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The Lies About Variants…And Flu Shot Substitutes…And Dr.s and Scientists Call For Halt

All The Stories They Are Telling You Around The World About The Variants Are LiesIt’s Complete Fraud

Dr. Michael Yeadon, PhD in Respiratory Pharmacology:

Dr. Yeadon: I can exemplify. So we are all being told about variants—the Brazilian, the Kent, South African and so on.  Just take a deep breath and recognize this is a big virus that consists of amino acids…thousands of them in strings all folded up to form a characteristic shape that you know and hate.

If you go and look for the virus that is most different from the one sequenced in Wuhan about 16 months ago, you will find that the most different variant is only 0.3 % different.  So it is 99.7% identical—all of them to the original.  You might think that doesn’t sound like enough to escape the human immune system.  You are right—it is not and I can prove it. The 2003 SARS virus is related to COV2 and they differ by about 20% so there is 80 times as much variation between those 2 viruses and any of the variants of the current one.

I can assure you that when immunologists searched and found scores of people that had been infected by SARS in 2003 and they took blood samples from these volunteers and they confirmed 2 important things.  One is that all the survivors have really good immune memory to the virus they encountered 17 years ago. It is what you expect.  But what is wonderful is that they all possess what is called cross immunity. Their immune system recognizes the new virus.

I am not surprised. The human immune system essentially takes multiple pictures of any pathogen that it encounters—often between 15 and 30 pictures.  Basically none of the variants change more than a couple of those pictures. When you encounter the variant, having been immunized by infection or vaccination, it is impossible, not just implausible, but impossible that your body doesn’t recognize that variant as something that it has seen before.

So your government is lying to you.  In my case the UK has closed the border effectively really restricting international travel, and the reason they give is because of these variants which I know for certain is a lie.  They are not a problem at all. But furthermore is absolutely terrifying two bits of information which I want your viewers and listeners to hear.

The pharmaceutical industry is already manufacturing so called top-off or variant vaccines. If I am right, the variants are not different enough to warrant a different vaccine and they are not, what is it that they are manufacturing?  I don’t know the answer to that question but I am actually terrified.

I want to give you one last piece of information. Two weeks ago the worlds’ medicine regulators—the European and the sibling (agency) in Japan, issued a statement that said the variants top-off vaccines are so similar to the parent vaccine under which they were derived that they will not require the drug companies to run any clinical safety studies on them

The drug company designs a vaccine on a computer, then it will go straight to manufacturing and as long as it meets manufacturing quality standards, it can then be injected into the arms of hundreds of millions even billions of people.  Remember what I said about the vaccine passports—once they are up and running, once they tell you to do something on pain of losing the validity of your vaccine passport, you will comply.

If you want to be really terrified, since it is not my ‘crime’ I don’t know why they are manufacturing top-off vaccines.  I don’t know what their intent is in injecting you, but you don’t need a vivid imagination to think that so much of this crisis is being maligned, and there is no interpretation of what is going on, it certainly has the potential to be very harmful.

Q: what should people do when they are confronted with this pressure and there is enormous pressure all over the world, not just the UK and America, it’s everywhere.  There is enormous pressure to take this vaccine and you say there is a moving passport that has already been instituted in Israel.  What should people do?  What is the best response—how can we resist this?

Dr. Yeadon: Honestly, it is not any harder than it sounds actually:

          Thank you very much for your generous offer of a free vaccine but for my own reasons I have decided to decline.

DO NOT ENGAGE IN DEBATE WITH THEM. You don’t need to explain your decision. You are a sovereign human being and you decide what goes in to your body or not.  Just say: THANKS VERY MUCH, BUT I AM DECLINING. Do not engage with them in discussion even if they insist. I HAVE MADE MY DECISION, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

The other thing that must be done is to prevent the vaccine passport system coming in to being. You are being told that it is necessary to gain confidence but I have just explained that if you are vaccinated you are protected.  If you have chosen not to be vaccinated you don’t need to know. NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW ANYONE ELSE’S IMMUNE STATUS.  THERE IS NO BENIGN REASON FOR IT TO COME IN.

