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SHUNGITE MAGNETS_What Are They? Why Should You Want To Have Them?



Read what Dr. Lee Merritt says about radiation sickness:

Dr. Lee Merritt: I am starting to see younger people that are getting sick with something.  If you look at what we know about electromagnetic frequency toxicity, it is indistinguishable from what they call covid. 

The idea is that we don’t have an isolated virus.  We are told that we have a virus and we are being told it is airborne and a lot of things that are not proven.

But we do know something about electromagnetic frequency and the history behind the pandemic of 1928 and various flu pandemics in the past. 

What happens is that when you are in an electromagnetic field your metabolism depends on your being able to have electron transport chain in your mitochondria. The mitochondria are little parts of your cells like furnaces that produce power from food… 

0102-2022-5G-Directed Energy Weapons-Microwaves Video Marathon. Dr Lee Meritt Covid 5G Connection, Electro-Magnetic Radiation Sickness

Now Read What Dr. Paul Researched Several Years Ago….

Here are some comments Paul put together about why shungite is effective after we used a meter for checking the energy fields of the shungite. 

Paul: It was interesting because the meter shows that energy fields are not blocked.  However, the energy fields are changed because of the shungite and there is not an instrument that will measure the torsion field and its rotation which has been changed from a left rotation to a right rotation.  The right rotation is beneficial to humans, plants and animals.  The left rotation is not beneficial to humans, plants and animals.  This research has been verified by various scientists, mostly Japanese and Russian. 

When Paul saw that fields were not blocked he had to do more research and discovered by reading the works of Russians and Japanese that the torsion field rotation is the deciding factor for the effectiveness of shungite.  

Here’s what Paul had a local woman do with her magnet when she still had pain in her hand a month after carpal tunnel surgery: 

One of the women who works at our local post office was on leave for carpal tunnel surgery.  When she came back she told Lynn she still had a very sore spot on the lower center part of the palm of her hand. 

Lynn gave her some plasma energy gloves to wear. Paul told Lynn to give her one of our telephone shungite magnets that has shungite, silver gans and a magnet and put it on that sore sport. 

When Lynn saw her the next day and she said the pain was gone from that spot.  She had worn the gloves all night and put the shungite magnet on the spot on the hand inside her glove. When Lynn saw her she’d been at work for 5 hours handling packages.  

Paul started researching Shungite in early 2018.  It is a ‘perfect’ mineral combination out of Russia that has everything known to be on the periodic table. It is named after the Russian village, Shunga, near the Finland border. 

It is thought that the shungite is from an ancient meteor as this is the only known source of shungite.  Research is showing that it is effective against 5G radiation, wifi radiation and much more. 

Dr. Lee Merritt Continues:

When you disrupt that electron chain ever so slightly you disrupt your ability to optimally metabolize food.  That is essentially what happens if you are toxic from non-ionizing radiation. 

It is interesting when you go back…my family is filled with electrical engineers and they are working in the macro-environment.   They think I’m nuts.  But it’s true that we are dealing with micro-currents and very, very small currents going through and causing this.

In 1918 they never proved transmission of the flu.  They did things like taking snot and put it into healthy people and could not get them sick. They spun the snot down, tried to purify it and make it so they had small concentrated particles. 

They injected this into volunteers and they did not get the flu.  Horses came down with this but they couldn’t transmit it from horse to horse.  What was going on? It is interesting that we call it the “Spanish Flu.”  It did not start in Spain; it started in Ft. Riley Kansas. What was happening there?

A group of army guys were being trained to go overseas and among them was a group of telegraphers—the people who were learning to do Morse code.  It was the first time that humans were around interrupted electrical signals—alternating current.

What happened even before that was what we called telegrapher’s disease.  As soon as lines went up, telegraphers started getting sick—not necessarily dying, but they were getting sick around the world.

In 1928 4 things came together. We had the telegraphers being trained in Ft. Riley, Kansas and it was the first time that we gave our military a battery of vaccines before they went overseas.

We had a drug that was being given inappropriately and it was called Aspirin. Bayer had lost their patent on Aspirin and they were convincing doctors through the AMA to use it whenever there was fever. 

We have a lot of these memory books from 1918 that show doctors just pushing handfuls of aspirin into these young recruits that were sick with the so-called flu. 

Ultimately a pathologist from the armed forces was sent out to do autopsies on these people in 1918.  What he found was bloody lungs. They were bleeding into their lungs. 

Inflammation and aspirin overdose explains a lot of this and a lot of people died. Most people don’t realize that before the telegram lines were laid we didn’t have seasonal influenza which had a world-wide outburst. 

Influenza comes from the word ‘influence.’  Nobody knew what it was from but they knew that periodically in the 1500s and 1700s there would be an outbreak all around the world. Then it would be absent for decades and then it would happen again. 

I think the 5G is part of the end game and they are distracting us with everything else.



At first they rolled out 5G and everyone got sick.  Then they locked everybody down and they rolled out even more 5G and even more people got sick.

Then they started mandating masks and even more people got sick. And then they started rolling out vaccines and even more people got sick. And now we are so deep down the rabbit hole that nobody knows what is going on anymore.

In the city of Wuhan they turned on the 5G and everybody got sick and they must have turned it on much higher because people were literally dropping dead like these athletes in these 5G stadiums. 

At first they rolled out the 5G and then everybody got sick, but the television told everybody it was a virus.  To make it believable they released an extra-strength flu virus to make people think they were getting pneumonia and the like.

But essentially, at first, they rolled out the 5G and then people got sick and the television just called it a ‘virus’ so that people would not be thinking about the 5G. 

But some people were thinking about the 5G.  Some people thought it was pretty odd that as we were locked down more and more 5G towers were going up. Everybody was locked down except for the telecom workers.  It was pretty strange, but some people noticed.

It keeps getting worse and not only is the 5G making people sick, but it is also heating up the atmosphere.  These 4G and 5G towers work like microwave ovens and they use microwaves.   

As we introduce more microwaves into the environment everything starts heating up.  Have you noticed how warm it is this winter?  It keeps getting worse as they put up more and more cell towers.  All this radiation is just bouncing around—up to the atmosphere and back again. It is turning the entire planet into a giant microwave oven.

If you read the foregoing articles on 5G you will understand the French rebellion against  5G…..  Rebels in France have declared war on the infrastructure of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. An ever-expanding resistance movement has been sabotaging the widely-hated 5G network.  Read more at G Edward Griffin’s Need To Know News:


1031- 2020 Lynn and Steph Tell You How Never-Ending Plasma Energy New Tech Frequency Relief Can Help You  

Lynn Schmaltz and daughter Stephanie discuss the electronic soup that we are all living in and how New Tech Frequency Relief can help you avoid ill effects of wifi, microwaves and radiation from computers, tvs, cell phones and other electronic devices in and near your home. 


08-12-2019–You Tube video on Plasma Energy Solutions channel:    How Does Shungite and Silver GANS Water Help with 5G and Microwave Issues? 

Dr. Paul Schmaltz, retired veterinarian and plasma scientist, and Lynn Schmaltz discuss using Never Ending Plasma Energy New Tech Frequency Relief, Silver Gans and Shungite can help beekeepers with angry bees, mites, and beetles. Shungite with Silver Gans work synergistically to balance torsion fields so they are beneficial rather than the harmful torsion fields put out by microwaves and EMFs.


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