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What did a funeral director say about what is really happening with an event and a jab?


Let me tell you about what happened with a recent order that was mailed to Arizona on September 10th:

Looks like your package to me went to Hawaii first.  I just tracked the number when it seemed like it was taking too long…..

And then on Saturday the 18th:

Vials arrived today. Thank you. When I checked their path, they had been to Hawaii twice, Phoenix twice, 5 different cities.  Must not be too many planes flying….

And my response:

Wow, maybe Hawaii needed some plasma energy flyover!

Seriously, if you are watching, paying attention you are seeing things unravel around you bit by bit.  My suggestion is to get your necessary items for your home pantry, your medicine cabinet, your plasma energy pantry sooner rather than later.

What follows is the slow unraveling in the UK as described by John O’Looney, Funeral Director:

0918-2021-UK Funeral Director John O-Looney Blows the Whistle

Published on Wednesday by The Prisoner.

Host: I just had a conversation with a funeral director from Milton Keynes in the UK.  I just let him speak so you can hear what this man has to say. He has some compelling information.

John: I am a funeral director for 15 years in Milton Keynes. Ten of those were for a big provider in the industry and then 5 years ago I set up my own because I didn’t like how people were treated like the cash cow. 

Host: did you see a pandemic last year?

John: in 2019 I had a family come to see me who had lost a loved one in a neighboring borough of Northampton.  They complained that the hospital would not let them see their loved one.  I went to the hospital to collect the family member and I asked why they wouldn’t let the family see the loved one.  They took me to the chapel and opened the doors and there was a great big blow-up ‘pandemic’ mortuary. They said there was something horrible coming and the viewing room was being used for this setup.  That was my introduction to Covid in the end of November beginning of December (2019).

Host: they already had this temporary morgue in December 2019?

John: yes, and the news broke just after Christmas and we were told about the Chinese lab in Wuhan and the wet market that had been there for many years.  The hysteria was mounting and it wasn’t long until in 2020 I was contacted by the local BBC and they asked to come and do a report around covid.   Early on I believed it was covid like everyone else and I was convinced it was real. Remember if I go to a hospital and they say a decease is HIV or TB I take that very seriously and covid was no exception.

I was trying to be as careful as I could.  The BBC came and they brought a cameraman and a lady who spoke and briefed me on the answers they wanted.  They asked me to dress up formally.  All funeral directors use aprons and gloves and we didn’t usually use masks.  I worked for the coroner for 7 years and the only time I wore a mask is if I went to the scene of a death where someone had been dead for awhile. You put vicks on the mask to keep the smell away, but it is not going to protect you from anything least of all a virus.  They got the interview they wanted and promoted the hysteria.  I kick myself now because it was simply not true. 

Very soon into 2020 funeral directors began to panic.  The death rate was not there.  There was no increased death rate that we were seeing—just deceased that were deliberately labeled covid, but there was no increase in numbers at all.  That was across the board as far as I was aware of.  Certainly every funeral director I spoke to and every mortuary I went in to were not seeing pandemic numbers. We were seeing people that were labeled with covid, but how deadly was it? I really cannot tell you.

I had a family come to see me who had lost a child, 6 years old, and a cancer sufferer totally not related (to covid). They went to see their little girl and this was at a time when other funeral directors were taking body bags and coffins to the hospital and sealing those people straight into those body bags and coffins there and then. There was no dressing, no viewings because of covid.  I felt that was not fair to those people who had lost someone via a zoom call or standing in a hazmat suit.  I washed and dressed this little girl and gave the family time to see their little child as any decent human would.

I came to the conclusion then that it was my job to look over people and if I fell over in the process of doing that so be it and I washed and dressed everyone through covid regardless of whether there was a covid diagnosis or not.

Host: funny you haven’t died of covid, brother.