I think we could easily recover our confidence by being told the truth. That is what is needed—not some ghastly, nightmarish control system.  I am afraid that is what it will be and I think that was always the objective. So legislators if you are listening, or people who know legislators—get on their case. Explain to them that there are no advantages and don’t let them fool you into ah, it’s only a temporary measure.  Like income tax?  ONCE IT STARTS THERE IS NO RECOVERY FROM IT

If you are asked to do anything at all in relation to yourself, your children, or grandchildren and if you are told that if you won’t comply WE WILL TURN OFF THE VALIDITY OF YOUR VACCINE PASSPORT, you won’t be able to get shots anymore and eventually you might not be able to buy gasoline, or leave your house.  Whatever the rule, the control is set.  You will then be coerced to do whatever they tell you.

Is that really what you wanted?  If not, you better start demonstrating because single individuals cannot do anything.  I can warn you and explain how much danger we are in but you behind the camera and watching, if you don’t do something these criminals are going to steal your democracy and freedom forever.    

Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist

HEADS UP – Walgreens (and probably everyone else) Is Swapping Out Flu Shots For Covid Jabs

There is a real push to get everyone in for the “flu shot” this year, and even if labeled the “flu shot” it is probably the Covid jab.

I am beginning to see reports of this happening, such as this one:


There is a HELL BENT agenda to get that shot into EVERYONE and “THEY” are resorting to extreme measures to get it done.


I talked with someone today who has had 5 acquaintances die recently… ‘cause’ given…all took the jab…these are NOT the elderly…Lynn

0924-2021-Stew Peters and Dr. Jane Ruby: Doctors, Scientists Call For Worldwide Vaxx Halt

Stew: Corona Committee Conference—this is indisputable proof that any country which continues using the corona virus shots being called vaccines are complicit in crimes against humanity and premeditated murder.

Dr. Jane Ruby: findings from the Corona Committee Conference; this conference was held a few days ago and is incredibly explosive.  Stew Peters show was the first to bring the individuals stories of doctors who started looking at their patients’ blood under the microscope when their patients were getting sick.  Now we have a consortium of those doctors, but it is worldwide now with 35 groups across the US, UK, Germany, Austria, Japan—it is all coming together.

They have looked at hundreds, maybe a thousand of these vials for injections across Pfizer, Moderna, and Astrozeneca. What they have found is shocking—millions of sharp metal pieces in these droplets on a microscope plate. They are seeing parasite material. When they warmed the specimens the particles started moving in sync with each other.  This is frightening. 

I have brought photographs and part of a video to this report.  See 19.27 minutes.

Speaker  in Video: this is the slide without and then inside it is the vaccine. We have found this structure and this looks like a little simcard of a cell phone.  We looked at it and moved a magnet towards this closer and we couldn’t find any reaction to a magnet here that we held close to it.

Stew: what are they alleging here?

Dr. Jane Ruby:  this was an English translation for a doctor from Germany or Austria and was sent directly to me from one of the doctors in the photo who are testifying. What we are looking at is what they have done with numerous vials.  They have taken one droplet and looked at it under a regular microscope. They are seeing sharp metal objects everywhere, other experts have testified they are seeing graphene layers, large structures in the form of rectangles.  Now we will look at the still shots.

Dr. Jane Ruby:  20.56 minutes: there is one picture that is a composite of 4 pictures.  Look at the upper left hand corner and you see a curvy luminescent structure at the bottom—that is metal. Each of these 4 pictures is magnified.  In the upper left hand corner you see a sort of rectangular, undefined shape with a pointy bottom. These are stunning structures that these experts have never seen before. They said they are not biologic which means that they are inorganic  and in their words these have no business being anywhere in the human body.

Dr. Jane Ruby: in the picture on the upper right you see what looks like a little piece of glass, or metal and it is a sharp metal piece.  They said that there are thousands of these in just a droplet.  In the picture on the lower left you see squiggly material which they couldn’t identify and called an ‘undefined’ piece. During the 3 hour press conference they looked at these pieces on the video and you can see so many of these things ‘light up’. They move very quickly and they look like they are moving with some kind of intent toward each other and then away from each other.

