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The Importance of Food and Water Supplies

Are You Getting A Truthful Picture Regarding Food and Water Supplies?


Lynn Schmaltz discusses recent information from Mike Adams on food availability and coming shortages.  IS YOUR FOOD PANTRY WELL STOCKED?  IS YOUR PLASMA ENERGY PANTRY WELL STOCKED?  What does the supply chain delivery system look like and how is that going to affect you?  She also discusses Primary Water as explained by Deborah Tavares and Pal Pauer.

Here is what one trucker has to say:

Following are notes taken by Lynn from Mike Adams’ recent Situation Update:

0709-2021-Mike Adams Situation Update July 9, 2021

In years past at the Health Ranger Store we purchase commercial quantities of food that come in on trucks on multiple pallets.  Normally we have had 12 -month contracts on our food supplies.  We agree on price and delivery schedules and commit to that.  Our largest supplier that works with farms all across North America just told us the following: We are limiting all contracts to 90 days because we cannot guarantee any delivery of any food after 90 days. 

We received that message around July 1st.  I had a ‘holy cow’ moment. 90 days puts us at October 1st.  After that no one can guarantee any delivery of food at the commercial level in America. That is from our sources.  Combine this with recent news in the Wall Street Journal article that said grocery chains are stockpiling food supplies right now.  They know that inflation is coming and supply shortages are going to get worse.  Main Stream Media (MSM) is downplaying this.   It is worse than what they are reporting.

We have hyper-inflation that is over 50 percent per year on food and other things and there is a collapse of the food supply.  We are ordering millions of dollars of food, raw materials, so that we might have something in stock for Black Friday.  I don’t know if we will have any to sell after Black Friday and we might run out after that. 

We may see our supplies cut down to half or to one-quarter.  We cannot even sign food contracts with suppliers for more than 90 days.  What I can tell you with certainty there is now a 90-day food window beyond which I see mass food shortages throughout the fall into next year and I see America suffering from mass starvation at the same time American people are being pursued and injected with spike protein bioweapons. 

I have been warning about food supply for years and I’ve been de-platformed and mocked.  Whitehouse announced FEMA squads vaccinating people.

I spoke with Steve Quayle who lives in Montana and he used to be in the commercial food manufacturing 20 years ago. He was one of the top manufacturers in the country.  Now the cattle ranchers cannot get their cattle processed by the meat packers.  They are only serving the large commercial customers.  Small farmers and ranchers are being put out of business; they cannot sell their cows. 

Hay production has plummeted 75%.  The reason that the meat processing plants cannot process is because they cannot find people to work because of the stimulus money.  Hay prices are now 400% of what they used to be and the farmers cannot sell cattle into processing plants.  Farmers cannot afford to feed their cattle with the increase in hay prices. Here’s what is happening across Montana: ranchers are shooting and killing their own cattle and letting the buzzards eat them.  They are losing money on every cow they have to shoot.  There could be 800 lbs. of beef and now it will rot in the fields and be eaten by birds.  You will not see this in the news.  This is the economic reality.

Cattle ranching is a difficult business with almost no cash flow  if the ranches cannot convert their cattle at 1 or 2 years old into revenue, if they cannot feed them their only choice is to kill them.  They will go bankrupt running a retirement cattle facility.  That is not sustainable from a financial point of view.

Steve has more information at  He mentioned that the Missouri River that originates with the headwaters in Montana and then comes down to join the Mississippi in St. Louis.  In Montana the river that is normally hundreds of feet wide in some places is a couple of sand bars with streams running through it.  There is drought in the western states and an agricultural shortage of water that is happening all up and down the Missouri River and affecting the Mississippi as well.

In California they are trying to save the almond trees.  They have to shake the almonds off the tree, butcher this years’ crop, so that without the almonds the entire tree might survive. They are using excavators with claws and grabbing the branches and shaking the tree, shaking the almonds off and sacrificing the crop.  The almond crop in America is gone for this year.  Are the almond orchards gone for the next 10 years?  You will see almond prices sky rocket.  Avocados and other crops in California are also suffering.  The government of California released the water supply into the ocean, not allowing the farmers to use it. 