John: not only that, but my wife has helped me and I have an embalmer who works with me fulltime who is 55 and a heart attack survivor of 10 years now. None of us have had a day off; we are all healthy.  They have streamlined the process where a doctor is not in attendance at death and the police are not in attendance.  Whoever is on the scene rings the doctor and the doctor says if they are sure the person is dead to ring the undertaker.  We go on up and pick these people up who are still warm. It is not like they were in cold storage for a week and any virus they might have had disappeared. If they were covid patients and infected, I’m sure I would have gotten it because none of us have been infected.

Host: what you are seeing with the numbers now?  

John: rewind back to 2020 in March and April, we saw a brief for 2 to 3 weeks and the phone started ringing. As a society we are very good at getting people to pass away in the hospital and I would say that if I had 10 collections of deceased 8 of them would be hospital removals, 1 would be from a care home and 1 would be a residential address or a hospice.

We suddenly had a government announcement on TV that they were going to try to protect those in care homes.  These care homes would be the places would be hit the hardest.  I thought that was strange because I don’t understand how a virus can attack a specific building.  Either it is in a community or it is not in a community.  It was thing after thing that they were saying that wasn’t making sense as an undertaker.  I got called every night for 3 weeks to care homes and this was at a time when Matt Hancock who has since been dismissed from government, had transferred all the elderly who were in hospitals to care homes.  He had been very careful to label them as covid and he put them in care homes.

At the same time there was a thousand percent increase use in Midozolam that was purchased at that time. (Midazolam injection is used to produce sleepiness or drowsiness and relieve anxiety before surgery or certain procedures.)  There is an extensive paper trail that documents that very clearly. I worked for a big funeral provider for 10 years and they have 60% market share.  In that time I was never, ever, ever called to a care home 3 consecutive nights.  So for me being a small family undertaker to be called every night for 3 weeks exclusively to care homes and nowhere else is as likely as me winning the lottery several times in 3 weeks.  It just doesn’t happen.  It is impossible. 

I would hasten to add that all those people were labeled with covid and I never saw a doctor in attendance once.  No doctor ever attended to my knowledge. I never saw a covid test once, and I never saw a ventilator once. There was no need for those patients to be overdosed or shall we say heavily sedated to be intubated. There were no ventilators.  I suspect that thousands of people were killed-euthanized—in these care homes.  I did not see small files near the beds where they ought to have been at that time and I was looking for them at that point for the care that ought to have been.

That was something that raised alarms for me. As abruptly as that started it finished.  Then I had a government sponsored pandemic guy who told me his job was to call all the funeral directors in the area and he was to collect the numbers of the deceased.  First of all he would ask me what my capacity was at the funeral home and how many I could hold here in the funeral home, how many I picked up that week, how many were covid and where did they come from.  It wasn’t very long and he would call me every Monday.

He immediately started steering me and by that I would say that I picked up a guy in his 90s from a care home, he had had a full life, there was no doctor in attendance, no covid test.  He was not a covid death; he was a natural death of a guy who was 95.  I picked up someone from the local hospice who had succumbed to cancer.  Both them were instantly labeled as covid.  The guy told me that they were told they were covid and we had to put them down as covid.  One guy was run over. 

Every death was listed as covid when they weren’t all covid deaths.  I had families come in who were really upset. They knew their loved ones died of terminal cancer.  They were terrified that I would not wash and dress them because they were ‘covid.’  I had to assure them not to worry.  I washed and dressed them all because that is what they deserved.  I was waiting to see if I would fall over.  Low and behold I, my wife and my embalmer are still here.

Apart from the several weeks in the care homes, and I am careful how I talk, but viruses do not target care homes exclusively.  They are full of people who cannot say ‘no.’

Host: they did this so they could get their numbers up and claim there was a ‘wave.’

John:  the paper trail shows the story.  I did a funeral recently for a family and one of the family members worked in the local pharmacy in the local hospital and she confirmed if they had brought ‘loads of “this” in’ and she said yes.

Host: what are you seeing now that the vaccines are rolling in?

