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SGT Report: Dr. Zev Zalenko

Dr. Zev Zalenko:  250,000 Americans dead from the vaxx? SGT report

Dr. Z and SGT:

SGT: The media has been lying and to me there needs to be strong penalties for those who are lying as they are leading to deaths.

Dr. Z: Ivermectin is used to kill parasites and that is why the people who orchestrated this are so upset; they are the real parasites.  They know that Ivermectin is so effective that it and hydroxychloraquine eliminate the risk of Covid 19.  For that reason they are so against it; it undermines their weapon of fear.

The whole point of Covid 19 by the globalist parasites is to cause us, as a planet, to be afraid and in isolation.  We know that in psychological warfare fear and isolation lead to their being easy to manipulate and they can be forced to take the injection. 

It is an anti-parasitic agent and that is why the parasites are so afraid of Ivermectin.  Even though it is also used in animals, so is amoxicillin. It is complete propaganda and a way to vilify and scare people away from using Ivermectin. It is getting the same media treatment as hydroxy-chloraquine did a year ago.

This is a coordinated effort of media as well as academia who performed the academic fraud and gave the false justification to lockdown the world. Then you have the politicians who set the policy and the pharmaceutical industry that have been instrumental in working out the logistics of the global death phenomenon.  There are few people who can coordinate and influence academia, industry and politics.

This narrows the list of suspects to around 150 people. 70% of the world’s corporate wealth is essentially owned by 150 people. It is these people that are stakeholders who have orchestrated this crime.  I have to tell you that it’s brilliant and it’s evil how they pulled this off.  We are on to them and we caught them.

They know their tyranny is coming to an end and they have no place to go.  People like Bill Gates, George Soros, Klaus Schwab are the field marshals for the forces of evil behind them. They are in big trouble and they will do everything possible to perpetuate and push off the inevitable.  Unfortunately more people will die with their tactics. 

My advice is when you hear the mainstream media tell you something that is not good for you, then just assume the opposite. 

SCT: they are dug in and I feel their plan is clumsy and it’s obvious to those who are critical thinkers and can process the data we have talked about here. These are clear cut crimes against humanity and these enemies of humanity really ought to be afraid.  Either they win and extinguish humanity or they lose and we extinguish them. I don’t see any other way, do you?

Dr Z: I choose option B.  This is pre-meditated mass murder and genocide.  The proof is a year ago in October when the FDA informed their own employees of the side effects of these vaccines.  There is a slide that they showed that someone leaked.  It included neurological issues, Bell’s palsy, transverse myelitis, multiple sclerosis, tremors, seizures and more. These have all been reported on the VAERS system.

There is 100% correlation between the FDA lecture to its employees about the known side effects and what has happened in reality to innocent people.  When you have 100% correlation it means that this was known and premeditated. 

These vaccines have been deployed to cause such harm, to cause a reduction in the world’s population and to sterilize people.  It’s a conspiracy reality. There was a bio-distribution study by Pfizer that was leaked from Japan.  What the study showed was that the lie we were being told that an injection in the arm did not stay right in the area of the injection.

The vaccine injected goes into every single organ system, every organ in your body.  They could measure the spikes from the vaccine in every part of your body.  The number one place where the vaccine ended up was in the ovaries of the women.

Proven side effects are that in the few months the vaxx causes blood clots. That is why the pilots are dropping dead. It causes myocarditis—heart damage—in which 50% of the people will die.  It causes miscarriage rates up to 80%.  It causes increases in cancer, autoimmune diseases and infertility. There is also the dreaded antibody dependent enhancement which many world experts are screaming that this will lead to genocide.

All this is being done for a disease that has a near 100% cure rate if you look at the statistics.  The kids do not need it and they have 100% rate of recovery. People who have had covid have superior God-given natural immunity and don’t need the vaxx.  Even people that are high-risk with our successful strategies, we have reduced hospitalization by 85%.

There is no medical necessity and no need for these vaccines. And yet, they are being givin with all the horrific side effects.  Even more, they don’t even work.  If you look at the countries with the most immunized populations—Israel, Gibraltar,  Seychelles—now all have major outbreaks of the ‘Delta’ variant.