The same thing is happening in Oregon with the Klamath Lake and irrigation canals.  The water is not being released and that is causing the collapse of food production in northern California and southern Oregon.  Similar things are happening in Washington state as well and you have the heat dome that is cooking everything there.  We are looking at a food collapse.

It is not just China that cannot feed its people.  They are suffering record rain falls and the food fields around 3 Gorges Dam and upstream are all being flooded again.  The 3 Gorges Dam is threatened again.  China is buying up food supplies all over the world to feed its people.  America is supposed to be a food growing giant. This may be the beginning of the era in which America cannot feed its own people and has to turn to imports from mostly 3rd world countries in order to survive.  Which of these South American countries like Chile and Bolivia will stop selling food to America and China because they need to feed their own people.? Some of that is already happening.  Chile halted exports of beef to China because of skyrocketing prices and their people could not afford to eat.

A lot of this is weather weapons such as the heat in the northwest and the Chinese floods.  It is not all caused by climate change.  These are weaponized systems to destroy humanity and it is all part of the same assault that includes vaccines, spike proteins and upcoming cyber-attacks. This is an assault on humanity.  This is all real and there is a 90-day window.  I cannot sign contracts to get food beyond October 1st and I have never seen this before.

If you know anyone in the grocery business, ask them what is going on. If they know what is happening, they’ll tell you they are not sure they can get food for the rest of this year and that is why they are stockpiling.  There are reports of grocery store employees talking about how the inventory in the back of the store is just stacked high with pallets everywhere with maximum capacity because they know what is coming.  The public is oblivious.  Very few people understand what is coming with food shortages. 

In his latest video, Christian Westbrook, Ice-Age Farmer, talks about rolling brownouts of food supplies in the UK.  Those of you in Europe are in a similar situation to us in the US as are those in Canada.  Food shortages will happen across Europe and around the world.  We have reached a tipping point in human history when the globalists have launched such warfare against the people and they are literally trying to mass murder and starve people to death and kill the survivors with ‘vaccine’ injections and likely more bioweapons to be released.  This is all real and this is all happening.  I honestly don’t know if we will be in the food business by the end of this year.  Quite honestly, I don’t know if we will have food to sell.

What are the solutions?  As food becomes more scarce and more expensive it is increasingly wise to grow your own food, even indoors.  Using a small amount of electricity you can grow food hydroponically and there are grow towers as well as non-electric grow towers and each day with these you take the water from the bottom into a bucket and you pour it up top. You feed it food scraps and you can use worms with it.  There are a lot of systems out there.  Take the next 90 days, even if you don’t have a green thumb or garden, and learn how to grow your own food. You could be a container gardener or have the rising grow boxes that work off grid.  Just do classical gardening on your own soil or do greenhouse gardening.  Figure out how to grow some food.  That could be the difference between life and death.

There will be food limits and food tracking systems.  Very likely they will dis-allow unvaccinated people from going into grocery stores.  They will combine the famine with the vaccine coercion. When they roll out new variants and will claim that unvaccinated people should never be allowed to co-mingle with other people inside buildings such as grocery stores.  If you are not vaccinated you will not be able to buy food in a grocery store.  Where can you get food and what will you eat?

Maybe a neighbor who is vaccinated will buy for you and you can trade them something for it.  But they will be limited on what they can buy in a Venezuela scenario.  If you are not vaccinated you won’t be able to buy; if you are vaccinated you will be rationed to one chicken a month, one bag of rice a week, one pound of fruit a week or whatever they put in.  The limits are coming.  America is going full Venezuela and this is the total collapse of America as we know it.  Anything that you can grow will help keep you alive.  Learn how to grow potatoes and carrots. If you can, grow onions, turmeric, beets, and garlic and other root crops.  Learn how to grow those. They are easy to grow.  Grow dandelions—dandelion leaf has properties that can block the spike proteins from attaching to the Ace2 Receptors I your body according to recent research. You can grow oregano, rosemary and thyme, and cilantro and these are all-natural medicines. 

If you rely on the system to keep you alive, they are going to do door-to-door vaccine enforcement as announced by the White House.  In other words you can ‘choose how to die.’  It can be via the spike protein injection, or in a FEMA camp as an anti-vaxxer.  Or, if you have a weapon with nationwide gun confiscation you could die on your front porch. This is what the armed FEMA teams are for.  See the rest of the podcast at:

Food supplies: we are sold out of storable food product.  We are not out of the food; we are out of the buckets.  Once we have them, we will pack them and have them ready; the buckets will arrive the end of July.  Put email address on Ranger Buckets page to be alerted when they are back in stock.