John: 2020 finished Nov and Dec when they were widely advertising that they were going to roll out the vaccines on Jan 5 and 6.  It was rolled out in different areas at different times.  We were told the life saver was coming.  I couldn’t believe it. This pandemic guy…it was easy how you can get to know someone even with a 30 second chat every week—he admitted he didn’t know why he was doing this job. There are no covid deaths and everyone is saying the same thing.  That is from the guy who was speaking to all the funeral directors locally. He was being sincere.  I’m sure after they began vaccinating he was notified there would be no need for calling.

So now he did not need to record the covid deaths.  They stopped him from doing so.  Nov. and Dec. were not that busy.  Overall 2020, even 2019 it was fairly quiet.  Most of the funerals we do are cremations; I would estimate 95% are cremation.  The other 5% are burials.  We were not up in numbers and the statistics don’t lie. The government statistics show there was no real increase.

It got to the point that I began to smell a rat. We were not being told the truth. I said that I bet the death rate soars in Jan. when they begin vaccinating.  Everyone said don’t be so stupid, you are mad. We came back to work on the 2nd; they began vaccinating on the 6th and the death rate was extraordinary. I have never seen anything like it as a funeral director in 15 years and neither has anyone else that I have spoken to.  It began exactly when they began putting needles in arms.

That was the recognized ‘second wave’ and that went on for about 12 weeks and finished abruptly the 2nd week of April. To be honest I never want to see a death rate like that again—it was awful.  They were very different this time. It was all ages and all locations—it wasn’t just care homes. It was hospitals and residentials, but mostly hospital deaths. We were finding it was just awful.   It was pandemic numbers and only when they began vaccinating and never before that point.

Host: were they labeling all these people as covid deaths?

John: yes, as many as they possibly could.  I suspect they were vaccine injury deaths or overdoses of Midozolam or perhaps a contributing factor was the blamed neglect of people. A lot of families said their family members were dying of cancer at stage 4 because no one would see them.  They can’t get scans or appointments anymore. They are being fobbed off.  Pancreatic cancer is not being looked at. There is a clear pattern emerging.

That went on until April 21st and then abruptly stopped.  Then we were seeing the quietest period I have ever known, certainly in 5 years.  That is the first time in 5 years as an established funeral director that we lost money because there wasn’t anyone passing away.  That was not unique to me. I belong to a number of groups of funeral directors.  We join these groups at the beginning of the pandemic thinking we might need to support each other during the pandemic if one of us fell over. And nobody has.

John: about 3 weeks ago the death rates started picking up again. I am starting to see people of all ages and all of them are vaccine recipients almost exclusively.  The range of deaths is heart attacks, sudden undiscovered heart condition that led to heart attack, blood clots, stroke and multiple organ failure. Those are the 4 consistent types of death that I am seeing.  It is all ages.

I went to get my hair cut a couple of weeks ago to my local  barber and they were all somber and down.  I asked what was up and one of the barbers, 23 years old, had died an hour after his 2nd jab.  He was 23 years old.  I had a guy in whose father went and got the jab and was paralyzed almost instantly.  He was then seen as vulnerable and they gave him a 2nd jab 3 weeks later and he was found dead at home the following day.

I had a man whose mother went blind almost immediately. I have gone public about my concerns and nobody wants to talk to me now.  The BBC silence is deafening. They are happy for me to help with hysteria but now they are silent when I am seeing a pattern of death related directly to the vaccine. Nobody wants to talk about this now despite the fact that there are a number of very eminent people, thousands of doctors globally, nurses, consultants, professors, virologists, all saying the same thing.  The governments seem to be pressing ahead.  They are blackmailing, coercing, forcing people and slowly creating a 2-tier Nazi type society for a pandemic that is not there.