Dr. Z: a study came out of Viet Nam that people who are vaxxed have a 251 times increase in viral load and the amount of virus in them when they get sick than the unvaxxed. It is the vaxxed patients that are getting sicker and they are the ones spreading the virus.  A similar study came out of China that it is 1000-fold.  So if the whistle blowers are saying 50,000 Americans are dead, it could easily be 250,000.

So what we are seeing according to Dr. Robert Malone, is the beginnings of the antibody dependent enhancement. It is the vaxxed people who are sicker and they are getting other people sick.  That is the big lie now. In Israel they are pushing a 3rd and 4th shot—it is silly and horrific.  People with any sense should stay away from it.

It may cause temporary discomfort such as losing your job or getting expelled from school and you may not be able to dine in your favorite restaurant or travel.  I’d rather sacrifice some present discomforts to maintain my future and my fertility. Normal people sacrifice for the future. Only pagan societies will sacrifice the future for the present.   That is exactly what we are doing.

Look at Dr. Michael Yeadon, who was a Vice-president at Pfizer and the head of vaccine development.  He told me personally that for every child that would die naturally from covid, 100 die from the complications of the vaccine.  That is child sacrifice.

SGT: you have said that before.  I want to name names of 3 people for crimes.  But first, you helped President Trump get treatment with hydroxychloraquine which is demonized by the media.  Then Ivermectin came out and that has been demonized by the medfia.  Then the protocol rolled out by the CDC to put people on the experimental drug, Remdesivir which causes renal and kidney failure leading to people being put on ventilators. Then they die.

SCT: These are clear cut crimes against humanity.  Now it’s getting harder and harder to find the hydroxychloraquine and the Ivermectin for doctors to prescribe.  You came up with Z-stack which is zinc, quercitin, vitamin c and vitamin d and the delivery system to get these vitamins into your cells is the quercitin.  Can people gather these vitamins themselves? Explain the science.

Dr. Z: first of all I will thank Gov. Cuomo; when he blocked access to medications—hydroxychloraquine– for my patients by issuing an executive order to block pharmacies from dispensing it.  I was forced to research and the NIH discussed quercitin as the substance that gets zinc into the cells. This is the key to the treatment.  I had to research quercitin and it was over the counter.  I realized I had found the cure to tyranny.  The risk factors to dying from covid is the moronic doctor that delays treatment and the tyrannical government that blocks access to life-saving medication. 

Since quercitin was over the counter it made it easy for patients to get the medication they need.  I open-sourced the information.  But many people came back and said they could not find everything in one place and there is a variance in the brands and the potencies.  I was asked to put everything in one pill and in one bottle and I did that.  There is price gouging going on now with quercitin and what I put together is cheaper than what you can get separately.

The zinc inhibits an important enzyme in the cell and that enzyme is crucial for the replication of all the strains of covid, no matter what strain.  They all use the same pathway and it turns out that influenza virus uses RNA dependent polymers to reproduce.  There is evidence and there is literature that implies by inhibiting this enzyme you can prophylax in treating the flu. 

There is another virus that is a big problem in children in the elderly and that is RSV and there is no known treatment, but RSV also uses the same pathway. So there is a good chance that inhibition of the RNA dependent polymer can be done with zinc. This will eliminate or reduce the risk of getting 3 major viral infections—corona, flu and RSV.  Zinc needs help getting to the right place to do its job and that is where the delivery systems come in.

And still hydroxychloraquine and Ivermectin are really the best options if you can get them and you are high risk.  If you cannot get them you need to improvise.  There is also EGCG which is a green tea extract which functions the same way as quercitin, Ivermectin or hydroxyl-chloraquine. It is a different delivery system—a different model of ‘gun.’  Think of zinc as the bullet and you have the gun which delivers the bullet of the zinc to the right place. 

Your ‘machine guns’ are hydroxychloraquine and Ivermectin.  The weaker ‘gun’ options are very good options for the low-risk patients.  When I started treating covid in the beginning and it was a big mystery, my job was to keep people alive, out of the hospital and off the respirators.  That is how I defined success.

But now since we are so good at doing that I began identifying symptom reduction.  If someone is 20 years old they are not going to die of covid. They are going to suffer for 2 weeks so it has value if I can give them something to reduce their suffering and return to society quicker. Even low risk individuals are treated earlier in the disease process and they get better quicker and have fewer complications. It is an art and you need to use judgment.  The over-counter options are good for the low-risk people.