0418-2021-Water Facts You Must Know Now!

0317-2021-interview Deborah Tavares (DT) and Pal Pauer (P)

See the website don’t use spaces between Primary and Water.

Deborah Tavares (DT): we are in a hot war now and in water war. They are stealing the water for profit and power—creating water ‘markets’ from a natural energy resource. It is important that you get to a reliable source of water.  Pal Pauer is known as the Hungarian Water Wizard.  We are not running out of water.  Rothschild and Rockefeller want to relocate communities by turning off the spigot with the illusion that they have run out of water.

DT: on December 20, 2020 Wall Street began trading water futures as a commodity like gold and oil.  The first country’s first water market was launched on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange with 1.1 billion in contracts tied to water prices in California.  This is from Blumberg News which is part of the controlling vehicle.  They are part of the takeover of this country and the globe. Pay attention to their reports; they tell us how they are going to attack us.

DT: Pal has been attacked.  His primary water article on Wikipedia was deleted in 2016.  Stephen Riess on the origin of Primary Water:

          H20 in the form of vapor is forced up through the weakest areas of earth’s crust, the rock fissures and it becomes liquid as it cools.  The mantle of the earth contains large quantities of H2). Primary water is present in various sources:

  • Metamorphic water, freed by natural transmutation from rock formations under very high pressure
  • Magnetic and volcanic water by the synthesis of hydrogen and oxygen under tremendous pressure from the earth’s internal heat
  • Oceanic water, caused by subduction of tectonic plates and recycled into the shallow mantle.

Water in supercritical state also transports heavy metals that become sources of primary deposits of ore (mostly in veins) aka hypogene processes

DT: you can find the founded in 2014 by long time Riess protégé Pal Pauer to educate and train the next generation of primary water specialists.  Pal is called the Hungarian Water Wizard.  Bringing water to people is the primary passion of Pal’s life.  Pal was burned out in Oregon in one of the recent fires and lost everything. We are being mercilessly attacked.  We know you suffered a great loss.  Pal how many water wells have you drilled?

P: between 800 and 1000.

DT: where are the regions of the wells you have drilled.

P: all the continents including east and west Africa, Europe, Australia, and mostly the US coasts.

DT: Steven Reese was your mentor and you started working with him when you were 18 years old.  Understand that in Hungary that people who have been drinking primary water, and they may not realize that, have higher IQs. 

P: these people tend to be in the Carpathian mountains and that is very interesting and they call it the Hungarian Phenomenon. A good many scientists in Hungary come from that region.

DT: I hope you understand that if you are able to drill and get to primary water, you should consider this.  You don’t always have to drill.  Please explain what primary water is and what is the difference between rain and snow melt.

P: atmospheric water is recycled and comes out of the sky in the form of rain.  It permeates the sand and gravel that are easily permeated by water. Primary water is drilled into solid rock and may be very little overburden. You think you are getting water out of solid water.  It is made down below and forced through the fractures to the earth’s surface.

  1. Primary water rises from the mantle via the faults, fractures and fissures of the crust where it recharges rain-fed aquifers, many lakes and the oceans
  2. In many locations primary water is constantly adding to the hydrosphere
  3. In other places primary water fissures do not reach the surface.
  4. Drilling rigs can access those subterranean primary water sources by drilling horizontally or even vertically into the fracture zone or fissure.
  5. It is our mission to locate and access primary water fissures with high yields worldwide to end water scarcity now.

DT: we had an earthquake several years ago in Napa, California which really destroyed the downtown area.  There was a creek that had been dry because we were in an engineered lengthy drought and the creeks were just dirt.  After the earthquake the creek started to run.  All the city council members and the water advisors had no idea what had happened.  Could you explain what you think happened to create the flow of water?

P: depending on the location, and this planet is riddled with faults and fractures, all the way down to the mantle.  What has happened there is the earthquake removed some of the blockage that blocked the upward movement of water through these faulty structures. It let the water flow free.  Suddenly what was solid got moved out of the way and the fracture could produce water.