The delta variant is widely recognized in the NHS as vaccine injury. (19.53 minutes).  It is not a virus—it is vaccine injury.  I can tell you as a funeral director working on the cold face, you have been told a woven, very elaborate lie telling everyone the virus is a dangerous illness, and you need the jab.  The real death rate in care homes as result of Midozolam and the deliberate re-labeling of every normal death, as a covid death.  Then we have seen the extreme death rate once they began vaccinating and it is definitely 100% that.  I can tell you that as a funeral director. 

Some of the families that come to me are totally unaware and I have asked everyone of them if their family member was jabbed.  They say, yes they were double jabbed but it couldn’t be that because it was 8 weeks ago.  They just don’t see the connection.  And I am not there to call their bluff—I am there to look after their mom or dad.  I see the connection consistently and I also see great efforts being made not to acknowledge it.

Now, 2 things are going to happen shortly and I can tell you this with amazing foresight. They are already jabbing children. They have been inventing new variants, a newly named variant every other month.  The idea of that is there isn’t a variant, it is to get you used to there being a variant and what will happen shortly with these children they are injecting is that children will get sick and die as a direct result of these injections.

It will swiftly be labeled as a new variant and they will parade crisis actors and bereaved parents on the TV on main stream media urging you to get a jab to protect the children.  This is a certainty.  It will happen and I am waiting for it to happen. It is 100% in my mind and with amazing foresight. If you have any doubt take a look where you live and what is going on and who is passing away.  They are all jab recipients and any funeral director with an ounce of integrity and honesty will tell you that.

Since I have gone public I have had 45 funeral directors or people working in the funeral industry that have directly reached out to me.   They are very aware of what is going on and they are all very, very scared and frightened.  If they are willing to murder people the way they are doing I suspect they won’t think twice about silencing people like myself.  I know my days are numbered for daring to speak the truth, but the reality is there is no covid pandemic and I am living proof of that. It has all been designed to get you to believe it and to take a vaccine. 

Do you know how many children I have heard through funeral directors, maybe in a  50 or 60 mile radius, that have died from covid since it began?  Not one. Not a single child has passed away from covid that I am aware and I would be aware because it would be big news.  I don’t doubt that somewhere they will magic up some child that is labeled with a covid death because they have done that with many other deaths. There are no children that have died from covid so there is no reason whatsoever to put these gene therapies into children. Not at all.  It is indefensible.  The fact that they are trying to coerce a child of 12 to give consent when they cannot consent to sex, to buy a beer, to get married kind of tells the story.

Here we have a depopulation agenda and the power of that is they attack on two fronts.  One is to kill people and I am seeing that as a funeral director and the second is to destabilize or disable children to stop them from repopulating late in life.  Remember that a child of 12 who is given an injection that is going to affect their fertility, when will that become apparent?  If they don’t die or become sick, it is going to be 10 years before anyone knows.  I can tell you that is what is happening. I am utterly convinced and I have had 40 to 45 funeral directors or co-workers from different companies reach out to me very scared and they said they agree with me.

I have spoken to nurses of 20 and 30 years and also doctors, professors, and more harrowingly, a number of victims, a large, ever growing number of victims who have said thank you and reached out to me because they have nowhere else to go. Nobody is listening to them and they are not interested. They are so busy coercing and blackmailing them for lining up for the jab that is killing them.

The one thing that is going to happen is the children. The second thing we are going to find in the NHS, they are in the same circle as I am and they see what is happening. I can tell you they see the suffering before the deceased comes to me. They know full well this ‘delta variant’ is vaccine injury and I have had that confirmed to me by a plethora of medical specialists. One of them I looked after last year. He was a guy who lost his partner and he confided in me that ‘they are extremely dangerous.  Please, John, don’t touch them.’ And this man has a family and said that he would never take it. Ever. They are extremely dangerous.

He went on to explain to me that in the testing procedures they were actually going through 200 rhesus monkeys a week. That was the testing and the monkeys were all dying, so they stopped the testing.  And this is the same stuff you are putting in your veins in these immunization centers.  You get a jab for a free taxi ride, for a reduction in your jail time, and this is not right. It is not normal!  Why can’t people see that?  We now have people everywhere that are so convinced because of 18 months of total brain washing that they believe it.  They believe it and their children go to school with a mask on in the open air.