In the lower right hand picture they took a vial and put a closed vial under the microscope.  On the upper right hand part you see these structures—one is a long string and another is the undefined structures. They confirmed they are metal because they are reflecting light. Look at the long string and you will see a piece below it of a piece that when it flipped forward looked like a simcard. That piece in the video moves on its own trying to get around those structures.

There is another singular photo with a very long string with transecting piece and the 4 doctors in the photo at the side of this larger photo (24 minutes) said it looks like a parasite.

This was a very long press conference and this section is only one part. There was a double title of the press conference and it is discoverable on the internet: Cause of Death After Covid 19 Vaccine; and this is from the other part of the conference titled Undeclared Components of the Covid 19 Vaxx. It was held at the Pathological Institute in Reutlingen, Germany. As I have said before, these doctors have seen these hundreds of times and they indicated they were not surprised to see this but that the world should be shocked. They did say that in the liquid vaccine there are particles that are constantly moving.

On Monday we will see what this does inside your blood and what the reaction of the lymphocytes, granulocytes and white cells react to these. This was a press conference and they are saying this is world wide and there are 35 groups with hundreds of physicians, researchers and lawyers who have come forth with all of this evidence.  Everyone is seeing the same thing over and over again.  They have said that any country, any government, any company that carries on with this program after today after being made aware of this is going to be prosecuted and should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

They are calling for an immediate, world wide halt and Please….not in the children. They are concerned because they see the companies coming after the smaller children. 

Stew: we have talked about a microscopy expert who reported that stainless steel particles, graphene oxide and parasites were inside of this and this information today corroborates that report. It vindicates those of us who brought up the graphene oxide which is a poison for people. 

Dr. Jane Ruby:  on Monday I will look into the reports of 40 people who died within 2 weeks of getting the jab and they have their cardiac and brain tissue that are inflamed.  Some of these people were taken out quickly and this is from autopsies. 

Stew: don’t get these things.  If you do, the inevitable is that you are going to die. Please don’t give this to your kids.  This should be enough with all these hundreds of doctors worldwide saying this should stop immediately.



Here is more information on the same topic— Dr. Jane Ruby reported above: On Thursday, September 23, 2021, 12:45

A German group of pathologists did autopsies on 10 people who died after the Covid jab. Their findings are remarkable. Not only did they find that 7 out of the 10 autopsies were very likely or probably associated to the Covid jab, but they found something else…

FOREIGN BODIES IN THE COVID JABS. Lots of them. They think they’re metallic.



@TheSharpEdge1 Hi Sharp Edge, thank you for posting this!
I’m fluent in German and I’d like to add my observations:
I watched the doctors’ round table from the 02:00:00 mark. Very interesting. They found square forms in vaccines under the microscope that might be a sort of very tiny microchips. And they are observing a high number of patients with adverse reactions and also a lot of heart related diseases in formerly healthy and younger persons.

They noticed a spike in dementia as well. And the vaccine seems to worsen existing illnesses like inflammation or depression. They are working together with a worldwide network of doctors, who demand a proper and official investigation of all this. Because of missing pieces of information they can only guess at the moment. The doctors also demand the possibility of suing the pharma corporations, if it should turn out they put unknown ingredients in the vaccines. They have found the same patterns in many samples of all of the covid vaccines and in the blood of vaccinated people – but not in other existing vaccine serums like the flu shot.


Lynn Schmaltz shares information from Dr. Michael Yeadon—Variant stories are a Lie and the danger of the passports and the boosters.  Lynn also shares the information that some Vaxxx Dispensers are swapping out requested flu shots and giving the covid boosters  She also covers some new information from Mike Adams Health Ranger in Situation Update as well as some protocols shared by some physicians.


Below are the links for Lynn’s recent interview with Cary with 21st Century Super Human. 

Cary and Lynn Interview:

Mike Adams Situation Update on September 23, 2021 regarding aerosol spraying of spike proteins

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