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0923-2021 –Lynn Talks About Supply Chain Deliveries Plus What Can You Do With Plasma Energy Before You Encounter Coughing People? Are You Prepared?

Lynn Schmaltz shares information regarding the slowdown in the off-loading of container ships and how that is affecting the truckers in their deliveries…and notice from USPS that deliveries will be slower.  She also talks about what to do for yourself with plasma energy before you have encounters with coughing people.  Below are the links for Lynn’s recent interview with Cary with 21st Century Super Human.  

          Cary and Lynn Interview:

The Supply Chain is worse in September than in Aug, will cause more inflation and shortages–The Economic Ninja

Check out Sage’s channel here:

Economic Ninja, EN: and Sage: we are going to talk about Supply chain breakdowns. Sage sent me some information that the Port of Long Beach is backing up and we are seeing some things on the East Coast.  We are going to get an update of what is going on with these container ships.

Sage: we are dealing with a mess and breaking records everyday with how many ships are at the port  Long Beach  is our main port for receiving goods from the other side of the Pacific. We are at 70 today; 65 was Thursday’s record. 70 ships is a lot of ships to be off-loaded.  Just for reference you can have 1 or 2 ships and each ship can have approximately 18,000 containers on them.  Some ships have 20K to 25K on them, but 18K is a good reference.  That process takes a couple of days.

Right now they are at a 17 day backup and if you just showed up today and you are ship #70 you are 17 days out before you touch a dock. That is a huge waiting period for these ships.

Sage shows a graphic at Long Beach of ships that are not in anchor and are just floating around. They are not under command and don’t have the means to get out of the way of another ship coming by.  There are more ships at anchor waiting to get in and some in the port. 

Sage: there are more ships waiting at Savannah, Georgia and a lot of these ships are outbound traffic that have come down from New York and New Jersey.  They come to Savannah to pick up more containers.  Then they head out.  So the freight we are trying to get out is backed up.  It is backed up and the administration has created a supply chain task force to figure out what is going on and how it can be improved. 

Sage: the warehouses are not 24 hour warehouses so this delays the truck drivers.  The truck drivers are blaming the warehouses and nobody wants to work 24 hours to set this up.  If you are looking for Christmas stuff you better have ordered it last month.   Good luck. 

EN: people want to buy but they don’t know what the return policy will be if something doesn’t work that they purchase now for Christmas. They don’t want to buy this early.  I am seeing people who are thinking about buying silver or cryptos for gifts.

Sage: as you see these ships sit there you are also looking at trucks that we don’t have capacity for.  A lot of issues with the trucks are the semi-conductors and the chips for them that we don’t have. The trucks are breaking and this is called the def system.  This is an environmental system and if the sensor doesn’t work it actually downgrades the truck’s power and slows the trucks down.

Sage: so trucks aren’t coming in when they break down.  This could be silver and gold for stocking stuffers for Christmas.  The other items are having a difficult time getting to you.

EN: I see opportunity.  As we see the ships bound up.  We are not only reporting the bad news. The good news is that when these ships are able to unload their goods they are going to stores that will be flooded with inventory.  These stores have made orders and when all these come in they will be flooded with inventory.

Sage: we used to be on the ‘just in time’ inventory.  That process, when people want things they go somewhere else or get something else.  When the products finally come in to the stores then you will see massive sales.  You have the 2022 stuff coming in when we haven’t gotten the 2021 stuff. When it hits the shelves it is sale time to buy stuff.

EN: I understand the def issue.  We have been stuck on the desert hauling a load and couldn’t go more than 25 MPH.  this a large duelly that I’m talking about. Our truck had to stay in Nevada while they diagnosed the problem which was a dirty sensor.  It was nothing to fix but we were out of commission for a week. 

Sage: one of my main carriers has a truck that has been down for 3 months because they can’t get parts and there is an 8 to 10 month back-order for the def system.  Any diesel has to run the def system past a certain  year.  That year might be 1999. An older truck doesn’t have to run on the def.  when they can’t get parts that causes a high demand for the guys that can run. Now you are paying those guys more money.  That is good for the truck driver but that brings an increase in prices.