SGT:  taking one zstack morning and night are like taking any other vitamin regiment.  Taking it daily, you can save your hydroxychloraquine and Ivermectin. 

Dr. Z: I do recommend once a week dosing of the Ivermectin and hydroxychloraquine for people as maintenance. In addition you can use the quercitin, C, D and Zinc.  If someone gets sick, it’s the daily regimen. The amount of aggression depends on the risk category of the patient.

In my opinion anyone who is vaccinated is in the high risk category and they would benefit from the daily prophylaxis.  The trigger to their complication, the antibody dependent enhancement, is a similar viral infection, and the poisonous antibodies they produce.  The detonator is another viral infection similar to what they have been vaxxed for.

SCT: the good news is that the Zstack ingredients are cheap and widely available.  The 3 enemies of humanity are trying to force an injection on the global population without telling them what the ingredients are.  Your Zstack has the ingredients right on it.  Another thing that is safe and widely available is budesonide which is in Rhinocort.  Does that help treat people as well?

Dr. Z: it’s a wonderful drug; I thank Dr. Richard Bartlett who introduced its used.  You are describing Rhinocort and Flonase which are nasal sprays. You would need a nebulizer or inhalant for budesonide.  Keep in mind that it is the inflammation that kills people by leading to blood clots and lung damage. The steroids, budesonide, are powerful in getting rid of inflammation and improving breathing of patients.  However, it is better to treat covid 19 in the first few days before lung complications begin.  Treat the viral infection and then you don’t get the complication.

You need to deal with the lung infection and blood clots if they occur.  The best illness is the one that never happens. My protocol has been early intervention within the first few days of symptoms.  I have not sent a patient to the hospital in a year if they came at the right time when they had symptoms. Early treatment in high risk individuals is key.  There are many approaches for treatment. 

My protocol is the use of everything that works.  That is dynamic medicine and as we get more information a good doctor is supposed to integrate that and modify his treatment with the best available knowledge at that time. Only bad providers are so rigid that it is ‘my way or the highway.’  I use what works with my patients and I custom tailor with each patient—the key is early intervention with high risk patients and each one needs to be treated as if they are unique. Treatment should not be cookie cutter but a customized treatment for the best results.

SGT: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  I have heard people who are hospitalized are low in vitamin D. I’m not a doctor, but there is a lot of cheap and available Vitamin D. 

Let’s turn our attention to those who are not providing proper care.  What about the doctors following the very strict regimen of the NIH and the CDC which is essentially depriving people of Ivermectin or hydroxychloraquine, forcing them to take Remdesevir.  When that shuts their kidneys down, they get ventilated. 

I think Stew Peters who said in an interview that “this is not ‘willful ignorance’; it is willful and it’s not ignorance.”  How much do you think doctors are being compensated for this genocide?  What are your comments?

Dr. Z: what do you call someone who graduated last in medical school?  Doctor. In my opinion 97% of the people who have that title don’t deserve it.  More than half of the doctors that are refusing to treat patients in the right time frame, for themselves and their families, have a private stash of hydroxychloraquine and Ivermectin and do the prophylaxis or take early treatment.  They know the truth.  I don’t think they are being compensated but rather they are just following orders.  It’s like WWII Nuremburg trials, “I was just following orders.”

But, you have a moral compass and since the license to practice medicine means that it is your obligation to provide the most honest and best care available, care that you would give yourself or your own family, to your patients.  What many doctors have done has created a 2 tier system where the patients are not getting timely treatment.  Doctors are doing that because they are afraid of losing their license and they are afraid of being fired or vilified.

Initially we didn’t know, but it became obvious in dozens of peer-reviewed studies that early intervention reduces death and hospitalization by 85% it is immoral and a crime against humanity to let someone who comes to your office for help to go home without treatment. They often get sicker, end up in the hospital and die and this is a crime against humanity.

SGT: will there ever be penalties for these people?  What if there was a mandate in a governmental agency that all mechanics must use special brake pads?  But then we say accidents sky rocket because of brake failure. You can correlate that easily.  But we are told that the VAERS reporting of the vaccine’s damage, the blood clots and the heart attacks are not related to the vaxxx. That is what we are asked to believe.  The same is true of Remdesivir that shuts down the kidneys.  We live in an upside down world.