DT: when I saw you developing wells it is very different from the traditional well drillers who use a plastic liner to the depth of the well and they pack it with gravel. That is preventing the water from coming into the well.

P: the idea of the gravel pack is to filter out any of the material that is produced in making water. That is counter productive.  If you are solid structure, even granite, invariable you only need enough well casing to be able to seal the surface down to where the city or county require it. On the average it is around 30 feet. Otherwise you leave the well open and you do not gravel pack for sure.  The gravel pack behaves like a screen and like all screens it will get plugged after around 10 years.  Then you lose the well and you don’t have any more water.

DT: we are hearing of a lot of wells going dry that have been drilled in the fashion you have just explained. What I saw is what you said…you case through the soft soil (the alluvial) until you get to the rock.  Then you don’t have to case.  The reason you case until you get to the rock is so the soft material will not fall into the well you are drilling.

DT: I also observed the well development and I had never heard of this. It is very different from the traditional well drilling.  It is sad reality that the well drillers are not taught to get to primary water. I discovered and what I saw is that to develop a well after it is cased through the soft soil and then to the granite where it was not cased and dry ice was put into the well which can be very dangerous. You have to stand back and put it in very safely.  I heard it gurgling like a washing machine.  What was that doing?

P: the gases were expanding slowly in the fracture as the dry ice is sub zero in temperature.  When you drop it in, large chunks will settle to the bottom and immediately start to turn into CO2. That CO2 goes into the fracture and then you permit that to come back.  If you have a smaller fracture it pays to do that so that you are actually cleaning the fracture itself.  Then you can pump it out or let it blow itself out.

P: then you start pumping and that is 20% of the expected production.  The development of the well is very important.

DT: people are not aware that this is part of well drilling. Sadly, they rely on hiring a well driller to know these things and most do not.  This is what you need to know to make certain this is done if you decide to get to primary water.  I know that a couple of the wells I was attending that you had drilled and the dry ice was gurgling, suddenly it blew out of the well. I think it blew about 40 feet in height and looked like a geyser.  It was brown with a lot of sediment and mud. Then it started to turn clearer. That is the purpose of needing to know that wells need to be developed.

P: in some cases you make way too much water and you cannot do that.  Half the time you can do this.

DT: if the well is already producing enough gallons per minutes, and this varies on the fracture that you drill into, you should be looking at developing that well. Why is your information being taken off Wikipedia?  I mirror Pal’s website which is and I have (no spaces).  I have the water bible on your website with the forward by Aldous Huxley.  I had never been taught that water was a renewable resource.  It took me awhile to wrap my head around water being truly renewable and there is no water shortage.  What is the reaction of people that you are talking to?  You are drilling many wells and have many scheduled.  Australia has lost hundreds of thousands of cattle.  Why aren’t there more primary water wells?

P:  first of all you need money to drill and you need proper drilling rigs.  There are some outstanding drillers, but they don’t even know how to use their equipment.  The good ones are really good and the bad ones are really bad. You have to remove the obstacle…governments don’t want more water which means more people, more development and more activity and more food.  The best places I enjoyed working was in Africa.  I only work in places where there is not supposed to be water.  That is wrong.  I only work where there is a drought, no water.  That is very gratifying. I have worked in Kenya where there is ‘no water.’

DT: they are going to start allocating water, and deploying wireless smart meters for water into the cities right now.  You are going to be lynched into being forced to relocate when they tell you that your area is ‘out of water.’ We are being deceived by what is occurring in the process of water. We were talking about well drillers hitting water and they are still in what you call alluvial soil.  Keep in mind that alluvial soil isn’t getting you into the water in the rock material.  You may get water from your typical water driller but it’s like being in a bathtub.  They have to drill deeper or off to a slant to get into the rock.

P: you have to pick places where you have bedrock on top.  That alluvial fan makes a good part of the ground in the Great Valley of California.

DT: that is the San Joaquin Valley that produces a large part of our nation’s fruits and vegetables. They have had limited access to water to the illusion of ‘running out of water.’ Thousands of acres are now unplanted and the farmers have big signs that they have no water.  No water equals no food and they keep appealing to congress.  They are talking about the diversion of the water from the California aqueduct.  Many migrant worker communities are out of water and they have water tanks and the water is being trucked into toxic polyurethane tanks.  There are low lying areas in central California. 

