so many patents and so many versions.  But the 17 of 30 had the Pfizer. That is a really important study.

There is another article: Bio-chemical Functionality of Magnetic Particles As Nano-Sensors and How Far Are We to Implement Them in Clinical Practice?  Carrie (Dr. Madej) sent this.

Dr. Madej: I was always suspicious they changed the shots and other people as well. When Pfizer at first was so adamant they had to have their frozen below Antarctica temperatures and they had military briefcases and dry ice.  If you work in a hospital, good luck with those logistics.  Shortly after the launch of that, Pfizer came out quietly and stated the ‘vaccine’ didn’t have to be kept that cold anymore.  What does ‘that cold’ mean?  I started asking people in Georgia that were administering the injections and they said a lot of them got rid of Pfizer for awhile.  When they got the newer batches, they said they just had to refrigerate them or put them in the freezer, there really wasn’t a big protocol.  That is really strange. 

What in the world happened?  That is a huge change.  You are not talking about a little change; something happened.  EMS personnel around here and I also noted that in the beginning there were many severe, immediate reactions like the anaphylaxis, the severe convulsions in young women petered off and stopped at some point. I need to ask which month that stopped. They still get some but it is not that immediate reaction.  Something happened in the batches.  They felt it was not as immediate with the Pfizer and the Moderna batches. How are they being stored?  No one is analyzing this; where are the study groups, the independent review boards and the electron microscopy pictures?  We are launching this world-wide on children. Why is this data not being shown to everybody? 

There are also reports of the pharmacists administrating these injections, I have been told, that they are finding in the same batch and the same lot, when they pull it up through the syringe, it felt different.  The consistency was different and it looked different in vials in the same box. They felt there are up to 3 different solutions. It bothered them and they have never seen this before.  Two of them quit because they were so upset and they felt they were doing something wrong.  All the inserts are blank; there is nothing on them.  Even the QR code is blank and nothing shows up.  How do we know what is going on?  We know there has to be degradation of the mRNA.  What happens to the nano particles and the hydrogel? 

The nano lipid particles are able to change structure depending on temperature and sheer stress. Sheer stress is pushing it through the hypodermic needle.  There is a certain hydrogel that is liquid form at first and when it hits the needle it is activated by the sheer stress, and then it forms a scaffolding structure.  Temperature changes it; what if someone left it out on the counter?  Would it start to change its structure?  What would that do? We have so many unknowns and we have no idea what is going on with each batch, let alone the big picture.  I have never seen anything like this in science or medicine and I have never read up on anything like this.   

Doctor Maureen: Why are so many holistic doctors recommending this injection?  If we know co-morbidities are diabetes, obesity and COPD have you heard anything about how to get healthy and stay healthy from our public health system?  all of a sudden, vaccines have completely hijacked our public health system and that is their priority.

Dr. Palevsky: I think many of my medical colleagues and nurses will agree with me. Modern medicine is almost dead.  It may deserve to die.  We are watching modern medicine killing itself… we are watching the evolution of a new dawn….the phoenix will rise and medicine will be very different when people realize what modern medicine did to them to throw them down the river. It’s absurd only if you think those systems are going to survive.


May 25, 2021

Check this out friends. Hal Turner just broke this on his show. A Russian hacker went on the dark web and found a database that shows vaccinated people’s info (like their vital signs, their exact GPS coordinates, whether they are sleeping or awake) being uploaded in real time. Ppl who have received the vaccine are now being tracked in real time by this Artificial Intelligence 5g system. They have become transmitters, transmitting all info about themselves back to the mothership aka the AI receiver. This is wild dude…. It also shows the exact info of the firmware, CPU info and processor that is inside the person.


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Link to a recent interview: Dr. Tenpenny, Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann discussion on the physical, spiritual, and emotional ramifications of the injection.

Dr. Tenpenny: (11.27 minutes): level of nefarious that is going on and the level of stupidity of people taking this injection and thinking it is not a big deal…and this is a big deal especially for those who say they are Christians and this is o big deal.  You are modifying your god-given genes and what your creator gave you.  On my recent weekly “Happy Hour with Dr. T” online bible study, a guest gave the best explanation of what we are actually doing and the types of damage we are actually doing. She explained it like this:  when you are conceived and the sperm and egg come together, at that moment of conception when God himself anoints that union and creates you, that is your God-given anointed genetics of being given a spark of humanity coming directly from God.  That grows into being a human and of the 7.7 billion people on the planet, there is not a single other human that has the same genetic profile that you have.  And not another human in the many billions of people that the planet has housed … there has never been another one like that.

I was reading Moderna patents and the US supreme court case of what you are allowed to patent and what you are not allowed to patent.  It is so nefarious and when you inject that mRNA through Pfizer and Moderna or the double stranded DNA snip that goes into your genes from the Astrozeneca or the J&J shots, you are genetically modifying your God-given genes.  You have just volunteered to participate in the trans-humanism movement. 

In my opinion Jesus Christ came as an emissary from God to die for humans and to rise again to save our souls. I am not so sure he came to save trans-humans and people that are AI, plus people that chose of their own free will to bow their knee to a pharmaceutical product and to want that soothe over their fear and allowed the demon of fear into their minds and bodies. They did this instead of going to the Lord and saying please extract this (virus) from me.  You know the days I will be here and you numbered those even before I was born.  I will die someday whether it is from covid, being run over by a bus, or dying in my sleep at the age of 104. Lord, I will trust you to take care of me and I am not going to put my trust in a pharmaceutical product.  I am not going to put my life into a pharmaceutical product for convenience so I can get on an airplane, go to a concert or see my grandkids.  