Dr.Z: we need to look at the package insert for Remdesivir.  It is reported by the company itself—one of the side effects is that 23% of people that take it develop liver damage, 15% develop kidney damage and 6% develop cardiac arrhythmias, which is called atrial fibrillation which is a dangerous type of heart arrhythmia and 1% die. This is all according to the package insert of the drug itself. 

Secondly anyone who practices medicine can see the correlation between young people with no medical problems who then have catastrophic injuries such as death, stroke or heart attack within 3 days of getting the shot, 40% of the deaths reported on VAERS  happen within the first 3 days after the shot there is an absolute correlation and you would think after so many deaths the FDA would investigate. There is zero interest in that and there are 150,000 of the VAERS reports have been scrubbed.  Many of my colleagues have their attempted reports on VAERS rejected when they have lost patients.

There was a study in 2009 that was a Harvard study that showed only 1% of adverse events were actually reported to VAERS. It’s likely that death, stroke and heart attack could have higher reporting.  Even if it is 10 to 20% we are still looking at massive under-reporting. You can safely multiply what we are being told by 5.  If a whistleblower says 50,000 deaths, then we easily have 250,000 dead Americans.

SGT: there are real people dying at the hands of the CEOs of Moderna, J&J, Pfizer. These men refuse to release the ingredients list of what is in these experimental vaccines as the government tries to mandate vaccines on the entire population. What are your thoughts on these men and their Joseph Mengele type crimes?

Dr.Z: they are monsters, but they are the field marshals who are acting on orders of the stake holders.  We need to look deeper to see who is organizing this. The real masterminds are too smart to put themselves out there so they use proxies like these animals to do their bidding.  But these are animals and they need to be destroyed like the guy on Pfizer who called Israel the biggest laboratory in the world.

These policies of these drug companies violate the Geneva Convention and they violate human decency and the prohibition against doing human experimentation without informed consent.  If a person wants to be part of an experiment and are told the risks, they have free choice.  I am against lying and telling people these vaxx are safe when they are not. They are horrific.  They don’t work and you don’t need them. 

The coercion of no school or no job is used to make people take a poison death shot.  This is a well-choreographed effort to reduce the world population. Listen to their words; you don’t have to believe me. Bill Gates in 2015 said at a Ted lecture on video that in his opinion the world population needed to be reduced to 15% which is a billion people with the use of vaccines to ‘prevent global warming.’

In 2020 the same Bill Gates monster said 7 billion people need to be vaccinated.  Why would I take a vaccine supposedly for my health that is financed by someone who wants to reduce the world population?

SGT: that 100% right and in that Ted talk Bill Gates gave an equation of people and energy output and energy use.  He said that one of the numbers would have to be close to zero and the people laughed.  The easiest way for Gates to get his Utopian dream is to reduce the population or the carbon output to zero (meaning the planet dies) or the energy use close to zero and we all die because we have no access to energy.  It is all diabolical; these people are demonic.

Dr.Z.: they are more than demonic.  What is interesting about these animals is that they tell you up front what they are going to do.  There is a patent that got registered and approved August 31, 2021 and it describes the existing technology in the vaccines that allows for the measurement of internal data such as temperature and heart rate. And that information and your location are transmitted to a 3rd party.  You don’t have to believe me; just look up patent #11107588 which describes the technology that is already in your vaccines.

Dr.Z: there is also a patent that was filed and is owned by Microsoft, WO2020-060606 and the name of the patent is Crypto Currency System Using Body Activity Data.  What that means is when you have apple pay or credit cards and you just tap it.  What is being done is Klaus Schwab in 2016 in an interview in a French media platform: within 10 years every single human being on this planet will have a digital identifier. 

That means that your ability to do crypto commerce which is the trend heading away from paper money, will be implanted in you.  It’s like having an EZ pass to drive through a toll in your car and you get a bill later.  But you are being injected now with tracking technology that cannot be separated from you.  I can throw the EZ pass out the window and I am separated.

But the technology in the injection becomes a permanent aspect of your very being.  Then you have a phenomenon that you could turn off someone’s ability to do commerce, to buy bread, if they are not registered and if they are not downloading their physiological data to a third party. Since it is known where you are at all times, and perhaps you are not liked, you might not be able to travel out of a 5-mile radius like they do in China with the social credit scores. 