People sitting in their cars are terrified. They are not being told the truth and the truth is that it is these injections that are damaging and killing people. I am seeing that first hand as a funeral director and I need to tell people. If I don’t ‘put my head above the parapet’ and sacrifice myself, who else is going to?  It will be no good for me to reflect from one of the massive holding centers they are building everywhere.

Do you know that there is a massive holding center, a prison.  We have been talking as a society about prison overcrowding for decades now. I am 53 now and I have heard this being talked about for decades.  We are now at a point that the economies globally are on their knees …they are on their knees!  And yet, they have found the money to build super prisons.  Super huge, 30,000, internment camps.  What do you guys think they are for? They are for people who won’t take the vaccine. They are going to call them ‘quarantine camps, FEMA camps, and they will put you in these camps.

I can tell you that you will be swiftly dispatched and you will be called a covid death.  We are seeing exactly what we allegedly saw in the second world war. The one locally is called HMP Williamborough (?) and it is absolutely huge and will take 30,000.  The buildings are huge X-shape and I urge you to get on google earth and look at this. There is supposed to be another one in Glenfarvor (?) and Lester and they have a crematorium and a huge mortuary next door. You tell me what that is for at this place in time for where we are now. 

Why do we need these buildings when the economy is on its knees? Who is that benefitting and what is it for? I would accept that it is for these people that will not accept these lethal injections. Over the next 5 years you are going to see pretty much everyone you know and love potentially die if they are a vaccine recipient.  I have heard this from far more qualified and eminent specialists then me; they are highly respected men who are universally acclaimed.  I am seeing this starting as an undertaker now with people coming in who are in their 40s and 50s.

I have a guy here in his 30s—people that shouldn’t be dying. They shouldn’t be getting heart conditions. They shouldn’t be suffering strokes. And yet now they are talking about children.  When will people wake up?  Will it be when children die? Or will they believe the new variant yarn they are being told?  I can tell you that is what people will say.  It is a brand new variant that is targeting children –we’ve got to ‘protect’ the children and they may try a mandate on that.  Then the manhunt will begin and they will be able to fill up these large quarantine centers, won’t they.

Host: they are building them everywhere; they are building them here in Australia.

John: I have been in touch with a number of people, globally—Australia, New Zealand—my heart goes out to you.  I am honestly of the opinion that the only one that is going to save Australians is Australians. 

Host: people have to stand up. There is a lot of pushback, but not enough. Not enough people are aware that it is a fraud, and it is. It is a quantifiable fraud. What is a piece of advice you’d like to give people?  Try to keep it short—I’ll post this conversation up on bitchute so that people can look at it.

John: please do.  My advice to you is to get out there and let your politicians know exactly what you think. There is strength in numbers and you are the power collectively.  The way they are chipping away at the numbers, pretty soon you are going to be dragged off to one of these camps.  How many people on your street are going to come out of their house and stop that from happening. If you don’t help yourself, nobody else will. I can tell you and you will be rounded up into these camps.  There will be an ‘outbreak’ in these camps and you will see people carted out. 

Some people will buckle and they will accept the lethal injection just to be on home lockdown. The time is now to do something. I can tell you as a funeral director it will be no good reflecting in 12 months’ time from inside a prison cell and wishing that you had done something and wishing you had saved your children.  The time to do this is NOW. Speak out and if you are in the industry you need to speak out. If you are in the NHS and you are about to lose your job because you are refusing the vaccine that you know is doing this damage, for Christ’s sake, speak out. You owe it to people.

Very interestingly, the Hippocratic oath, or the hippocritcal oath as I call it now in hospitals, was revised in 2001 to omit the wording, we will do no harm. Does that give people license now to harm people?  I have spoken to nurses who have been called in to rooms and have been told by senior medical management teams to deliver a dose of 60 milligrams of Midozolam, a fatal dose, to patients and these are patients that are not even dying.  These are patients labeled with covid in a fundamentally flawed process.

