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Auslander Woo…Clif High

1018-2021-Auslander Woo…Clif High

The barbaroi class is the ‘others’, the outlanders…the Auslanders.  The Powers that Be are trying to separate the planet into the serfs and the barbarians—the outlanders.  They have reintroduced their ultimate control of support which is the passport. The passport allows the serf to leave the property to which he or she is bound. Serfs are chattel and part of the property. 

The offspring of the kings, titled nobleman, ancient Romans, Greece, Turkish Ottoman Empire, Egypt, any empire when those kings, etc. died got the title to the land, the cattle and the serfs.  The serfs were bound to the land and forbidden to leave the land of the liege (holder/controller) lord.  Serfs were given passports to travel from one town to another.  They had to have that to get to where they were going and their point of origin.  It did not matter that they could not read.

Today the vaxxport declares you as the obedient serf who has taken the vaxx.  You are the serf who has permission to travel and not part of the locked down social order.  They are trying to create the Auslander, the pariah in order to get as many people as possible to be serfs.  I don’t think they have 80%; it is a high percentage in some peoples and some areas, but not 80% overall.

We are at that point in the global war against the CCP (Communist Chinese Party) in order to see who is on which side.  None of the people in Africa care about the vaxx or the passports and they have virtually no covid deaths to speak of.

We now have a situation where the serfs are dying of ‘super flu’ or a ‘supercold’ as they call it in Britain.  It is a respiratory ailment just like covid and if you are not careful it goes into double pneumonia.  These people are going to the hospital and we are at the point that vitamin D is not coming in as plentifully from the sun. So the people in northern Europe, Canada, and UK are showing up with this super cold. It is really a degraded system because of the vaxx. 

The further degradation of the immune system because of lower vitamin D causes them to be extremely susceptible as their vitamin D levels have dropped down into illness level.  They become susceptible to the flu and it’s a killer if you have been vaxxed because that vaxx has eliminated your immune system step by step.

We now see that the passport is now dependent on the number of the vaxxes you had.  As they roll out the 5th booster you have to get the fifth booster to get your passport to ‘go to the next town’.  Otherwise you have a serf status with no privileges.  This is entirely an obedience control system.  Plus, they are killing people off with it.

There is another timeline that goes from January 20th when they got Joe Biden in there until about May of 2022 and sometimes in December or late January 2022 was my target date for when they would ask the UN to come in and help us out.  They would have degraded our hospital systems over fall.  They have all the vaccine mandates out there, they are firing all the nurses, and they are degrading the military and the hospital system. 

This is all planned by the Biden people so we get a huge bloom of illness with the super flu striking all the serfs—the vaxxed people, and our hospitals absolutely crash in November through February. Sometime in here the Biden people say that tens of millions of people are dying and we need help. 

They will ask the UN to send the Chinese troops and their medical staff to come in and take over our hospitals. We cannot fathom what happened and ‘somehow our hospitals crashed’ and we need the Chinese to come in take over the hospital system because we have so many people dying on the streets from the super flu.  That is the scenario.

The Chinese would come in under the guise of the UN and they would as methodically and rapidly as they could, kill 200 million or more Americans…as many as they possibly could through the hospitals.  That is the goal here and the hospitals are the new concentration and death camps.  It really isn’t that because they don’t want the camp part at all and they don’t want you to live.  They just want you to self-select and funnel right through their death machines as rapidly as they can.

Now they are eliminating the last of the problems in the hospitals which are those people that are not vaxxed—the purebloods, the Auslanders that are the ‘barbarians so that they will totally take control over them.  When the UN comes in the first thing they will be doing is killing off the existing hospital staff who are vaxxed.  They will succumb to this super flu.

Then it will be 100% UN control and it will be Chinese troops that will be occupying every hospital they can possibly get into in the US.  They will be fortifying and protecting themselves from the fierce Auslanders, the ‘radical Trumpers that want to shoot the ‘poor UN white hats’ for doing a medical intervention in the dying US population. 

Oh, the ‘evil Auslanders’!  These ‘awful’ Auslanders just don’t ‘understand’ that these ‘lovely Chinese boys’ are not killing the patients.  They are helping clear out the hospitals of all the dead people that are going to die anyway.  Maybe they are ‘speeding’ up a few along in the process but it’s for their ‘own good.’