P: if you visualize the valley, visualize a bath tub that is full of sand and gravel. That bath tub has a bottom.  The water comes through the side as rainfall or snow melt. Otherwise, you have to pump your water from and you can recharge the aquifers by bringing in water from somewhere. We have plenty of water everywhere except sometimes where they drill.  It is befuddling to see people trying to get water where they have to go through 500 feet of alluvial fan. But you have to case down before you get close to where the water really is.

P: in Ventura County, California you have the Santa Clara Valley which is basically where the Santa Clara river empties into the Pacific.

DT: let me repeat and you correct me if I don’t describe this correctly.  Think about the low-lying areas where the coastal range is low, maybe to sea level or a little higher.  When those aquifers are pumped dry the sea moves in and fills those aquifers. Then what happens is the farmland is no longer able to be farmed because of the intrusion of salt water. What they have done since the 50s is to keep those over-pumped aquifers full so they don’t lose all that farmland. Could you explain the enormity and insanity of this deception and how they have kept those aquifers filled so they won’t fill with salt water?

P: yes. Now it is easy, but expensive. They have to get the water from somewhere so they get it out of the California aqueduct so they are recharging those structures with water from the California aqueduct.  The problem is that sometimes there isn’t enough water to go around even out of the California aqueduct.  So, then there is a real problem.  Over pumping is nothing new.  If you understand the magnitude, the Great Valley fluctuates above sea level as much as two feet depending on how much water is being pumped out of the alluvium. 

DT: so that is creating somewhat of a seismic activity.  We have seen cracks in the roads and that kind of thing.

P: not only that and that puts restrictions on building and all activity because of over pumping the aquifer.  We don’t have enough water from anywhere that can keep that on an even keel.

DT: with the use of weather technologies droughts are being created in California and elsewhere and they prevent the rain.  They create the disinformation that water comes from rain and snow melt and they never address that it is atmospheric water that is very toxic and poisonous. It avoids any knowledge of what we are talking about.  We have spoken about the California Aqueduct and I read on your website and it’s mirrored on my website, that we never needed the California Aqueduct in the first place.  Could you explain what the alternative would have been?  It reminds me of Mohammar Quadaffi in Libya putting in the wells and bringing in the water to the villages (in Libya). Why did we never need the Aqueduct?

P: we could have drilled for a fraction of the cost of the California Aqueduct and had a more reliable system of wells approximately 7000 in all starting in the north and going all the way down through the Sierras.  We have ample water and far more reliable.  God has been really good to the state of California and there hasn’t been an earthquake great enough to dislocate this artificial river system that we have on the surface.  It is going to happen. The aqueduct is concrete and one of these days it will be dislocated in half a dozen places.  It is going to be hell to ‘glue it back’ in several places with 18 to 20 million people waiting to drink water.

DT: we know that earthquakes are created artificially.  This would be a perfect way to create the loss of life which is part of the overall genocide policies.  People will die without water.  What is your experience with how primary water wells withstand seismic shifts?

P: depending on how close they are to structures, the fact is that we would not have all our eggs in one basket.  We could afford to lose 10 to 20% of the wells if they had been put in (instead of the Aqueduct). It would still function and those would have to be redone.  If the Aqueduct is dislocated in several places, it will take way too long for people to have water. What will they do without water?

DT: if they bankrupt the state it would force migration because of the inability to access water. It sounds along the line of UN Agenda 21 plans to forcibly relocate people. 

P: the earthquakes regarding water wells, it would impact 20% of the wells if we had them.  But if you have one along the Aqueduct that will finish the state as far as I am concerned. 

DT: pay close attention to what Pal is saying.  You are by and large getting water through false processes like the use of reservoirs and damming up water and having that delivered into your municipal water supplies.  This is very toxic water.

P: let me add further that these open reservoirs for the California Aqueduct are subjected to the contamination from the atmosphere.  God forbid there should be a nuclear accident; all of the surface waters would be contaminated. 

DT: for many people they are aware there have been intentional nuclear events and I have been reporting on that. But we had Fukushima 10 years ago which was March 11, 2011.  There is increased gamma radiation in the US, so the open areas of water are poisoned not just from the chemtrails dumping chemicals overhead. There is the increased radiation and the cachement flowing over farmlands using chemicals that are deadly and poisonous.

