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Does Shungite Energy Found In Our New Tech Frequency Relief , Shungite Magnets and Shungite Pendants Change Harmful Energy Fields From EMFs and 5G?

READ THE NOTES FROM THE VIDEO DISCOVERED BY LA QUINTA COLUMNA RESEARCHERS … A bicyclist stops by a lamp post and suddenly keels over….dead


5G Death Towers Activate; flu-like symptoms will follow

SGT Report

SGT: imagine the implication of this; think of Wuhan, China. (video showing a bicyclist pulling off the road.)

Ricardo Delgado: Well, pay attention. He stops right there at the lamppost and stays there for a second. He’s probably waiting for cars to pass by or something, I guess. Notice when there’s an anomaly in the camera footage. (19 seconds). Man and bicycle fall over, man doesn’t move.

Ricardo Delgado: This is an evidence, more than….

(SGT: this is Sean with SGT Report with a special update. That was a sound bite from Ricardo Delgado, from La Quinta Columna talking about a man on bicycle who appears to have been zapped by some sort of energy weapon, maybe a 5G pulse, we are not sure. It is important footage to take a look at and discuss as we consider the rollout of 5G. News)

(Headline: Verizon and AT&T Decline Regulators’ Request to Delay New 5G Services. Transportation officials said they feared a risk to flight safety. The standoff could complicate a tumultuous travel period filled with cancellations.


(SGT: 5G cellular service will go forward as U.S. reaches deal with carriers. The FAA is concerned about airplanes falling out of the sky or at least communications being interfered with as airplanes try to take off and land because of 5G. Keep in mind that they are going to activate 5G at some point in January. They put a pause on it because of the FAA begging for some safety studies to be done before planes start crashing because of 5G. AT&T and Verizon said they would give a couple of weeks, but that they are still turning the 5G on.)

(SGT: Imagine what might happen to people who have graphene oxide flowing through their veins because they took the experimental mRNA shot. Listen to the following from La Quinta Columna):

Ricardo: First I want you to see how we showed at the beginning. We’ve been very struck by a cyclist captured on camera and he dies a sudden death. He dies as if he has been shot. And just at the moment he falls off the bike, there’s a glitch in the recording. It’s as if he had received an electromagnetic pulse.

Jose Luis: it sounds very interesting.

Ricardo: watch it; we’re going to play it a couple of times so you can take a good look at it. We’ve got it here. It’s going to happen at the 23rd second. Well, pay attention.

SGT: imagine the implications of this. Think of Wuhan China.

Ricardo: he stops right there, at the lamppost and stays there for a second. He’s probably waiting for cars to pass by or something I guess. Notice where there’s an anomaly in the camera footage. And this coincides with the moment of his collapsing. There’s a glitch. Did you notice it? And the man falls over suddenly. Let’s go back a little bit. Let’s see it again. There. Very clear. (4.02 in the SGT video).

Jose Luis: this is an evidence…more than…come on. It’s impressive. That’s more than clear proof of why people are getting off the roads and so on. This is the proof. Because it’s no longer a matter of the guy falling over from some-thing internal to him. But, there’s an external trigger that’s caught on camera. What a great video. Keep it as if your life depended on it. That’s gold. That would explain why so many people are suddenly dropping dead here and there right now. That’s a proof.

Ricardo: It looks like a gunshot, but it’s an electromagnetic pulse at the speed of light. And that it’s also being recorded by the camera as glitching, which is normal.

Jose Luis: it’s a pulse. The pulse that has made that interference in the camera has made interference in the heart rate.

Ricardo: Right.

Jose Luis: and it, in addition, and it stops working.

Ricardo: And if the person is vaccinated and has graphene already located in the heart, and if addition that person is exercising, well it’s impossible to be clearer. And then they get blasted…

Jose Luis: that was a pulse multiplier. But a pulse alone could do the same even without it—without graphene. But with that … hey, how many people are telling us that they notice palpitations because of the density in the waves lately. A lot of people—a lot. Or that they feel in a strange atmosphere when they go outside as if they were in a spaceship. Or that they go out to a planet that is not ours. It’s a strange feeling.