EN: those price increases make their way through the system to the end user. Do you buy now to lock in lower prices?  We are going to see higher prices because of all kinds of log jams in the supply system.

Sage: this is something a lot of carriers and shippers are trying to deal with.  The amount can double and triple and where does this end up?  There keeps being new records set.

EN: something no one is paying attention to….if a truck driver has a truck down for 3 months that is lost income that is never coming back. The store that cannot get goods has bare shelves.  That bare shelf is real estate and that means one less item you can sell to your customers. They are going somewhere else.  You have the lost revenue from the merchandise not there and possibly a lost customer. Think about all the docked ships. It is more than just goods—that is a lifeline for the store and some of these goods may not get to the store before the store closes their doors.

EN: we are seeing big box stores closing their doors.  What happens to the goods for that store?  If the company is solvent they will reroute to their other stores.  But what if this is for a mom and pop store and by the time the shipment comes in you are closing the doors or it is bankruptcy time.  Many goods may not make it to their destination.

Sage: I’ll use flowers as an example.  Flowers have specific sales date like Mothers’ Day.  School supplies are top dollar at the right time.  Sneakers and new clothes are top dollar before school starts. Stores may mark that up knowing that you are going to get these things for your kids.  But after those days pass, the flowers after Mothers’ Day are 50 cents. 

Sage: knowing when the seasons and purchases come, the stores have to make their big profits.  If they don’t they can’t make it the following year.  Many stores don’t start to make money until November. That is the time of profits and if the merchandise isn’t there the profits aren’t there.

EN: use Halloween as an example.  The decorations that don’t make it in time for Halloween will sell for pennies. Every Halloween decorations on those ship might get there the week before Halloween now.

Sage: if you are the store that gets it the week after, you are in trouble. 

EN: the store will have to eat that. We are going to see some huge write downs in corporate balance sheets coming into the 4th quarter because of these scenarios right now.

Sage: I agree 100% .  silver is dropping now…it’s time to buy silver.

EN: the stock market is down today and we are seeing the beginning of liquidity issues.

Sage: shipping and logistics all roll into this.  You tie it all together.

EN: this is extreme pressure on truckers and worse than the fuel crisis in 2008 when truck drivers are just pulling over to the side of the road.  They had written a contract for a certain amount and they couldn’t even pay for the gas for the entire contract. They were pulling over.  It is 10 times worse now.

Sage: the other problem is that everything happens in cycles and you have guys coming in knowing this at this part of the cycle.  What happens when that cycle comes down?

EN: it’s like becoming a real estate agent for the last couple of years and you are making so much money it is insane. Or let’s say you are a real estate agent in the early 2000s and you could sell, sell, sell and were making money. And then it stopped.  The real estate agent like the owner-operator truck driver are spending money like it is coming in and they are going into more debt.  And then the income stops.

EN: if they used debt to finance their business, and I know a lot of real estate agents rolling around in Land Rovers and making the payments on them.  When the band stops playing the music, watch out.

Sage: I want to tell truck drivers that this is not normal and don’t base this as normal. Do I think it is going to drop way down? No, but it’s still a kick in the teeth when you go down from $5 a mile to $3 a mile.

EN: people said that about lumber…that it would go down but not all the way.  All of a sudden it does and there’s a knee jerk reaction and they are buying it up and raising the price a bit.  It will come back down and people need to get ready for this.

Sage: if you are in the trucking industry just realize that what is good today might not be good tomorrow and maintain that discipline in regards to that business. It’s still a business so run it like a business.

EN: keep an eye on this situation because I think it is going to get worse.  This is not for fear but so you can take advantage of it.


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A trucker saying to shut everything down Oct 1st. and to get all your money out of the bank and put it in a safe place (not in your house)

Class Mail Delivery Times May Affect You

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Effective October 1, 2021, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has revised its service standards for certain First-Class Mail items, resulting in a delivery window of up to five days. Please note that this may delay your receipt of mail from us and our receipt of mail from you (including mailed payments). Please take this change into account when mailing items to us via USPS. For more information, visit  

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