P: the difference now is that primary water is drilled into solid rock, into granite, and we are able to seal off everything from the surface.  No surface material that comes out of the sky or from carelessness that would pollute the water won’t happen when we are in solid granite and we are able to seal the surface 30 feet down. Nothing from the surface can get into that water and we will always be guaranteed safe, clean drinking water.  And people have higher IQs from drinking this water.

DT: go to Pal’s website to get more information.  We need many conversations on this.

P: have you ever picked up a glass of water and looked at it and asked what is it? It is 2 parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. How could that be liquid? That is basically what started me off on this insanity of trying to explain water.  You explain it…the basic elements are in the planet and it makes water.  Our water is growing ever so slightly.  Water takes up room. You cannot compress water.  Realize that you are drinking 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen.  It is easier to explain when they extract hydrogen from water.  You can use hydrogen for power.  Water drips out of the tailpipes of these vehicles.

DT: this is an enormous teaching.  Think about the fact that we are being deceived where water comes from.  Mohammar Quadaffi was bringing water to his villages.

P: that was a tragedy.  Libya could have fed all of Africa.

DT: that is why they blew it up.

P: it seemed a diabolical thing to do.

DT: they sent the country into a humanitarian crisis. They blew up the water drilling rigs that were acquired from London so they could not be used to drill again.  Many of the villages were without water.  The US destroyed the great manmade river project in Africa, you need to know the enormity of scrubbing this information.   They do not want you to hear what you are hearing right now.  Please share this information far and wide.   We will post these shows on  Youtube will not allow this to be posted.  We are posting things on our library channel.  We will send email blasts with the videos that we cannot post on youtube. 

P: we are not running out of water.  The problem is that the quality of the water we are drinking; it is like drinking out of the bathtub.  We need to go where the water is clean and it doesn’t have to be processed.  I’d like to say it’s been a privilege to be asked to participate.  Steve Riess is smiling from heaven.

DT: if you are watching the snow occurring in many parts of the country, it is polynucleated snow. You can make it into a snowball and attempt to melt it to a flame underneath. The snowballs turned black and did not melt.  I want you to think of the water that you are drinking.  Atmospheric water is even more poisonous and we have not had time to discuss this.

This is a very important interview of the late Dr. Stephan Riess from 1985 about primary water. For more information, please visit the and


Titles: The Primary Water Institute and

Dr. Stephen Riess on Primary Water — The Last Interview

September 22, 1985 With Dr. Wayne Weber and Ross Frazier In Escondido, California

The term Primary Water was coined by the late Dr. Stephen Riess, the geophysicist who independently discovered its existence and pioneered its development, beginning in the 1930s until his death in December 1985.

“My discovery was put to a field test by locating and drilling many wells. The records to date from these tests is 70 producing wells out of 72 attempts, all drilled in hard rock, all located in distressed areas generally considered unproductive.” (Dr. Stephen Riess, 1954)

Primary water is a little known renewable resource that originates deep within the earth. When conditions are right, oxygen combines with hydrogen to make new water. This water is constantly being pushed up toward the surface under great pressure. The water finds its way towards the surface through fissures or faults. Depending on the geology, primary water can be accessed close to the surface, or even flow out as a spring.

Primary water has never been a part of the hydrologic cycle until it finally arrives at the surface. Traditional hydrologic cycle water is finite and volumes fluctuate relative to available rain and snowmelt. Primary water is renewable and plentiful regardless of the weather.

This priceless interview from 1985 of Dr. Stephen Riess is presented in its entirety regardless of camera movement and colorful language.

Ross Frazier: This is Escondido, Sunday the 22nd of September 1985 and we’re taking instruction from Dr. Stephen Riess, an eminent earth scientist at his home in Escondido, high on a rock promontory overlooking the valley and showing massive protrusions of granite boulders all around. Stephen Riess is a very controversial scientist and has extensive knowledge worldwide in the finding of water.

Turning to address Dr. Stephen Riess . . . Do you have any immediate finds in Escondido in the last three or four months?