These are all excuses to try to justify your reason for putting your life, your body and possibly your soul into the hands of the same nefarious people who have stated they need to get 4 billion people off the planet.  And maybe to get down to less than 1 billion people that are manageable because they are now used to being controlled and we can turn them on and off with these little magnetized switches we just put into everybody.  The more I read about it, the more disgusting it gets.  There are more than 160 covid shots in development.  This is going to be a layering effect.  We are transmuting and changing people’s genetics and health.  More and more people are dropping over dead from myocarditis and other cardiovascular issues.  The neurological issues are going through the roof. We are just at the beginning of that curve. 

Now the big talk is the Delta variant and it is just a ploy to feed people’s fear addiction.  This fear addiction is the same reason that people go to scary movies.  I like to use this example as everyone may have seen one scary movie and decide if they want to see more so they can get the dopamine rush and the fear-based stuff.  People like that feeling and that is why they go to scary movies and read Stephen King novels. They like the adrenaline/dopamine rush that happens.  They are hit with billions of fear-based messages over the course of the last 15 months. 

People have become addicted to fear.  Now it’s the Delta variant, or the Delta-plus variant. It feeds their fear and it’s like a junkie going after heroin or a hit of cocaine.  The powers that be know this. You can turn your life over to Jesus and get that demon of fear extracted from you…it’s not too late if you haven’t gotten the shot.  Get your head out of CNN and into the word of God.   This isn’t gong to end any time soon.  Just because you got your shot doesn’t mean getting shots is over.  There will be another shot and another.

Steve Quayle: people need to understand the spiritual ramifications of this. There is no fear of God in the land which I say is Holy and you are acknowledging God.  We are a nation bewitched.  Pharmacia is basically witchcraft. They are doing this to our bodies and this is the extinction protocol and humanity is being extincted.  82% of pregrnnt women are miscarrying and that article was taken down.  There are so many adverse reactions.

Steve Quayle: People are suiciding themselves by jumping out of buildings.  People are screaming into the camera they were lied to and they are dying.  We are now seeing a complete abandonment of real science and critical thinking.  The lemmings are hugging each other as they go off the cliff.  Genetic Armageddon is upon us.  I am on the record as saying this: Fausti sold his soul to the devil and he will go down as the single person more guilty of mass genocide than Stalin, Hitler and Mao.  We have been lied to.

Dr. Tenpenny  (24.32 minutes) there was an article yesterday in the Epoch Times of 23 military people in top shape, young military men, that ended up with myocarditis after getting the mRNA shot, mostly Pfizer but also Moderna.  We have already injected more the 2 million military members.  These 23 are the ones we know about.  What is myocarditis?  We have now seen it in 1200 teenagers.  This is a severe inflammation of the heart muscle and you only get one of those, unlike kidneys, lungs, testicles, ears, eyes, ovaries.  When you completely damage the heart and have a long list of side effects, this is irreversible damage.  These people have had a few years shaved off their lives 3 months, 5 months, several years.  You can get it again and you can get dilated cardiomyopathy which means that your heart gets bigger and weaker and you go into congestive heart failure.  You end up with cardiac arrythmias and you die.

The number one question I get is what can I do to stay healthy; what do I do to protect myself?  We have a website called which was formerly called .

Steve Quayle: you can watch people sticking stuff because of the magnetic particles in the injections.  It can be coming from the pre-loaded syringes.  It is never what is obvious and it’s important to understand that full scale de-population is going on now.  There are race-specific bio-weapons. 

Dr. Tenpenny:  there are medical textbooks on magnetic nanotechnology available in pdf files:

          Magnetic Nano Particles in Bio-sensing in Medicine

          Clinical Applications of Magnetic Nanoparticles (517 pages published in 2018 and referencing articles back to the 1970s.)

And there is an article: Synthetic and Biological Nanoparticles Combined to Reduce New Meta-Materials. There is also a 41-page text book with a chapter called Tissue Engineering Using Magnetized Nanoparticles.  We know now from German (and Spanish) research there is something called graphene oxide found in the actual shots.

People have volunteered to be in the trans-humanism movement.  Now people want to know how to get this out of there bodies.  Where we sit on July 1, 2021, this is irreversible and it is irreconcilable.  You have injected nanotechnology, hydrogel, magnedite, graphene, and you have put mRNA, genetic material that transcribes spike proteins that you cannot get out.  These spike proteins go into and attack your organs.  They create an antibody to the spike protein and it sensitizes T4 cells, dendritic cells, Cd4 cells and B cells.  Every time you are exposed to a garden variety corona virus you make more of these and you cannot undo it. Nobody forced you to do it because of your job, convenience of traveling and you didn’t trust that God would provide. 

If this shot becomes mandatory, I will never get on an airplane again.  I won’t sacrifice my soul, my body and potentially put my eternal soul at risk by volunteering to bow to pharmacia and participate in transhumanism. 

Steve: people need to understand that when you take a mutagenic kill shot in your body, the rights you get back won’t be the same rights you had before you surrendered to the global mindset of global depopulation.  I am watching and talking to scientists who invented the nano machines that are going in the vaccines.  Nanobots in the nano machines enable people to read with RF scanners.  When you have this, you are being tracked including the parts of your body that are deteriorating.  We are watching the mutagenic injection which is death by lethal injection. 

Steve: you have been given the gift of life.  The hater of life…and all of the comedians, some of the biggest names were on video shown to me of Epsteinizing little children.  They must silence all the ‘enemies of the state’ who are speaking out… everything is zeroing in on cutting out human reproduction.  We are cooperating through abortion and injecticide which is killing off the future humanity. 

What are your thoughts?

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