Your ability to do commerce can be prevented if you go outside of your 5-mile radius. This is what the Christian religion calls the mark of the beast.  The key of control of humanity is given to a few citizens. And it is understood that if anyone breaks into my house and hurts my children against my will that we are going to stand our ground and use every weapon and tool in our arsenal to protect our family. 

The government knows this.  By doing so they will unleash a fury of the American patriot that will make the Civil War look like kindergarten.  I am just sensing the pulse of the people—be warned that we are onto your tyranny, we see and understand your agenda and we are ready and prepared to protect our families and God’s consciousness.  This is a spiritual war and we will protect our ability to worship our God, to maintain our sovereignty, to protect our families at all costs.

You will not be able to suppress all our voices; maybe you will some of them.  You may kill some of us, imprison us, some of us will lose our jobs, our positions, our schooling and so on. Maybe we won’t travel on planes, but we will overcome. The American people, the heart of the American people, didn’t sacrifice 300 years of soldiers dying on the battlefield, bleeding for freedom, to give up that freedom to tyrannical despots like Bill Gate and the people he represents.   BE WARNED!

SGT: that’s right—be warned and also be warned if you are one of the tyrants playing along with this script.  We are going to remove you from government and you will be replaced with people that actually cherish liberty and freedom.  I want to show 2 more faces of the tyranny and then I’ll show opposition to the tyranny so we can end on a good note and good news.  Another face of tyranny is the Governor of Illinois, Pritzker, and Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago who has openly on video pledged her allegiance to the New World Order.

The opposition to that tyranny:  The Chicago Police Union Head Urges Members To Defy Vaccine Mandates, Warns Force To Shrink 50% This Weekend.  This is the opposition to the tyranny.  We see it with nurses leaving their positions.  We see it with pilots leaving Southwest Airlines basically going on strike to combat the vaccine mandate.  That is the good news. A lot of people are waking up and just stand up to the tyranny and be a hero. It’s not that hard to stand up to tyranny when it is so blatant and obvious.

Dr.Z: I like to look into biblical sources for inspiration.  They were much smarter than us.  King David in his Psalms writes: Turn away from bad, do good and live.   I’d like to describe that.

Turn away from bad in this context is 3 things: 

1.  Do not submit to the fear; the fear is the tactic of the enemy that is used to enslave you.

2. Do not isolate yourself from the people you love. Human beings are social creatures and we need to surround ourselves with loving family and friends. Do not isolate yourself.  If you live in fear and isolate yourself you are going to go crazy and when that happens you are easily manipulated.

3.  Do not take a poison death shot. That is turning away from bad.

Do good—in this context if you are in the high risk category, say over the age of 45 and have medical problems and took the vaccine, you should be in prophylaxis.  You really should take preventative medicine to prevent the bombs from detonating.  That means, don’t take another shot.  Also take anti-viral medications—they are safe, they are cheap and they work. If you are in the high risk category and you do get sick, you really must start treatment in the first few days. Then you will be and you will live.

There is a lot of open optimism and I am very optimistic about the future and I feel that there is divine consciousness awakening in the world.  It’s the exact opposite of what these sociopaths wanted to do. If you notice any tyrannical government first wants to eradicate houses of religion and worship.

It is a simple walk.  If I am bowed down to God I cannot bow down to them. I derive my fortitude and strength and passion to live from The Creator.  So I don’t need them; I will stand my ground. By eliminating houses of worship they are trying to eliminate the source of strength that decent human beings need.

The answer to them is the exact opposite and it’s the strengthening of divine consciousness and to bow down to the Creator who made you something from nothing.  Happy birthday everyone; He just made you and he is the one that created you and sustains you and will sustain you.  He is the source of your energy to withstand the fear and that is the best prescription I can give you.

Trust God; turn away from these despots and stop watching social media and main stream media. Wondrous things are about to happen.

SGT: the Great Awakening comes to mind.  Either they extinguish us or we extinguish them.  Is it the Great Awakening or the Great Reset?

Dr.Z:  I like to play with words; I am globalist in believing that we need a great reset and we need to build back better. But let me redefine their terms. I believe God is the King of kings and He has global dominion over the world.  I am a globalist in that sense.  And I do think we need a great reset from paganism and child sacrifice to divine worship. We definitely have to reset the mentality of humanity. Then we can build back better a divine society, a God-centered society where the holiness and the light of God will extinguish the evil.    

What are your thoughts?

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