The Garlock Project – Drilling for Primary Water in the Tehachapi’s

Watch the 20 minute video:


Pal Pauer’s mentor Hydrologist and Mining Engineer Dr. Stephan Riess was convinced that the primary water source for California City (California) originated from the Garlock Fault. His dream for testing his hypothesis materialized when Pal Pauer drilled two test boreholes adjacent to the Garlock Fault in the Tehachapi Mountains at a 6,000-foot elevation. The outcome is remarkable!


April 15, 2015 Primary Water Institute (PWI) founder Pal Pauer (Pal) was approached by clients for a feasibility study for locating several primary water wells on their property. They provided topographic maps and approximate desired well locations. Pal determined the project was feasible.

July 4, 2015, Pal made a site visit to the Tehachapi Mountains to verify the information provided on the maps. Pal spent one week on site investigating viability and likelihood of primary water at this elevation (6,000 feet). He found a vent or fumarole which was adjacent to the fault and represented a site favored by the property owners. Consequently, the owners and Pal determined and marked locations for 2 wells on the property. Further investigation and drilling test boreholes was the next step.

A search ensued for a suitable drilling rig to make the project possible. Several drilling firms were considered and it was decided by the property owners and Pal that Paul Hern Drilling Inc. had the knowledge and equipment that could drill the wells. Note the state of the drilling rig.

Dec 6 2015, a trip was made by Pal from his home in Oregon to the Tehachapi’s to over-see the project.

Dec 8 Arrived on client’s property to start drilling

Dec 9 8:30 am, drilling begin on site. The first test well was named Maryanne 1. A highly fractured meta-volcanics was encountered at 20 feet which led to the probability of water. Further drilling into the structure where large fractured material was ejected under air pressure along with an ever increasing quantity of water. Work had to be stopped about 100 feet in depth due to the lack of availability of air volume and pressure to remove debris and water. It is estimated that the water that was ejected from a 7-inch diameter borehole was at the rate of 800 plus gallons per minute. Further progress could not be made with available volume of air and pressure. It was determined that water was very good quality between 150 to 250 PPM/L – total dissolved solids (TDS).

The drilling rig was moved to the second well site named Heather 1. This location is part of the same rim of the vent/fumarole that is estimated to be between 2-5 feet in width.

Dec 10, approximately 100 yards across from first site, the same procedures were followed and water was encountered in larger quantity at a 60-foot depth and drilling could not proceed any further due to inability to remove water/cuttings and debris.

Other Calfotogal primary water videos:

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Colonel Gaddafi, a man of many visions, had dreamed of seeing an abundance of fresh water in Libya, and wanted to make his home country stand as a proud and free nation. In 1953, the quest for black gold in the vast deserts that reside in the southern part of Libya, led to the discovery of oil and fossil water. The quadruple aged water aquifers that were uncovered in the 50s had projected sizes varying from 4,500 to 20,000 cubic kilometers. The majority of this water supply was accumulated almost 15,000 to 25,000 years ago, while some water tanks are believed to be a few thousand-years-old.

After a hardcore battle between Gaddafi and Muhammad Idris bin Muhammad al-Mahdi as-Senussi, King of Libya, Gaddafi and his army acquired power in a coup against Muhammad Idris in 1969. The new government, also called the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, made the oil companies state-owned and invested a great deal of the oil profits to funnel the flow of drinking water from the underground aquifers, by installing a large number of bore wells throughout the Libyan land. Big farms were created in a southern region of Libya to motivate men and women to relocate to the desert and farm in those places. However, a lot of people in Libya preferred living in the northern and coastal parts of the country, for there was a steady and ample supply of water there.

This backfire made Gaddafi’s government create a new plan: bring the water to the people. The Jamahiriya administration carried out the preliminary feasibility reports in 1974. In 1983, the wheels for the Great Man-Made River project were set to roll. The Great Man-Made River Project, a Jamahiriya government financed venture, was going to be developed in five stages. All five stages were a completely different project by themselves, however, when combined, the stages would form an integrated set-up.

As water in the newly formed Libya was considered to be a human right for its people, Gaddafi had to make this happen for the happiness of his people.

In addition, on the opening day of the second phase of the Man-Made River Project, Gaddafi stated that this project is the greatest response to the United States of America, and to all those who link Libya with the terrorists or any such activity. This project sheds light on the fact that Libya is all about peace and progress.