The PCR test should never be done on more than 10 cycles. Those were the words of the guy who invented the test and, incidentally, he is dead now. They are doing the PCR test at 45 cycles.  The way it works is if you are a cancer patient and you go into the hospital for palliative care, and that means with the Liverpool pathway that you will starve to death with a morphine drop in you. Don’t get me wrong—for some people that may be the most merciful way and I can respect that but the key element here is consent.  And these people are having DNRs (do not resuscitate) placed on them and they are being coerced and blackmailed into signing these pathways.

These are people that are not even dying; they are people that were designated as covid with a test that is non-descript. There is no science behind it. The guy who invented the test said that. Yet they are driving forward and killing people.  What more do you need to know guys?  Now they are targeting your children…are you going to allow it? Are you just going to roll over? Are you going to get led off to a camp?  There are enough good people out there to really make a difference but only if you work collectively to do that.  I suspect that the only people that will save you is you.

I have listened to what your government said over there—it’s a joke. It is barbaric and there are echoes of Nazi Germany in there. You are being blackmailed, coerced, forced…every crime under the sun. You are being threatened with your job, you can’t see your mom, you can’t travel, you can’t work.  You can’t go out, you can’t go shopping, you can’t go to a kids’ play park.  These are fundamental human rights that you have lost and it can only end up one way with a van pulling up outside your house and leading you off to an internment center and that is where it will end.  And, it will end the same way here.

I would suggest that Australia is the test bed because although it is a big place, there is nowhere to go. I would urge you guys to band together and to collectively take action. I am not encouraging crime, but you are victims of crime. So what are you going to do?  All I can tell you is my experience as a funeral director and I have watched well over 100 covid cases now, many of them still warm. You are being lied to. 

Host: thank you brother; I will post this.

John: you’re welcome and for anyone who wants to reach out to me to verify who I am, my name is John O’Looney and I work at my own funeral home, Milton Keane’s Family Funeral Services in the UK.  Do a search, you will find me and please do reach out to me to verify who I am; I will be happy to pick up the phone.  We all leave a legacy, guys, and if my legacy is truth and honesty, your family is just as important as mine.  If that is my gift to the world before I am swiftly dispatched from here, I will take it.

Host: thanks for this conversation, John.

John: you are more than welcome and thanks for sharing it because it is a message I cannot get out to people without people like you to share it. I would urge everyone to share it far and wide….   My email is and the website  is

Hopefully we will help the generations of the future in some court somewhere.  God bless you Australia; don’t think you are alone out there. We are furious with how you are being treated as much as we are being treated.  Collectively we wield a great amount of power and I would urge you to band together and exercise that power. If you don’t the end is coming.  God bless you and take care.

Host: so folks, as he said, the vaccination IS the delta strain.  The delta strain is the vaccine damage and another he shared with me at the end of that conversation was that he was approached by a Russian news service and he was offered 85,000 pounds in order to keep quiet. I will share that email with you on a future report. I urge you to get hold of him if any of you do podcasts and interview him and get this information out to as many people as possible.  

Email: John, 8:22 AM  last weekend I received an email from a Russian based media outlet – they offered me 85K to silence me.  It was RT news?  Not sure if you’ve heard of them.  Email me and I’ll forward the email to you.

0919-2021-What did a funeral director say about what is really happening with an event and a jab?

Lynn Schmaltz did a synopsis of a video done by a UK funeral director with his experiences from Nov 2019 through the present time.  He has real life experiences and statistics.  This is lengthy because Lynn didn’t edit his experiences and remarks.  What he has to say is important for both sides of the issue of masks, tests and jabs.  He also discusses the construction of facilities that can hold up to 30,000 with some interesting structures next to them.  Take the time to hear what he had to say.  If you want a pdf of his interview send an email to    

What are your thoughts?

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