(SGT: let’s pause it there. That glitch is not a coincidence. The glitch in the video suggests some sort of magnetic pulse or energy weapon may have been used in murdering that man as these devilish, demonic experiments continue all over the planet. We don’t know if the man was vaccinated but I am willing to bet he was. )

(SGT: Jose Luis is saying that people are reporting a strange sensation when they go outside, a strange sensation in the environment. Something they can’t quite put their hands on, something they don’t understand and something that doesn’t feel normal as if there is a lot of electromagnetism in the air.)

Jose Luis: All those sensations are due to electromagnetic fields. But if they are pulsed like what we just saw, they can create a disaster because there is a short circuit. What works, stops doing so. And until it starts up again—if it starts up spontaneously and naturally, because it may not start up again in such ways—you lose consciousness. Some people recover and say ‘what the heck happened to me?’ but in some people the process is so fast that they don’t recover again. They end up in a cardiorespiratory arrest, and it’s over. These are really good images.

Jose Luis: it’s the first proof, let’s say, that there is a cause that could be triggering the famous sudden attacks from the outside. That’s a proof. Someone might say, “it’s just a coincidence.” Yes, it’s one for those who don’t know anything about all this. For those of us who know this and know what’s out there and what’s going on, that’s proof.

(SGT: these are deliberate attacks on people from the outside.)

Ricardo: now we’re going to have to put cameras in all the areas because it could be that ..

Jose Luis: it’s a good idea because nobody is thinking about retrieving the recordings and broadcasting them. What’s more, the police will be retrieving them because they have a record of what happens on all the highways. They have the place where people are recorded, over takings, etc. I’m sure they go back and take a look. They see those glitches yet don’t attribute them to anything. Because they don’t know what they’re seeing.

Jose Luis: I say again that the one who doesn’t know is like a mole. They don’t have a clue. You’re seeing it, yet you are not noticing it. That’s the problem when you don’t have the knowledge. And the one who knows about this goes looking for those signs. Oh, you have a recording? Where? When? Give it to me! Give it to me! I want to watch it! The other is not even going to notice the glitch. But you will be like, “look where the interference is.” Have you seen what is happening in the car at the same moment? Well that glitch means that this car…”

Jose Luis: But that requires intelligence, neurons that, it seems to me are quite scarce in some people. And between people who don’t want to use them and those who should but choose not to. All this is going to go unnoticed in the end. Very few people are going to notice. This is akin to a Columbo (TV detective show) investigation, Ricardo. I’m sure you’ve seen the Columbo episode where the guy catches the bad guy on camera footage. Well, this is the same thing. “Operation Columbo” took place today. We’ve caught them with a camera.

Final comments from Sean:

SGT: friends, I don’t think it is a coincidence, it could be, but I think the chance that it’s a coincidence that the camera glitched at pretty much the exact same moment the man fell over and died is highly, highly unlikely. It seems to me it is more likely that man was part of a test and was targeted by some type of pulse—5G, electromagnetic pulse, an EMP, I don’t know. But I think it is very, very interesting. As Jose Luis says it is evidence.

Now Read What Dr. Paul Researched Several Years Ago….

Here are some comments Paul put together about why shungite is effective after we used a meter for checking the energy fields of the shungite. 

Paul: It was interesting because the meter shows that energy fields are not blocked.  However, the energy fields are changed because of the shungite and there is not an instrument that will measure the torsion field and its rotation which has been changed from a left rotation to a right rotation.  The right rotation is beneficial to humans, plants and animals.  The left rotation is not beneficial to humans, plants and animals.  This research has been verified by various scientists, mostly Japanese and Russian. 

When Paul saw that fields were not blocked he had to do more research and discovered by reading the works of Russians and Japanese that the torsion field rotation is the deciding factor for the effectiveness of shungite.  

