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Why Should You Care About Current Statistics Discussed By Clif High and Greg Hunter??

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Why Should You Care About Current Statistics Discussed By Clif High and Greg Hunter??

Lynn Schmaltz discusses the recent interview between Greg Hunter with USAwatchdog and Clif High.  A variety of topics were covered—you will want to hear about the ‘real’ statistics on VAERS, inflation, and how inflation may not override government computer software.  What happens when we lose 1/3rd of our purchasing power? What happens when 70% of the 46% of inoculated people die? Will the software keep funds from being dispersed because of inflation?

Synopsis of 0713-2021-Greg Hunter and Clif High Interview

Clif High is an Internet data mining expert who uses something he calls “Predictive Linguistics,” which sorts through billions of bits of information on the Internet to predict future trends and events.  He has many well-documented correct predictions. 

High predicted a month ago, “The Biden Administration would be in full collapse by this fall.”  The CV19 Vax door knocking campaign from the Biden camp, to harass people into getting the jab, is simply a prelude to the coming collapse.  High explains, “It’s a sign of desperation, and it’s a sign of weakness. . .

What they do not realize is the people doing this work are going to be assaulted by the people they are going to be talking to verbally and sometimes physically.  It won’t go well for the workers.  It’s going to cause lots and lots and lots of videos and audio recordings to come into existence that the Biden Administration will desperately not want to have happen.  At some point, I think it will be the PR aspect that will get them to cancel it. . . . People will take the opportunity to ‘red pill’ these workers and record it. . . . It will be like my enemy is sending his troops to me.  Let me see if I can convert them to my purpose.”

Greg: How will the collapse of the Biden Administration take place in the fall? 

High says, “This is an economic issue. . . . We exist on the petro-dollar empire as we have since 1972, and that empire is dying very rapidly.  We are in the very final phases of that death.  In that final phase, we reach hyperinflation.  We are at the point that hyperinflation has broken loose.  It’s reported at 5.4%, but it’s really hyper.  It really is three times that or four times that.  Energy, since Biden took over, is up 40% (premium gasoline). . . .

We are now reaching a point of the inflation to run parallel with the debt that is going to reach an extreme.  This extreme, by my calculations, should impact the Biden Administration in some form of a catastrophic crisis around the last half of September. . . .

Fundamentally, it will be the inability to pay for things factually or legally. It will be a situation where the hyperinflation has so outpaced normal expectation . . . that all of the government contracts in the computers, which have limits and constraints, will have blown beyond those limits and constraints.  The government will not be able to write checks because the computers will refuse to print them.  This is a crude way of explaining it; the software written for the last 30 years has constraints written in to it…  There are thousands of constraints built into software configured at a time when there was a more rational view of inflation.”  Inflation is creeping out beyond the administration’s and federal reserves’ ability to control it.  There are federal agencies here in Western Washington that have to get special permission for gasoline for their vehicles because now gasoline is beyond the allocations they are working under.

High: We are at that point where the empire is collapsing.  The empire is collapsing because the money is no good.  “ We have to presume that inflation is far higher than the stated amount as we are lied to by the administration.  Back in January I did calculations based on John Williams’ information and it indicates the end of September where contracts for various things will have to be redone and the software will have to be revisited.  It will be across the federal government.  Many of these are long-standing contracts that turn over year after year.  Now they will have to rework these to get the system to function.  At some point the software will refuse overrides.  That will impact their ability to pay people. 

Greg: how does this bleed out into the rest of the economy?

High:  it will start with the federal employees who will be hit hard all the way across.  This is the same situation of the Weimar Republic when 90% of the federal employees walked away because the economy wasn’t functioning because of hyper-inflation. 

Greg: What happens to the stock market?  There are top people calling for a monster crash.

High:  the only reason the market would crash is if the FED stops buying stocks. This is illegal and it is doing it anyway.  This is the US Stock Market which is like a weird video game.  It is political if the market crashes as it is 100% manipulated.  If the market crashes it will be like 1914 when the FED flooded the market with liquidity and the stock market was closed for 5 to 6 months.  The stock market will die and everything will be held in limbo.

Greg: they are trying to suck money out and is this at a time when they need liquidity?  It’s a trillion a night?

High: they have to do that because of hyperinflation.  All empires die because of hyperinflation.  In the next few months we will lose 1/3rd of our purchasing power. 

Now you have the problem of people getting $3K to sit at home and to get them to go to work you have to pay them $6K.  That will not work for a lot of businesses.  This hits the cost of goods.  Now it’s impossible to find materials, labor to produce the materials.  They are going to create labor shortages in the food industry to starve people out.  Their 5 year lockdown plan did not work.

The power elite are committed . . . .They can’t back down now, and they must continue with the idea of trying to kill as many of us as possible, especially now that we have had this great awakening and they have broken the veil of secrecy so to speak.  This is why the door to door thing. . . . Inoculation is not a good thing, and the elite are trying to inoculate 95% of humanity out of existence. 

Going back to my data to 2003 and onward, there has always been this area of data that said 1.24 billion people would be dying prematurely.  We are at the point right now that a little more than 2 billion people have been inoculated, injected with these mixtures, and if we take the numbers out of various institutes out of London . . . they estimate between 60% and 70% this coming winter will fall ill, and the vast majority of those people will die. . . .

This is very close to what my data has predicted since 2003–1.24 billion people dying.  So, imagine what that is going to do to our social order. . . . At that level, our society will be hovering around breakdown. 

So 60 to 70% of the 46% inoculated will die.  We won’t have truck drivers, doctors, dentists, and a lot of the healthcare workers inoculated themselves.  We won’t have airline pilots, and we may not have pilots for large ships to get them in and out of port.  That’s a highly skilled job, and it takes years to train someone.  So this also creates a knowledge death with long-term workers who were a huge repository of historical knowledge. 

People will begin failing mentally and there will be accidents from car wrecks to bad paperwork because of micro blood clots occurring in the brain and heart.  We know this from the autopsies done in Europe.  These are blood clots at the capillaries that has never happened before.

High also has data on the massive amounts of bodies that will need to be buried or cremated because of the deaths from the CV19 jabs.  It is gruesome.

High also talks about bitcoin, gold, silver, the stock market and how a new financial system will emerge.  Spoiler alert:  gold, silver and Bitcoin are not going lower in price, according to Clif High—just the opposite.  High also talks about data on election fraud, the CCP attack on Nov 3, 2020, and how it will all be coming out into the open.  Will Donald Trump get back into office?  High has data on that too and will explain it.  High says the elite will become prisoners of “We the People.”  The great awakening of “We the People” will leave the elite no place to hide and no place to run.

Were People Told They Would Experience Micro-Blood Clots With The Jab?

Lynn Schmaltz discusses information from Dr. Hoffe, Canadian Doctor, who is doing the D-Dimer test on people with 7 days of taking the jab.  Dr. Charles Hoffe, Litton Physician, Canada states that 62% of patients vaccinated for covid have permanent heart damage.  He says that when the covid vaccine is injected into your arm, we now know that only 25% of it actually stays in your arm and the other 75% is literally collected by your lymphatic system and fed into your circulation.

What are your thoughts?

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