The Involvement of NATO

In 2011, NATO forces attacked Libya, and during that time, the third phase of the project was also completed.

Citizens Protesting US involvement in war

However, the first phase was officially launched at the end of 1991, supplying more than a million cubic meters of fresh water every day from a pipeline that stretches more than 1000 km, from Sirte to Benghazi. The second phase supplies one million cubic meters of underground water each day to the coastal belt of the country, as well as supplying water to Tripoli. And finally, the third phase offers the organized development of the first phase set-up, and provides Tobruk and other cities close to the coastline with a new underground water supply.

The network of concrete pipes, which each have a diameter of 4 meters each, stretch more than 3500 kilometers. These pipes are hidden beneath the wilderness of the desert to stop vaporization of the water. There are more than 1000 wells, countless sections of concrete pipes, and 250 million cubic meters of excavation. Everything for the project was made in Libya; nothing was exported.

Furthermore, the final two stages of the man-made river required stretching the supply system collectively – which, once achieved, would irrigate more than 100,000 hectares of terrain. Or, as Gaddafi described, the venture would make the country as green as the flag of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

The Great Man-Made River gained international recognition, which led to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s acceptance of Libya’s offer to fund the Great Man-Made River International Water Prize, a merit that benefits phenomenal scientific studies on water consumption in waterless locations.

Also, because of its international recognition, many people from other nations were employed in Libya, especially in the Great Man-Made River Project, for many years. But following the start of NATO’s ‘humanitarian’ bombardment of Libya, the summers of 2011 became a cause for a large number of foreign employees to leave the country.

In July 2011, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization not only bombed the Great Man-Made River water system and pipelines near Brega, but additionally eradicated the plant that created the concrete pipes that were used as replacements during repairs. They justified their actions by claiming that the pipeline factory was used as a warehouse for the military.

Additionally, they also said that the same pipeline manufacture plant was used as a launch site for missiles and rockets. When NATO forces bombed that pipe building plant, more than five security officers were wiped out, along with the water supply system that supplied the general public with water for personal consumption and agricultural purposes – hitting Libya’s essential infrastructure.

The development of the final two stages of the river project were set to be finished within the next 20 years, but thanks to NATO’s ‘humanitarian’ war on Libya, the projects’ future is in great peril.

The Fight For Water

Clean, sparkling water – much like the water made available to the Libyans by the Great Man-Made River – is not only a vital source for humans, but all living things. With no drinkable water, we just cannot perform.

At the moment, more than 39% of the human population has very little or no access to safe, healthy and clean water – a number which is likely to leap up to 50% within just a few years. And as per the United Nations Development Program, worldwide intake of water is increasing every 20 years. While at the same time, after every 365 days, the majority of the great deserts in the world are growing wider, and the volume of functional farming terrain is shrinking in size.

However, there is more to the NATO ‘humanitarian’ bombardments of the Great Man-Made River Projects. In 2007, the United Nations Environment Program mentioned the water for revenue program, which earnestly encourages water to be a privately owned business. And, on the other hand, the World Bank implemented a strategy for privatizing water.

The wars of the twenty-first century will be fought over water,” says Ismail Serageldin, the founding director of Bibliotheca Alexandrina and a former director of the World Bank.

In application, this means that both the World Bank and the United Nations want to fasten the water sources, allowing them to be used as a means of power. And once they entirely regulate these means, those means become financial assets, only to be sold back to the ‘free’ countries with a price tag. And, naturally, the prices for the freely available product will increase as the demand increases and water supplies are reduced.

However, what happened to the Great Man-Made River in the summers of 2011 can be best explained by the dialectical method (understanding the ‘problem,’ its ‘reaction’ and a ‘solution’). If you would like to read more about the dialectical method, please click here.

In Libya’s case, the bombardment on the water supply system created a ‘problem’. Subsequently, a ‘reaction’ in the form of an instantaneous prevailing need, was triggered. More than 60% of the country’s people depended on the Great Man-Made River water supply for personal and commercial use. However, a few days after the demolition of the Great Man-Made River, over 50% of Libya had no running water. Finally, an established ‘solution’ was enforced – make the people of the war-torn nation reliant on a single water source – and consequently bound the people to their new ‘democratic’ government.

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