Here’s what Paul had a local woman do with her magnet when she still had pain in her hand a month after carpal tunnel surgery: 

One of the women who works at our local post office was on leave for carpal tunnel surgery.  When she came back she told Lynn she still had a very sore spot on the lower center part of the palm of her hand. 

Lynn gave her some plasma energy gloves to wear. Paul told Lynn to give her one of our telephone shungite magnets that has shungite, silver gans and a magnet and put it on that sore sport. 

When Lynn saw her the next day and she said the pain was gone from that spot.  She had worn the gloves all night and put the shungite magnet on the spot on the hand inside her glove. When Lynn saw her she’d been at work for 5 hours handling packages. 

Paul started researching Shungite in early 2018.  It is a ‘perfect’ mineral combination out of Russia that has everything known to be on the periodic table. It is named after the Russian village, Shunga, near the Finland border. 

It is thought that the shungite is from an ancient meteor as this is the only known source of shungite.  Research is showing that it is effective against 5G radiation, wifi radiation and much more. 


during the cold season …

  • +Combine 1/3 cup Detox Relief, 1/3 cup New Tech frequency Relief and 1/3 cup Virus Relief water in a jar
  • +Add 8 to 10 drops betadine
  • +Add 1 tsp. xylitol (sugar substitute that is anti-bacterial and anti-viral)

You can store this in a brown or blue glass jar as you are not attaching plasma energy vials to the jar

Put some of your nose drop mixture in a small container with a dropper

Use the drops for stuffy noses and runny noses as needed throughout the day-Tilt your head back so the drops don’t run out and ‘sniff them in’–It’s okay if some of the drops run down your throat

Another hint: drink plenty of your Plasma Energy Waters throughout the day and use the water when you make tea or soup. Hot and cold do not affect the qualities of the plasma energy waters.

Plasma Energy Solution’s Videos:


In Part 1 Lynn and Stef introduce Stef’s newest innovation of adjustable leather cords for our shungite pendants.  Why do you want to wear these pendants? We are in an electro-magnetic soup that negatively affects our beneficial energy fields.  These shungite pendant combinations help reverse those negative effects.  The order for the leather cord is an extra item when ordering the shungite pendants. 

Just over the 6 minutes mark we have Part 2 on our January specially priced bundle of Virus Relief, New Tech Frequency Relief and Detox Relief. 

Lynn explains how to make effective, non-toxic nose drops and what to add to these three plasma energy waters

Don’t forget our newest product Glutathione and why Glutathione is so important.  You can take advantage of savings when ordering any of our vials this month by using the coupon word ‘plasma’ at checkout.  This coupon does not apply to the Shungite products and is not good with other coupons or special offers such as the January 2022 special.

1031- 2020 Lynn and Steph Tell You How Never-Ending Plasma Energy New Tech Frequency Relief Can Help You

Lynn Schmaltz and daughter Stephanie discuss the electronic soup that we are all living in and how New Tech Frequency Relief can help you avoid ill effects of wifi, microwaves and radiation from computers, tvs, cell phones and other electronic devices in and near your home. 

08-12-2019–You Tube video on Plasma Energy Solutions channel:    How Does Shungite and Silver GANS Water Help with 5G and Microwave Issues? 

Dr. Paul Schmaltz, retired veterinarian and plasma scientist, and Lynn Schmaltz discuss using Never Ending Plasma Energy New Tech Frequency Relief, Silver Gans and Shungite can help beekeepers with angry bees, mites, and beetles. Shungite with Silver Gans work synergistically to balance torsion fields so they are beneficial rather than the harmful torsion fields put out by microwaves and EMFs.

Did you know we have made videos on almost all of our products? Find out more by clicking on this link ‘Product Price List with Videos’ and scroll through the page to find the products you are interested in. To find out the ingredients in each product click on the title of the product to take you to it’s individual page.


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