That is the plan so by the time we get over to May, 2022, the first part of the planting season of 2022 as far as the UN and the Chinese are concerned.  They will be fully in control and will start taking over the farm land and getting moving on their desired project which is ‘Farm America’ and ship everything to America.

It is not going to work out that way—they have their own problems in China and the Chinese cannot come over and do what the plan says because of the nature of their own issues and everything that is going to be going down here in the US and the western as well as in China.

It is not working out the way they thought.  People are not dying as rapidly and smoothly as they thought.  There has been a lot of resistance and the numbers are not anywhere near as high as what they wanted for vaccinations.  Bear in mind the plan was, according to Biden, that by the 4th of July they wanted 70% of the US vaccinated.

If they had achieved that they would not care about passports.  They would not even have been an issue.  Would there have been any mandates?  NO, it would not have come up.  They didn’t come anywhere close to 70%.  If they had the Chinese would be happy because in January and February these 70% would be dying and they would only have to worry about the 30% that had not taken the vaxx.

They would still have their little scenario about coming in as the UN white hats and medical staff to save our hospitals. That was the plan and we didn’t get anywhere near 70%.  Now the plan has gotten wonky because they don’t know how many at a threshold level of too many Americans that are too well armed for them to do this kind of operation that they wanted to.

That was to turn all the hospitals into exit chambers for Americans.  That was their plan and they are still working on the passports globally.  Keep in mind they are going to do this all over Europe as well. They want to eliminate as many people non-Chinese as they possibly can through this agenda—that is the CCP.

The powers that be, the globalists—the sadists, the Satanists, the king, queen, pope—want to eliminate as many people as possible.  They don’t care about the Chinese. They think they are in control and they are not.  What is happening because of the way they are setting up the whole structure is that the Auslander is being reinforced and made stronger by this whole process.

We are being brought together and made more cohesive. We are being made more inter-connected, more resilient and more anti-fragile by all the stuff that is coming down on us.  We see this everywhere.  I have just discovered they are coming down on C60 and it is something I take as part of my health regimen, whether you have been vaxxed or not vaxxed.  It will be an aid during this time.

The powers that be know that C60 among other things like NAC (n-acetyl cystine), Vitamin D, and other substances are aids to the purebloods in fighting off the shedding caused by the ‘serfs’.  They don’t want us to have anything that will boost us up; they want us to feel weak, be ill, enter the hospital and submit to the requirement to take the shot and then pass off our mortal ‘coil’ and just be a body for them to dispose of.

That was the whole goal over the course of these few years. It was really clever and it isn’t turning out the way they wanted.  It is going to go really wonky here really quick. This month there will be a giant hiccup.  They have done the damage to the hospitals but nothing that we cannot rebuild rapidly as the ‘Auslander/barbarians’.

This is just to let you know that as an Auslander—a barbarian at the gate—keep  your health up and your Vitamin D up.  This super flu is running around and the serfs—the compliant people who took the vaxx—are indeed a danger because they are the vector for the spike protein and the spike is the bioweapon.

If you encounter the spike go to my twitter-feed, clif_high and I have a pinned post that is all the stuff you can take if you are vaxxed or unvaxxed.  Look at the list and some of it will tell you what you can take to help eliminate spike protein if/when you encounter people who are shedding. 

This was just to let you know you are either the serf (the vaxxed) or the Auslander/barbarian (the unvaxxed).  You are out of this owned state and therefore you are a danger to the state.  That is why they are calling us terrorists and so forth.  They are trying to bring us back into this feudal system. 

They had structured this so that only serfs were going to be part of their entire process and they would be controlled by where they could travel or not travel according to the ‘lord of the manor’ who says you can or cannot travel. You would have to have the passport and they would have trained all the serfs like sheep.  It isn’t working out that way and things will get wonky.

They do not have a Plan B and they will keep pushing in on this until it totally fails on them and the whole thing collapses.  As there is no plan B to back down gracefully, this will probably get very ugly over these next few months.  We know that it is getting ugly now because of the super flu that has come out and is striking the people in Europe and is in to Canada.

I haven’t heard of many cases in the US, but it will get there.  Welcome, Outlander/Auslander. It’s a hell of a world. But this next version, this sci-fi world, will be a lot better. We just have to get through these next couple of years of the powers that be going crazy.

Well, I was looking for a life when this one came along so I really can’t bitch.  

What are your thoughts?

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